Submissive's Delight

by David Caspian

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, DomSub, FemaleDom, Rough, Group Sex, Interracial, Black Female, White Male, White Female, First, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Squirting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Caroline and her friends corner the most sought after guy in their school, and the fun begins.

Sebastian Cole was like other boys. That much you could tell by looking at him. A group of girls watched him make his way through the party to the back rooms.

They guessed that he was probably going to the bathroom, as the four girls couldn't take their eyes off him. Sebastian tall or large would not describe, nor ruggedly handsome. There was nothing rugged about him.

Sebastian in fact looked like he was quite the opposite. Beautiful would have been a more apt description: Sebastian was the rare gorgeous male. Not tall enough to be a model but then again most women wouldn't complain.

Standing at about 5'6 he was a small and charming little thing. His eyes were a warm brown. They were the kind of eyes that draw you in and keep your attention if you are not careful. He had tan skin with a firm but soft body. There wasn't too much muscle, his skin was smooth and hairless.

Every one of the girls remembered his pretty smile and his long brown hair that touched below his shoulders. Even the way he walked seemed seductive.

It was smooth, subtle, and confident. Every step and movement had a certain grace. All the girls at school talked about him. For awhile they had been all worried that he didn't like girls, he had started dating girls from other schools.

Rumor had that working to get him into the sack was well worth it. The trouble was it was incredibly difficult. The simple truth was Sebastian was a tease.

He knew he was holding all the cards. Once someone knows they can have anyone they want, it becomes a game of cat and mouse. Without going into too much detail Sebastian was very good at keeping his distance.

The unfortunately for him, they knew his weakness: Sebastian liked aggressive women. They had learned that from actually looking up the girls he had dated. Some of the women they had doubted. One of those women had been the most popular girl in their rival school. Everyone had been shocked about seeing the two together, because she usually dated jocks. Sebastian was definitely not classified as a jock.

Caroline was a leggy young black woman with tan skin and was also the leader of the group. She was on the captain of the basketball team, and had a very firm body, some would say Caroline was one of the hottest girls in school.

Wearing a mini skirt and a halter top she was showing plenty of leg and a little belly button.

Sebastian entered not long afterwards led in by two of the other girls. As he looked around the room he took in the entire scene and smiled. Curiosity shown in his eyes as they fell on Caroline, and his smile grew wider.

The other girls watched as Caroline crossed the room from her place nearby the bed, all the way to him in front of the door. Pressing him against the solid white painted door she kissed him long and deep. Their tongues played in an intricate dance and she could feel him relax and let her take control.

Caroline forgot about the other girls, concentrating just on him. His hair smelled of fresh shampoo. Wrapping her fingers in it she deepened the kiss until he moaned.

Caroline had never felt anything like this: aggression, pure and sweet. She had wondered if she could take Sebastian like he wanted, but now she was sure.

Grabbing a hold of his shirt, she gave it a strong tug sending buttons flying. They clattered as they spilled across the polished wood floor. Letting her hands explore his now exposed chest and stomach she saw his eyes close.

She wanted so much to just take him alone at that moment and not have to share, but the other girls deserved their turn. Taking a deep breath she controlled her lust and backed away Sebastian opened his eyes and watched her go. He didn't complain out loud, but his eyes said it all. Sebastian hadn't wanted her to stop.

Even as the other girls led him to the bed undressing him, he strained to see her as if she was the only one he really wanted. The other girl sat on his face letting him lick their pussies until they came hard and fast. They had no intention of being gentle as they used him for their own pleasure. Sebastian's tongue showed his expertise, as it was clear that he knew exactly what he was doing. One girl, a petite brunette was the most aggressive of the other girls as she pressed herself hard into his face. Grinding her hips back and forth as she faced away from him Lizzy moaned loudly.

Grasping the sheets on each side of them Lizzy cried out, "I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum! Oh shiiiitttt!"

A long gushing spray of her juices hit his face as her body was wracked by orgasm after orgasm. When it was over all the girls stood there shocked, they could believe it. Not one of them had ever done something like that, and Lizzy had been the last leaving only Caroline out of the picture as watched and played with her pussy.

Lizzy was shaking visibly still feeling some of the after affects, her body reveling in the moment. When she did open her eyes she was embarrassed as the other girls just stared at her with open mouths and wide eyes.

It wasn't until she felt Sebastian's warm tongue on her inner thighs that her attention came back to the bed. He loved women who squirted and took his time licking up all the excess clear fluid until not a drop was left. Lizzy tore her eyes off him to look at Caroline and the two smile as Caroline pushed away from the wall. They had already secreted a bag of goodies into the room.

It had taken some time to gather the toys inside without any of their parents finding out, but they were all eighteen so it was legal. They just hadn't wanted to explain it for obvious reasons. As usual Caroline had been the front runner and found where they could buy the toys privately.

Unzipping the gym bag she reached inside pulling a pair of black panties with a hole in the front. Next she found pulled an 8 inch dildo, and slipped it into the hole in the panties.

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