Nan's Old Flame

by Just Plain Bob

Copyright┬ę 2008 by Just Plain Bob

Sex Story: There was a surprise waiting for him when he got to the party.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   Slow   .


Things started going to hell for me when my wife told me that we were invited to her best friend Mary's birthday party on Saturday. I said, "That's nice dear. Have a good time." I don't get along with Mary; we don't like each other and have mutually decided to avoid being in each other's presence.

"You have to go with me," Nan said.

"Sorry honey, but you know how things get when Mary and I are in the same room together. If I go it will just spoil the party for everyone."

"Please baby, I need you with me at this party."


"I just don't want to go alone."

I didn't want to go and I told her at least six times that I wouldn't go, but Nan kept after me until I finally broke down and agreed to go with her.

The night of the party I watched Nan get ready and wondered for perhaps the thousandth time as to how I had been so lucky as to get her. Smart, beautiful and sexy - every man's idea of perfection. She took a simple black cocktail dress, a string of pearls and a pair of four-inch CFMs and made them look like garments fit for a queen. By the time she was finished dressing I was so hot that I tried to talk her into a quickie before we went to the party, but she laughed, "Down boy. There will be plenty of time for that later."

On the way to the party Nan sat and stared out the side window which wasn't like her at all. She was always lively and talkative and I finally asked her what was wrong. It seems that Mary had run into one of Nan's old boyfriends and had invited him to the party. He had said that he couldn't make it until Mary told him that Nan would be there and then he had changed his mind and said he would be there.

"So that's why I have to go to this party? Is it to protect you from him, or to keep you from doing something you might regret?" I could see from her expression that I'd hit a bullseye. "Which is it, protector or keeper?" Nan turned her face away from me and we rode the next ten miles in silence. Then she said, "The guy she invited was Dan."

"So I'm going to the party to keep you from doing something stupid, is that it?" Again she turned her face away and stared out the side window.

Nan and I had been married for eight years. The first two years of the marriage I wasn't sure of what I had. I never knew if Nan married me because she was wounded and needed comfort, if she married me to spite Dan or if it was because she loved me. And now, all of a sudden, I wasn't sure again. I had to question the love of a woman who needed me around to keep her away from an old flame.

Nan and Dan had gone together for years. He finally proposed, she accepted and a wedding date was set. They were described as the perfect couple - made for each other - and according to all reports madly in love with each other. Then Dan did something stupid - I was never told what - and Nan gave him back his ring. He packed his bags; left town and six months later I met Nan, fell hopelessly in love with her and pursued her. To my complete and everlasting surprise she liked me enough to date me, go steady and then say yes to my proposal of marriage. That's where the animosity between Mary and me began. She was in Dan's corner and she was constantly telling me that my marriage to Nan wouldn't last.

"As soon as Dan comes back she will leave you in a heart beat."

And now Dan was back and Nan felt I needed to be there to keep her from making a fool out of herself with her old lover.

We pulled up in front of Mary's house and I shut off the motor. I looked over at Nan, "Are you sure you want to do this?" She bit her lip, hesitated, and then she opened her door and got out. Half the people at the party had known Nan and Dan when they were an item and the word must have gone out that the two of them would be at tonight's party. Every eye in the place was on us as we walked in the front door. I quickly scanned the crowd to see if I could spot the idiot who had let Nan get away. I'd never met him or seen him, but I'd heard enough about him that I was sure I would know him when I saw him. And I did. A tall, well-built, good looking guy was standing in a corner talking to some people I didn't know and I knew immediately it was him. This was confirmed almost immediately when Mary walked up to him and said something and I saw his eyes to begin scanning the room. When they settled on Nan I saw him smile. I walked Nan over to the makeshift bar and got us both a drink and as I handed Nan hers I asked, "So how do we play this? Do I hover at your side or do we do what we usually do and I keep one ear open in case you holler for help?"

"Honestly Rob, I'm a big girl now and I can take care of myself."

Yeah sweetie I thought, that's why you had to drag me along to this affair. Mary came rushing up, "Rob, so good of you to come. I'm going to steal your lovely wife for a minute. There's an old friend of hers here and he's just dying to see her." I looked at Nan and she said "I'll be all right" and she walked off with Mary.

