Af - Best Friends

by shrike

Caution: This Drama Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Magic, Heterosexual, Tear Jerker, First, Transformation, .

Desc: Drama Story: The medallion of Zulo strikes again. This time two friends switch, but what happens then? Will everything be ever right again?

"Hey Cam, want to go down to the creek?"

Sitting on the porch I looked up at my best friend walking on the sidewalk, "Sure, what's the plan?"

"Nothing much, just hang out at our hideout and look for treasures."

I joined him in on the sidewalk, "Okay, let's go Cam."

Together we went down to the small creek near our homes at the military base. We were almost inseparable, and not only because my best friend and I had so much in common. Not only did we have the same first name Cameron. We also had our birthday on the same day, both our dad's were in the army and we were both an only child in our family. We were even similarly small for our age. Since we had so much in common, we always played together. Others called us the twin Cams. Of course we had our differences. I had dirty blond hair, while my friend had dark brown hair. But there was a much bigger difference. Most people didn't know it and we hid it as much as we could as well. Only our families and a very few select group of people knew it.

You see my full name is Cameron Luke Taft. But my friend's full name is Cameron Stacy Romero. Yep, that's right, she's a girl. Well more of a Tomboy actually, but we definitely don't have the same plumbing. When we talked we always referred to her as him. And none of our friends suspected, she never went to the bathroom in their presence and at PE we both didn't join the others in the locker rooms.

After a short walk we arrived at the creek, checked out our hideout, before walking along the bank of the creek. The water was already high and even more rain was forecasted. The creek came from the mountains which meant the water was very cold. And sometimes it carried stuff from towns upstream. We set out looking for anything that might have been washed up, or as we called it, 'treasure'.

Cam took the lead and I followed closely. We looked out sharply for anything we could salvage. Cam suddenly stopped, so sudden that I bumped into her. "What are you doing?"

She motioned to her left, "What is that there?"

I looked out to where she was pointing. On a broken branch that stuck out into the water was a cord with something on it that was still hanging in the water. Cam immediately set out for it, while I was a bit more apprehensive and thinking on how we could get it the best way. It had always been like that. Cam was always impatient and rushing in, even into trouble and I was the more patient one, thinking first and bailing her out of the trouble she got herself in. Cam started climbing the part of the branch that could still support her weight and said, "Hold me Cam, so I won't fall in."

I grabbed her arm and held on to it, as Cam reached out to the cord. It was just out of reach, so she asked me to let her go a bit further. I leaned over as much as I dared, and was already dangling precariously close to falling in, when Cam made a swipe with her other hand and triumphantly exclaimed, "Got it."

Her motion almost made me lose my balance and for a moment it was touch and go whether we would fall in or not. I managed to keep my footing and we managed to get back without falling in. Cam showed me what she rescued from the stream. It was a cord with a cheap looking medallion on it. It had a picture of some sort of angel on it. Before I could inspect it from up close, Cam jumped away. "Race ya to the hide-out."

I quickly followed her and almost caught up as we reached our hide-out. We sat down on the tree stumps that we used as seats and I asked, "Hey let me see that thing again."

Cam pulled it out of her pocket and inspected it closely. Then she shrugged, "It's not worth that much. It's just a cheap medallion of some kind."

"Let me have a look."

She reached out to me with the medallion and I reached out to take it. As we both touched it, there was a sort of electric tingle running through me. We both dropped the medallion as we both felt that tingle. I started to feel kinda weird, like my innards were shifting and churning. Then I looked at Cam and things got weirder still. Her hair started to lighten and her face changed. It looked more like mine did in the mirror.

Then I felt weird between my legs, and I guess Cam did also as she grasped down with her hands. "What the hell?" Even Cam's voice now was like mine.

I felt between my legs as well and I couldn't feel my penis anymore. It was gone! I looked at Cam, "What did you do?" Darn it, now my voice sounded like hers did.

Cam looked at the ground to the medallion. "The medallion must have done it. Quick touch it again."

We both bent down and Cam groaned as her new penis got caught during the movement. I picked the medallion up and held it before me. Cam touched it as well, but nothing happened. I said in a near panic, "Nothing's happening. What are we going to do now?"

