Amber Takes a Risk

by Honey Moon

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, NonConsensual, Drunk/Drugged, Hermaphrodite, Light Bond, White Female, Oriental Female, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Pregnancy, Doctor/Nurse, .

Desc: Sex Story: Amber Janus is just a normal big city girl with two secrets. One secret is a deep love for her roommate, Doctor Lucy Chow. The other? Amber is a fully functional hermaphrodite! Love and lust drive the girl to take a crazy risk. She steals sleeping pills from a neighbor and drugs the beautiful doctor! Things spiral out of control when Amber discovers things don't always work out like in an Internet porn story!

Amber smiled as she helped Mrs. Robinson unlock her mailbox. "Oh, you got a package!" she winked at the old lady. "Order something nice from the home shopping channels?"

"Oh no dear. Those are probably my sleeping pills. You know, the one that the butterfly goes in people's bedrooms late at night in the TV ads. They're the only medication that does a thing for my insomnia."

The younger woman tried to suppress her excitement. What perfect timing! "Here, you take these, and I'll carry your bag. The elevator is busted again, after all."

Mrs. Robinson laughed, and handed over the impressively large bag of groceries she had been carrying. She took back her keys and the small parcel. "That's sweet of you honey. My arms are a bit sore after my workout."

The spry old woman led the way up the stairs. Amber actually had to struggle to keep up. "Slow down Mrs. R! It can't be good to rush like that!"

"Nonsense sweetie. I haven't used the elevator since I moved in my furniture ten years ago. I'm used to this."

Amber was quite winded when they finally reached the eighth floor. "I thought going up six flights was bad! I'm impressed."

The old woman put her hands on her hips. "Young lady, I should drag you down to the gym and put you through a good workout!"

Amber blushed. Workouts were fine. Gyms were even okay. It was the shower room afterwards that she had to stay clear of! "Uh, that's okay Mrs. R. You'll just wear me out!"

Her friend laughed. "Young people today have no stamina!" she unlocked the door. "Come on in. I'll make you a cup of tea while I drink my power shake."

Everything was going according to plan! "I'll put the things away as payment, okay?"

"It's a deal!" Mrs. Robinson tossed her parcel into the bag Amber was lugging. "You know where everything goes."

The younger woman tried to calm herself down as she put the groceries away. The goal was in sight! It took an effort of will to keep her hands steady as she finally picked up the parcel. "Do you want these in the bedroom, or in the medicine cabinet?"

"Bathroom, definitely! You should never keep sleep aids close to your bed. It's too easy to make a mistake that way."

"Yes ma'am!" Amber made herself walk slowly as she headed for the bathroom. Now her hands shook! Thank goodness she had overheard Mrs. R talking about her new prescription last week! This was exactly the opportunity she had been dreaming of!

The young woman tore open the box and looked at the small bottle. "Please don't let her notice!" she whispered as she opened the bottle and removed five pills. Placing her ill-gotten gain into a Ziploc bag, she tucked it into her shoe. It felt a little weird to walk on, but she was scared to death it would fall out the little pockets of her skirt.

She rejoined her friend in time to hear the kettle whistle. Mrs. Robinson looked up and grew concerned. "Oh Honey, sit down! You're all flush. Aren't you feeling well?"

Amber smoothed her skirt as she sat on the sofa. The flustered young woman sat primly with her hands crossed in her lap. "I'm fine, really!" she fidgeted a bit to try and get comfortable. "You're right, I'm just out of shape. I should skip the elevator more often. Skip a few meals, too. Maybe I'll lose a few pounds."

Mrs. Robinson actually clicked her tongue in disapproval. "Young lady, you have a fine shape! Walking more and exercise is a very good idea, but I don't want you turning into one of those Hollywood stick figure girls!" The old woman's eyes flashed. "I see the young men eyeing you. Real men want a woman with curves. Trust me, you have what they want! Why sweetie, if I had a figure like that at your age, I would have put Jane Russell to shame!"

Amber felt her face grow even warmer. "Uh, thanks, I think." She smiled as she took the offered teacup. "I don't really care what guys think about me though."

The old woman actually winked. "Sweetie, I've been around the block a few times. Trust me, you have your share of young lady admirers too!"

"Mrs. Robinson!" Amber giggled. "Really? How would you know anything about that?"

"Really!" the older woman laughed. "Why do you young people think your generation was the first to discover what is now called an 'alternative lifestyle'? In my day we just said they were sophisticated or artistic types."

