A Filmy Analysis

by Carrot74

Copyright© 2008 by Carrot74

Erotica Sex Story: This is one of many of what I call "The Laura Stories". Each of the stories is written as if it were her first time - just something I prefer. This one is about lovely Laura at a film lab with her boss, and they have to work late to get the film done for the next day. It gets hot in a film lab - in more ways than you thought.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Reluctant   Hermaphrodite   First   Oral Sex   .

It is a summer evening at a film-developing lab in Ottawa. The air conditioning is going full blast to prevent the machines from overheating; it is rather hot outside. A cute attractive young brunette named Laura B. is working in the lab; she is wearing a light blue lab smock, but underneath she is wearing only her bra and panties. She is 4'11" of voluptuous build — not fat at all — her dark brown hair is down to her shoulders and anyone can see subtle bits of auburn in her hair. Her ample bust almost sits on the desktop where she is working — she would appear to be at least 36D; her full red painted lips look just like she was made for sucking a cock.

It is after the normal working hours, and they are trying to be caught up in printing for the next business day; Laura is getting rather tired. She ends up daydreaming while printing pictures of a nice looking blonde woman who is dressed in white lingerie; she is thinking about a story written for her by her boyfriend. Laura finds that she is being turned on by the provocative poses of the blonde in the pictures.

She does not notice her boss standing behind her, watching her; she is startled back to reality by her boss's hands suddenly resting on the tops of her shoulders. Her boss is a woman named Samantha — but she prefers Sam; she is an attractive auburn haired woman of about 40 years of age, and is dressed in a crisp white blouse and black miniskirt, she knew how to show off her figure, as well as her shapely legs which were clad in sexy hose possibly with garters underneath, and black 3" pumps, instead of the light blue lab smock.

Sam bent down right next to Laura's ear and whispered, "She does look very sexy in white, doesn't she? Were you daydreaming about her, Laura?" The voluptuous young brunette shivers, unable to find an answer that would explain the situation, so she ends up saying nothing. Laura felt strange and warm sensations pulsating through her body. Sam's face seemed to be close to hers, and she could now smell an intoxicating perfume emanating from the older woman's skin. It made her feel very warm and sensually aroused, as though the scent's aphrodisiac qualities had penetrated quickly to her own bloodstream and stirred up a deep and very sweet sexual urge.

Unexpectedly she feels Sam nibbling lightly on her exposed ear, easing Laura back in her chair, and saying, "My, your nipples are hard — does the blonde in the pictures turn you on?" Then before Laura can reply, she feels her boss's soft hands slide down under her smock to gently rub over her nipples. Surprisingly she goes with the flow of the moment, enjoying the feel of her boss's hands lightly caressing her breasts. Then Sam tells her, "I can overlook your ... indiscretion with the printer ... if you will let this go further. I won't say anything about this, and you could get a big raise tonight."

Laura thinks about this for a long moment: she has found her boss attractive, and she can use the raise in salary, but this comes across as blackmail of a sort. Eventually she nods in silent agreement, and then asks, "What would I have to do?"

Sam smiles and replied, "Let me please you — here." Laura was growing increasingly aware that her body felt the unmistakable yearnings of sexual desire. She tried to fight back the tense, prickly longings, but the thought of all the naked and semi-naked girls who she had just seen while developing, in alluring and abandoned positions, only served to heighten her itchy, hot-blooded feelings.

Laura wonders silently "And what else" as her boss stands her up, taking Laura by the hand over to one of the counters for sorting, and asks the young brunette to sit up on the counter. Laura does so reluctantly, having figured out quickly what might be expected of her body: to let Sam lick her pussy — which has been neglected for a while now.

Sam, all too well familiar with the symptoms which Laura could not hide from her ... a moist, faintly quivering lower lip, a secret pressing of her thighs tightly together whenever they stood still. As she hops up onto the counter and faces Sam, her boss reaches under the smock quickly and gets her panties off with some cooperation from the voluptuous brunette. Now Laura is sitting there clad in just her bra under the light smock, and her 2" black pumps, she is dressed like this because of the hot weather.

