For The Good Times

by DG Hear

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Romantic, Cheating, First, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Jake Rivers, Miss Lynn and I all used a Ray Price song and wrote a story. In my story, Did Jeff Make the right choices in life? What about Julie and her sister Becky? Read it and find out.

Note from Jake Rivers:

DG Hear, MistressLynn and myself are doing a mini writing invitational. We are each picking one song from Ray Price and using it as the basis for a story. I've picked "City Lights," DG Hear, "For the Good Times," and MistressLynn (aka MissLynn), "That's All That Matters." I will also be doing "A Girl in the Night." We hope you enjoy the stories.

Chapter 1

I often sit around wondering what might have been. The choices we make in life: did I make the right ones? I know I've made a lot of mistakes and have done a lot of things that I'm not proud of, but I think back on my younger days and always wonder, "What if?" I know everyone probably looks back on the decisions they made. Some we're happy with, others we wish we could have 'Do Overs'. Unfortunately, life doesn't work that way.

I think back twenty plus years ago when I was in high school. I was this eager kid who wanted it all. I played sports and, even though I wasn't the best, I learned a lot from it. I dated the prettiest girl in our class who was named, "Most likely to succeed." I wanted to join the military. Both my grandfather and my dad were lifers (they put in thirty years in the military). That was my plan also.

My girlfriend was Julie Prouse. She was a cheerleader, homecoming queen, and hometown festival queen. Her ambition was to go to Hollywood. As I mentioned, she was labeled most likely to succeed and she did. She became a Hollywood starlet. She changed her name to Juliette Price. Apparently her agents thought it made her sound sexier.

We dated through all of high school. I really never had any other girlfriends. Why would I? I had Julie. Of course when we discussed our futures, it was apparent we were going in different directions. We never discussed it much; neither of us wanted to admit we no longer would be a couple.

We made love for the first time on prom night. Well, actually, it was pretty raw sex on the couch at a friend's house. It was the first time for both of us. We held off as long as we could. We did a lot of petting before that. I have to say the first time was awkward but awesome. Watching my cock push through the folds of her pussy and watching it slowly devour my cock; the first time was the best sight and feeling in the world.

From that day on, I knew I would miss her. Sure, we were just two young people experimenting, but I do believe we did love each other. It sure was a good time that I'll always remember.

I remember the night before I went off to boot camp. No one was home at my house and there was a light rain outside. It would be our last time together. I guess 'For The Good Times' was a song that I would always remember. It was playing on the radio as we made love for the last time.

Lay your head Upon my pillow. Hold your warm and tender body close to mine Hear the whisper of the raindrops, blowing soft, against the window And make believe you love me, one more time, for the good times.

As we lay on the bed making love, I had to wonder what our lives would be like in the future. It was just a moment in time but one that I would never forget. Looking back, I truly believe we were in love but life just took us in different directions.

I left the next morning for boot camp, and knew she would be going to college for a possible acting career. I missed her from the moment I left. I remember receiving a few letters the first few months, but then they seemed to stop. I knew it was the end between us.

I came home for a visit, but she was already gone. My mom told me she left a few weeks before for California. I went up to my room, and closed the door and cried. I might have been a soldier but I had to let it out of my system. I missed her so much. I sat on the bed and remembered a line of that song.

Don't say a word about tomorrow, or forever. There'll be time enough for sadness when you leave me.

It was just one of those things that you didn't realize what you had till you lost it. Julie would be forever in my heart. Nothing would ever make me completely forget about her. She would forever be in that little compartment stowed away in the corner of my heart.

Life went on and I served my country well. I spent most of my career in Germany and dated a lot of women. Sex was just something I did. I cared for the women I dated and the sex with them was great; I'd never deny that. I actually got married while overseas. When she found out I wasn't planning on coming back to the United States, very soon she was pissed.

I figured she cared for me but she wanted to live in the States. I told her I was going for a tour of duty in Saudi Arabia. We stayed married while I was there. I guess she didn't mind being married even though I was away.

When I came home, I found out she was pregnant. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out it wasn't mine. She asked me to forgive her.

I told her I understood how hard it must have been for her being there without me. I understood she wanted companionship and found it. As I told her there was no hard feelings and that I forgave her infidelity, I handed her the divorce papers and told her to go marry the child's father and give it a good home.

She yelled and screamed at me like I was at fault. She blamed me for not being there for her. I just shook my head and told her she had a week to get out of the housing development. I did tell her that her lover would do well not to come and see me. I had no forgiveness for him and would wipe the streets with him.

She did move out the following week. She had her relatives come and help her move; after all, she was five months pregnant. I was nice about our furnishings and told her to take what she wanted, especially the bed. I wasn't about to sleep in it.

I know this may sound funny, but I really didn't give a shit. I guess it was more about being cuckolded than anything else. I wasn't about to raise someone else's kid. I just went on with my life and dated other women. Hell, I even went out with my ex-wife's sister. I was stupid enough to get married again.

I did have a live-in girlfriend for a while. It made having sex so much easier and besides, I was going to do a tour of duty in Afghanistan and I would have someone to watch my belongings, what little I had. I told her if she could be faithful to me that I would marry her when I returned, and take her back to the states where I finished my career.

I didn't tell her exactly when I would be back from Afghanistan. I was going to keep my promise if she kept hers. To make a long story short, I beat the shit out of her lover and kicked both their asses out of my housing complex. There was so much commotion that the MP's showed up. I had them escort my ex-girlfriend and her lover off my property.

The following year, I headed back to the States alone. I was to live near the Air force base where I would be working. When I first enlisted, I asked for training in electronics. After I retired from the service, I wanted to make sure I had a good vocation. Thanks to my grandfather and Dad, I made the right choices. In less than a year I could reenlist for another ten years or retire and go out on my own. Either way I was prepared.

The base was only a couple of hours from my hometown. I was so happy to go home and see my parents, my brother and my sister. They threw a small party for me when I got home. I saw a few friends I hadn't seen in what seemed like a lifetime.

In case you're wondering, Julie wasn't there. I hadn't seen her since I left for boot camp some twenty years earlier. That isn't to say that I didn't know anything about her; I knew almost everything. You see, she became a movie star and all I had to do was pick up any gossip magazine or paper and I could read about her.

I was happy to read about her successes, but if her personal life was anything like what I was reading, I felt sorry for her. She was on her third marriage. Her first two husbands were also actors. The latest marriage was to some kind of big shot producer. She had one child by her second husband. Her daughter was eight years old. There were all kinds of stories on the marriages and divorces. I had no idea how much of it was true.

I know that she had bought her parents an estate outside of our little town. I guess she had been there to visit her family a few times. A few of the locals said they had seen her and, of course, she was still beautiful. I have to admit that I never saw any of her movies. I guess I didn't want to see her making love to another man even if it was fictional.

It was good to be home. Working at the base was just like having any non-military job. I worked so many hours a week and my free time I could do as I pleased. Almost every weekend I drove home to be with the family. Of course, they were always trying to fix me up with someone. I knew they had the best of intentions but my experience with marriage and live-in lovers wasn't the greatest. I would know if the right woman ever came around, I told them.

To be honest with you, I really wouldn't know and that scared me. I was tired of making mistakes and dating the wrong women. I just wasn't about to tell that to my parents.

I started seeing some of my old classmates that still lived around the area. Most were married or already divorced. A few were already married for the second time. I guess that shouldn't be a surprise in this day and age.

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