Flight WAC 1403A

by Sahebji

Caution: This Mystery Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, .

Desc: Mystery Story: It is my first attempt at writing a mystery story with little sex. It is about how all the hijackers of a plane, in the sixties, were brought to book. Please read. I would appreciate your comments. Thanks. Sahebji

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New York, Wednesday 24th April 1974.

After a severe winter the spring had set in. Sun rays bathed the Central Park in New York. Birds chirped happily. Senior citizens greeted each other, happy to have survived the cold weather. Children played noisily while their mothers gossiped. It seemed that the world was at peace with itself but not everyone was happy.

Mr. Graham Hussley, Chief Editor of The Crime Watch, was a worried man. He looked out from his office window, which overlooked the Central Park, but he didn't see the scene below as his mind was wrestling with an important problem. He had called his Senior Crime Editor, Mr. James Rally, to discuss it.

Mr. Hussley was short, tubby with a receding hairline. He had the habit of biting his nails when he was worried. He could be very nice and pleasant but he had successfully hidden this part of his character from his staff except from Mr. James Rally with whom he went out for a drink once a week.

"Good afternoon, Graham," James Rally said entering the small cabin.

"Good afternoon, Jim," Mr. Hussley responded gruffly.

Mr. James Rally unlike Mr. Hussley was tall and slim with a pleasant smile and graying sideburns.

"What's eating you?" James Rally asked sitting down.

"I'll tell you," Mr. Hussley replied walking back to his desk and sitting down.

"Jim, our circulation is going down day by day. If something is not done about it immediately then we'll soon lose our jobs," Mr. Hussley said dramatically.

His statement had the desired effect. "Is it that bad?" Jim asked shocked.

"Yes, it couldn't have been worse," Mr. Hussley said attacking his nail afresh.

"What can we do about it?" Jim Rally said.

"People buy our paper to read about the crime in the city," Mr. Hussley said, "Apparently we are not doing our job."

"Graham, my boys report only those crimes which are committed," Jim said, "We can't manufacture them, can we?"

"Of course not," Mr. Hussley said getting to his feet, "but we must do something. Think, Jim, think."

Jim Rally sat thinking, his eyebrows knitted in deep thought, while Mr. Hussley walked nervously up and down the length of his small cubicle. "I suggest we call in Mary Pullman," Jim said, "Sometimes she comes up with good ideas."

"Call anyone you like," Mr. Hussley growled, "but I want results and quickly."

Jim got up and sticking his head out of the door and yelled, "MAAARRRY."

Few minutes later Mary Pullman walked in. "Good morning, sir," she said greeting Mr. Hussley.

"Good morning, Mary," Mr. Hussley replied gruffly.

Mary Pullman was not a beauty. She was charming with a sunny smile. She stood 5' 7" in her nylons, slim with an attractive figure and shoulder length light brown hair. She was no spring chicken. At thirty five she had been a crime reporter for fifteen years out of which she had spent the last ten years on the rolls of The Crime Watch.

"Boss, you yelled," Mary said smiling good naturedly at Jim Rally. Jim looked at Mr. Hussley, who waved his hand to go ahead.

"Mary, the circulation of the paper is going down. We have been brainstorming as to what can we do to make the paper more interesting," Jim Rally said, "Any ideas?"

"Yes sir, I've several of them," Mary said after thinking for a while, "One of them is that we could take up an unsolved crime which had generated a lot of interest in it's time."

"What good would it do for us?" Mr. Hussley asked.

"Sir, we could write about it and jolt the memory of the public. We could remind the police that the public is watching their performance. We could write about any love angle, its investigations etc. etc.," Mary said.

"Hmmm, not bad," Mr. Hussley said, "What do you say, Jim?"

"A prize winning idea," Jim said enthusiastically, "Mary, have you any such crime in mind?"

"As a matter of fact I have," Mary chuckled, "Only yesterday I was browsing through unsolved crimes in the archives. I found the hijacking of Flight WAC 1403A very interesting."

"I think the New Orleans murders or the serial rapist of Frisco would be more interesting," Jim said and grinning added, "Nowadays the public goes gaga over the sex angle."

"Those crimes are quite recent. People would still remember the details," Mr. Hussley said, "Murders and rapes are order of the day but not hijacking."