It was a much calmer Amber who returned to her own apartment an hour later. Calmer but still a bit guilty over swiping the pills. She'd make it up to Mrs. Robinson somehow, but for now there was a much more pressing problem!

"Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go right now!" she sang softly as she raced to the bathroom. Amber carefully locked the door, threw up the lid and seat of the toilet, yanked down her panties, and lifted her skirt out of the way as she stood before the porcelain bowl. A sigh of pure relief left the young woman's lips as a strong steady stream of warm yellow urine blasted free from her now thankfully flaccid penis!

"Mrs. R doesn't know about THIS alternative lifestyle." She said sadly as she made double triple sure to lower seat and lid. "I bet the old sweetie never even heard the word hermaphrodite in her entire life!"

Sadness left Amber immediately as she thought about the coming night. Lucy would be home soon! Doctor Lucy Chow had been sharing the apartment with Amber for just over two years now. Amber's trust fund was enough to pay for a wonderful spacious three-bedroom rent controlled apartment right in the heart of the Big Apple! Sadly, there wasn't much left over for those little luxuries of life, like food! Lucy's rent payments made it possible for Amber to work as she pleases, when she pleases. That suited her just fine!

Yes, the arrangement was fantastic financially, but not so good for the heart. Amber loved, and yes, lusted after the gorgeous little Chinese American beauty with every fiber of her being! It was an emotional tie she didn't have the nerve to admit to the woman for fear of losing the privilege of just living under the same roof with her!

"She's on the pill now!" Amber sang joyfully as she carefully crushed one of the 'borrowed' pills into a fine powder. "I don't have to worry about knocking her up! Thank the heavens above I managed to catch a glimpse of her diary entry on the screen of her laptop last month! Thank Mrs. R for having trouble sleeping! My plan is perfect! She won't be harmed in any way at all since she isn't a virgin! She'll never even suspect a thing!"

The hermaphrodite giggled as she carefully mixed the powder into the herbal tea she was preparing for her soon to be secret lover! "If she does suspect something, she won't think of me! If Lucy acts funny in the morning, I'll just pretend to discover her window over the fire escape was unlocked!"

Promptly at six o'clock, the front door opened. Lucy entered the apartment with a yawn and a sigh. The tired young woman smiled up at her roommate and accepted the steaming cup of tea. "Amber Janus, you are a life saver! The emergency room was jumping! I don't think I managed to sit down for five whole minutes in twelve hours!" She took a long drink from the cup. "I'm beat!"

Amber felt a surge in her loins, and did her best to fight down the growing tension in her panties. "Did you eat? I'll fix you something light for dinner."

"No, don't bother. I showered at the hospital. I think I'll just grab a nap right now, and eat a frozen dinner later." Lucy drained the last of the tea. "Wake me in an couple hours." She yawned again. "Remember, I'm a deep sleeper. You may have to clobber me, but get me up. I want to see "Gray's Anatomy". It's always good for a laugh!"

Amber watched her friend close the bedroom door. "I know you're a deep sleeper, my love." She whispered softly. "Tonight you're going to sleep so deep it'll be beautiful!"

"Keep calm!" she ordered her trembling hands as she set the DVD recorder to capture Lucy's show. "I have to stick to the plan!" It was the hardest thing Amber ever did but she managed to force herself to wait two whole hours for the drug to be in full effect. The aroused hermaphrodite spent the time baking Lucy's favorite cake, ignoring the erection throbbing under her skirt.

"Oh God! It's time!" Taking a deep breath, Amber gripped the doorknob of her sleeping beauty's room. Slowly the door opened. Peeking through the gap made Amber gasp in delight. Lucy's glorious long raven hair was fanned out over the pillow. The sight was simply breathtaking! The lust crazed roommate counted the steady rise and fall of the sheet as Lucy breathed easily in peaceful sleep.

"Lucy?" she whispered softly, daring to make the next move. "Lucy? Do you want to wake up now?" No response! She gathered her courage. Whispers didn't prove a thing. "Hey Lucy! Get the hell up!" Amber thumped her hand against the door several times and yelled louder, invoking her roommate's worst fear. "Lucy, there's a roach in your bed! It's about to crawl in your hair!" There was no change at all in Lucy's slow and steady breathing!

Amber stood still for a whole five minutes. "I think it worked!" she finally managed to gasp. Heaven help me, I think it might have worked!" She had to be sure! The young woman nearly staggered as she drew closer to the bed.