Sam is right in between Laura's legs as the young brunette sits somewhat nervously on the counter, wondering what will happen, will she like this, etc. Her boss starts unbuttoning the brunette's smock, telling her, "Relax and enjoy what I'm going to do" then stopping to admire Laura's luscious voluptuous body once the smock is open. Sam commented, "Mmm, you look very nice Laura — I think that I would like to feel your body a lot more." Laura blushes fiercely and tries to shyly cover her exposed body, but it is not working.

Sam stands in quite close to Laura, and starts feeling her full breasts while she watches the young brunette's face to see her reactions. She then lowers the cups of the 36D bra so they are underneath the full breasts, which is supporting them yet making the breasts stick out quite suggestively. Sam lowers her face to a breast and sucks a nipple into her warm inviting mouth gently while she runs her fingernails slowly along the insides of the young brunette's thighs.

Laura moaned softly as her nipple grows in Sam's warm mouth, liking the feeling of pleasure starting to warm her body. After a long minute of sucking on her young employee's nipples, Sam lifts her face asking, "How was that? Did you like that?"

Laura reddens but replies shyly, "Yes, it feels nice" and Sam leaves her own hands gently massaging Laura's breasts. Sam smiles at Laura, and then kisses her on the lips, sweetly at first then deepening as her passion overtakes her.

She breaks their kiss — they look at each other with a glazed look in their eyes, then Sam says, "You can do something for me while I please you."

Laura pauses for a moment, then asks, "What?"

Sam replies, "Why don't you tell me what you were thinking about when I saw you at the printer. I saw the way you were looking at the blonde in the lingerie." She lets one hand slowly slip down to Laura's crotch and slips a finger gently into her already moist pussy.

The brunette gasps as the finger enters her pussy, and eventually replies softly, "She just reminded me of someone; that's all."

Sam asks, "Oh? Who?" and takes a nipple into her mouth again while she keeps her eyes on the young brunette; Laura squirms with the pleasure given to her young body by her boss's tongue.

Sam asks again, "So who did she remind you of?"

Laura eventually replies, "A saleslady I saw once" trying not to give away anything about the real thoughts that she was having at that time.

Sam's curiosity is up, so she probes further by asking, "So what kind of saleswoman?" and sinks her finger deeper into the brunette's wet pussy.

Laura replies shakily, "She was selling soaps and lingerie."

Sam asks, "Oh; was she nice looking?"

"Yes" is the soft reply from Laura.

Sam moans her approval into the breast that she has in her warm mouth, and continues sliding her finger in and out of the wet pussy of her young employee. Then Sam asks, "Did she sell you anything?" to which a shaky "Yes" as Laura remembers the story in vivid detail.

Sam continues with, "I'll bet she sold you some real sexy stuff, didn't she?"

Laura whimpers a soft "Yes" in return.

"What did you buy, Laura?"

"A sheer black silk teddy and a garter set." Sam is very turned on by the thought of Laura dressed in those particular garments.

She tells her, "God, I'll bet you look gorgeous dressed like that. I wish I could see you in it. So, did she have you try it on, or anything like that?"

Laura pauses but decides to tell it; "She managed to convince me to put on the teddy with the black pumps and garter set, had me model it briefly, then she ... seduced me standing there."

Sam really wants to know all the details, so she continues asking, "So how did she do that?"

Laura replies, "She said I looked very sexy to her eyes, and she wanted to ... show me how turned on she was." Laura is still squirming from the pleasure of the finger that is deep inside of her wet pussy, plus her nipples are aching with desire from the attention given to them by her attractive boss.

Sam asks, "What did she do?"

Laura hesitated but then replied softly, "She made ... love to me ... in my living room." Then she cannot hold back any longer; she comes from the attention of the finger and lips on her nipples, plus remembering about the saleswoman.

She is moaning aloud her desire for the pleasure to continue, so Sam does and asks, "How did she start to make love to you, Laura?"

She replied gasping, "She came up behind me on the pretext of fixing the teddy, and she started kissing my neck while she was feeling my breasts through the teddy."