"I was visiting my ailing mother when the hijacking took place but I seem to recall that the police had arrested all six or seven persons involved in it," Jim said.

"No Jim, if my memory serves me correctly," Mr. Hussley said, "Not all persons involved could be apprehended."

"You are right, sir, the Washington Post had several times hinted that the kingpin is still at large," Mary said.

"Come on Mary, you know that is an old ploy to sell the paper," Jim chuckled chiding Mary.

"No Jim, we all may do it but not the Post. There must be some truth in it," Mr. Hussley said.

"Sir, we could interview these witnesses again," Mary said excitedly, "Maybe we'll come up with something that the police overlooked.

"Oh an exclusive for our paper," Mr. Hussley said dreamily counting his chicken before they were hatched...

"Graham, think about the expense," Jim said, "We can't have a team flying all round the globe interviewing people. It could run into thousands of dollars."

"Mary, Jim has a point there," Mr. Hussley said coming down to earth, "we don't have that kind of money."

"No, it won't cost that much. I've given it a lot of thought," Mary said, "The flight originated in New York. Therefore we can safely assume that sixty to seventy percent of the passengers were residents of America. We could interrogate them at minimal expense."

"Mary is right," Mr. Hussley said, "It is decided that our first project will be the hijacking of Flight WAC 1403A. We'll call it 'Save Crime Watch' project."

"Sir, there is one problem," Mary said.

"What is it?" Mr. Hussley asked.

"We might have trouble with CIA, the investigating agency in this case," Mary said.

"Don't worry, I know a few guys in Langley," Mr. Hussley said, "Do you know who was in charge?"

"Agent Greg Bradley," Mary said.

"I know Greg very well," Mr. Hussley said, "He'll cooperate as long as we keep him informed. All right, Jim, go ahead. You're in charge of the project."

Washington, Wednesday 30th October 1963.

"Oh darling, I am terribly sorry to have kept you waiting," Susan Higgins said apologizing as she kissed the man waiting for her in a booth of a bar and slipped into a chair behind the table, "My boss wanted me to finish something important that came up late in the afternoon."

"That's all right. I was not alone. Mr. Whisky was keeping me company," the man chuckled pointing to his drink, "Susan, what's your poison?"

"What are you drinking? Whisky on the rocks ... I'll have the same please," Susan said patting her blonde hair in place, "God knows I need it."

Susan was a typical blonde, beautiful but not overly intelligent. She was thirty seven, 5' 6" tall with sea green eyes. Her legs were lean and long, her ass high and hard. She had an hour glass figure with big firm breasts.

The waiter brought her drink and taking a large sip, Susan said, "Darling, how are you? I haven't seen you in months."

"I have been very busy," he said, "I missed you. How have you been?"

Susan started talking. Giving him details of all that had happened to her since they had met last. He listened to her attentively and encouraging her with monosyllables.

After dinner they walked arm in arm to Susan's apartment. They had a nightcap and went to bed. The man took Susan in his arms and while kissing her passionately, undressed her. When she was naked he climbed on top of her.

"Oh darling," she moaned as his hard shaft penetrated the wetness of her soft pussy.

He began thrusting his hard shaft in and out in a rhythmic pattern. Soon her hips were moving in rhythm of his strokes. He continued to drill her hot pussy and licked and suckled both her heaving tits as she humped from beneath.

He was about to come. He stroked her pussy faster and faster. Then with a loud grunt he pushed his hardness deep inside her and began pouring his life giving seed at the mouth of her womb. This triggered off her orgasm.

"OH MY DAAAARRRRRLINNNNNGGGGGggg," she yelled, bucking wildly, as she drenched his man root with her love juices.

Their lips were locked in a passionate kiss. When the kiss broke he rolled off her.

"Oh darling, it was wonderful," she moaned.

He lit two cigarettes and gave one to Susan.

"Darling, what was the flap in your office about?" the man asked casually.

"Hughes Aircraft wanted the Agency to ship anti tank missiles to Germany and Japan for field testing," Susan replied drawing on her cigarette.

"Anti tank missiles, what is new about them? The army has been using them for years," the man replied.

"I don't know the details but Hughes called them 'Prototype 'A' production' of tube launched, optically tracked, wire-guided missiles. They wanted it done in a hurry as they had developed them at a huge cost," Susan replied.

"What was the urgency?" the man asked kissing Susan's ample breasts.

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