A Guidance Counselor Collects Her Fee...

by Dag123

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Cheating, Swinging, Interracial, White Male, Oriental Female, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: After being asked to render invaluable erotic counseling to her daughter, Maricar and to their next-door neighbor, Eileen'"Yasmin demands payment! A sexy mature woman, wise in the mysterious ways of men and women in lust, Yasmin sets her sights on Eileen's husband! He quickly finds'"Sex on a Rainy Day'"the Finest Kind!

Mel stood at an upstairs window watching it rain. What an intimate cozy morning, he thought. Below, he could see his next-door neighbor Yasmin, a beautiful mature Asian woman, furtively slipping out her back door. Here she comes... ! he thought.

A moment later, he heard the sound of his basement door being opened. A few seconds later, the sound of her soft footsteps coming up the stairs ... His heart started to beat wildly. Holding his breath in anticipation, he had the door open and waiting for her. I can hardly wait to spend the day with her, he thought. I wonder what color panties she'll be wearing.

Earlier that same rainy morning, Yasmin, had announced to her husband, Sammy that she was planning to take the day off. He had seemed mildly surprised. She was still busy washing the breakfast dishes when he left the house. A few minutes later, looking out her living room window, she watched, relieved, as her husband collapsed his black umbrella and boarded the Trolley car for downtown.

Quickly Yasmin showered and prepared herself for her much anticipated sexual encounter. She enjoyed the sensuous feel of the hot shower beating on her naked body. She felt alive—a pleasant awakening of arousal seemed to envelope her. As the water poured down on her naked body, Yasmin felt the waters of her womanly Oasis start to tingle with that old familiar ache.

I have the whole day free, she thought, feeling a sense of exhilaration. For a moment, she found herself thinking of her work as Associate Professor at the local college. No... ! This is my special day, Yasmin thought, pushing all thoughts of work out of her mind.

She could feel her stomach getting tighter—her sexual excitement was continuing to build. She savored the feeling of sweet guilt as she anticipated what lay in store for her. She knew Mel, her next-door neighbor hadn't gone to work today either—He was waiting for her.

Ready and Willing...

"Ah... , You're here," Mel said, opening the door. For a long moment they stared hungrily at each other—neither quite able to believe what was about to happen.

"I hope you are looking forward to this as much as I am," Mel said, coming straight to the point, his hungry eyes already drinking in her fully ripe mature figure. If she's any better than her daughter, Maricar, I can't wait to 'try it' with her," he thought, feeling his unruly member springing to life.

"Would you think I was a sex crazed woman if I admitted to you that I've been looking forward to this all week?" Yasmin said, with a sultry come-hither smile. "I'm so ready," she said, her soft sexy voice hardly above a whisper in the quiet house.

She moved a step closer to him. He caught a faint whiff of her cologne. He recognized the intoxicating fragrance. He was impressed by the fact that she had applied it so lightly.

"How about some coffee first, " Mel said, "It's already prepared. Eileen made it just before she left for the office a bit ago."

"Okay," she said playfully, with a shy little smile on her face that hovered between amusement and anticipation. My next door neighbor sure is a fast worker, she thought, laughing inwardly at his eagerness.

Mel, his excitement growing, quickly poured them each a hot cup of steaming black coffee. He noticed Yasmin was heading for the other end of the table.

"No... , please... , sit here," he said, patting the kitchen chair next to him. "Next to me."

"Will I be safe... ?" Yasmin said, in a lightly teasing tone.

"Uh..." he said, grinning so she would know he was joking. "I hope not... !"

The ice broken—they both laughed.

Having her sitting close enough for him to reach out and touch her, turned Mel on. Her light cologne wafted gently into his nostrils, but he detected something else. Mel finally realized he was inhaling her warm womanly essence. He felt his arousal ignite, even before he had taken his first sip of the hot coffee.

"Are you looking forward to watching Eileen participating in her first Wicked Wives club?" she asked, trying to relieve the sexual tension that was growing between them.

"Yes... ," Mel said, " ... and I understand a lot of the credit goes to you for explaining the details to her and Maricar. I'm sure we'll all benefit from the stuff you told them."

"We have all day... , Mel," Yasmin said quietly. "Later, if you would like, you and I can talk about it."

"Great... !" Mel said. "Boy... ! Today is going to be filled with all sorts of good things, huh?" he said. "When would you like to go upstairs?" he asked, his feverish blue eyes betraying his anticipation and sexual desire."

