The Judge

by DG Hear

Caution: This Drama Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Drunk/Drugged, Interracial, .

Desc: Drama Story: This is just a tongue and cheek story I wrote after watching some court shows. I'm Judge DG Hear. This fits a number of catagories but not deeply in any of them.

This story could go in a number of categories. There isn't a lot of sex. Thanks to my editors, LadyCibelle and Techsan, for making my stories a much better read.

Since court shows seem to interest people, I thought I'd be Judge DG Hear. This is a totally fictitious account of a story I made up. Let me know what you think and I'll see if the Judge has any more cases on his docket. It is a tongue and cheek story; just writing something a little different than my usual fare.

Bailiff Jane Doyle says, "All rise for Judge DG Hear; plaintiffs and defendant, please remain standing. All others in the court room please be seated."

"Judge, this is case #247 Snyder and Snyder vs. Brown."

"Thank you, Jane, we have quite a case here. Let me give a quick review."

"Mrs. April Snyder, you are charging Mr. Bruce Brown with ruining your marriage and want five-thousand dollars in damages; is that correct?"

"Yes, Judge DG."

"Mr. Snyder, as I understand it, you are charging Mr. Brown with alienation of affection from your soon to be ex-wife, whom is Mrs. Snyder, who is standing next to you. Also, you're are charging him with drugging both you and your wife, and he is responsible for your wife getting pregnant. You also want five thousand dollars for ruining your marriage. Is that pretty much your case?"

"It is, your Honor. I want to say that..."

"Mr. Snyder, you will have plenty of time to tell us your story. I run a tight courtroom. I'll ask the questions and you will answer them."

"Sorry, your Honor."

"Now Mr. Brown, of course you deny all these charges and have a counter-claim against Mr. Snyder for five-thousand dollars for damaging your truck with a tire iron. Is that correct?"

"Yes, it is, Judge, and I have the pictures to prove the damage."

"I'll look at your pictures when we get to the counter-suit. Right now, I want to hear how this suit came about. I'll start with you, Mr. Brown. Tell me how you know the plaintiffs, and why would they accuse you of ruining their marriage."

"To begin, your Honor, April, or Mrs. Snyder if you prefer is my ex-girlfriend. We lived together two years prior to her being with Mark."

"It that true, Mrs. Snyder? Were you and the defendant close friends at one time?"

"Yes, Judge DG, until he kicked me out."

"Mr. Brown, explain to the court why you and Mrs. Snyder separated."

"She cheated on me, your Honor. She cheated on me with Mark, who was my friend at the time."

"Please explain, Mr. Brown."

"Judge, Mark and I are both loggers. We have always worked hard and played hard. Every year our employer celebrates Earth Day and gives his employees the day off. Believe it or not, we really do care about the environment regardless of what you hear about loggers.

"Every Earth Day I throw a big bash at my place. I live in a log home out in the country. I invite all my logger friends to come up and party, and spend the night. They bring campers, vans and tents and most usually spend the night. I supply the beer and most of the food to eats. We roast a hog and I even get a band in to play for us. I usually have upward of fifty people out to celebrate.

"Two years ago, it was late in the evening or even early morning, when I came in from outside and there was April and Mark in a lovers' embrace on my couch."

"That's not true, your Honor," screamed out April. "We were just kidding around."

"He had his hands in your pants! What do you call it?" Bruce screamed back.

Jane walked up to April and told her to just be quiet. She would have a chance to give her side.

"Okay, Mrs. Snyder, tell me what you were doing. Did Mark in fact have his hand down your pants or is Mr. Brown lying?" I said.

"Well, Judge, I guess he did have his hand there but he didn't mean anything by it. We were just kidding around like we often do," spoke April.

"So you often let him kid with you by feeling you up, Mrs. Snyder?" I asked.

"No, I didn't mean that. We were just friends. We were just having fun," she said.

"So what happened when Mr. Brown caught you two playing around as you put it?"

"He told us to get out of his house. He reared back like he was going to hit Mark but he didn't do it. He just said, 'get the' ... am I allowed to swear in court, sir?"

"Only if you are repeating exactly what he said."