"Lucy, the roach is about to go in your mouth!" she dared to reach out and gently shake the sleeping woman's head from side to side. Lucy slept on; oblivious to all the ways Amber usually employed to wake her. Everything was perfect! "You wait right here!" she said with a giggle before racing to her own room.

Amber pawed at herself, tearing off her clothing just as fast as she could. Several buttons popped off her favorite blouse, but she didn't care one tiny bit! She laughed gleefully as she threw her bra across the room to have it drape prettily over her television. She kicked off one slipper, then the other. One landed in her bed. The other knocked over her reading lamp. Dancing around in haste nearly tripped her up as she hastily yanked off her panties, and wriggled out of her skirt. The happily naked hermaphrodite snatched up her video camera and tripod before racing back to Lucy's room.

"Did you miss me?" she asked coyly as she flipped on the light. The soft sound of Lucy's breathing was the only answer. She aimed the camera at the sleeping form. "I swear I'll never post this video anywhere. You have my word on that, Lucy!" The camera moved lovingly over the subject, recording the lovely images from every angle. "Now we need to make it hotter!"

Reaching down with one hand, Amber slowly and steadily pulled the sheet from her sleeping friend. "Oh Lucy, you don't sleep in the nude! Too bad!" The slumbering woman was wearing her favorite over-sized tee shirt. The one with Ichigo Kurosaki and Rukia from that anime she watches in her spare time. It was simply adorable!

The sheet went even lower and Amber's heart thumped beneath her heaving breasts. "Hello Kitty? Oh God! You wear Hello Kitty panties!" Her cock gave a happy jerk and a drop of silvery pre-cum dripped to the floor. "It's like you were planning for this night too! Thank you!"

Things now reached a point where she needed both hands free. Amber mounted the camera onto the tripod and framed the bed nicely in the shot. Part of her wished she had a cameraperson to record this, but that was foolish. This was her very private time with Lucy. Who needed anyone else?

"Let me make you more comfortable, darling Lucy." She said quietly as she returned to her friend. "This will just take a moment." Amber slowly and gently repositioned Lucy's arms up over her head before grasping the hen of the tee shirt. Very carefully, she began to pull the shirt up.

"Oh damn!" Amber never realized it would be a bit difficult to remove clothing from someone who offered no cooperation. "Shit! Don't wake up!" she hissed when only the girl's head was trapped in the garment. It took five whole minutes for her to work up the nerve to continue. After all, she just had to look upon that lovely face! She couldn't leave it hidden under a stupid shirt!

"Almost there." She whispered as her trembling fingers gingerly guided the collar of the shirt up and over the sleeping girl's chin. Amber's heart nearly ceased beating when Lucy softly whimpered as the crew neck of the shirt flicked over her nose.

"All done!" she soothed when the tee shirt was finally safely removed. "Oh Lucy, you're so very beautiful!" Ten more minutes passed as the awe struck hermaphrodite drank in the sight of Lucy's breasts. Her roommate had once complained about not needing to wear a bra in what she perceived as a lack in cup size. Amber thought her friend's dainty breasts were absolutely perfect!

"Lucy, you're so sexy!" Amber gently touched one of the sleeping girl's nipples and sighed happily. "I think "A" cups are darling! Especially when you have nipples like yours! They're even bigger then mine!" She leaned over the prone woman and dragged her own erect nubs over Lucy's. A thrill of electricity raced through her at the touch. "See? Yours are bigger then mine!"

The hermaphrodite gulped in nervous excitement. The next step was almost too thrilling to think about! "One more thing to do!" she told the sleeping doctor as she gently slipped her fingers under the waist of the cute little pink Hello Kitty panties. "Just one tiny step to go!" Slowly and carefully, Amber began working the pretty little garment down over her friend's hips. Once she had them off Lucy's cute little hiney, it was easy just to slip them down her slender legs and delicate little feet.

Amber gasped when she finally remembered to breathe. For the first time in her entire life, she was in the presence of a real live naked woman! All the porno websites she had ever cruised paled in comparison to the lovely creature that lay before her! "Oh Lucy! My beautiful little Lucy!" She gingerly nudged the legs wider apart. "Did you shave for me, or did you never grow hair down there?"

She couldn't help a laugh of pure delight. "I know you're twenty-six, but God!" Amber felt a grin spread over her face. "You could pass for fifteen, maybe even thirteen, I bet! What do they call that? Oh yeah! You're loli! Look at the naughty loli girl showing off her pretty little body!"

