Not So Fast, Buster

by Daghda Jim

Copyright© 2008 by Daghda Jim

Romantic Sex Story: All Bob wanted was to get something out of his marital mess, but Alice saw right through him. But then she joined in on his plan to gobsmack their adulterous spouses. And then she decided she wanted to stick it to her louse of a spouse, Ted. And then...

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   .

Bob Bondurant knocked on the door of the house of the man who was cuckolding him.

He knew the name of the woman who answered the door, although he had never met her. She was Alice Lapham. She was married to Ted Lapham. Ted was his wife Carole's boss and lover.

He introduced himself to the petite brunette and asked if he could come in. Dubious, Alice was not inclined to let this polite stranger in, until the last name rang a bell. "Just a moment. Did you say Bondurant? Carole Bondurant is my husband's secretar..." Her voice faltered. "Oh my."

He saw an awareness, a look, a sadness come over her pretty face.

"Yes. I'm Carole's husband. I think you can guess why I'm here."

Alice hesitated, then stepped aside and motioned for him to come in. She led him into a living room and seated herself on a large soft easy chair. Bob sat down on the couch opposite. "I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news," he began, "But I've been bottling this up inside me for several weeks now.

"I decided to come to see you because you are also a victim in this, and I felt you deserved to know."

He took out an envelope and walked it over to her. Then he sat quietly as she went though the material. He tried not to be too obvious, but he was eyeing her face and figure as she took the items out.

There were transcripts of intimate phone conversations. Copies of steamy emails, and pictures of the couple, Ted and Carole, ... coupling.

"Those stills are from videos taken by hidden cameras in my bedroom," he said.

She dropped the papers on the floor and put her face in her hands for a minute and he was afraid that she was going to cry. He didn't exactly know what he would do if she did. Then she looked up and saw the look on his face.

"No, I'll cry later. And I have cried my share in the past. This isn't the first time that Ted has strayed. I had a few suspicions in the past, and finally I caught him about two years ago. I was going to leave him then, but he begged me to forgive him and go to counseling with him. He swore that she seduced him and he was just weak. He swore never again.

"Well, he's weak all right, but now I'm sure that he does his share of the seducing. I realize now that he is a serial cheater and always will be. He's a big, handsome man, an Adonis, some of my friends say. He seems to feel he's entitled to have new admirers from time to time."

Bob said he thought she deserved to know. He said he was planning to spring his evidence on the two adulterers and file for divorce.

"I'll give you all the evidence I have, including the tapes, in case you want to use them," he said. "Some of it will be permissible in court if either of them wants to contest grounds of adultery.

"In this State, there isn't a huge difference in property splits whether the grounds are for a cause like adultery or merely irreconcilable differences. I've poked around on Wiki and some online law reference sites. But there can be some differentials. It can influence who gets the nod in biggies like a home. Some other states say sell the house and split the equity, but this state recognizes a right to a house in some circumstances like prior ownership. It can also tilt the percentage of the asset distribution slightly toward the aggrieved party. I want that difference to come to me. After all I'm not the one who broke the marriage vows."

"Well, Bob, I'm not happy you came here today," Alice said, "But it was bound to come. I do appreciate you sharing the evidence and your research. I'm going to use it, all of it. I took him back once. Not this time. No more. This is it.

"Thank you for coming over and being honest. You've tried to be helpful and share what you've learned. I know it wasn't a pleasant thing to have to do on top of your own problems."

Bob looked at her and then realized the meeting was over. She saw what seemed like a flicker of disappointment on his face. After a moment, he got to his feet and started for the door. Her next words froze him.

"Not so fast, Buster!

She had followed him. "I'm just getting a hint of something here. You could just as easily have told me this over the phone and mailed me the package. But no, instead you decided you just had to come down here in person, all nice and polite and considerate and sympathetic. Pardon me for being suspicious, Bob Bondurant, but I smell a rat.

"I'm getting the distinct idea that you were expecting some lame-assed thing like a revenge fuck. You know you and me getting together and pounding the sheets to get revenge on our cheating spouses?