Cam thought for a moment, "Maybe the thing has to recharge. Let's try it again tomorrow?"

"But what are we going to do now then. I can't go home like this!"

Cam in my voice said calmingly, "Sure you can, just go to my house as me. I'll go to your house as you. We know each other well enough to pull this off."

Well she was right about that. We did know each other very well and knew the families well enough as well. But still I had my reservations. "How about um..."

"About what?" Cam was a bit miffed saying that.

"Well you know girl stuff, going to bathrooms and such."

Cam gave a smile to me, "Oh well that's not such a big deal. Just sit down and it's business as usual. Oh but do wipe from front to back well after you're finished. That's important."

I still wasn't content with it, but as I didn't have a choice, I had to go along with the plan. First however there was something else, our clothes to be exact.

I bit my lip before saying, "I think we need to exchange clothes Cam. It would look weird to our Mom's if we came in wearing each others clothes."

Cam looked at her body, "You're right I guess. Ok."

We quickly stripped out of our clothes and suddenly I felt very awkward being next to Cam. I mean we were still kids, but we already had read a little about the differences between boys and girls. We avoided looking at each other and quickly dressed in each others clothes. I thought, 'These panties are weird. And they are much softer on my body. Why are they so tight?' Cam had a similar puzzled expression on his face, but we didn't say anything about it.

After we switched our clothes, Cam looked at her watch. "Shoot I need to go home. No ... make that you need to go home."

I looked at my watch, "Why, it's still early?"

"Mom said that I had to be home early for something. So just go home ok?"

Grudgingly I said, "Ok then, but we need to switch watches as well. It wouldn't look good if I came home with my own watch, would it?"

Cam agreed and we switched our watches. We hid the medallion in our hide-out and then we set off for home. Cam lived a block away from me and I couldn't see the house from my own home. I nearly went to the door of my home, but Cam halted me. "I live here tonight. You've got to go there." And she pointed to his house.

"Sorry, force of habit. So I'll see you tomorrow and we try to switch back?"

"Yeah, well have a good time. I just wonder why Mom wanted me home so early?"

I patted Cam on her back and quipped, "Well your Mom didn't specify how late you have to be home. My Mom wants me home early." I tried to lighten up our switch and awkward situation.

Cam smiled, "See you tomorrow, Cam."

I arrived home, well actually to my best friend's home, but for tonight it would be my home. As I arrived, I saw the car fully laden with bags and stuff. This was already weird. Were they, no make that, were we going somewhere? I would have to tell Cam. Before I could turn around, her ... no my Mom came out the front door. "Finally you are here. Look at you, all dirty again. Come here, we don't have much time."

Bewildered I asked, "What do you mean we don't have much time. What's going on ... Mom?" I hesitated only slightly before saying 'Mom', but she didn't notice.

Mom grabbed my arm. "I told you earlier today that your father had important and urgent news this afternoon. Still you went out to play with your namesake. It's not befitting a young girl to look like you do and to play like a boy. I have told you this many times already."

I looked up from this news. 'Her Mom didn't want Cam to play with me? She never said anything to me directly.'

She continued her tirade, "Now I only have an hour to get you ready. And we still have so much to do. Your father got posted to a new base and we have to leave in an hour."

Now my blood froze in my veins. 'We were going to move? NO! I'm not her Cameron. I need to switch back with Cam.' "I need to talk to Cam about this. Can I go over to him first? Please?"

Mom looked furious at me, like I had said something bad. "No you can't. Get inside and strip. I'll have to scrub you clean and then we have to get ready."

Now I was really mortified. 'We were going to move without telling Cam? I would never be with my real family again?' I started to protest, "But..."

Mom interrupted, "No buts. Inside now!"

She took me by the arm and dragged me inside all the way to the bathroom. There I had to strip out of my clothes in a hurry while she turned on the water. I still felt uncomfortable undressing this girl body of mine. Mom quickly scrubbed me clean, not in the least bothered with my body. Why should she, I was her daughter wasn't I?

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