The Anniversary Dinner

by Just Plain Bob

Copyright© 2008 by Just Plain Bob

Sex Story: He bought her a stunning diamond necklace as an anniversary present.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   Slow   .

I've had the hots for my wife's younger sister since the day I met her. I was dating Karen and one day she took me home with her to meet her family. I took one look at her sister and I had to fight to keep the rest of the family from seeing me drooling. And don't think that little sister didn't know it. Shannon went out of her way that night to tease the hell out of me and fifteen years later she is still doing it.

If Shannon turned me on so much why didn't I drop Karen and go after Shannon? Because I was in love with Karen, I only wanted to fuck Shannon. That hadn't changed after fifteen years either. Neither had the fact that Shannon teased me unmercifully every chance she got. From "accidentally" letting me see her naked to rubbing her body all over me on the dance floor. But the worse thing she did was tell me all about the men she played with. Shannon was married to a dumbshit — a hell of a nice guy — but a dumbshit. He thought he was married to the sweetest, purest, most faithful woman in the world, but Shannon was the biggest slut in town and everyone but her husband and family knew it. I knew it because she went out of her way to tell me. And she did that, or so I believe, because she knew I lusted for her but loved my wife too much to do anything that would fuck up my marriage and she was going to punish me for it. I say that she went out of her way to tell me, but going out of her way wasn't really going all that far since we both worked for the same company. All Shannon had to do was catch me at morning or afternoon break or catch me in the cafeteria at lunch.

That's how it started. Shannon caught me at lunch one day and joined me at my table.

"You missed out Hal."

"On what?"

"I decided to try out a strange cock the other night, but you weren't around, not that you would have anyway, so I had to try someone else."

"Yeah, right Shannon."

"It's true baby. Just ask Mike in Accounting. Several of us stopped at the Strip for drinks and Mike managed to get me out to the back seat of his car."

"Good grief Shannon, you just got married."

"Six months ago."

"Still, six months is an awful short time in which to decided that your marriage isn't working."

"Oh my marriage is working. Gary is a great husband and I love him to death, but he is lousy in bed."

"How do you know that? You told Karen that you were a virgin when you walked down the aisle."

"I was, but I've had too many girlfriends tell me how great sex is supposed to be and it just isn't great with Gary. So I decided to try someone else and see if there was a difference. Guess what Hal? Major difference Hal, major, major difference. Even in a cramped back seat Mike managed to ring my chimes. It could have been you brother in law. Maybe next time?"

After that I got an update on her infidelities about twice a week. I got to hear all about the cocks she sucked and how big or small they were. I learned who had taken her anal cherry and how much she had loved it. I knew who she had her first threesome with, how many and who made it to her first gangbang and all of it in great detail. I was give names, times, dates and places and she always ended it with, "It could have been you brother in law mine. Maybe next time?"

Then she would get up, walk away and leave me with the mother of all hard ons. At first I didn't believe her; I thought that she was just pulling my chain. That is I didn't believe her until the night I stopped at the Strip for a drink and saw her go out into the parking lot with Bill from Marketing. Curiosity got the best of me and I followed them out and saw Shannon get in Bill's car and minutes later her legs came up and were kicking in the air. I turned around and went back into the Strip and hoped that no one noticed the tent in my pants.

This went on for years. Shannon got more and more blatant in her teasing of me. More than once she groped my crotch and a couple of times she came into my office and sat down in the chair in front of my desk and opened her legs to show me that she had no panties on.

"It's yours baby; just say the word and Shannon will give you all you can handle."

I wanted to of course, I desperately wanted to, but my marriage to Karen meant the world to me and I would do absolutely nothing that would jeopardize it. Shannon knew this of course, but it never stopped her from trying because she knew how much it tormented me. It got to the point where I dreaded going to family functions or any other place where Shannon was liable to be and where she could get me alone. I couldn't get away from her at work, but I could limit my exposure to her when we were not on the job.

Avoiding her caused as many problems for me as being around her. Karen began getting on me for not going to family parties and other family events and I couldn't very well tell her why. I can see it all now.

"But honey, if I go your sister will flash her pussy at me or try and grope my cock."

That would go over real well.

It was our fifteenth anniversary and I planned on taking Karen out for a romantic evening. I had purchased a diamond necklace for her and had arranged it with the restaurant that when I said we were ready for dessert they would bring the necklace to the table on a silver tray. I was sitting at a table in the cafeteria thinking about Karen and how much I loved her when Shannon sat down across from me.

"I could have used you last night Hal. My stud of the evening was a dud. He had a little dick and almost no idea of how to use it. I was so frustrated by the end of the evening I actually had to go home and fuck my husband. He isn't all that good, but he is better than nothing. You know brother in law mine, you should really loosen up and take advantage of the fact that the best piece of ass in town wants you to be her stud. How about it Hal? I'll give up the rest and you can be my steady guy."

"I'll never understand you Shannon. You have a great husband and he adores you. Why do you do this to him?"

"Because he is lousy in bed Hal. I love him to death, but he is just piss poor in the sack. My marriage is great. My being a slut doesn't hurt it."

"What if he ever finds out?"

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