"Jesus, Bob that is so cliché. That is SO not going to happen. Nothing personal, but my body isn't a pawn for revenge." Alice was glaring at him, but not without an element of amusement at catching him out.

Bob blushed. He was busted. He had been getting so horny from Carole's neglect that he had thought it was worth a try ... particularly when he had seen Alice. He had felt a long-lost little stirring when he had been sizing her up.

He lamely tried to assure her that nothing was further from his mind, oh no siree!

She laughed at him. "Bullshit, Bob. I can see it all over your red face. You ARE disappointed. You're not a very good liar.

"Well sorry, but too bad. Like I said, nothing personal, she said. "You're no Adonis like Ted, but you're not so bad looking. Under other circumstances you might be a guy I might like to get to know a little better.

"Tell you what. About a year from now, check back with me. I might be open for a date, Ok?"

"Ok, Ok, I'll admit it," Bob said. "I'm busted! I did have that lame-assed notion you said, from all those stories, I've read. Hell, I've even written a few of them myself. It's a common lame-assed male fantasy.

"And when I saw you, well, a guy can dream, can't he? You're lovely in the kind of understated way that Carole would never understand. She was born as a beauty queen-to- be."

Without really thinking about it, they had both moved back into the living room and sat down.

Alice asked him if he'd like something to drink.

"Wine or beer, or anything soft would be fine. I'm not much of a drinker," he said.

She brought back two glasses of chilled Rhine wine.

"Upon further consideration, I've decided to feel a little bit flattered," she said. "What woman wouldn't want to sit and talk to a man who thinks she's lovely?

"It won't get you anywhere, mind you, but it's worth drinking a glass of wine with you."

They sipped. Bob felt a little bit silly. He realized how transparent his intentions must have looked.

"So, Busted Bob, how did you learn that my Ted and your Carole were getting together?"

He blushed at her joking reference.

"Well, now you've caught me out, I'm embarrassed to say it now; you'll think I'm obsessed with sex. One clue was a big drop-off in any interest in doing anything with me. I've read that guilty spouses try to cover their affairs up by making sure that their spouse doesn't do without. I guess Carole didn't get that memo.

"I was lucky if I got sex maybe once or twice between her periods. That's pretty pathetic, compared to what had been our usual. And they were tame. It was perfunctory sex, more or less charity fucks.

He looked at the pattern on the rug to avoid her scrutiny. "And that turned me off, so much so that I've been having problems, ... well, you know, ... performing. Which made it even less likely that we would have sex at all. Even when she would condescend to make herself available, I was dead meat. Literally!"

Alice tried to hide a small smile. Not a bad joke, considering. At least he had a sense of humor.

"Anyway," he continued, "Once I saw the video evidence, I haven't had the slightest interest in, ... being with her, even if I could..."

He stopped; embarrassed that he had revealed so much of his personal problems to this lovely stranger.

Alice was embarrassed for him. He seemed like a nice enough guy, opportunistic horniness aside. She wondered how anyone could really be in love with a nice guy like him and yet treat him so poorly. To cheat on him and then all but cut him off? That was cold!

Then she wondered how Ted could say he loved her and yet treat her so poorly.

"You said something about, what? Springing it on them? What were you planning?"

He said, "Well I have to have some small measure of satisfaction out of them, since I'm obviously not gonna get a revenge you-know-what."

There was that little blush again. Alice grinned back at him.

"I can't just settle for simply confronting her and then throwing her out. You know, one of those 'Carole, we have to talk' things? Talk about cliché!

"To me it has to be all at once; get it all out on the table. Ted has to be there. I wanted you to be there, too.

"I'm going to do it as a video presentation. That way I can lay out all of my proofs: the emails, the phone conversations, all of it, ending with the videos of them in my bed.

"That was a rarity, by the way; a perverse piece of luck. Carole had once talked about having some video of us making love; kind of a raunchy home video thing? Well, I was going to surprise her when I got back from a trip. I got it all rigged up with hidden cameras designed to start recording when there was enough noise in the room.

