The Harness

by niteowluk99

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Coercion, Heterosexual, Fiction, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Spanking, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: A master designs a special hanging harness for his submissive slut.

In my dream, you were visiting my home and I had a special surprise for you. It was a surprised I expected you to love and was not disappointed. Here is how I introduced you to the harness...

On your first night at my home, I instructed you on your dress code for that night, you were to wear nothing but a smile and present yourself at my bedroom at 8 pm. All afternoon I had been working inside the bedroom and despite the noise of drills and other power tools, I made sure you did not get even a glimpse inside the room.

At 8 pm exactly, you stood naked and excited in anticipation, just outside my bedroom door. I slipped out whilst preventing you from seeing inside; taking a long black silk scarf I blindfolded you before opening the door and leading you gently inside the room.

I ordered you to obey my instructions to the letter or I would punish you. I led you both verbally and by my guiding hand to where I wanted you to stand. The next thing you knew was when you felt the soft canvas back support against your sensitive skin. Three straps then wrapped around you, one just above your hips, another below your tits and the last one lightly around your neck.

Then you were told to raise your left arm and felt the same soft canvass being strapped to it at wrist, elbow and just under your armpit. This was repeated on your right arm and then a piece of canvass was strapped to your legs individually and again the straps were at crutch level, knee and ankles.

Then almost alarmingly you heard the distinctive movement of chains, being moved into place, you felt the slight tug on several points of the back support, before feeling yourself being pushed back and then found yourself hovering above the floor supported on the swinging canvass support.

A spreader bar was then attached to your left wrist and passed beneath your canvass swing before being fastened to your right wrist. This prevented you from raising your arms or hands. A similar spreader bar was attached between your ankles forcing your legs three feet apart. This was then raised and attached to the ceiling mounted clips, so there you were blindfolded and flat on your back, your arms trapped behind your back and your legs pointing straight up in the air but most importantly your cunt arse and tits were readily accessible to me from almost any angle.

There was silence for what seemed an eternity but in fact only some thirty seconds until you suddenly felt the blindfold being removed. As your eyes adjusted to the light the first sight that greeted you was the large D-link attached to the ceiling and the six lengths of chain descending from this towards you. I jerked two of the chains to attract your attention and your legs were jerked upwards. So you concluded that two of the chains supported your legs.

As I attracted your attention, you glanced in my direction as noted I was stark naked just like you, and I soon approached your head. You tried to open your mouth to catch my cock but I was anticipating this and at the last moment I went on tiptoe so your mouth missed the intended target and my balls came to rest over your eyes. I reached over and cupped your cunt, it was already juiced up and felt hot to the touch and wet oh so wet.

My finger slipped against your cunt lips and brushed lightly over your clit, you groaned from somewhere beneath my cock. As I stood upright my hand pulled against your cunt lips and traced a path over your body towards your tits. I pinched and pulled on your nipples as I stepped back my cock slapping against your face.

"Open wide my little cock mad wanton whore!" I demanded. You merely opened your mouth for me to slip my cock head in and willingly accepted my length as I slowly slipped it into your throat. As my balls touched your chin, I paused and then quickly withdrew my cock, not giving you time to react. I then spun the harness round till your cunt was in front of my cock and I eased it into your cunt.

I eased it in slowly and again withdrew ultra fast turning the harness back around and my cock was touching your lips, covered in your steaming cunt juice. I commanded you to clean your cunt juices from my cock as I slowly slipped it deep inside your mouth. I repeated this several times until your cunt was wide open and the juices clearly visible.

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