Bob's Gyno Fetish

by invagi

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Humor, Sex Toys, Voyeurism, Doctor/Nurse, Slow, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Bob's got a gynecology fetish going... will he find some satisfaction?

"Hi, I'm Bob. I'm 34 years old, and I am a 'gyne-holic'. I cannot seem to get rid of this vaginal fetish. I've done a lot to try to satisfy my urges, but I seem to need more. Once I get what I want, maybe I'll be done ... maybe not."

"Bob, thank you for coming to sexaholics anonymous. Tell us more about your fetish."

"Well, I am obsessed with ... ahem ... pussy. Not just fucking it, that's normal. Me, I always want to look inside the pussy, probe it, explore it, reveal it, open all of it, then enjoy it. It's soo damn erotic to me, I mean I even thought about going to school to become a gyno-doc ... guy ... whatever. But I can't."

"Hmm. Interesting. Everyone, what do you think of Bob's fetish?"

"Well, uh, this is Jim. I think it's harmless, as long as the lady don't mind. It's kind of kinky, even if not every man don't do it. Not too bad."

"But Jim, you see ... I think about it all the time. When I see a hottie, I'm thinking ... what would her pussy look like on the inside ... would it be pink ... would it be ripply ... dry or wet ... goopy or slick ... tight or loose ... how big is her cervix. I just want to explore her. I mean, I've looked at tons of gyno porn, some of it is really fucking hot, other kinds they cant figure out how to shine a light. I've even looked inside a few real pussies before sex. These things are really nice, but the fetish lives on. I need help..."

"I think it's fucking weird. And hi, I'm Mark, thanks."

"OK Mark, thanks for that. So Bob, what do you think would 'cure' you of this fetish, and why do you think you need a cure?"

"Uh ... I'm not sure it would be a cure so much as finally being satisfied. Pussies are so wonderful, but so hard to analyze. It's like trying to map a river of warm pudding. I keep thinking I want to do something pretty extreme to finally reach that peak, but I'll never meet the right girl."

"And what is that thing?"

"Well, ok ... I want her to have a nice deep, beautiful pussy. I want to peer all around inside with a doc's tools, even with a camera if I can get one. I want her to enjoy all that for a long time. Then I want to fuck her, nice and slow and deep, and cum deep inside. After cuming, I want to view the inside of her tunnel again, film it, probe it, see it all filled with my cum. Watch it swim around, watch it dribble out. Then I think I might feel satisfied. Whenever I get an urge, I can just fire up the film and jack off."

"Thanks, Bob. I'm sorry we have no women here for their perspective tonight. But stay strong, maybe someday you'll get your cure. Does anyone have suggestions for Bob?"

"Hi, uh, this is Rod. I guess I got a little fetish like that too. Hey man have you thought of, uh ... paying for someone to work for you and let you do that?"

"A hooker? Uh ... not really. I've tried shopping around some in Internet chat rooms and crap. I had one that sounded real promising, but when we were going to meet and talk she never showed, never saw her online again. I mean, I'd want a woman clean that I could cum inside, don't need to love, just borrow the flesh."

"Hmm ... borrow the flesh ... an interesting concept ... Thank you Bob for sharing. Feel free to join us again. Well, everyone that wraps up tonight's meeting. I think it was very productive. Next time we'll hear about ... John B's foot fetish, Dwayne's anal fetish, Brad's nose fetish, and David's voyerism."

As Bob was leaving, a man from the meeting approached him. He forgot who it was, and there was no nametag.

"Hi Bob. Uh ... say, this might sound strange, but I think I know someone who could help you with yer, uh ... problem thing ... fetish ... you know ... pussy thing."

"Really? Who?"

"Well uh ... she's a nice girl, real sweet personality ... single and all, uh ... mature. She's a friend, not like a sexual one. Huh-huh. Well, see, I think she's pretty clean, and um ... I think she can help you. I know she's looking to make some money on the side, if you get my drift, but she isn't a street-walking hoar. Look ... let me write down her number. Let me talk to her tonight, sorta give her a heads up. She lives alone, except for a roommate. Oh just say we're friends if she asks, nobody knows I come to this meeting. Call her tomorrow, okay? And hey man, good luck."

"Well, alright. Is she ... uh, okay looking?"

"Yeah, she's not bad. No beauty queen, but not a beast either. Kinda cute. About your age. A little chubby, but in a cute way."

Bob accepted her number from the guy. "Thanks, uh... ?"

"Brad. And her name is Becky."

"Brad, Becky, right. Cool Brad, thanks man." Bob couldn't recall what Brad's fetish thing was offhand. Ahh, whatever.

They shook hands and went their ways.

The next day was a Saturday. Bob was a little nervous, he felt like he'd found a number in a bathroom stall to call for a "good time". But fuck it, he wasn't attached to anyone right now. He had a little spare cash-age ... why not.

He dialed the number. A sultry voice answered and greeted.

"Hi ... err ... is this Becky?"

"No, but I'll get her." The phone dropped. The sultry voice screamed for Becky. The phone changed.

A new voice spoke, a bit husky, a bit louder, "This Becky."

"Hi, I'm Bob ... I'm Bri- uh Brad's friend. Brad said we should talk."

"Hi. I'm Becky," she repeated. "Lemme go in my room." A moment later... "Ok, bud, Brad told me you wanted some ... uh ... special favor."

"That's-- it's-- well..."

"Bob. Bob, calm down. Look, I know you need some and you're willing to pay. Right so far?"

"Well, more or less ... see--"

"Ok, Bob. Brad said you have some doctor fetish ... a gynecology thing. Ya?"

"Uh ... yeah..."

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