Her hand was trembling even more as she reached out to touch the glory between her friend's thighs. "Naughty little loli girls shouldn't tease people." She whispered as her fingers began to lovingly caress. "Naughty girls could find themselves in all sorts of trouble that way!"

Just feeling the warmth on her fingers was driving Amber insane as she stroked those silky lips. That warmth was growing! Lucy was getting wetter and wetter! Her body was growing aroused in her sleep! "What a bad little girl you are!" she gasped as the woman sighed softly in her sleep. "I won't need a lubricant you naughty girl. You want me, don't you?"

The hermaphrodite lifted her hand to her lips, and began licking her fingers. "Oh God! You taste wonderful!" She looked longingly at Lucy's pretty pussy. "Why not? I bet you'll love it!"

First, she had to make things more comfortable for both of them. She pulled the sheet completely down and got it and the blankets out of the way. Grasping Lucy's ankles, she slowly pulled her towards the center of the bed. She needed room so she wouldn't have to wedge her own legs against the headboard, after all!

Amber gingerly climbed into bed with her roommate, still a little fearful of accidentally jarring her beloved awake. She straddled the slender woman, careful not to bop Lucy's face with her raging erection. Slowly spreading those lovely legs wider, she lowered her face. She licked, and it was good! The hermaphrodite licked again and went a little wild. Her tongue lapped away like a hungry kitten drinking sweet cream! This was like a dream! She was finally eating out a pussy! It was simply heavenly that it was the pussy of the most beautiful woman she had ever met!

Face slick with Lucy's luscious honey, Amber paused. "Oh, you taste so good! I'm sorry but I have to stop. I just can't wait any more! If I don't make love to you right now, I just might die!"

The hermaphrodite slowly crawled around. She moved between Lucy's legs and gazed down at her sleeping beauty. "I've wanted this for so long." She grasped her cock with one hand and slowly rubbed the swollen head along her roommate's dampness. "You're my first, my loli princess." She moved around and seated her cock right where she wanted t to be. "I was content to look at porn and dream before I met you!"

Amber moaned as she pushed her cock firmer against that heavenly warmth. It took more effort then she expected, but soon her shaft began to sink into Lucy's lovely body. "So tight." She gasped. "Oh God, you're so hot inside!" Inch by inch her throbbing erection disappeared into the sleeping woman's body. "Oh, my pretty Lucy! It's wonderful!"

The hermaphrodite held still for several moments as she savored the sensations. Lucy's tightness gripped her like warm liquid silk. Her hand never felt like this! Withdrawing a little made Amber moan, as her slumbering lover's body seemed to try and suck her back in. How could she resist that? Supporting her weight with hands braced against the bed, Amber began to thrust her hips.

"I love you so much Lucy!" she breathed as she found a good steady rhythm. "You're my loli princess! My little China doll!" Amber watched Lucy's lovely face. When the sleeping woman began to make soft little cooing sounds, it only seemed to increase her passions. "It's so hard to pretend you're just my friend! Oh God! I wish I could marry you! If you were my bride, you could stop taking birth control pills! You'd look so pretty with a baby bump!"

The nearness of her explosion made Amber throw away what little caution she had been taking. She lowered herself completely onto the sleeping woman and buried her face in Lucy's gorgeous hair. "I love you!" she moaned. "I love you so much!" She slipped her arms under the sleeping woman and held her tightly as her hips thrust harder.

Amber felt it begin deep inside. She cried out wordlessly as she thrust in one final time. Buried deep in her slumbering lover's body her cock exploded! The hermaphrodite had 'saved up' for several days for this moment! It was worth it! Never had she experienced an orgasm as powerful! With it's engorged head tight against Lucy's cervix, her cock danced as thick gooey ropes of sperm rich semen pumped out of her body.

Amber was almost frightened when it was finally over. "Oh boy!" she gasped breathlessly as she finally withdrew her still twitching member. "I must have set a record! Lucy, you were so fantastic! I never came that much before!"

She sat up and glanced down at her still erect organ. It glistened with their combined fluids. "Someday maybe you'll lick me clean. It would be so hot if you gave me a blowjob too!" Amber sighed as she looked at her cock. "I guess that would be too hard to manage. What if you bit me in your sleep? Ouch!" She giggled. "That would sure be hard to explain away at the ER!"

