by Cylis Derrens

Tags: Ma/Ma, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Superhero, Black Male,

Desc: Action/Adventure Story: A teaser of a story I'm planning to write involving genetically enhanced super soldier.

Lt. Ugani was part of the rebel forces who were fighting their tyrannical government. Wearing old tan colored military fatigues that some of the rebel officers dressed in, he also had a clean shaven head so he wouldn't have to worry about it.

Standing in front of his tent he looked over a map of the area remembering his intel. Thus far the rebel's offensive had burst through the government's lines and they had cutoff the enemy supply lines. Ugani's group was the head of the offensive and he had fifty men under his command.

Now as they moved towards yet another convoy a few of his men had failed to report in. The men in question had been set as sentries during the night.

Keying his radio he said, "Roll call. All men report in."

The call went out and he heard one by one his men call out over the radio. When the last voice reported in ten more were missing. Calling for another one to make sure additional two men didn't report in.

"Everyone cluster towards the center of camp, eyes out!" Ugani immediately ordered his men to do, a cold chill running through him.

'How could this be happening? This is impossible!" Ugani thought.

There had been no reports of enemy in this area. The last time they had seen any enemy troops had been days ago. There was no way that they could have moved in on his position already.

Seeing his men bunched together, Ugani could see the fear on their faces. A young officer, he was in peak physical condition and been forced to prove himself under fire. Normally very capable, too late did he realize the mistake he had just made. By bunching his men together he had saved them from being picked off separately, but he had also made it easier to kill more of them in one strike.

Explosions rocked the camp, and Ugani was knocked off his feet in a spray of dirt and hot metal that sprayed all over him. Scrambling on the ground he tried to brush of burning bits of metal that made contact with bare skin.

His heart hammered as he made it to his feet, an AK-47 swung into a firing position. Looking around he saw the few survivors around him doing the same. It wasn't until his eyes strayed to the bodies of the rest that he stopped and gasped. Too many of them had been blown to pieces in a matter of seconds. Now only a few of his men remained scattered across camp, where Ugani could see them. Like him they unharmed, but shaken and confused.

That is when he showed himself. A man dressed in camouflage fatigues burst from the jungle into the clearing firing into him. Each rebel fell to a bullet from his standard issue government pistol, before Ugani knew what was happening. By the time Ugani, and the rest had opened up on him, he was gone again.

Some men panicked and ran into the trees, and Ugani heard them scream and the silence that followed.

"What do we do sir?" The survivors called out to him, many of them trembling.

"Back to back. Keep your eyes on the trees." Ugani said forcing himself not to panic.

If he lost his nerve now his men were as good as dead. Whoever this man was, he was definitely good. Ugani had never seen someone move so fast.

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