"See, I'm mostly at home; I work there. But every so often I have to go up to New York to see my agent and meet with some clients. I'm a freelance writer, one of the rare ones who actually makes a decent living at it. Stories and articles and scripts for industrial films.

"The last time I was gone, two weeks ago, they took those three days to fuck at my home to save on the motel costs. And guess what? My taping system worked!"

He looked at Alice. "I don't know why doing it in the bed that we share seems so much worse than doing it anywhere else, but it does.

"Anyway, some of it may not be admissible in court, but enough of it is. My home, my bed, phones that I pay for, even the computer the emails came in on. Some of it will be admissible; I'm pretty sure of that. I have a right to monitor things in my own home.

"I just want to overwhelm them so I don't have to go though months of Carole swearing she loves me and that it just happened and that it didn't mean anything and that it was just sex and that that she was seduced and all of that crap. I don't want to hear pleas that we can get through his with counseling.

"No, we can't, and I reject the idea that counseling could mend what's completely destroyed. I have no trust in her and can't ever believe her again. She's lied too well and too long, and too convincingly. We've been married six years and I wonder how long ago she might have started all this, with other men. She never lacked for admirers.

"I also hoped that you would be there so you can share in my proof. If you decide to divorce him, everything I have is yours for your lawyers."

She snorted, "IF I decide to divorce him? That decision has already been made."

Bob said, "Look, I'm assuming that you want to go along with this. But I'll understand if you want to do it differently. Or if you think you have a better way."

"Oh, no. I like the way you think Bobby. Um. Is it alright if I call you that?"

"Bobby is fine. Bob is Ok, too. Not crazy about Robert. That's what my folks called me when they were mad at me. I always associate it with impending punishment.

"Here's my plan to get everything together. I'll tell her that I'm inviting her new boss and his loving wife for a get acquainted dinner. Obviously, I am not supposed to know just how well acquainted the two of them are. She can't have any plausible reason to object, and I'll count on you getting Ted to go along with the idea.

"They'll be expecting a slightly strained social occasion with all kinds of secret sexual signals being flashed while we two dummies are clueless. I expect they'll start to enjoy the game. It'll make their affair seem all that much sneakier and wickedly exciting.

"Then, after we eat, we'll go into the living room for after-dinner drinks. There's a big screen projection TV there and I'll tell them I have a surprise for them.

"I'll pop in the DVD and start the presentation. I'll show them all my proofs of their infidelity. Then comes the video where I tell Carole that I'm tossing her out, splitting our assets, divorcing her, and all that.

"I'm not a spontaneous speaker, and I'm going to be pretty emotional by then. That's why I decided to videotape my big speech and just splice it in after the presentation."

Alice thought it was a great idea.

"Hmm. Bobby, I'd like to do that too, make a tape, I mean. I want to tell Adonis off myself. Could you videotape me?"

"Sure. I have a studio in my basement. If you want, I'll help you write out a script. With the time we have, we can take all the time you need to tape it, and as many takes as you want. Then we'll edit the best parts together.

"Bobby, when were you planning to do this? I mean put together the presentation and your speech and mine?"

"Well, she's been telling me they're going on a business trip together all of next week. I don't doubt what their business will be back at their hotel each night.

"I'm scheduling the dinner for the Saturday evening after they come back."

Alice said, "I'll circle THAT date on my calendar.

"I love it, Bobby.

"You are something else, you know? What an idea! A multimedia bust and kiss-off!" she said.

She eyed him with more than a little interest. "There's a lot more to you than meets the eye, Bobby. Maybe I should read some of your stories.

"I think your after-dinner presentation will flatten them. And I'll have a ringside seat! And at least it'll help you get some satisfaction back from Carole for her betrayal."

"You know, I wish I could think of something dramatic to do to Ted to twist the knife," Alice mused. "Maybe something that I could add at the end of my video.

"I would really like to piss that cheating bastard off."

She eyed him, evaluating. "Bobby, I have a crazy idea. I'd be going way, way out on a shaky limb.

"Can I trust you?"