Amber didn't want to press her luck tonight. She ignored her still hard cock and picked up Lucy's panties. "I'll jerk off later while watching our video." She giggled as she slipped her lover's delicate feet into the cute little garment. "I'll let you get your rest now, my love. Tomorrow I'll make you another cup of my special sleepy tea. Then we can play some more!"

It was tricky, but Amber managed to get the panties back onto her secret lover. The shirt was an entirely different matter! The hermaphrodite raised her roommate's arms up over her head again, but it took a lot of careful manipulating to get it back over the woman's head. "I think tomorrow I'll just pull it up over your titties, okay? It'll make things so much easier afterwards."

Amber pulled the sheet back up over her lover, not noticing the dark slimy patch of used semen spreading slowly over the front of the Hello Kitty panties. She sighed. "It's back to being just friends, Lucy." She said sadly as she grabbed her camera and tripod. "At least until tomorrow night!" She bent and kissed her lover's forehead. "Sleep well, my princess. I'll see you tomorrow!"

The hermaphrodite turned out the light, and slowly closed the bedroom door. "Oh God! That was so good!" she laughed at her still hard cock. "Okay, you! Lets watch our movie while I give you a nice massage!"

Amber ducked into her bedroom and grabbed a bottle of hand lotion. She stopped in the kitchen and grabbed a couple paper towels and a hand towel from the sink before heading back to the living room. Usually she just retired to her bedroom and masturbated there. Tonight was safe though. She was sure Lucy would sleep until morning.

She removed the DVD from the recorder, and placed it on top of the TV. Opening her video camera, she pulled out the disk and put it on the recorder's tray. "Action!" she giggled, as the disk slipped right inside.

She made herself comfortable on the sofa and tucked the hand towel carefully under her penis to cover her vagina. Usually she wore a condom, just for safety's sake while masturbating. Her right hand was for dick stroking, while her left was reserved for kitty petting. She never ever changed. One had to be careful while playing with live sperm after all! It would be big trouble, as in big belly trouble, if she accidentally introduced a finger full of her own sperms inside her body! That was another great advantage to fucking Lucy. It all went safely up inside her! Today though, Amber needed some serious jerking off! Her cock was still so achingly hard!

"Oh my!" she gasped as she watched the images of her sleeping friend. "Lucy, the camera loves you!" Amber squirted lotion into her hand and grasped her cock as her image on the big screen television removed Lucy's clothing. "Beautiful!" she gasped as her lubricated hand began to stroke.

The panting hermaphrodite's hand moved faster and faster as she watched herself make love to the most beautiful woman in the world. It didn't feel nearly as good, but it still got the job done! Eyes opened wide, she stared intently at herself actually having sex. A bit of drool ran down her chin, but she didn't even notice. This was now her number one favorite fuck film!

Amber gasped and panted as she reached another climax. She forgot to grab the paper towel, and anointed the TV screen with several gobs of thick gooey cum. She didn't even care! Hand shaking, she grabbed the remote and started the recording over from the start.

"Damn!" Amber groaned as the warm water cascaded over her body. "No more!" she scolded her still semi-erect cock. "You shot off five times at the TV! It took forever to clean up the mess! I gotta get some sleep!" She sighed happily as she finished her shower. "I can love Lucy four more times! Maybe more, if I can steal extra pills from Mrs. R!" Once again the happy thought struck her. "I'm not a virgin any more! I thought this day would never happen!" She giggled happily as she shut off the water. "I'll be really relaxed for my interview tomorrow, that's for sure! Hope I get the job. I need a new Ipod!"

The next morning saw Amber flying through her wake up routine. "Damn and blast! I nearly overslept! I guess I really was relaxed." She couldn't help a smile. "Well, at least I had the willpower to resist my mortal enemy, Mr. Morning Wood!"

She couldn't resist a little peek in on her beloved. "Oh, so cute!" she breathed as she softly closed the door. Lucy's face was nearly covered with her lovely hair. It made her look so sweet and innocent. "Oops, you wait until tonight!" Amber hissed at her stirring penis. "We have a job to win!"

Racing for the door, the happy hermaphrodite paused. "Almost forgot! I don't want Lucy angry at me!" She returned to the kitchen and cut her friend a large slice of Devil's Food cake. Setting it at the table, she put her Pyrex mixing bowl over it like it was a room service order. Grabbing a pen and notepad, she jotted down a note:

I know you wanted to see Gray's Anatomy last night, but you were so tired I just decided to let you sleep. Don't worry! I burned it to DVD. Just play the disk in the recorder and eat your nutritious breakfast of cake while you watch.

