Helping Dad

by Ghostrider

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Slut Wife, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Sharon flies to Tuscon to help her father-in-law who is drinking too much after the death of his wife. Sharon soon realized that 'dad' is horny and she is too and although against her better judgment an affair starts.

I was folding the laundry when I heard my husband come in through the back door. I stopped what I was doing and walked out into the kitchen hoping for a kiss and a hug and maybe even a little early afternoon sex, God knows it had been a long time since we had made love, but when I saw the frown on Bill's face I instinctively knew that something was wrong. I walked over and gave him a big hug then kissed his cheek and fondled his butt. "Hi honey, so what's the problem? Something go wrong at work today?" He looked at me funny then said.

"Problem, what are you talking about?"

"Look sweetheart, we've been married what ... ten years now and I sure as the heck know when something is bothering you ... now what gives?" He looked at me for a long time before he spoke.

"Well, its dad ... I think he's even more depressed now than when mom died and I'm absolutely positive that he's drinking too much."

Dad was Bill's father, J. Richard Knowles or Jack as everyone calls him. He and mom had retired early a few years ago and moved to the warm climate of Tucson, Arizona. Dad had worked for almost thirty years on Wall Street as a trader, trading shares of whatever the hell he traded and making a fantastic living. Oh he never made those famous seven figure bonuses that you hear so much about but he did damned well. After their move to Tucson he and mom enjoyed their retired life ... that is until about eighteen months ago when his wife Helen was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer ... she finally succumbed six months later. "Okay, what makes you think that?" I asked.

"Oh God Sharon, I called him this afternoon, and it was only eleven o'clock in the morning, Tucson time, and he was already slurring his words and I knew he had been drinking then when he started talking about mom ... well, he just lost it and started bawling. God honey I know that he needs help but I just don't know what to do?"

I hugged him again and rubbed his back. "Look honey, you're headed to Europe on Thursday for two weeks, so maybe I could fly out to Tucson and see if I can slow him down or at least figure out what's wrong and see what I can do to help. What do you think?" He looked at me with a face that clearly showed relief.

"Really, you don't mind going out and checking on dad?"

I had always liked Jack and didn't see any harm in visiting him for a couple of weeks and seeing if I could help out. "No problem, go ahead and call the airlines and get me a reservation, window seat preferred." I smiled and he smiled back.

Two days later I found myself sitting in a window seat staring out at the Arizona desert as my flight prepared to land in Tucson. Dad picked me up at the airport just after noon and after gathering my luggage we drove downtown to a Mexican restaurant where he treated me to a nice lunch that included ice-cold margaritas. I noticed as we ate and chatted that dad had three drinks to my one and I feared that Bill was right about his father's drinking. When we finally got to his house, a nice two bedroom ranch house that was nestled up next to a low slung mountain chain, he showed me into the guest bedroom, dropped my bags on the bed and then invited me to get changed into my swim suit and join him out by the pool. I was looking forward to relaxing in the sun so I took off my blouse and bra then slipped off my skirt and sat on the edge of the bed and rolled down my pantyhose and tossed them onto the nightstand. I stood up wearing just my panties and I was bent over looking through my bags looking for my bathing suit. I glanced up and was surprised to see Jack's reflection in the dresser mirror ... he was standing behind me in the hallway and peeking through the open door and watching me as I changed clothes. At first I was shocked that he would invade my privacy then I noticed the huge bulge in his pants. After thinking about it for a second I decided to say something but when I turned he was already gone. As I slipped into my bathing suit I decided I would talk to him about spying on me even though I knew it would upset him.

I was still irritated when I walked out to the pool. Jack was lying back in a lounge chair with a beer in his hand and his hard-on had seemed to disappear. He pointed to a cooler he had brought out with him. "Have a beer with me Sharon?"

I took a deep breath and decided to be nice, after all he already had too much to drink and maybe his voyeurism was due to too much alcohol as opposed to something else. "Uh, thanks Jack ... but I think the margarita I had for lunch was enough for me for right now." We lay there in the sun chatting about nothing important, not about his son and certainly not about his late wife. He rattled on about living in Tucson and several nice pubs, about the dog track and what good martini's they made and whether or not I liked red or white wine, almost everything he talked about seemed to focus on alcohol. As we chatted I could see his eyes wandering all over my body and although I was flattered I wondered what he was thinking. After an hour or two in the sun we went back into the house and Jack was already unsteady on his feet, bumping into the back door jamb and then bouncing off a counter top until he could steady himself.

