Surefuck Bones: The Darling Mysteries

by just-this-guy

Caution: This Mystery Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Mystery Sex Story: A simple case brings Bones and Wadshot to the town of Darling, but additional cases occur.

"Wadshot!" exclaimed Bones the instant I stepped into his residence. "A visitor is scheduled to arrive momentarily."

"I can return later," said I.

"Nonsense. You are just in time. Sit, Wadshot. I always value your company and your assistance."

"Thank you," replied I. I was always most interested in the curious cases Bones was involved in.

I sat in an armchair separated only by a table and lamp from Bones' identical armchair. I was currently at 34D Cummings Street, the lodgings of my very good friend, Mr. Surefuck Bones. I have previously chronicled his unparalleled detective prowess in The Case of the Forbidden Sex and other stories.

No sooner had I settled into my seat when there was a knock upon the door.

"Enter," called out Bones.

A man came into the flat wearing a nice suit of moderate quality designed to appear like clothing made at fancier establishments. He looked back and forth between us.

"Mr. Bones?" said the man hesitantly.

"I am he," said Bones. "This is my friend, Dr. Wadshot. What would bring the director of an all-girls school from Darling into London?"

"I am Jonathan Athelney," said he agitatedly. "I am indeed the director of Debon Finishing School in Darling, but how you determined that I cannot ponder."

"It is simplicity," said Bones. "Certainly that floral pin on your lapel is more indicative of young women than of young men."

I could not tell the distinctive characteristics of Athelney's lapel pin from where I sat, but Bones' keen and observant eyesight identified it.

Bones continued. "Your dress is more in the manner of a director than of an instructor or of administrative staff."

"You are quite correct," said Athelney with admiration.

"Bones," said I. "How did you know Mr. Athelney is from Darling? There are many such schools throughout our good country."

"It is simple," said Bones. "Darling has trees with a unique yellow flower that are found no where else except further north and Mr. Athelney does not have the appearance of the weariness of a very long journey. Pollen from the flowers has frequently fallen on our visitor's suit and over time has produced a yellowish tinge on the shoulder."

Mr. Athelney brushed at his shoulder.

"And all this time I blamed it on the incompetence of my maid," he said. "I am indeed from Darling, Mr. Bones."

"Do have a seat," said Bones with excitement for a case, "and tell us what brings you to us."

"As already has been said, I am Jonathan Athelney, the director of the Debon Finishing School in Darling. I am in charge of the education of 24 girls."

"Darling is not a very big town," interrupted Bones. "24 girls are very many for a town the size of Darling.

"Yes," answered Athelney. "We are not the most prestigious school, but we are more reasonably priced, so we draw in certain girls."

"Yes, as you said, you are not very prestigious."

Mr. Athelney was obviously bothered by Bones' last statement and I was unsure of why my friend would say such a thing. Bones often lacked tact, but he was not prone to insults.

"You were saying that you were in charge of 24 girls," I said to put the conversation back on track.

"Yes," said Athelney. "Last night, a girl secretly came into my chambers in the darkness. I was not aware of her until she was perched upon my cock with her warm quim. The sensations were so magnificent that I could not help but participate with this mystery girl until we both came to climax. It was most satisfactory."

"Obviously you want to discover who this uncouth girl is and expel her," said I.

"No, doctor!" said Athelney vehemently. "I want to marry her!"

"Marry her?" said I surprised. "Why do you not ask the girls who was it that came to you during the night?"

"Every girl would claim to be the girl," said Athelney.

Bones spoke up, "To a girl with the lot in life of attending school in Darling, even its director is desirous."

I could see in Mr. Athelney's eyes that he was insulted by Bones' latest jab at Darling. I would have to inquire later to Bones about this. I could not fathom why he would say such a thing unless he had previous negative experiences at Darling.

"You have a cab waiting?" said Bones brightly.

"Yes," said Athelney.

"Come, Wadshot!" said Bones rising. "As you know I am a lazy chap, but we unfortunately must travel to resolve this issue and it must be to Darling."

Bones was indeed very lethargic, yet he was physically strong and had great endurance. It was a mystery how his physical condition remained so excellent. The only time his lethargy evaporated was when he was on a case and then he was intensely energetic. He perhaps was at his most vigorous when he put out of business the seller of virgin sex slaves by deflowering 15 virgins within three hours. When the buyer showed up shortly thereafter and the seller had no virgins to sell, the seller was done for.