Your roommate, Amber

Amber felt something nagging at her while she rode the bus towards Times Square. She had forgotten something, but what was it? Oh well, it couldn't be too important! It was sure to come to her later. Since she had some time left, Amber stopped at her favorite over extended coffee shop chain and enjoyed a large cappuccino.

The young blonde felt like she owned the city as she walked down the street. Nothing could go wrong on a day as beautiful as this! She saw the pink of the Sanrio store and smiled. "Lucy will be so jealous if I get the job here." She laughed to herself. "Maybe I can get her a new pair of Hello Kitty panties." She stepped into the shop and paused. "Hello Kitty DVDs! Oh wow! She'd love them!"

Something clicked in her mind, and the nagging forgotten memory fell into place. The young woman's heart froze. "DVD? DVD! Oh my freakin' God! I forgot to swap the DVDs back! I left MINE in the recorder!" Interview forgotten, Amber raced from the store. "Please don't wake up yet!" she cried out, startling several tourists. "I better call. No! Who wouldn't play the DVD if someone told them not to? Oh fuck! How could I be so stupid?"

She raced down the crowded street. If she had the money, she would have hailed a cab. Why did she only bring enough for bus fare? The frantic hermaphrodite nearly sobbed when she saw the bus pull away from the stop. "Wait!" she screamed. "It's a matter of life and death!" As anyone would guess, NY busses stop for no one! Amber was left nearly hyperventilating, waiting for the next one.

"Finally home!" she gasped, after racing up six flights of stairs. Looking at her watch only made her cringe. "Oh God! I was gone over two hours! Please oh please let Lucy still be sleeping!" Amber tried to slow down her pounding heart as she fumbled her key into the lock. The TV commercials said those pills give seven to eight hours sleep. Lucy had been sleeping for nearly twelve when Amber had sliced the cake. No matter how many times she did the math, the numbers just didn't work!

Slowly pushing open the door, Amber peeked inside. She didn't see Lucy. That was a good sign! She stepped in and closed the door. She gingerly slipped off her shoes and tip toed to the dining room. "No cake!" she gasped. "No note, either!"

Fear gripped her soul as she went back to the living room. Did Lucy watch? Did she call the police? In the light of a new day, Amber knew exactly what she had done! "Maybe I should make the call." She said softly, as she stared at the telephone.

"Make the call to who?" Lucy emerged from her bedroom tastefully dressed and gracefully sat on the sofa. "Make it a quick call. I'm going to watch Gray's Anatomy before I do a little shopping."

Amber felt a little lightheaded as the news sank in. "You, you didn't watch yet?" she answered as calmly as she could. "How long were you up?"

"No, I didn't watch Gray's Anatomy yet." Lucy's eyes seemed to burn right through her. "I woke up when SOMEONE slammed the apartment door. Want to watch the show with me?"

"Sure!" Amber leapt at the DVD recorder and ejected the disk. "Here! I'll put it in!"

"Good!" Lucy picked up the remote. "I've been waiting to see this one. You'll never guess who is guest starring this week."

Sighing with relief, the hermaphrodite picked up the disk from the top of the television. "Don't leave me in suspense! Who is it?"

Lucy's eyes flashed fire. "A loli princess!"

The disk fell from Amber's fingers and rolled across the room. "W-What?" she stammered, as the room spun around her. The trembling girl followed the disk's example and collapsed to the living room floor.

Some unmeasured time later, a sharp odor made the hermaphrodite sneeze. "Fainting won't help you!" Lucy snapped as she tossed the cotton swab of the ammonia inhalant aside. "We have to talk, rapist!"

"Oh God! Lucy, I'm so sorry!" Amber covered her eyes and sobbed. "I'll turn myself in! I'll admit everything to the police!" She scrambled for the phone, but Lucy was quicker and snatched it from its cradle.

"I'll call the police when I'm good and ready!" The young doctor tore the battery out of the receiver and tossed it aside. "I said we have to talk!"

Amber whimpered fearfully. "Alright." She sniffed. "What do you want me to s-say?"

"What in God's name made you do something so despicable?" Lucy closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "Is it some kind of hermaphrodite thing? Yes, I got a good look at you on your movie. I know that thing jutting out between your legs is real! Tell me the truth. Did some sort of hormonal imbalance make you decide it was okay for you to drug and screw me?"