I went into my bedroom and took a shower, washed my hair and then dressed casually in a pair of panties, a pair of shorts and a tee shirt. I decided to skip wearing a bra.

That evening I fixed a nice dinner using a corned beef recipe that I knew that he and Helen had liked and while we ate I finally got him to talk about his late wife and finally about his loss. I could tell that he was devastated at loosing her and instinctively knew why he was drinking so much. By the time dinner was over we had finished off a bottle of red wine ... and I had only had one glass. By nine o'clock he decided it was time to go to bed and I watched as he staggered down the hallway and into his room. A minute later I heard a crash and rushed down the hallway and stood outside the closed door and called out. "Jack? Jack, are you alright?" There was no answer so I eased open the door and there, laying on the floor with his tee shirt half over his head was dad. I moved to his side and shook him..."Jack? Jack, are you alright?" He groggily moaned and tried to stand up. "Whoa Jack, not so fast, just lie still for a second."

"I want ... want to go bed ... can you help me?" He slurred.

I took a deep breath. "Sure, no problem dad I'll help you, just hang in there." I helped him get up and walked him over to the bed and sat him down on the side of the mattress then finished pulling his tee shirt over his head. With that done I knelt down and took off his shoes and socks while he flopped backwards on the bed. I unbuckled his belt and unzipped his shorts but couldn't pull them off while he was lying flat so I grabbed his wrists and tried to get him up. Unsuccessful and frustrated, I yelled, "Come on Jack put your arms around my neck and hold on and I'll get you into the bed." He wrapped his arms around my neck, his head resting on my shoulder and I pulled and he stood up. Because he was taller and weighed more that I did he staggered forward pushing me backwards into a wall and my breasts were flattened into his chest and we both did a drunken dance until I finally got him under control. As we staggered around I regretted the fact that I hadn't worn a bra as my nipples pushed into his chest and I was sure that even as drunk as he was he could feel them. His pants had also slipped down his legs and he kicked them off and was leaning against me in just his boxer shorts with his semi-hard erection poking out of his fly. God, I thought as I looked at him, what caused that? I finally got him to lie down on the bed and I pulled his feet up and tucked them under the covers then pulled up his sheet and blanket. I sat on the edge of the bed for a second and for some reason I couldn't get the image of his cock out of my mind. Finally I couldn't stand it any longer and I eased the covers down and looked at him. His legs were about a foot apart; his cock had already slipped back inside his shorts so I took a deep breath and gently reached inside and pulled him out. I looked up to make sure he was still passed out and when I looked back down I desperately wanted to taste him but at the last minute I chickened out and pulled up the covers and left the room. Safely inside my bedroom I took several deep breaths until I was finally relaxed then I picked up my cell phone and called home. Bill answered on the third ring. "Hi honey."

"Hi babe. Look, I think this whole thing is worse that you thought, I just put dad to bed and he was so drunk that he fell on the floor before he could even get undressed."

"Oh Jesus Sharon, what are we going to do?"

"Well you're going on your trip and I'm going to fix this mess even if it means getting dad into a rehab program."

"God honey I don't know how to thank you ... I love you sweetie ... you're the best!"

She hung up the phone and I thought ... you love me? You're the best, yea right! If I'm the fucking best then why has hasn't he touched me in weeks? I hooked my phone into the charger and set it on the bedside stand and my thoughts turned back to Jack and his drinking and what I was going to do to help him.

Jack laid there in his bed and thought about what had just happened. He wasn't as drunk as Sharon thought and tonight had been a test. He had always admired Sharon and thought that she would be great in bed, so much so that he and Helen had often made love with Helen playing the role of Sharon in his fantasy. In his conversations with his son it was pretty obvious to him that Bill wasn't taking care of Sharon's needs and he was just as sure that Sharon was sexually vulnerable. He thought that he could get her into bed but he needed to make sure that she was as interested in him as much as he was interested in her. He couldn't just ask her if she was horny and would like to fuck, no he had to have a better plan than that and the plan he came up with was to see how she would react to him when she realized that he wanted her.

The first step had been to watch her while she changed into her swimsuit. He knew that she could see his reflection in the mirror and yet she hadn't covered herself or more importantly hadn't accused him of spying on her and that was definitely a good sign. At the pool he had practically undressed her with his eyes and still she hadn't said a word and now she had not only put him to bed she had actually touched his cock. Christ when she had touched him all he wanted to do was shove his cock down her throat, but he hadn't, he had just laid there and pretended to be out cold. Well he had another idea and he was going to try that tomorrow night.