He laughed ruefully. "Hell, Alice, that's been my problem all along. I'm a very trusting and trustworthy person. I keep my word, and vows, no matter what, and like a dope, I expected Carole to do the same.

"You've seen me in action. It's hard for me to keep up a fake, or lie with a straight face. Even when I try to do something sneaky, like with you and the revenge fuck thing, you saw through me right away. Carole has played my square ness for all of our marriage."

He looked at her. "Why? What do you have in mind?"

Alice screwed up her face as if still trying to make up her mind.

Bob thought that on anyone else it would look weird. On Alice it changed her from lovely to damned mischievous and cute.

"Hmm," she said. "I wonder. Like I said, I'm putting myself a little at your mercy here."

He waited.

"Oh, what the hell!" she said.

"Bobby, I want to do something really hurtful to pay him back for all the lies and broken vows. You know what I'd like to do? I'd like to tape myself doing something for another man that I've never done for Ted."

Bob waited, his face neutral.

"I had a really bad experience with my first boyfriend. Well, he introduced me to sex, and that was great. But then, this one time, he wanted me to suck his cock. Well, I was young and enthusiastic about this new sex thing, so I was game. Unfortunately, so was he ... as in gamy.

"I don't think Joey had bathed in a couple of days. He'd just come back from a road trip to see some football game. So down there it was all nasty and skanky, and when I tasted his cock it almost gagged me.

"I tried. But when I tasted the first trickle of pre-cum, I got sick and threw up all over him! That ended that experiment! And that relationship, too. The guy wouldn't even bother to take a shower before he went to see his lover? Gaack!

"But that soured me on the oral thing. So I've never gone down on any man's cock, including Ted's, even for a little bit. Obviously I've never gone all the way and swallowed.

"I think the one thing I could do to piss Ted off and rub his nose in it would be to suck a man's cock and do it all the way through and swallow his come. I'd like to do that and videotape it as an ending to my part of your presentation."

Bob was, well, flabbergasted. And a tiny bit hopeful.

"Oh don't look at me like that, Mr. Robert Smug-ass. I'm doing it as vengeance, yes, but it will by definition not be a revenge fuck. Blow-jobs aren't fucks. They're intimate, but not the ultimate intimacy.

"Oh and yes. Of course it will be with you.

"Well, who else could I possibly trust?"

Bob knew when to keep his big mouth shut. Alice was eyeing him to gauge his reaction. He did his best not to look too eager, but his long dormant cock was beginning to wake up and stretch. And that was not lost on Alice's sharp eyes, either.

"Well, Bobby, are you really a man of your word? If I do that with you, will you promise that you won't try to go from that to fucking me against my will? I already told you how I felt about that. And like I said, I don't believe in the whole revenge fuck thing.

"But we would be getting pretty involved and very close," she said earnestly. "My barriers might be somewhat lowered. But even so, if you took advantage, it would be against my will. I'm telling you that right now and I'm very firm on my ground rules."

He promised, but said "Sometimes I hate that I'm such a frigging Boy Scout. But Scouts' Honor, this will be strictly by your ground rules."

Alice was relieved. From anyone else it might be just saying what she wanted to hear, but with Bobby, she just knew he was being straight with her. She giggled. "Don't tell me. I'll bet you really were a Boy Scout."

"Yes I was."

But he was compelled to say, "But Alice, whoa! Time out! I have to be honest. I don't think I could be that intimate with you and not want to at least touch you. And there's the other thing; my, ... problem. With the artificial environment, the lights, the taping, the nervousness and all, I might be a little, well shy. I told you I've been having ... problems. I might have to touch you to help get me hard.

"Don't get me wrong. You're a very sexy woman ... but so is Carole. And there hasn't been so much as a stir when I'm around her.

"And the idea of doing it on camera is strange for me. It makes me nervous on top of everything else," he finished.

She noted that he wasn't bulging out his pants any more.

"Hmm. Well, yes. I can see, ... about the shyness thing.

"Well, maybe a little fondling might be OK, or caressing," she said. "But just touching. No kissing.

"Well, maybe some kissing to get in the mood. But no kissing of, ... well, only on the lips. Not on any sensitive body parts.

