Working Class Hero

by jack_straw

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, .

Desc: Sex Story: Will the workingman's wife fall prey to a slick-talking lawyer's attempted seduction? Or will her husband intervene in time?

"A working class hero is something to be...

... If you want to be a hero, well just follow me."

John Lennon

Johnny McMullen stared at the piece of paper in his hands, and felt a cold sweat break out all over his body, despite the unseasonably warm late-winter day.

It had come out of a sealed envelope with his name on it that had been placed under the windshield wiper of his pickup truck, which had been parked in the lot at the foundry where he worked as a master machinist.

As he read it, he could feel his whole world spinning out of control, and he had to squeeze his eyes shut for a moment to gain some equilibrium.

The message had consisted of two sentences, set in fairly large type in some commonly-used font. It read:

"Your wife is getting awfully chummy with one of the attorneys at her work. Don't think anything has happened yet, but it's headed that way fast unless you act NOW."

That was it. No salutation nor end line, and nothing on the envelope, either, except his name. Just the damning message, toxic as it was.

Johnny's first inclination was to wad the message up and forget it. The thought that Patricia would cheat on him was preposterous — or it would have been up until a few weeks earlier.

But the message crystallized some niggling little things that had — up to that point — been bubbling under the surface of his consciousness, nothing he could really point to that would indicate his wife was considering stepping out on their marriage, but there nonetheless.

Now, suddenly, everything had been brought into focus, and he had to consider, for the first time, the possibility of a life without Patricia.

As much as it would hurt — and it would hurt a lot — he knew that if Patricia had an adulterous affair, it would mean the end of their marriage.

Johnny was certain he could forgive her if she cheated on him. After all, forgiveness was the Christian thing to do, and he had always tried to live his live as closely as he could to Christian values.

But he would never be able to forget it, and the level of disrespect and disloyalty such an act would show wasn't something he could live with. He knew it would eat him up from the inside out and poison everything in his life. Respect and loyalty were two of the most important things in Johnny's life, and he simply couldn't stay married to someone who wasn't loyal or respectful to him.

In spite of that, he could feel his eyes misting because the thought of losing Patricia was almost more than he could bear.

He'd first met Patricia Simmons in high school, and they'd been attracted to each other from the first. But it wasn't until a year or so after they'd met that they finally started dating, and they had quickly become an item.

They were actually a fairly mismatched couple, but that just proves that opposites attract. Patricia was a tall girl, almost 5-foot-10, and well-built, while Johnny was a shade under 5-foot-9. He had sandy blond hair with brown eyes; she had dark hair with blue eyes and a dazzling smile.

She was the oldest of three daughters born to a banker, and had grown up in fairly affluent surroundings, while he was the son of a machinist and a stay-at-home mom who earned extra income for the family as a professional seamstress.

The difference between Johnny's upbringing and Patricia's background would provide the only real conflict in what everyone said was a love that was meant to be.

He could still remember their first sexual encounter, and he smiled even in his pain. It had been a Saturday in early spring, after they had been dating about a year, the first really nice day of the year.

His baseball team had played a scrimmage game that afternoon, since the start of the season was just a week or so away, and they were driving home, sitting close. Real close.

Johnny was driving the old Ford pickup his dad had helped him buy. He'd put a good cassette tape player and a couple of fine speakers in it, kept the engine in tip-top condition and — voila! — he had a ride that he could take Patricia out in.

They'd ended up at the Little League park just as dusk was descending. They parked in a fairly secluded corner of the park and started necking furiously.

Johnny and Patricia had been exploring each other's lush bodies with their hands for a couple of months now, as their relationship had deepened.

Johnny's hands cupped Patricia's plump breasts, and her hands had found the throbbing lump in the shorts he'd put on after getting out of his uniform pants. Their lips were in hyperdrive and their tongues were slashing at each other like swordsmen as their passion climbed ever higher.