"Certainly," said I, rising with my friend. "I am glad to accompany you."

"Thank you, gentlemen," said Athelney.

When we arrived at the school in Darling, Bones requested that Mr. Athelney congregate all the girls. Bones had Mr. Athelney wait outside the assembly room out of sight as the girls entered.

"Stand the girls in a straight line, Wadshot," instructed Bones, "so I may observe them when Mr. Athelney enters."

Bones stood by the door where Athelney would later come in. I was pleased to be in the midst of these 15, 16, and 17-year old women. I had a strong hard-on by the time the girls were arranged to Bones' satisfaction. The room was designed for rows of chair so there was not enough room to stand all side-by-side, so three girls were curved in on each end but they were still easily observable.

"I am Surefuck Bones," said my friend to the girls when they were positioned. "In a moment Dr. Wadshot here shall escort Director Athelney into the room. What Mr. Athelney will show you may be considered shocking for some of you. Now each girl please count up beginning with 1 and remember your number." He pointed at the girl on the left.

"One," she said.

After girl 24 said her number, I asked, "Shall I retrieve Mr. Athelney?"

"Yes," said Bones.

I stepped out of the room to where Mr. Athelney waited.

"You may enter now," said I. "Bones is ready."

"Is Mr. Bones certain he can identify the girl?"

"He is certain," said I.

I was uncertain how Bones would do it but I had great trust in his abilities.

I led Mr. Athelney into the assembly room then moved to the opposite side of the doorway from Bones. Perhaps my own observation would be of use to my friend.

"Director Athelney, please begin," said Bones without turning his eyes away from the girls.

"Girls," said Athelney, grabbing their attention. All 24 sets of eyes focused on him.

I evaluated facial expressions even now. Several girls gazed at Mr. Athelney in a fanciful fashion.

Mr. Athelney dropped his trousers.

Several girls gasped, some girls turned their heads away, other girls stared frozen at the exposure, and a few others smiled. I could not envision how any of this was ultimately helpful to Bones. I would say it eliminated numerous girls, but there were still too many girls I would suspect to be the mystery visitor in the night.

"Director Athelney," said Bones.

Mr. Athelney pulled his trousers up then inquired, "Mr. Bones?"

"Girl 17," said Bones. "Please step forward."

"Annie?" said Athelney quietly after the girl obeyed. He then spoke louder. "All girls may return to class except Miss Phillips. Please remain Annie."

"Yes, sir," she said.

The girls left quickly.

"Miss Phillips?" said Athelney.

"Yes, sir?"

Athelney dropped to one knee. "Will you marry me?"

Miss Phillips broke into tears.

"Yes," she choked out. "How did you know it was me last night?"

Mr. Athelney looked at Bones and inquired, "How did you determine it was Annie and not another girl?"

Bones answered. "Obviously any girl who gasped or averted her eyes was not the girl who came to your room and so satisfactorily boffed you. Miss Phillips smile was the only smile that displayed admiration because of her remembrance of the joy she had last night."

Athelney stood, took her hands into his, and smiled happily at her.

"When shall we be married, Mr. Athelney?" she asked.

"Please call me John, Annie. You are to be my wife," he said. "As to your question, the sooner the better. Would this Saturday be acceptable?"

"Yes," she said practically jumping out of her dress.

I noticed the bounce of her tits. She had a most decent pair. She was physically a very good choice for a wife. She was an excellent playground for any man.

"Since we are to be married, Annie?" said Athelney.

"Yes, John?" she said happily.

"Would you fellate me?"


Miss Phillips dropped to her knees and Mr. Athelney took his trousers back down. She eagerly began to suck on his hard cock.

"Come, Wadshot," said Bones. "Let us return to London."

"Thank you," said Mr. Athelney. He looked back down at his future wife bobbing her mouth on his cock.

We exited the room and Bones did not say a thing until we were away from the school and walking on the road. We would hail transportation back to London from the center of Darling.

Bones finally said, "Of course, I could have chosen any girl and Mr. Athelney would have been just as pleased."

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