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by BillyRay

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Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Three friends discover that their fantasy isn't as far fetched as they thought

All characters contained within are purely fictional, any similarity of any character, event or place to any actual person, event or place, is purely coincidental. This story takes place in the fantasy world where disease and unwanted pregnancy are not an issue. In the real world they are very real threats and you should always protect yourself.

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"I can do it, you know." Steve said nonchalantly as we began packing up our laptops after the meeting of our weekly erotic writing group.

"Do what?" I asked.

"What we're writing about."

"Wait a minute," interrupted Lynn, who wasn't packing up her computer since we had met at her house, "for the last three weeks we have been collaborating on an erotic mind control story. That can't be the 'it' you are talking about."

"But, it is." He smiled. "I suppose you could say I got a bit ... well ... carried away doing the research."

"What would you do with mind control power anyway?" she asked, incredulous, "You've always said you were submissive."

"Well I didn't say I'd figured out everything yet, just that I have the power."

"Bullshit." I scoffed.

"It's true, Billy. I met a guy on-line, we'd been emailing for a while. Last week we arranged a face-to-face meeting, one thing led to another and when he found out I was working on an erotic mind control story he gave me the power. Now I'm going to give it to you."

"I say prove it." I challenged, chuckling. "Prove you have mind control powers."

"Okay, how about ... have you ever had a sexual fantasy about, oh, say, zebras?"

"What? Zebras? Of course not."

He smiled and finished zipping up his computer case.

"So, when was the first time you had a sexual fantasy about a zebra?"

"Probably, I guess, around fifteen, and maybe half a dozen times since then. It's no big deal." I added noticing the shocked look on Lynn's face.

She sat in stunned silence while Steve continued his interrogation.

"That's a pretty odd fantasy don't you think?"

"Well, I suppose. I think it was probably that trip to the zoo that time I saw zebras fucking; later on I thought about it once or twice when I masturbated. It's not like I think about them all the time, Lynn, what's wrong with you?"

Steve laughed and suddenly I remembered that I hadn't ever had such fantasies and no such trip to the zoo had ever occurred. But I also remembered that, well, that I 'remembered' the trip and subsequent fantasies.

I was my turn to stare in shock.

"Me next!" exclaimed Lynn with an excited glee.

"I don't know if I can, Lynn. You're a tougher case. I mean we've been collaborating on erotic stories for, what, two years now - have you ever thought about Billy or I in a sexual way?"

"No! I mean, no offense but neither of you are my type, and even if you were, Steve, you've made it clear that you are totally gay."

Steve set his computer case on the same chair as his coat.

"How hard has it been, keeping you hands off of us?"

"Oh my God! You have no idea. Every time we write a sex scene I just about go out of my mind. I have to go straight home and shove my biggest dildo into me just to get a little relief."

Lynn looked confused for a second. "Shit! Did I just say that? I don't even own a dildo, but I clearly remember ... You really can ... oh, fuck me."

"That'll do for a start. But why don't you begin with Billy? He's wanted that ass for a long time."

I wanted ... what? That was just crazy; Lynn was cute but she was like a sister to me. Fucking her would be weird - just like ... well ... just like fucking my ... my hot, sexy, beautiful sister. More like a stepsister actually. My cock was growing harder by the second; finally, after all these years of lusting after her in secret.

She approached me slowly, seductively. "Is that true, Billy? Have you wanted my ass?" She unbuckled her belt and fly and slid her jeans and panties down her shapely legs to reveal her tight round ass.

She stood before me in a loose yellow blouse and nothing else. Steve walked up behind her and slid one hand around to cup a breast.

"Did I mention that since I got the power my dating pool has doubled?" He said with a sly grin as Lynn released a sigh of pleasure.

I stood and unbuttoned her shirt freeing those marvelous breasts I had fantasized about so often. Steve continued to knead and massage them while I knelt and caressed her hips and the small patch of hair just above her little pink pussy. She parted her legs allowing me access to it. My first exploration with my finger revealed that she was indeed excited.

"Mmm," she moaned as I stroked her slick snatch, "I've waited for that for so long. Ohhhh..."

Steve must have disrobed as I enjoyed feeling Lynn's soft hot sex. His rigid cock slid between her legs. I took it in my hand and used it to further massage her heated pussy. Her knees began to tremble.

"We should take this somewhere a bit more comfortable." I suggested.

"Bedroom is that way." Said Lynn indicating the room at the end of the hall.

"So having mind control powers makes you bisexual?" I asked Steve as we made our way down the hall.

"No, that guy had some women at his house and he made me bi so I would fuck them. He liked to watch, I guess. When he gave me the power and sent me away, he left that in place."

I had some more questions but we reached the room and collapsed onto the bed, Lynn and Steve worked together to strip me, as I was the only one still wearing anything. Her lips found mine, moments later our tongues danced slowly and sensuously around each other. Warm soft lips enveloped my rock hard member and for the briefest of moments I tried to imagine they were women's lips so the thought of another man sucking me off wouldn't ruin the moment - but it wasn't necessary. I discovered that the idea of Steve's lips on me didn't bother me a bit. I realized he must have altered me to think this way and then I realized that I didn't care. I had Lynn's lips locked with mine, her large soft tits in my hands and a talented mouth on my cock. Who cared what gender lurked behind that talented mouth - it felt great!

I wondered if Steve had induced that apathy as well.

Meh ... so what...

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