The still sobbing young woman hung her head. "N-No. Nothing like that. It was, um, I mean." She covered her face and sobbed some more.

"It was what?" The petite woman somehow looked ten feet tall as she glared at Amber. "I asked you a question!"

"I love you!" The story just came tumbling out. "I've loved you since the day I met you! Last week, I, I read a part of your diary! I found out you like sex, and, and, you take birth control pills! Then Mrs. Robinson had trouble sleeping. I stole some of her sleeping pills! I only gave you one! Honest! I thought you wouldn't notice!"

"You thought I wouldn't notice? I woke up sore, with my panties practically glued to me with crusty semen! How would I not notice?" Lucy sat on the sofa, genuinely puzzled. "Wait a minute. I don't write a diary!" She thought for a moment. "You big titty dumb blonde! I was reading a dirty story off the Internet! I don't take pills, and I was a damn virgin until you got to me!"

"You read them too?" Amber peeked out from between her fingers. "How did you know it was semen if you were a virgin?"

Lucy's face flushed. "Never mind that now! I didn't see any testicles on you. Tell me the truth! Do you produce sperm?"

Amber took a shuddering breath. "They're inside me. Um, uh- oh!"

The doctor clapped a hand to her head. "Oh, that's just great! You probably knocked me up! The timing sure was right. Or should I say wrong?"

"I'm sorry! I thought you were protected!" The hermaphrodite whimpered. "If I even thought you weren't, I would have used a condom! I know our cycles are in synch!"

"That's just perfect! You would have still fucked me, but you would have been considerate and used a condom!" Her eyes opened wide. "That's right! You always leave tampon wrappers on the bathroom floor. Does that mean you work both ways?"

"Yes! I'm a girl, mostly." She sniffed back her tears. "I just have some extra parts, that's all!"

Lucy shook her head in disbelief. "The odds against someone like you even existing are astronomical."

Amber sniffed again, and tried to stop her lips from quivering. "Are, are you going to call the cops now? I'm ready if you are."

"Not yet. I need to think!" The doctor jumped up from the sofa. "I'm going out for a while. When I'm gone, you are not to leave this apartment! I want you to stay here and think about what you did to me. I'll be back in a couple of hours. If you can convince me then that you are sincerely sorry, I just may find a way to punish you without sending you to prison. Do you understand?"

Amber dropped to her knees. "I'll do anything you say! I swear it!"

"Good!" Lucy grabbed her bag and headed for the door. She turned around and retrieved the recording that Amber had made. "Don't you dare even think about jerking off over me, either! In fact, why don't you clean this place up? That should keep you busy!"

"You stupid, stupid, stupid!" Amber yelled at herself while putting books back on the shelves, and generally tiding up. "Why'd you have to go and leave the DVD in the recorder?" A sob escaped her lips. "No! Why'd you go and, and RAPE Lucy? Now she's going to hate me for the rest of her life!"

After tiding up in the living room, the depressed blonde sighed. "Lucy said clean, not straighten up a little!" Amber rarely admitted it, but she while she was a great cook, she was a terrible housekeeper. The place was a mess! She dragged out the vacuum and began to seriously clean house.

She had just finished scouring the tub when she heard a key in the front door. Lucy was back! Although she was scared, she was also overjoyed. "Lucy came back!" Part of her suspected the beautiful woman would never want to see her again!

Lucy looked around, eyes opened wide. "I hardly recognize the place. I expected you just to take out your trash or something."

"Thanks!" Amber said hopefully. "You said to clean, so I cleaned!"

"Don't take it as a complement. When I moved in, you said you'd take care of all the cleaning and laundry!" The petite woman tossed a few shopping bags onto the sofa. "I do my own laundry, and you make nothing but messes!" She sighed. "At least you haven't been using my panties to masturbate in. Have you?"

Amber's face turned crimson. "I, I rinse them out in the sink afterwards, and dry them with my hairdryer before putting them back in your hamper."

The doctor rubbed a hand over her face. "It figures. I'll let that slide for now. What's more important is I've figured out your punishment."

Fear grew in Amber's heart. "What, um, did you decide?"

Lucy's eyes flashed fire. "First off, it's up to you to decide! Will you accept my punishment without question, or do I call nine, one, one, and give your nasty DVD to the police?"

Once again, Amber dropped to her knees before the woman she loved. "Your punishment! Please! I don't want to go to jail!"

"Good! To be frank, I'd have to find a new place if you were locked up."