"So we agree on the ground rules? If I say stop, you stop. At any point, at any time. If I don't say anything, well, you can go on, a little. I'm not trying to be cold-hearted here. But I'm in control, agreed?"

"Ok. Agreed," he said.

He looked at her, a little tentative. "Alice, believe me I do not want to mess anything up and piss you off, but I gotta ask. Are you always this controlling?"

"Oh, no, Bobby. Hardly ever, really. I was usually willing to go along with whatever Ted wanted as long as it wasn't something I was strongly opposed to. I like to have my say and have my views considered, but I'm not some kind of control freak.

"But this is very dangerous territory, Bobby. It's hard for me believe that I'm even THINKING of sucking your cock. I'm only doing it to infuriate Ted. It's something I've never done in my life. So, just in this one thing, I have to feel safe and have control.

"I say stop, you stop. I tell you to stop doing this, and start doing that, and you either do it or we call it all off. Agreed?

She looked earnestly at him. "I just don't want to have something happen against my will. It's not that I think you're a bad guy or anything like that, but a guy can get carried away. Can you understand that? Can you live with that?"

Bob laughed ruefully. "Alice, it's been so long since I've had any kind of sex that I'd jump through a whole lot of frigging hoops to get a blow job. Pretty pathetic, huh?"

"No, Bobby. I can understand that. I've been neglected too. I guess he's been doing me maybe once every other week. That comes down to just about like you and Carole, I guess.

"From those phone calls and emails, he seems to have been doing your Carole nonstop. I guess I should be grateful for what little I was getting. Charity or just a change of pace, I guess. But I have a pretty high sex drive, and that's not enough."

There was nothing much left to say. Somewhere in there they had gone from talking about it to agreeing to do it.

Bob had been thinking ahead. He said that since they would be showing themselves in a sex act, they'd have to be sure that neither Ted nor Carole could get their hands on it. It would be evidence of THEIR infidelity. "I'll download it into memory and hide the DVD. Then I can set it to automatically erase after one viewing," he said.

"Now about the when and where. I work at home anyway," Bob said, "so we'll have the house to ourselves for big chunks of time. We could get it done easily even if they weren't going on the trip. Between working a demanding job and spending motel time with your Ted, Carole is gone from 8 AM to well after 10 at night.

"Hell, we could tape five speeches each and do ten BJ's and be done before ten. But we don't have to even sweat that. They'll be gone on the trip for five days. We have all the time in the world.

Alice snickered. "Are you subtly hinting that you can get it up ten times in a day?"

"Oh, Geeze no, nothing like that!" Bob sputtered. "Um, maybe three times on a good day with rest in between. Not that I'm ever challenged to prove that ... lately. Or can even do it at all, ... lately."

Monday morning came. The two conspirators drove their adulterous spouses to the airport, and the two adulterers went flying out, laughing and joking in adjoining seats, thinking of the hot evenings ahead, no doubt.

Bobby went home and put in a marathon work-day to keep ahead of his deadlines on various projects.

Alice spent the bulk of Monday at a beauty spa. She knew she was going to be naked on camera and she wanted to look as good as possible. At 29, she thought she would clean up pretty well. She also decided she wanted to look good for Bobby, but couldn't think why.

Tuesday morning at nine, Alice came over to work on her speech. Bob led her downstairs and she looked around, a little nervously.

"Looks like you have all the comforts of home down here, Bobby," she said. She took in the full bathroom with shower, the mini-fridge and the futon. Along with a desk and the camera and computer equipment, the place was impressive. Very neat and orderly. Something like the guy himself, she thought. Somehow she didn't envision Carole down here picking up and cleaning.

Bob took a chance and complimented her on how good she looked.

Alice tried not to look pleased. "Hmm, do I detect a touch of Eddie Haskell, here" she teased.

He laughed at being compared to the smarmy little suck-up from an old sitcom. "Nope, just being my boring honest self," he said. "You do look lovely, as I said the other day. And you could tell if I'm lying," he joked.

He asked if she would like some wine.

