New Neighbors Explore the Land of Erotica...

by Dag123

Copyright© 2008 by Dag123

Erotica Sex Story: Mel and Eileen are Intrigued! Enticed by their New Neighbors, they join them in a forbidden Sexual Paradise! After Maricar and Yasmin explain'"Eileen makes herself ready! She plans an intimate Evening to treat her husband, Mel to his favorite pastime.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Swinging   Interracial   White Couple   Oriental Male   Oriental Female   .

After Mel and Eileen's get-acquainted session with the young Filipino couple, they were left wondering if they would feel uncomfortable when they next ran into Jimmy and Maricar.

Mel was greatly surprised a few days later. Jimmy called to say he had two tickets to a Basketball game—and would Mel like to go.

"Evidently, they seem to be alright with what the four of us did last Friday night," Eileen said. "I think I'll call and invite Maricar over later for coffee."

"Are you sure you guys wouldn't rather spend the day here with us," Eileen said, teasing Mel with that impish little smile he knew so well.

"It's tempting... ," Mel said. "But, I think both Jimmy and I are looking forward to the game. This will give you and Maricar time to engage in some intimate little girl talk."

Don't forget, the two of you did promise Jimmy and me that you would come up with something really special for our next time together," he reminded her.

Maricar visits...

A half hour after the husbands had left for the game, Maricar rang Eileen's doorbell.

"Hi, Maricar, Eileen said, "I'm glad you could come over. This will give us lots of time to talk without the guys around."

"I was so happy when you called," Maricar said. "When we didn't hear from the two of you, we were afraid you might be feeling uncomfortable about the last Friday night get together, Maricar said.

"After all... , it was pretty wild—what the four of us did," she said with a little giggle.

"Mel and I enjoyed it just as much as you and Jimmy. That's about all we've talked about since Friday night," Eileen bashfully admitted.

"I hope you don't mind... ," Maricar said. "My Mom was just dying to know what happened so I gave her a blow by blow description; at least, of what Mel and I did."

"No... , don't worry about it. It's okay. After all if she hadn't arranged it, we might never have had the nerve to approach each other," Eileen said.

"You know, I've been thinking," Maricar said, thoughtfully, "if the four of us plan another of these little intimate get togethers—we should ask my mother what sort of erotic stuff the couples do back in the Philippines."

"Sure... ," Eileen said, an edge of excitement creeping into her voice. "If she's home right now—call and invite her to join us. The three of us can have a little erotic coffee klatch," she giggled.

A few moments later Maricar came back into the kitchen. "She'll be over in a few minutes. I think she was thrilled that you invited her. I didn't tell her what we wanted to ask her"

"Oh, good... ," Eileen laughed. "Do you think she'll be shocked... ?"

"Thrilled would be more like it," Maricar laughed. "My mother is not a prude... ; she's an earthy, sensuous woman who still enjoys sex. When I told her... , you know, about how big Mel's is, she said maybe she should try him out sometime."

Both wives laughed. "I don't think I'm going to tell Mel. He's already too full of himself," Eileen said, with a little laugh.

Yasmin Agrees to Help...

When Yasmin arrived, she entered the kitchen where her daughter, Maricar and Eileen sat chatting.

"Yasmin, let me pour you a cup of coffee," Eileen offered. Yasmin took a sip of her coffee—leaned back in her chair—smiled at the two young women sitting across the table from her.

"Okay, am I supposed to guess what you two were talking about before I came over?" she said, obviously amused, and fighting to stifle a laugh.

"No Mother... !" Maricar said. Turning toward Eileen, she said with a sarcastic little giggle. "Eileen, you are about to meet the real Yasmin. I should warn you, my mother is one of the original members of the Wicked Wives Club."

"I knew there was a reason I liked her so much," Eileen said, with a laugh.

"Mother, we were wondering, how would you like to help Eileen and me start our own Chapter of the Wicked Wives Club?"

"Oh... ? Yasmin said, a smile dancing in her almond eyes, "and just what will you girls do for me, if I agree to help you?"

"Well... , "Eileen said, entering the verbal fray as she pretended to think about it for a moment.

"Okay... , How about this? You and Maricar come over sometime when my husband is home. We could then have him take you upstairs—throw you on the bed—and screw your panties off," she said, with a cute little smirk.

Yasmin was shocked—startled at Eileen's brazenness! She laughed heartily as she looked from one wife to the other. Both younger women were now convulsed in laughter. Yasmin gave a little laugh. "Oh, really... ? Of course, you're just teasing me... , right... ?"

"No... , Eileen laughed, "Didn't I tell you—Mel has a thing for older women? "She said, with a little giggle.

They're teasing me, She thought. However, even at her mature age, Yasmin, who was still a sensuous vital woman, felt a faint stirring. I can't believe this! She thought completely bewildered. "I'm starting to get aroused... !

"Okay... , in that case... , "Yasmin said, a beguiling little smile playing on her face." You can ask me anything!"

All three women laughed at the older woman's bitchy answer. Yasmin was well aware—even with their lighthearted kidding around—both women were eager to find out more.

It makes me so hot and passionate—just thinking of even talking to them about it, Yasmin thought.

Yasmin Explains...

The coffee all finished—the remnants cold in their cups—the two eager young women could hardly wait for Yasmin to begin.

"Well, first there are two things," Yasmin said. "Number one, you should keep this between yourselves, and your two husbands. No one else!"

"Number two; Start thinking of your little club as just an extension of your marriage. Instead of each of you having one husband, you'll have two. As you enjoy, don't be jealous of each other," she said.

"Sometimes, "she said, "To make it special for your husbands, it's fun to appear to be confrontational with each other, in a sexy provocative way. During those times you'll be wanton, out of control wives. Don't be afraid to call each other bitch, slut, or anything else you can think of that turns your husbands on.