Sam continues, "Did it make you want her?"

Laura groans in reply, "She made me very wet and quite horny."

Her boss asks, "Was that it? Or was there more?"

Laura replies throatily, "She started fingering me while I was standing in front of her, and she massaged my breasts, too." The young brunette has become very horny answering the questions as she remembers; she is shaking in delight with what her body is feeling right now.

"Is that all she did to you, or did she do anything else?" is her boss's next question.

Laura hesitated again, but answers, "She moved the two of us over to my couch because I had just come so hard and needed to sit down." Sam lifts her mouth away from the hard nipples, pleased seeing at how erect they have become, and how sensuous they look when they are wet like now. She decides to pull her finger out for a second, licks the brunette's juices off sensually, and then places it back into the wet pussy — loving the groan emitting from Laura when it is in all the way.

Sam continues questioning her sexy young brunette employee, "What did the two of you do on the couch?"

Laura pauses, then replies, "She had removed just her skirt, and then made me ... straddle ... her lap while she kissed me all over."

Sam says, "Oh my — so did you like it sitting on her lap?" to which the reply is a soft "Yes." Sam probes further, "So did she do anything else to you?" but the voluptuous brunette does not reply immediately — she is embarrassed at her thoughts, and does not want to say what happened next. She would rather keep something like that special, only for her to remember and enjoy.

However, her boss is gently persistent, and Laura feels comfortable enough that she won't go around telling everyone she sees, so she figures it is OK. Sam asks, "What else did she do, Laura? It seems as if there is something that you liked very much."

Again, Laura hesitates, but replies, "After a couple of minutes when I was on her lap, she gave me ... pleasure like ... I'd never had before."

"Oh? What did she do?"

Laura replies throatily, "She put something inside ... of me that made me ... very excited."

Sam asks again while still fingering Laura's now wet pussy, "What did she put inside you?"

"She put her ... oh god ... her hard ... cock inside of me." Now Laura is very red faced, trying to hide her emotions but it is not working too well.

Sam has gasped and replied, "Oh ... my!" as she continues to give the young brunette pleasure with her finger.

"So how did you react to that ... surprise, Laura? Did you stay there on her lap, or leave?"

Laura answers, "I tried to get up off her lap when I realized what was going on, but the woman held me there, forcing me down on her cock. She definitely made sure that it was all inside of me while trying to calm me down. I was rather surprised to say the least."

Sam continued excitedly, "Did it turn you on, sitting there on her lap?"

Laura replies softly, "I guess so. I had an orgasm almost right away when she sat me down on her lap."

"Oh, I'll bet you did" Sam is really excited now, enjoying licking her young employee's nipples while she fingers her sweet pussy, and from hearing this coming out of Laura. She has to know more; "Then what did she do?"

Laura pauses again, then answers, "She was sucking my nipples until they felt like they were burning while she made me move up and down on her ... cock ... ohhhhh god I'm coming!" This orgasm is a rather intense one; Laura is shaking all over the counter, the fingers still inside her now pulsating pussy, making her body even more sensitive than before.

Then out of the blue haze of the orgasm induced fog, Laura hears her boss ask, "Would you like to have that kind of pleasure again?" and before she can stop her mouth from opening she hears a faint "yes" coming out.

She is quite shocked and puzzled when Sam says, "Well, come with me to my office" to which the shaking brunette asks, "What?"

Sam pulls her finger out of the delicious tight pussy, licks her finger off, and then helps a very surprised Laura off the counter by offering her hand for balance. She takes the startled young woman into her office, closing the door behind them and locking it. Sam has become even more aroused at the sight of her young brunette employee as she walked into the office: Laura looks very sexy to the boss. Her short 4'10" voluptuous frame is quite delicious looking, her full 36D breasts wobbling and bouncing as she entered the office, and her legs are looking firm and sexy in her black pumps.

