Amber Takes a Risk

by Honey Moon

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, NonConsensual, Drunk/Drugged, Hermaphrodite, Light Bond, White Female, Oriental Female, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Pregnancy, Doctor/Nurse, .

Desc: Sex Story: Amber Janus is just a normal big city girl with two secrets. One secret is a deep love for her roommate, Doctor Lucy Chow. The other? Amber is a fully functional hermaphrodite! Love and lust drive the girl to take a crazy risk. She steals sleeping pills from a neighbor and drugs the beautiful doctor! Things spiral out of control when Amber discovers things don't always work out like in an Internet porn story!

Amber smiled as she helped Mrs. Robinson unlock her mailbox. "Oh, you got a package!" she winked at the old lady. "Order something nice from the home shopping channels?"

"Oh no dear. Those are probably my sleeping pills. You know, the one that the butterfly goes in people's bedrooms late at night in the TV ads. They're the only medication that does a thing for my insomnia."

The younger woman tried to suppress her excitement. What perfect timing! "Here, you take these, and I'll carry your bag. The elevator is busted again, after all."

Mrs. Robinson laughed, and handed over the impressively large bag of groceries she had been carrying. She took back her keys and the small parcel. "That's sweet of you honey. My arms are a bit sore after my workout."

The spry old woman led the way up the stairs. Amber actually had to struggle to keep up. "Slow down Mrs. R! It can't be good to rush like that!"

"Nonsense sweetie. I haven't used the elevator since I moved in my furniture ten years ago. I'm used to this."

Amber was quite winded when they finally reached the eighth floor. "I thought going up six flights was bad! I'm impressed."

The old woman put her hands on her hips. "Young lady, I should drag you down to the gym and put you through a good workout!"

Amber blushed. Workouts were fine. Gyms were even okay. It was the shower room afterwards that she had to stay clear of! "Uh, that's okay Mrs. R. You'll just wear me out!"

Her friend laughed. "Young people today have no stamina!" she unlocked the door. "Come on in. I'll make you a cup of tea while I drink my power shake."

Everything was going according to plan! "I'll put the things away as payment, okay?"

"It's a deal!" Mrs. Robinson tossed her parcel into the bag Amber was lugging. "You know where everything goes."

The younger woman tried to calm herself down as she put the groceries away. The goal was in sight! It took an effort of will to keep her hands steady as she finally picked up the parcel. "Do you want these in the bedroom, or in the medicine cabinet?"

"Bathroom, definitely! You should never keep sleep aids close to your bed. It's too easy to make a mistake that way."

"Yes ma'am!" Amber made herself walk slowly as she headed for the bathroom. Now her hands shook! Thank goodness she had overheard Mrs. R talking about her new prescription last week! This was exactly the opportunity she had been dreaming of!

The young woman tore open the box and looked at the small bottle. "Please don't let her notice!" she whispered as she opened the bottle and removed five pills. Placing her ill-gotten gain into a Ziploc bag, she tucked it into her shoe. It felt a little weird to walk on, but she was scared to death it would fall out the little pockets of her skirt.

She rejoined her friend in time to hear the kettle whistle. Mrs. Robinson looked up and grew concerned. "Oh Honey, sit down! You're all flush. Aren't you feeling well?"

Amber smoothed her skirt as she sat on the sofa. The flustered young woman sat primly with her hands crossed in her lap. "I'm fine, really!" she fidgeted a bit to try and get comfortable. "You're right, I'm just out of shape. I should skip the elevator more often. Skip a few meals, too. Maybe I'll lose a few pounds."

Mrs. Robinson actually clicked her tongue in disapproval. "Young lady, you have a fine shape! Walking more and exercise is a very good idea, but I don't want you turning into one of those Hollywood stick figure girls!" The old woman's eyes flashed. "I see the young men eyeing you. Real men want a woman with curves. Trust me, you have what they want! Why sweetie, if I had a figure like that at your age, I would have put Jane Russell to shame!"

Amber felt her face grow even warmer. "Uh, thanks, I think." She smiled as she took the offered teacup. "I don't really care what guys think about me though."

The old woman actually winked. "Sweetie, I've been around the block a few times. Trust me, you have your share of young lady admirers too!"

"Mrs. Robinson!" Amber giggled. "Really? How would you know anything about that?"

"Really!" the older woman laughed. "Why do you young people think your generation was the first to discover what is now called an 'alternative lifestyle'? In my day we just said they were sophisticated or artistic types."

It was a much calmer Amber who returned to her own apartment an hour later. Calmer but still a bit guilty over swiping the pills. She'd make it up to Mrs. Robinson somehow, but for now there was a much more pressing problem!

"Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go right now!" she sang softly as she raced to the bathroom. Amber carefully locked the door, threw up the lid and seat of the toilet, yanked down her panties, and lifted her skirt out of the way as she stood before the porcelain bowl. A sigh of pure relief left the young woman's lips as a strong steady stream of warm yellow urine blasted free from her now thankfully flaccid penis!

"Mrs. R doesn't know about THIS alternative lifestyle." She said sadly as she made double triple sure to lower seat and lid. "I bet the old sweetie never even heard the word hermaphrodite in her entire life!"

Sadness left Amber immediately as she thought about the coming night. Lucy would be home soon! Doctor Lucy Chow had been sharing the apartment with Amber for just over two years now. Amber's trust fund was enough to pay for a wonderful spacious three-bedroom rent controlled apartment right in the heart of the Big Apple! Sadly, there wasn't much left over for those little luxuries of life, like food! Lucy's rent payments made it possible for Amber to work as she pleases, when she pleases. That suited her just fine!

Yes, the arrangement was fantastic financially, but not so good for the heart. Amber loved, and yes, lusted after the gorgeous little Chinese American beauty with every fiber of her being! It was an emotional tie she didn't have the nerve to admit to the woman for fear of losing the privilege of just living under the same roof with her!

"She's on the pill now!" Amber sang joyfully as she carefully crushed one of the 'borrowed' pills into a fine powder. "I don't have to worry about knocking her up! Thank the heavens above I managed to catch a glimpse of her diary entry on the screen of her laptop last month! Thank Mrs. R for having trouble sleeping! My plan is perfect! She won't be harmed in any way at all since she isn't a virgin! She'll never even suspect a thing!"

The hermaphrodite giggled as she carefully mixed the powder into the herbal tea she was preparing for her soon to be secret lover! "If she does suspect something, she won't think of me! If Lucy acts funny in the morning, I'll just pretend to discover her window over the fire escape was unlocked!"

Promptly at six o'clock, the front door opened. Lucy entered the apartment with a yawn and a sigh. The tired young woman smiled up at her roommate and accepted the steaming cup of tea. "Amber Janus, you are a life saver! The emergency room was jumping! I don't think I managed to sit down for five whole minutes in twelve hours!" She took a long drink from the cup. "I'm beat!"

Amber felt a surge in her loins, and did her best to fight down the growing tension in her panties. "Did you eat? I'll fix you something light for dinner."

"No, don't bother. I showered at the hospital. I think I'll just grab a nap right now, and eat a frozen dinner later." Lucy drained the last of the tea. "Wake me in an couple hours." She yawned again. "Remember, I'm a deep sleeper. You may have to clobber me, but get me up. I want to see "Gray's Anatomy". It's always good for a laugh!"

Amber watched her friend close the bedroom door. "I know you're a deep sleeper, my love." She whispered softly. "Tonight you're going to sleep so deep it'll be beautiful!"

"Keep calm!" she ordered her trembling hands as she set the DVD recorder to capture Lucy's show. "I have to stick to the plan!" It was the hardest thing Amber ever did but she managed to force herself to wait two whole hours for the drug to be in full effect. The aroused hermaphrodite spent the time baking Lucy's favorite cake, ignoring the erection throbbing under her skirt.

"Oh God! It's time!" Taking a deep breath, Amber gripped the doorknob of her sleeping beauty's room. Slowly the door opened. Peeking through the gap made Amber gasp in delight. Lucy's glorious long raven hair was fanned out over the pillow. The sight was simply breathtaking! The lust crazed roommate counted the steady rise and fall of the sheet as Lucy breathed easily in peaceful sleep.

"Lucy?" she whispered softly, daring to make the next move. "Lucy? Do you want to wake up now?" No response! She gathered her courage. Whispers didn't prove a thing. "Hey Lucy! Get the hell up!" Amber thumped her hand against the door several times and yelled louder, invoking her roommate's worst fear. "Lucy, there's a roach in your bed! It's about to crawl in your hair!" There was no change at all in Lucy's slow and steady breathing!

Amber stood still for a whole five minutes. "I think it worked!" she finally managed to gasp. Heaven help me, I think it might have worked!" She had to be sure! The young woman nearly staggered as she drew closer to the bed.

"Lucy, the roach is about to go in your mouth!" she dared to reach out and gently shake the sleeping woman's head from side to side. Lucy slept on; oblivious to all the ways Amber usually employed to wake her. Everything was perfect! "You wait right here!" she said with a giggle before racing to her own room.

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