"I guess some alcohol might help," she said. "When we finally get around to, ... doing my thing, I know I can count on you to honor the ground rules, but that doesn't mean I don't feel a little bit nervous about being alone with you. At some point we're talking about doing some intimate things, and I hardly know you."

He said he understood and brought out glasses of chilled Rhine Wine.

Alice noticed.

He had started a draft of his speech. Alice had jotted down some notes of hers.

He used his desktop and set her up on the futon configured as a couch, with his laptop on her lap.

They worked companionably for about a half hour. Bob took a break then and refilled their glasses.

He told her he had finished his draft and invited her to look it over. He seated her at his desk, and stood alongside her as she read through the text, sipping her wine as she scrolled.

She said she thought it was very good, but had a few minor suggestions. Bob said he liked them.

When she made no move to type them in herself, or get up to let him sit down, he leaned over her to get to the keyboard to make the changes. He became very conscious of the light floral fragrance of her body and hair. He near-silently breathed it in.

She sensed how he was reacting and a sneaked glance down showed how he was reacting. Damned glad I took a shower this morning, she thought.

And wondered why she had not simply gotten up.

Then, at her request, he went over to the futon and picked up the laptop showing her draft. She sat down next to him. Closer than she would have four days ago.

Somewhere inside, Alice was wondering what the hell she was doing. She knew she was not playing strictly fair with this man. She knew he liked her. Well, she suspected as much, and yet she had been very sharp in setting her limits about any romantic notions.

She also knew she was beginning to like him. No, she realized that she did like him, period.

But she had made the rules from the first moment that they had met. The revenge fuck thing.

At the time, she had merely been honest; she hated story clichés. She also had no use for casual sex. After nauseating blowjob boy, she had had three sexual partners. The first two were long-term relationships that had simply run out of gas. The last was with Ted. They'd dated seriously and intimately for five months and then had gotten married. Now, five years into their marriage, they were going to split up.

Not because of me, she thought.

She had been with each of her lovers for what she had thought were long haul relationships, never a one night stand or a casual quickie.

She had surprised herself with her idea of doing the blowjob to get to Ted. Oh, there was no question how much it would infuriate him. The further humiliation of making him watch her take a man's load in her mouth was a logical escalation. Why not?

Hell, it was quite possible that she would not even get that far. Based on past experience, she would likely wind up spewing her lunch all over poor Bob. That'd make for great video! Considering that, how likely was it that she would be tasting Bob's semen?

And that brought her back to Bob. The man she had agreed to fellate. She idly wondered how big he was.

Blithely unaware of Alice's internal musings, Bob was reading her script. She had struggled with it. She was not a writing verbal person like him and she found it hard to express herself. He read and reread her text until he thought he understood what she wanted to say. He asked her a question, which seemed to bring her out of a mental fog.

She clarified her ideas. When he thought he had her main points, he rewrote her draft. It was all her words, but tightened up and reorganized in a way that truly expressed her feelings.

She loved it. "Bob, I'm very impressed. It's as if you were in my head, only saying it so much better than I could. I really admire someone who can do that.

"You have a gift."

"Well," Bob said. "It's what I do for a living. Among other things, I write stories, and this is a kind of story. Maybe you'd like to read one of them sometime?"

"How about now?" she said. "Why don't you read me one. I'd like to hear it in the author's own voice."

So he read her one off the laptop screen.

It was a sad story of misplaced trust and betrayal. Ironically, he had written it out of pure imagination in a happier time, but it had echoes of what they were both now facing. She got teary at the end.

"Bobby, you are a damned good writer, a real artist. I guess there is a lot more to you than meets the eye."

He told her she was a great audience.

Then she asked if he could write a transition from her speech to the blow-job scene.

He said that was easy. It was just a few lines.

ALICE: Do you want to see what you lost by cheating on me, Ted?

ALICE: Just keep watching. Some day this might have been you.

"Then we fade to ... the scene where you give me ... I mean..." Bob stopped.

"Alice, is it going to be simulated? I mean the ejaculation and swallowing and all that? I can understand if you want to..."