She is caught off guard by the behaviour of her boss, who is now facing away from Laura, and removing her skirt to reveal a garter belt set with hose and pumps under the skirt. Sam sits down on the couch, and simultaneously pulls the unaware brunette onto her lap quickly as she sits down. She pulls Laura's legs over hers so the sexy young brunette is straddling her boss's crotch; Laura protests, saying, "No, I can't do this — it isn't right."

Then, too late she can feel the tip of something familiar and smooth pressing up against the entrance to her pussy lips. Thinking she was about to be dildo-raped, Laura arched her pelvis upward, eyes closed in anticipation, chest heaving.

Sam has her own hands pressing down on Laura's hips onto — as the sexy brunette finds out too late — 7 inches of hard throbbing cock belonging to Sam. Laura is amazed, flabbergasted — she is unable to get her mouth to spit out any words of protest, and to put a stop to this. The look on Laura's face was indescribable as she realized it wasn't a dildo! Her eyes flew open and she cried in surprise!

Sam felt Laura's slippery lips separate and her body opened to take in Sam's cock. Then she was sliding in, deeper and deeper, a gurgling sound emanating from Laura's pussy, as Sam slipped in to the maximum extent possible. Sam's hands gently push the gorgeous young brunette down onto her hot cock; as the head disappeared inside of her pussy, Laura felt her pussy lips stretch, pulling down on her clit - Laura groans out loud when it slides into her wet pussy quite easily.

Laura had never looked sexier as her pale body arched helplessly between her boss's arms. She is also amazed that things are moving this fast, too fast for her liking; but her aroused body is telling her brain different things.

She felt Sam's cock sliding in and out of her pussy, touching her in places that a vibrator could never touch. Sam opened her eyes and saw the erotic view of the delicious Laura above her, eyes wide with lust and anticipation. Sam looked and saw Laura arch her body onto her cock, her hips bucking back and forth on her huge, hard cock as her eyes closed and mouth held open with sensory overload. Laura arches her back as the cock fills her and as Sam takes a nipple into her mouth, sucking it and licking it while she rocks the brunette up and down slowly on her hard cock.

Laura is shaking with the excitement and shock as the love stick fills her pussy quite nicely; she definitely was not expecting anything like this to happen tonight. Sam asks, "Is this the kind of pleasure the saleswoman gave you, Laura?" to which the aroused brunette groans, "Ohhh ... yessss"

Once the waves of extreme pleasure have subsided slightly, Laura is able to catch her breath and ask, "Have you done this before — I mean, with another woman?"

Sam ponders the question for a long moment, but does answer honestly, "Yes I have, but not like this." She pauses again, then adds, "Besides which, I'm very ... selective ... about who I wish to know my ... secret."

With that, Sam starts kissing Laura lightly on the lips, then gradually deepening into a passionate French kiss. Their tongues are meeting in mouths; Sam's hands are roaming all over Laura's voluptuous young body. It doesn't take very long before Laura is kissing her boss back — and has discovered that she is not minding this straddle position too much — for now.

Sam is enjoying watching her sexy young employee as she starts riding her hard cock on her own will; she leaves her hands on the brunette's hips resting lightly there. Laura slides down and up slowly and saying, "Oh your cock feels so good." Laura reasoned that because Sam was another woman, except for her hard cock sawing back and forth between her pussy-lips, she knew just what another woman needed when it came to making her happy.

Sam can feel the tight, wet pussy as it moves all the way up just so the tip of the cock is inside, then slowly plunging back down all the way. Laura's full breasts are bouncing quite sexily with every stroke as she rides the hard cock; she is a very erotic looking vision. Her nipples are being sucked on as she bounces up and down, and her eyes are closed, as she seems to be quite enjoying this way of making love. Sam can feel the pussy muscles starting to clench spasmodically around her shaft, and the sensations of this tight young pussy are fabulous to her.

"You're cock is so big, so good, how much more before you're all the way in?"

Sam chuckled out loud, "Laura, I've only got four inches in you, wait until I get it buried past your cervix and up into your womb. Have you ever heard the term 'bottoming out' before?" Laura was practically drooling as she shook her head no. "That's when a cock bumps the back walls of your womb, and the pain and pleasure become blurred, most women have never had the pleasure of experiencing this unknown pleasure, but tonight Laura, you're going to be initiated into a select group of girls who have known what it's like to experience this level of pleasure."