Suddenly, Patricia's hand slid under the waistband of Johnny's shorts and came into direct contact with his hard meat.

"Oh my," Patricia said, with mock alarm. "What have we here?"

"Don't start something there you can't finish," Johnny said with a husky voice.

"Do I turn you on?" Patricia whispered as she began to jack his cock softly in his pants. "Why don't you show me?"

"Only if you show me yours," Johnny said with a grin.

Patricia gave it a moment's thought, then quickly shimmied her tight shorts off her legs, followed by her cotton panties. Seconds later, Patricia had Johnny's shorts pooled around his ankles, his hard cock waving in the air.

Johnny's hands gravitated immediately to the junction of Patricia's legs to the wet valley of her hot pussy. He'd had a couple of girlfriends before Patricia, so he wasn't unacquainted with the female anatomy, and he began to roll her hard little clit, then slid two fingers in her juicy pie.

Patricia, on the other hand, had never seen a live cock before, but she'd talked with her girlfriends and read enough to know a little about them. Johnny's cock was a little larger than average, though nothing unusual, and she quickly got into a rhythm.

She quickly figured out that the clear fluid bubbling out of the tip of his dick was natural lubricant, and she deftly smeared the stuff all over the head of his cock. She loved the way it twitched in her hand, and she really loved the way Johnny's fingers were delving into her increasingly-horny pussy.

"Oh God, baby, I want you so bad," Johnny said as he built up a froth between his girl's legs.

"I want you too, my love," Patricia said. "But we'd better not. I don't want to get pregnant — at least not right now. Soon. I promise."

"You need to finish this," Johnny said with a gasp. "Do you have any hand lotion?"

Patricia quickly fished in her purse and found a tube of lotion. She squeezed out a generous dollop onto Johnny's dick and began to massage the cream up and down the shaft. Meanwhile, Johnny returned his attention to Patricia' puss, working his hand in a frenzy as the urge to come built rapidly to a head.

"Look out, here ... it comes!" he shouted seconds before spewing a fountain of cum into the air that splattered on his abdomen and all over Patricia's hands.

Her eyes were wide in surprise, and no small amount of delight, at the display of orgasm her boyfriend had put on, and that — along with the work of Johnny's fingers in her cunt — gave her the first climax she'd ever had that she hadn't given herself.

She shuddered as the intense feelings washed through her body, and she felt almost giddy at what they'd just experienced.

Johnny just slumped back in the seat, sated and satisfied. He respected Patricia's desire not to get pregnant, and if she'd do what she'd just done on a regular basis, she wouldn't have to worry so much about a baby.

"We'd better get dressed, before the cops show up," Johnny said, and his timing was impeccable, because they had no more gotten cleaned up and put their pants back on when a police cruiser rolled into the park

The cop had stopped them just to check them out, but let them off with a warning to be careful.

It didn't take Johnny long after that to start stocking up on condoms, nor did it take Patricia any time to find a discrete family friend who helped her get on contraceptives.

Johnny was not the least bit apologetic about growing up in a working-class environment. He was proud of his father and had eagerly followed him into the foundry after he'd graduated from junior college.

John and Eva — Johnny's parents — had raised three kids in a small but lively home in a working-class neighborhood of small houses. Johnny had an older sister and a younger brother.

The couple actually had had four children, but a daughter they'd had 18 months after Johnny's birth had been born with underdeveloped lungs and had only lived two days.

John and Eva never forgot their little girl and made sure their other kids didn't either. It made them appreciate what they had, and how quickly it can be taken away, and that's a lesson Johnny and his siblings learned and took to heart.

Johnny's little brother had been the golden boy of the family. Danny was off-the-charts intelligent, graduated with highest honors in high school, had gone to college and become the first of the family to earn a degree from a four-year university, then had gone to work for a chemical company for which he was now head of research.

Although he envied his brother to a degree, Johnny had never begrudged Danny's success. He was proud of his brother, and Danny always said he looked up to Johnny.

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