She looked at him. "Oh no, Bobby. This will be no fake. Don't worry. This is going to be as one hundred percent real as I can make it. Unless you're impotent, I will take on a mouthful of your come. And unless I freak out when you come and run out of the room throwing up, I'm going to open my mouth and show it to the camera and him before I swallow it down.

"That's my plan. That's what's going to happen between you and me."

Bob swallowed, himself, and said "Oh, well, Ok, then. I just wanted to be sure."

For a long moment, Alice hesitated. She took a deep breath.

Then she said what she had been toying with saying for some time.

"Bobby? I want more time to practice the speech part before I'll feel comfortable enough to shoot it.

"But right now I'm as ready as I'll ever be to do the blow job.

"On camera."

Bob was startled for a second. Then he got up and went through the mechanics of lighting the futon, and then setting up the two cameras. He tried to act normal, as if he taped himself getting fellated just about every other day.

Alice sat intently watching him as he ran the cables and set up his desktop monitor to display one camera feed and his laptop, the other. He programmed a universal remote so that he could turn the cameras on and off from the futon.

It took him some time, because his hands were shaking.

Alice noticed. She was shaking inside, herself.

When he was satisfied, he took Alice's glass and refilled it. "Trying to get me loosened up?" Alice teased.

"No. I was just thinking that when ... after you swallow, you'll probably want to rinse out your mouth. I mean, if you don't like the taste, ... It might be unpleasant. So I thought you'd like to have the wine..."

It was exactly that moment that Alice knew two things.

The first was that she was going to go through with it.

The other was that Bob was the only man she would ever consider doing it with. At a time like this, to think of a simple kindness like that? My God, the man was probably terrified about getting it up! But he was also thinking about her, trying to anticipate her needs. How nice! How like Bob!

She was more than ready.

The cameras were on and the external drive was recording both line feeds.

They moved in front of the cameras, and after a moment's hesitation, Bob drew her into an embrace.

"Should I undress or should I just open up my fly?" he asked.

"Oh, undress. We both should, all the way. That's the way I want Ted to see it. Yes. It wouldn't look realistic any other way," Alice said.

He held her tightly, and then stepped away. He began to undress as he watched Alice do the same. As she loosed her bra she checked him out.

He's really not badly built, she thought. She was used to Ted. Ted is an athlete gone soft. Big muscles, broad shoulders and chest, but paunchy. He can't hide that roll around his waist or that overall look of slackness.

Bobby? Bobby looks lean and fit. No big muscles, but a wiry strength. No spare tire. Can't be more than a year or two older than me and Ted. Nothing loose. Nothing jiggling.

Look at me, she thought, checking him out like a voyeur ogling the girls.

And one of the things not loose or dangling was his cock. Bobby was hard and throbbing. Whatever happened to his problems? Maybe not quite as long as Ted, but thicker. And I never saw Ted standing that rigid. Not for me anyway, she thought.

As he watched Alice bend down to lower her panties, Bobby held his breath. She was a goddess, he thought. From her shy uncertain smile to her small, perfectly shaped breasts with their tiny erect nipples, she was everything he had ever dreamed of in a woman. The smile was as erotic to him as the other parts of her. She made Carole seem artificial, everything in slight excess and overly ripe.

Her lower sexual center was crowned by a small mound covered with short fine brown hair, her natural color. He could just see the hint of her nether lips.

He was extremely happy that he had hardened, but thought that the sight of Alice disrobing would give a scarecrow an erection.

It flickered across his mind that there was really no reason why she had to be nude to fellate him. She had given him the sight of her beautiful body as a gift to help him get hard. How sweet, he thought.

To think of doing that just to help him, at a time like this, was telling!

She moved shyly toward him and took his hand. They backed up one, two, three steps and he felt the edge of the futon against the back of his knees.

They sat down together. She gently put her hands down to touch his erection. Then she leaned over and presented her lips to his.