Hope dared to flare in Amber's soul. "You, you mean you're not leaving me?"

Lucy glared. "Shut the fuck up and get in your room this instant!"

The blonde sprang to her feet and actually ran in her effort to comply. "I'll do anything you say! I'll have locks put on your bedroom door. Anything you want!" she yelled back from her room.

The doctor shook her head in disbelief as she picked up her shopping and followed. "What part of shut the fuck up didn't you understand? Never mind. Don't answer that." She looked around. "Wow. You even cleaned up this pigsty? Now that's something!" she tossed her bags on the floor. "Get on the bed!"

Startled, Amber sat on the edge of the neatly made bed. "Can, can I ask w-what the punishment is?"

"Lay down! Hands up over your head!"

"Why?" One look at Lucy's face made her flop back and raise her arms until her hands touched the headboard.

"Perfect!" The doctor rummaged through one of the bags and retrieved two pairs of pink fur clad handcuffs. "Hold still! Remember, I can stop and call nine, one, one at any time!"

"Wait! I read Gerald's Game!" Amber whimpered as Lucy slipped a handcuff over the corner posts of the single bed.

"So did I." One handcuff snicked tightly around the blonde's left wrist. "Trust me. I have no intention of dying in the next few hours!" The clerk was right. The extra long chains were just right for a queen size bed. She grabbed Amber's right arm and clicked the second cuff tight. The blonde's arms were spread wide, with only a little slack to provide a minimum of comfort.

Now she could take her time. Lucy went back to her bags and retrieved two lengths of silk cords. "Are you going to kick me?" she asked coldly as Amber thrashed on the bed.

The blonde froze. "No! I swear I won't! I wouldn't want to hurt you, Lucy!"

"No, you just want to drug and fuck me!" She grabbed an ankle and tied the cord securely. In a few moments she had both legs pinned, spread almost too wide for comfort. "Now, the real punishment starts!"

Amber bounced her butt up and down when she saw Lucy pull a large pair of scissors out of the bag next. "No! Don't kill me! Please Lucy! I don't want to die!"

"What?" The doctor shook her head. "Oh, for goodness sake! You actually think I'd kill someone?" She set to work cutting apart the trapped girl's clothes. "I thought you knew me better then that!"

The blonde whimpered and sobbed as the dress she bought for her interview was slowly destroyed. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" she whined as Lucy tore the rest of the fabric from her body. "I know you won't hurt me! Just, please, don't hurt me!"

"Was that an echo?" The doctor tossed the ruined garment to the floor. She looked over the bra and panty-clad blonde's body. "What? No erection?" she slipped the blades under the cotton and cut away the snow-white undergarment. "I thought you'd get a boner over me again! To bad you didn't show this kind of self control last night!"

"Please Lucy! Forgive me!" Amber sobbed shamefully as Lucy tapped her flaccid cock with the side of the scissors. "I swear I'll never touch you again!" she sobbed when the blades made short work of her very best bra. "I mean it! You can lock me in my room every night! You can tie me up just like this too! Just please stop! I don't like this!"

"Good! That's the whole point!" Lucy roughly pinched the blonde's nipples. "Are you feeling violated yet? Do you feel shame?"

"Yes!" Amber wailed. "I learned my lesson! Please let me go!"

"The lesson is just started!" Lucy smiled for the first time. "You made me feel violated and ashamed too. Think hard. What else did you do to me?"

Amber's eyes opened wide as she watched Lucy put the scissors away, and pull out a very lifelike, very LARGE dildo out of the bag. "I, I f-fucked you! No! Lucy! I'm a virgin!" She closed her mouth hard, making her teeth click. "So, so were you. I, I guess I deserve to be treated exactly the same way."

"I'm glad to hear you say that. Amber." The doctor gave her a closer look at the love toy. "This eight inch beauty is called the Eros Ejaculator. It has a very special feature. You can fill it with warm fluid and make it ejaculate at the touch of a button!" She smiled again. "Now guess who will supply the warm fluid?"

Amber let out a little squeak. "No! You can't make me do that!" she tried to calm herself down. "It won't work anyway!" she rocked her hips making her limp cock waggle. "I'm too scared to get a boner, so there!"

"I somehow don't think that would be a problem!" Lucy placed the dildo and a large plastic drinking cup on the side of the bed. Grinning, she picked up the remaining bags and headed for the door. "I'll be back in a few minutes. Don't go away!"

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