Laura was still quivering and tingling from this hermaphrodite's cock, it was driving her past any boundaries of sexual pleasure she had enjoyed before. Just as Laura is about to orgasm rather deeply — her full breasts are heaving with the pleasure — she fails to hear or notice the door to the office opening softly, but her boss sure notices right away.

A powerful thrust by Sam and Laura's vagina, already stretched to the limit, surrendered to the invasion. Her orgasm was instantaneous. Laura bellowed again, this time in ecstasy, but again her cries were muffled by the kiss of the older woman. Another thrust and another four inches were inside the sex-crazed young woman who broke free for but a moment to whisper through her rapture, "I've never had ANYTHING like this - NEVER! Ohhhhhhhh..." as another orgasm consumed her and her body quivered uncontrollably.

The door opens all the way to reveal a look of utter amazement on the face of the attractive blonde employee named Barb; she cannot help but see her boss making love to Laura. The first thing the young blonde wants to do is to leave, but her muscles are all paralysed by the erotic sight of sexy Laura riding up and down a hard cock in orgasmic bliss. She can see Laura's eyes are filled with desire, a desire for the woman they work for.

Sam looks at the pretty blonde, telling her, "Either come in, or leave and close the door behind you"; surprisingly Barb stays. She closes and then locks the office door; the door closing has startled Laura wide-awake, back to the present reality.

She turns her lust filled eyes around in panic at the sound of the office door being locked, and sees the attractive blonde co-worker of hers standing there with her mouth wide open in amazement. Laura is rather embarrassed at them being caught in their very compromising position, and tries to hide her face, but there is nowhere to go. The brunette is hoping the smock she has on covers up most of her luscious body from Barb's eyes; she feels embarrassed at being caught in the act of riding her boss's nice thick cock.

Sam then asks Barb, "So what all have you seen?" to which the blonde replies in a stunned voice, "Laura was riding something on your lap when I walked in here." Laura tries to rise up off the cock as shame washes through her, but just as she is almost off Sam's cock, she feels the hands push her all the way back down onto the hard cock, and it fills her pussy again. The feeling of the 7inches entering her moist pussy again causes Laura to groan aloud involuntarily with the pleasure — even though she tries to stifle any sounds.

Sam tells Barb, "If you are going to stay here, why don't you remove your clothing and join us here on the couch." Laura is aghast — she thinks to herself "this can't be happening" — but it is — and she finds herself eventually admiring the young blonde as she gradually disrobes.

Barb appears to be a couple of inches taller than Laura — say about 5'2" — has short curly blonde hair framing a cute pixie face, which is above a pair of very succulent looking 36C breasts, and a very sexy yet firm young body. She looks very appealing to Sam; once the young blonde is naked Sam tells her, "Oh stop trying to cover yourself and come over here — sit with us."

Laura is still squirming with pleasure on top of the boss's cock, being held in place by her hands, and wondering what is going to happen next — especially with sexy young Barb here now. The blonde stands near them instead of sitting down; she is trying to keep herself covered up somewhat, and also is wondering what going to happen.

Sam asks the young blonde employee, "So does this turn you on — seeing what we are doing?" to which she replies, "Kind of..." and trailing off in amazement. Sam thrusts her hips up and down into Laura's tight but very wet pussy, causing her to gasp slightly again.

She then tells Barb, "Why don't you remove Laura's smock for her — she needs to get a bit of ventilation, I think." So the young sexy blonde does so, trying not to let her fingers touch Laura's skin — but it happens anyway.

Once she removes the smock from a very shy and reluctant Laura, she then sees exactly what is going on between the two of them. Barb sees a very sexy looking Laura dressed in just her white bra, which is cupped under her nice full breasts, and the black 2' pumps. She is straddling Sam's lap, and is apparently impaled on a cock that is belonging to their boss!

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