The Good Hostess

by Old Grey Duck

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Group Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: It's their turn to host the party! She wants to make sure EVERYONE goes home satisfied.

(A story for my pet):

Guests were starting to arrive, and she was nervous. They had gone to several other parties before, but this would be the first one that they had held for the group. He stood behind her and rubbed her shoulders and

whispered "Relax" into her ear. Then he bit it gently. The "zing" made her giggle and she stepped forward to answer the door.

Couples entered the home, and all the men studied her with an air of interest. She stood here with her long brown hair braided down her back, and the dress she wore was made of soft muslin. It was a simple sheath style, and the thin fabric allowed anyone who looked carefully enough to see the darkened nipples of her breasts. A sash gathered the dress at her waist, and the hem was just at her knees. Looking further down her shapely legs, she was barefoot. Besides the gazes of the men, several women studied her too. Their faces were a variety of emotions. Jealousy, eagerness, boredom, and even amusment.

As a couple, they had joined a group of "like minded folks" who indulged in private pleasures that some might not understand. And if they did, they were either outraged, or, more often than not, secretly jealous. Once a month, they got together and enjoyed themselves. This month, it was their turn to host.

As they all made small talk and secret plans, she watched him call for the groups attention. "Good evening everyone, I hope you are all having a pleasant time! If you will excuse us for a moment, I need to take care of something. I will return as soon as possible." With that, he escorted her from the living room and down the hallway to a small bedroom.

Once inside, he gently removed her dress and nuzzled her neck. "If you have any doubts, tell me now." She giggled and answered; "No, I want to do this. For you, and for me." He nodded and smiled. "That's my good little girl."

From a dresser, he removed several items. First came the hood. It was made of leather and went over her head. When she wore it, her eyes were covered and she couldn't see. The area at the nose was tapered to allow for it, and she could breathe freely. An opening at the mouth allowed for full access so she could speak if need be, as a strap secured the hood under her chin. He tugged the zipper down and closed the hood over her head. In spite of the leather, she could still hear his words, if muffled slightly.

A harness came next. He attached it around her so that her arms were secured to her sides, and he tugged her breasts through the openings. With a pinch to each nipple, he smiled at the sight of them growing larger.

Next, he guided her to the bed and lay her down across it. Bending her legs so that her ankles came to her buttocks, he secured shackles to her wrists and ankles, then locked them so that each wrist was secured to an ankle to hold them in that position. She could move each leg from side to side and if anyone chose to, hey could hold her open and see her shaved vagina, which was already moist.

Such a lovely sight; she was laying on the bed, open and exposed for all who came in to see. Bending over, he placed a kiss on her clit, then as he felt her shiver, he stood and whispered in the area of her ear; "You will be a good hostess and take good care of our guests tonight. But I will inform our friends of one thing: your ass is mine. No other cock will enter it. Do you understand?" She gasped a "yes" and felt a cool shift in the air as he left the room and the door closed behind him.

How long she lay there, she didn't know. After a bit, the door opened. She remained silent as she waited. Suddenly, hands grabbed her and spun her around. Secured as she was, she could do nothing but accept what came next. Her head was pulled back and a thick penis was shoved inside her mouth. The words "Suck me, bitch," were grunted and she did as commanded.

Her guest shoved himself deep inside her mouth and to the point where she felt she might gag. Fighting the reflex, she worked her mouth and tongue feverishly and soon felt her captor swell inside her cramping lips.

Suddenly gobs of warm and gooey cum shot into her mouth. She swallowed every drop as was expected of her. When he was done, her guest dropped her back to the bed and left without a word as she lay on her side.

Before she could regain a sense of balance, she heard another voice chuckling. "How delightful!" She was spun around again, and lay on her back. Hands worked their way across her body, pinching and twisting her breasts. As she gasped at the sensation, she was smacked on her stomach and told; "NO TALKING!"

The hands continued to work across her torso, inching slowly down to her shaved pussy. Suddenly she felt something cold and metallic clamp down on her clit. The pain caused little stars to explode in front of her covered eyes. In spite of the earlier instructions, she groaned at the sensation. Again, she was spanked. But this time only after she was flipped over. Hands came down on her ass cheeks and she felt them growing pink with each slap.

Finally after what seemed to be too long for her liking, she felt herself being turned over again and her legs were pushed open. She felt his weight as he pressed himself against her and almost crooned with delight as she felt the size of him as he entered her. Laying here like nothing more than a piece of meat, she allowed her guest to pound away inside of her. She could feel her own juices starting to flow with the friction being created.

A grunt and a sudden shift in tempo indicated to her that he was nearly finished. Suddenly, her guest arched his back and drove himself even deeper inside, then held still. She could feel his cock swelling and throbbing as he pumped his cum inside her. After a moment, he withdrew and left the room.

One after another, they entered the room. Her guests enjoying themselves and her body. How many times she had wanted to be savaged like this? To be used like a willing vessel to receive as much cum as possible? She lost count of the cocks that had shoved past her lips and filled her mouth with hot and salty cum. Her pussy ached with the constant pounding that it received.

Her breasts were pinched and twisted until they were sore and tender and begging for more. She especially loved the times when someone would fuck her (both face up, as well as face down) and before they finished, they would stop and shove themselves into her mouth. She could taste herself as well as the cum from her guests that had filled her pussy to the point that it was now dripping with white goo that leaked out of her.

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