They kissed, with a slowly growing engagement. Bob enjoyed her warm tender mouth. Then their tongues began to dance in an intimate swirling waltz. He thought that in his entire life he had never truly been kissed until that moment. He had no sense of time. Minutes or hours might have passed. He did not want to stop. Then Alice gave him the gentlest hint of a squeeze on his cock, and he realized that there were other things to be done. He reluctantly broke away from her mouth.

She whispered, "More kisses later, Bobby. I promise. All within the ground rules." She smiled at that, as did he.

He let himself lean back against the backrest. She was tentative when she began to bring her mouth down toward his cock.

God, he suddenly thought, how many hours had it been since he showered? He thought about her horror story with that first boyfriend. He had been working, doing the setups, running the cables. And he had been nervous, too. How much had he been perspiring? And just how long did it take for sweat to start to break down and turn sour? At that moment, he would have jumped up and headed for the shower if she had hesitated, even for a tenth of a second.

But Alice did not hesitate. Her lips approached and touched the tip, and his cock jumped away from her at the sensation. She almost lost her grip and made the merest hint of a giggle.

She took a slightly firmer grip, as if to ensure that she wasn't letting go again. Not letting this guy get away!

She kissed the tip. It surged at the touch again, but that only put a small part of his head into her pursed lips. She was lying down with her head sideways in his lap, giving him a wonderful view.

Then she brought the tip of her tongue into play, curling gently over the red helmet shape.

"Like this?" she murmured. "'S this good?"

Bob made an inarticulate strangled noise.

"I'll take that as a yes," she breathed.

She backed off just a hair and slowly moved her mouth down along the bottom surface of his cock. No, not just moving. She was nibbling: little pressures of her lips. Then she moved her attention around to the top surface and nibbled her way back up to the top.

For a second, Bob thought of Carole. Carole had done Bob orally hundreds of times. She rather prided herself on her expertise.

But he had never felt her do anything remotely like this. For a frightening second, he thought he was going to boil up and blow twenty seconds into the experience. But it was just a shudder of early pleasure, a false alarm. He was firmly in control. And so was Alice. Her fingers wrapped around the base of his cock were holding him firmly, too.

Then she repeated her travels, only now alternating nibbles with catlike licks. He felt nothing but soft, moist, warm little oral caresses.

He was mesmerized. Where had she learned to do this? By her own account, she had no experience. But if she had never done this, who had told her how to do these, ... these incredible things? A girlfriend?

She was back at the top of his shaft now and he felt and saw her open her lips and slide her mouth down over the tip. She took her time, alternating between sucking and swiping the tip of her tongue over the head as she slowly went farther and farther down the shaft.

Then Bob felt a slight hesitation, a catch in the base of her throat, so intimately connected with his member. He put his hands on either side of her face and gently pulled her up and off him.

She came up, held between his hands, looking worried.

"No, Love," he murmured. "No, Love, you don't have to take me so deep. That's showy stuff, deep throating.

"But I want it to be good." she whispered.

"Good? Alice, I'm your slave right now. Trust me on this. All you need to work on are the top two inches. That's where all the stimulation comes. If you can go a little deeper, that's fine, but just that much is all that you will need. Trust me. I am damned near close to ecstasy right now!"

She smiled and put her lips down on his cock again. At the same time she took her free left arm and slid it around his waist, embracing him. He gently placed his hands on her shoulders.

As she lay there, she started to move her lips up and down on those precious two inches. Bob leaned back and simply let himself go with the experience. His eyes closed.

After a time, he opened them. Alice's eyes were fixed on his face, waiting to see his reaction as she moved on him. He smiled down at her and saw her own cheeks crease slightly in an answering smile.

He saw her small pretty breasts presenting themselves within easy reach and used one hand to gently begin to trace their contours.

At his caresses, the tiny nipples erected themselves. He heard Alice moan deep in her throat, or rather, he sensed it vibrating on the sensitive head of his cock. He gently squeezed one little nubbin, and then its twin. That made her moan in earnest. Bob desperately wanted to be able to kiss the precious little nubs but knew that he simply couldn't reach them with his mouth.

And he vaguely recalled something in the ground rules against kissing anything other than her lips. Sensitive parts.

Damn those rules!

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