I circulated and said hello to the people I knew and I caught occasional glimpses of Dan and Nan standing and talking. Mary and her husband had cleared the furniture out of the living room to make a dance floor and about an hour into the party they put on some CDs, almost all slow songs. Nan and Dan were among the first to hit the floor and almost all eyes in the place were instantly on the three of us. I watched the heads swivel - to me, to them, to me, to them - and it was almost enough to make me laugh. I didn't thought, because I was watching the two of them and wondering if I was going to be going home alone. Dan maneuvered Nan over into the darkest corner of the room and I saw him kiss her and I saw her return the kiss. I saw his hands touch her breasts and cup her ass and Nan did absolutely nothing to stop him or push him away. I looked around and saw that all eyes were on the two of them now and no one was looking at me so I turned my back on the floor show and went to the makeshift bar and got myself another drink.

I didn't bother going back to watch what was happening on the dance floor. I took my drink and went outside on the patio for some fresh air. That was another reason I avoided parties at Mary's; I don't smoke, I don't care for second hand smoke and it seems like all of Mary's friend are two-pack a day people. I saw a chair off to the side on the edge of the patio and I went over and sat down. I was staring up at the sky trying to find the North Star when Nan and Dan came out. They embraced, they kissed and I saw him start to raise the hem of her skirt. Nan said, "No Dan, don't do that" but he didn't stop and she did nothing to stop him.

I had already made up my mind that unless Nan called for help I wasn't going to anything. I either had a marriage or I didn't and if I did have one and it was going to survive it was going to be up to Nan to see that it held together. She had to shut him down tonight and do it in such a way that he wouldn't keep calling. If she didn't do that, based on what I'd seen so far tonight, she would be cheating on before the end of the week - if not tonight.

Her dress was up to her waist and he slid his hand down the front of her panties and Nan gave a little start as his hand reached her mound. I sat her feet move apart, no doubt to give a finger or two better access. Nan stood there for a minute or two not moving and then she put both hands on his chest and pushed him back away from her. "What's the matter babe, you know you want me."

"Just because I want you doesn't mean you are good for me. I want chocolate cake too, but I don't want the pounds that come with it. The same with you; I want you, but I don't want what comes with you." He laughed, "Don't sweat gaining weight babe, I'll use a rubber" and he pulled her to him and kissed her. Nan returned the kiss and it was a long passionate one.

I began to wonder if there was a conspiracy going on. These two had been out here long enough now for him to finger fuck her and to neck, but not another soul had come outside. I know that all eyes were probably on them when they came out; had everyone agreed to stay inside and let the lovebirds have their privacy?

I heard a zipper and since it wasn't mine I knew it had to be Dan's. A moment later I saw his cock bobbing in the moonlight and he took one of Nan's hands and put it on his cock. She let go and he put her hand on him a second time and again she let go. The third time her fingers curled around him and she started to stroke him as he again slid his hand down the front of her undies. I sat there and watched her jack him off while he finger fucked her and the two of them swapped tongues and I started making a mental list of what I was going to have to do. Get a lawyer, find an apartment; I'd need sheets, towels and the like and I didn't want anything from our house that would remind me of Nan. Dan pulled his hand out of Nan's panties and put both hands on her shoulders and tried to push her down, but Nan resisted him and let go of his cock.

"We had better go inside before my husband misses me and comes looking for me."

She stepped back from him, adjusted her clothes and left him standing there as she went back inside.

Not wanting to add to the gossip (or look like a fool) I got up after Dan went inside and walked around to the front of the house and went in the front door to rejoin the party. I could just imagine the talk if I had followed the two of them in from the patio. I got another drink and then went looking for Nan. She was out on the dance floor with Mary's husband and I looked around for Dan and saw him over in a corner talking to Mary - plotting against me no doubt. The song ended and Nan saw me and came over.

"Are you upset with me?"

"Why should I be upset. You didn't do anything but humiliate me in front of everyone here with that display on the dance floor."

She had the good grace to wince when I said that.

"So" I asked, "Are you going to fuck him?"

Nan's face turned angry, "Why would you say a thing like that to me?"

"Because I was sitting out on the patio when you and lover boy came out. You were a little too wrapped up in each other to notice me I guess. I saw the vicious fight you put up when he lifted your dress and finger fucked you and I watched you while you french kissed him and jacked him off and I heard every word you said. I heard him say he wanted you and I heard you say you wanted him. You didn't say "at one time I did, but that was then and this is now." You gave him some bullshit about cake, but what he heard is you saying that you wanted him and now he is going to keep sniffing around until he gets you."