"He said, 'Get the fuck out of my house before I kick both your asses. I never want to see you again.' I asked him about my stuff and he said I could come back the next day and get it when he didn't have to look at my ugly cheating ass. It's what he said to me, Judge. I told him I didn't do anything wrong but he didn't believe me."

"So, where did you go that late at night, Mrs. Snyder?"

"Mark got up and told me I could go home with him. If it wasn't for Mark I'd have been out on the streets."

"If it wasn't for Mark having his hands in your pants you would have had a home," said Bruce.

Jane looked over at Mr. Brown. "That's enough speaking out of turn. If you persist, you'll be held in contempt."

"Sorry, Judge; I just get pissed when I think about it," replied Mr. Brown.

"Go on, Mrs. Snyder. Did you go back and get your things?"

"Yes, the next day. Mark told me I could stay with him till I found another place to stay."

"Is it the way that you saw it, Mr. Snyder?" I asked.

"That was pretty much what happened, Judge. The only thing that April left out, which I feel is very important, is Bruce telling us that someday he would get even with us. I believe he kept his revengeful promise against us till the following year."

"I read it in your statement, Mr. Snyder, but please repeat it for the record."

"We hadn't talked to Bruce - Mr. Brown - for almost a year. We had gotten married after April had lived with me for a couple of months. Then one day, out of the blue, he called and invited us to the Earth Day celebration last year. April wanted to go but I knew better. I knew Bruce had something up his sleeve. He always has to have his revenge. We should have never gone but April convinced me otherwise," said Mr. Snyder.

"Is it true what Mr. Snyder said, Mr. Brown? Did you invite them to your Earth Day celebration last year? Even after the so-called "betrayal" the year before.

"Yes, Sir. You see, I have all the loggers and their friends and wives come every year. I had a new girlfriend and she told me that since Mark and April had gotten married during the year that I should let bygones be bygones and invite them. After all, we did work for the same company even though in different units.

"So I called April one day and invited them both to my party. They came and brought along a pretty good size tent to sleep in. Of course, I was glad to see them come."

"Okay, Mr. Snyder, why don't you tell us what happened at the party."

"As I said Judge, I didn't totally trust Bruce but I tried to think that maybe he really was trying to be nice. All night long, he kept bringing us beers to drink. It's why now I think back and figured he was spiking them with GHB or some kind of sleeping drugs."

"How did he serve the beer, Mr. Snyder?"

"Plastic glasses, he always bought kegs and used plastic glasses that he could throw them away afterwards. I've been going to his parties for years. I think he was slipping a little bit of drugs in April's and my beer. I also think he made mine stronger so that I would sleep through the night. There is a good chance he did slip an aphrodisiac into April's drink too."

"Did you or anyone else see Mr. Brown put anything in your drinks, Mr. Snyder?"

"No, Judge; but I've known Bruce my whole life and I swear he did it. It was his plan to get even with me for taking his girlfriend."

Mr. Brown raised his hand; I gave him a chance to speak. "Judge, I do admit to saying I would get even with him the year before; after all he stole my girlfriend. But, now I have a new woman in my life. Justine and I have been together for a while now and are quite happy."

"Is that the lady seated next to you, Mr. Brown?" I asked.

April yelled out, "That slut's no lady!" The woman stood up to yell back when my bailiff, Jane, told April that the next time she yelled out in court, she would be held in contempt and told the woman Justine to sit back down.

Damn, Jane is one hell of a good bailiff and besides being smart, and good looking, she has a nice ass. Shit, I shouldn't be telling you my thoughts. It has nothing to do with this case.

"Go ahead, Mr. Brown, continue. I would like to know if you had drugs of any kind at your party."

"Judge, I don't do drugs and never have. If there were any drugs at my party, I wasn't aware of it. My guests could have brought their own. As I mentioned earlier, I just supplied the beer. I was nice and trying to make amends with April and Bruce and, yes, I did bring them a number of beers. They also got their own sometimes if I recall."

"Mr. Snyder, please explain what happened later in the evenings. It's the backbone of your accusations in the case against Mr. Brown.

"April and I were having a good time, but we were getting tired very quickly, which is unusual for us. We usually drink a lot more but it seems that on that evening we got tired sooner. I know it's because of the drugs that Bruce put in our beer. Anyway, we decided to go to our tent around midnight. Next thing I knew I was fast asleep and didn't wake till morning.

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