"Above all, keep your exchanges whether verbal or physical, friendly. Be openly affectionate. Never force anyone to do anything they haven't agreed or aren't willing to do."

"Don't withhold nor feel guilty about showing affection to each others husband—or to each other. If there is something sexual you think you would like to try—don't be embarrassed—ask the other three members to participate," Yasmin said, smiling at the two young women who had been listening carefully, drinking in her words.

"In other words," Eileen said, "You're saying it's all about complete togetherness without guilt, right... ?"

"I think that's what we experienced last Friday night," Maricar said, smiling at her mother, and Eileen. It suddenly dawned on her that she and Eileen were about to become each other's intimate soul mates, confidants, and the other husband's Lover...

Yasmin Provides the Details...

"What I'm about to tell you next is why we secretly refer to these clubs as Wicked Wives clubs," Yasmin said, laughing to herself in amusement at the curious expressions on the faces of the two women.

"The stuff I'm about to tell you is highly erotic. During your little intimate sessions with your two husbands, you may want to try all of it some of it—or perhaps very little or none of it," Yasmin said, her voice filled with gentle understanding.

"First off," she said, watching their faces intently, "the underlying theme in these Clubs is gentle confrontation.

Whether most men admit it or not—at least in Asian circles where many of these clubs exist—the husbands love to watch their wife compete physically or sexually with other women. There are so many ways to do this that will make the experience even sexier and intensely erotic."

"Eileen, dear... ," Yasmin said, "I hope you don't find this too offensive. Usually, the age-old competition between two women, especially if they are each from a different culture, is the ultimate sexual turn on for most of the husbands in any club. You being Caucasian and Maricar being Filipino should only enhance the erotic excitement for your husbands."

"Well," Eileen said, quietly. "As long as it didn't get to rough and wild, I don't think I would mind. I suspect Mel would be tickled to see me try something like that with another woman."

"As far as the ethnic thing," Eileen admitted shyly, "That's one of the things both Mel and I find appealing."

"For us too... ," Maricar said, as she smiled over at Eileen. "Jimmy can hardly wait for our next time."

"I know, "Yasmin said. "That's why I was so thrilled when our Maricar and her husband, Jimmy hooked up with the two of you. You and Maricar are almost the same age, height, and size, and temperament."

"If you both just wrestled in sexy panties and little short nightgowns, the two of you would be wildly exciting to watch," she laughed. "You'll drive those two guys of yours crazy," she said, with a wicked little laugh.

She then went on to explain to Eileen and her daughter, Maricar, that the way Filipino wives confront each other is not meant to be wild and mean. It's more about one woman wearing the other wife down in a wild erotic wrestling scuffle. No scratching is allowed. If both the women agree, light open-handed slapping and sometimes light hair pulling is allowed.

"Sometimes to make it more fun and entertaining for their husbands to watch, two Filipino wives will agree to a knee fight. The way that works is the two females wrestle until one wife captures the other wife's wrists. Then holding the other wife by her wrists, the two women will Knee Fight till one woman breaks loose, gives up, or is taken to the floor by the other. Once down on the floor, they have a little female scuffle until one woman is too exhausted to continue," Yasmin said.

"Are you sure you two girls still want to do this?" Yasmin teased.

"Yes... ," both Eileen and Maricar said. Each looking at the other young woman in a completely new light.

"Tell us more... ," Maricar said.

"Yeah... , tell us what else usually happens?" Eileen said. Whew! Do I really want to do this? She thought.

"Well, "Yasmin said, "Basically, each wife tries to wrestle the other wife down to the mattress. This will usually occurs near the end of their little scuffle," Yasmin said, noticing the two wives' faces had taken on a more somber look.

"Another way, that is perhaps more gentle," Yasmin said, not wanting to discourage them, "is where the two women just get down on the mattress and start on their knees. They clash. Although the wrestling is feminine, there is very little that is gentle about it.

"Each wife is on her own with no one allowed to interfere. Because it's more erotic, ripping and tearing of clothes is allowed. Whichever wife wears the other wife down, until she is too exhausted to continue, then assumes physical possession of the other wife.

"The losing female becomes property—and belongs to the other wife to do with what she will. The winning female becomes her Mistress. The wife who wins can assault the vanquished submissive wife in whatever way she wants."

"Eileen... , with you and Maricar, the attraction will be a fight between a Filipino woman's Pek Pek and a Caucasian woman's pussy," Yasmin laughed. "By the way, Eileen, Pek Pek is Tagalog for pussy." she said, with a wicked little laugh.

"Oh... ," was all a stunned Eileen could think to say.

"Well, anyway, "Yasmin said, almost at the conclusion, "Each of the husbands, from watching all the exotic foreplay, is usually more than ready and quite anxious to sample the other wife. The winning wife's husband naturally gets first crack at the losing wife. No pun intended," Yasmin said, smothering a barely audible giggle.

"Whew... !" Maricar laughed, "I had no idea so much erotica was involved." Then laughing, she turned to Eileen and said in a teasing tone of voice, "Are you scared? I'll bet you'll want to back out now, right Slut... ?"

"No," Eileen said, laughing in spite of herself. "I hope you don't think I'm afraid of a little Bitch like you," she said, issuing her own friendly challenge.

"Okay, you two... , go... , enjoy yourselves and entertain your husbands," Yasmin said, teasing them affectionately, "Looks like you've both got the right idea."

"Now that you two are going to have your own Wicked Wives Club, there's still the matter of paying me what you promised," Yasmin laughed, "Or did you think I was joking about payment?"

"And how much will that be, Mother?" Maricar asked, her eyes twinkling, almost daring Yasmin to respond.

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