"What you are saying is that you don't trust me."

"I'm sorry Nan, but after what I and everybody else here watched you do out on the dance floor and after what I saw out on the patio, no - I don't trust you. And I'll tell you this; if you don't do something drastic to permanently shut him down tonight, I'll never trust you again. Every time the phone rings and I answer and there is no one there you will know what I'm thinking. Every time you leave the house to go do something you will know what I'm thinking. After what you have done so far tonight you need to drive a stake into his heart or you might as well figure that the two of us don't have a future. It's your choice sweetie. You drug us into this mess, it's up to you to get us out - if you want to."

She gave me a long look, spun on her heel and walked away.

I was watching Nan and Dan dance, a little more subdued this time, when Mary came up to me.

"I told you what would happen when he came back, but don't feel bad about it. I have a girlfriend I can fix you up with and she'd be just right for you."

I ignored her and walked away. The party wasn't going real well for me on other fronts either. Because of the Dan/Nan thing no one seemed to be comfortable with me around. This was not good because for me parties are more about talking and socializing than drinking and dancing. Not wanting to force myself on people I ended up doing a lot of standing around and watching. And then I noticed that Dan and Nan were no longer on the dance floor. I glanced around to see if I could spot either of them. I didn't see them but I did see a couple of people watching me. Apparently the two of them had gone outside again and I was being watched to see what I would do. But I had made my position clear to Nan and it was strictly up to her now.

I just happened to be looking in the direction of the front door about forty minutes later when Nan walked in. She headed straight for the bathroom and about two minutes later Dan came in and the damp spot on his fly told me everything. I decided to have one more drink and then head on home. While I was at the bar Nan came up beside me. She didn't look at me, just stared straight ahead and said, "He wants me to leave with him." I just looked at her and then I took my drink and walked away. I joined the line at the bathroom and when I came out I didn't see Dan or Nan. I finished my drink, set the empty glass down and headed for the front door. Mary intercepted me before I got there. She had a big smile on her face and said, "Thank you so much for coming. I hope you an interesting evening."

I know it was a little juvenile of me, but I spit in her eye as I walked out the door and I didn't regret doing it - not one little bit.

I opened the car door and when I got in I found Nan sitting there.

"Lover boy didn't have room for you in his car?"

She looked over at me; "This has been a bad night for me. Do we have to fight about this now?"

"What's to fight about? You made your choice. It wasn't me. Life goes on."

"What do you mean it isn't you? I'm sitting here in the car with you and not riding off with him."

"You made your choice earlier in the evening when you went out of the house with him and were gone for almost an hour. Then you came rushing in and ran straight to the bathroom and he came in a few minutes later with cum stains on his fly. I may not be Dick Tracy, but even I could figure that one out."

She turned her head away and stared out the window.

"What, no denial? No protestations of innocence? Not going to tell me that you just talked and the wet spots were caused by an accidentally spilled drink?"

She just sat there staring out the window and then I saw a tear running down her cheek as she softly said, "No, no denial. I fucked him. I sucked his cock and I let him fuck me."

"Why are you here?"

"Because I want to be with you and not him."

"Excuse me if I fail to see the logic in that. You want to be with me, but you fuck him. Did you give any thought to how I would feel about my wife fucking another man? Or how I would feel about everyone at the party knowing that my wife snuck out of the party and fucked her old boyfriend?"

Nan said nothing, just turned her head and stared out the window. We pulled into our driveway and I went to open the door to get out of the car, but Nan grabbed my arm, "Please don't get out. I don't want to do this in the house."

I closed the door, sat back down and looked over at her.

"There isn't anyway that I can explain what happened tonight in a way that you will understand it, but I have to tell you anyway whether you understand or not. Dan was the biggest part of my life for over ten years. We met in the sixth grade and were a couple from then on. He proposed to me in our first year at college and I said yes, but told him that I wouldn't marry him until we both graduated. I spent the next four years planning out the rest of my life with Dan and then one month before the wedding I had some problems and went to see a doctor. It turned out that I had a social disease and it wasn't very hard to figure out where I got it since Dan is the only one I'd ever had sex with. I was crushed that he had done that to me and I gave him back his ring and turned my back on him. But I never forgot those ten years; when the scheduled day of our wedding came I cried all day. I cried most of the two weeks that were supposed to be our honeymoon and it was months before I got myself under control.

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