"How about we go up right now," she said, surprising him by volunteering. Laughing inwardly at how eager he was to move things along, they made their way of the spiral staircase.

Walking up the stairs behind her, staring at her trim little behind, and her sexy thighs, it was all Mel could do not to reach under her flowery skirt and slide his fingers up her thighs. I wonder if she'd mind, he mused.

Once they stepped inside the large bedroom, Yasmin gave him a demure little smile—then began to leisurely remove her colorful skirt. Her white blouse soon followed.

A moment later, she was standing next to his big bed in just her white bra and lacy white panties. Looking at her almost naked—Mel felt a bolt sexual desire hit him. He had not expected to feel such an overpowering attraction for her.

Sitting down on the edge of the bed, Yasmin smiled—pleased at the way Mel was staring at her so hungrily.

"Would you be interested in taking off my panties?" "she said, mischievously, as she ran her thumbs under the waistband of her lacy white panties—easing them down ever so slightly.

"Would I... !" Mel said, catching his breath sharply.

"Okay... , Come here... , Help me." She said, inviting him with her eyes by raising her bottom up off the bed.

Mel wasted no time. Going over, he kissed her soft brown fragrant thighs. He was rewarded with a slight sensuous moan of delight from the waiting woman. Slipping her white panties down off her waist and thighs, he eased them carefully around the bend in her knees. Then he let her lacy panties fall. They dropped around her pretty ankles. Smiling at how eager he was—she kicked them off playfully.

"Now I'm sure you can't wait to see what the rest of me looks like," Yasmin whispered sexily, further exciting the younger man who was drinking in the sexy looks of this beautiful mature female in front of him.

"Yes," Mel said, hoarsely, his voice hardly above a whisper. Is this going to be great, or what? he thought.

Yasmin felt a surge of desire and anticipation hit her like a bolt of lightning. Her stomach was starting to ache—she felt it tighten pleasantly, almost painfully. I'm getting aroused, and we have hardly started, she thought.

"If you'd like me to show you—why don't you get on your knees in front of me? This way, you'll have a better view."

Scooting back, Yasmin now lay on the edge of the bed, on her back—Mel kneeling in front of her, watched as she raised her sexy thighs.

"Push my knees apart, slowly."

Mel gently eased her luscious thighs apart. He watched enthralled as her sexy mature body unfolded before him. Her sensual full thighs parted—revealing a mat of thick black pubic hair that crawled tantalizingly up her belly.

When Mel hungrily pushed Yasmin's knees apart, it caused her to further unfold. Her swollen outer labia majora lips parted, revealing the soft bare skin. Her tiny labia minora lips, were still clinging together at her center. Yasmin was rewarded with an almost inaudible sigh of desire. An involuntary moan escaped the dry parched lips of the younger man.

Mel was captivated by the sight of Yasmin lying so willingly, so wide open, before his hungry eyes.

"Give me your hand," she whispered to Mel. Taking his hand, she guided his fingers to her soft outer black hairy labia lips. "Stroke me here first. Softly ... up and down."

Yasmin took a deep breath, trying to relax. She shuddered—trembling with desire. I'm like a young girl getting ready to do it for the first time, she thought. This is crazy... !

She felt his fingers grazing through the glossy black pussy hairs that covered her soft swelling mound. A moment later his warm fingers touched her labia lips beneath. She caught her breath sharply! She felt him began softly stroking up one side and down the other.

The sight of her lips still folded together fascinated him. He couldn't keep his fingers away! Mel began letting his fingertips caress that soft skin, slowly pushing her swelling labia lips from side to side.

"That's nice," Yasmin throatily whispered. "Why don't you open me? Do it softly with your fingers, like you would touch the wings of a butterfly."

With the fingers of two hands, he parted her—exposing her forbidden tender pink flesh. She took his hand. Bringing his fingers up to her mouth—she sucked on his index and middle finger as he continued to stare intently into her brown almond eyes.

"Oh Yes ... That's it—stroke me right down the center ... Yes ... just that way. Up and down ... As soft as you can." Yasmin whispered.

Mel looked up at her beautiful face. Her lovely almond eyes were tightly closed. He watched as she surrendered herself to the beautiful sensations she was feeling. She's so beautiful and sexy, he thought.

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