Jack rolled over and took his cock into his hand and slowly stroked himself and thought about Sharon. With his eyes closed his imagination took over and he could see her legs spread apart, her pussy gleaming with her wetness for him and after a few strokes he came with a rush.

The next morning I woke early and wrapped myself in my terrycloth robe and was making breakfast when dad walked into the kitchen.

"Morning Sharon."

"Morning dad. You want a cup of coffee?"

"Yea, that would be real nice, thanks."

I poured a cup of black coffee and set it down in front of him. He was dressed in the same pants and tee shirt he had worn the day before and he was beginning to smell just a bit and I wondered how long it had been since he had taken a shower. Deciding to jump right into the frying pan I said, "You know dad today would be a nice day for a drive, why don't you go take a shower and get dressed and I'll get dressed and we can drive down to Nogales." He smiled at me and agreed and we both walked down the hall to our bedrooms and showered and got dressed and set off for a day long adventure.

We were back home by five that afternoon and the day had gone smashingly well. We drove to Nogales, shopped for a while then drove back across the border and up to a town called Sierra Vista and had lunch, without any alcohol. After lunch we drove up to Benson, hung a left and headed back to Tucson on the 10. We had a lovely day and Jack even talked about Helen although he was kind of morose as he spoke of her like she was still among the living. One of the things he spoke about was his and Helen's wonderful sex life and how much he missed that aspect of life. No shit I thought ... me too!

When we arrived back at the house he decided to have a BBQ and while he was out by the pool I took the opportunity to check out his medicine cabinet and as soon as I opened the door and looked inside I realized his second problem ... he was taking Helen's psychiatric and pain medications. The drugs, topped off with generous doses of alcohol, were making dad's life even worse than I had originally thought. I took out all of the medications and poured them into the toilet and flushed them away. Well now, I thought, we'll see what happens next ... and 'next' didn't take that long to happen.

After a late dinner we decided to go to bed early because Jack wanted to take me out for breakfast the next morning and then to the dog track for the day. I made sure that he was sober and tucked into bed before retiring to my room for the night. I had just finished showering and was in the bedroom drying off when I thought I heard crying coming from Jack's room. I finished drying off then slipped on my robe and walked over to his bedroom and knocked on the door. "Jack, its Sharon ... are you alright?" No answer. "Jack I'm coming in." When I opened the door the room was dimly lit from his bedside lamp and Jack was lying on his side, his chest heaving up and down as he held a picture of Helen to his chest and sobbed. God it was so gut wrenching that in seconds I was in tears myself. I sat down on the bed and ran my fingers through his hair and caressed his cheeks. "It's okay dad, I know how much this has to hurt." He turned and looked at me and I saw that his cheeks were tear-streaked and I felt so sorry for him.

"Jesus Sharon," he sobbed, "with Helen gone there's just nothing left to live for, no companionship, no sex ... nothing at all."

He started sobbing again; his chest still heaving and I guess that my motherly instincts just took over. I turned off his light then pulled back the covers and slipped into bed behind him, my robe tightly knotted around my waist. I wanted to hug him, to comfort him so I snuggled up to his back and ran my fingers through his hair again then kissed the nape of his neck and whispered that everything would be alright although I didn't have a clue exactly how that was going to happen. It felt good to be lying next to a sexually vibrant man and I was more than comfortable lying up next to his back. What happened next though was a complete accident. I reached across his body to hug him and when I did my hand touched his cock! I froze, unmoving and I felt Jack tense up too. I wanted to move my hand, wanted to run into my room and slam the door but I did neither, no I simply took him into my fingers and began to squeeze him and as I did I felt him get hard.

"Uh ... Sharon ... you are ... oh God that feels so nice. It's been a long time since a woman touched me."

"Oh Jesus dad, I'm sorry ... I didn't mean to..." But for whatever reason I still hadn't moved my hand, in fact as my fingers squeezed his shaft I felt him do what most men do when a woman's hand touches their cock, he moaned and squeezed his muscles and then his cock twitched.

"Oh God Sharon, Helen used to lay behind me and do that all the time."

In my mind I was thinking that this had to stop, and stop right now, but my fingers stayed wrapped around his shaft. Soon I rationalized that there wasn't any real harm in just holding onto him; I mean he missed having sex with Helen and could holding his cock be so bad? I lay there snuggled up to his back and was lightly squeezing his cock and wondering what my husband would think if he knew about what I was doing? I felt Jack's cock continue to grow and I was amazed at his size; I couldn't see him but he had to be a couple of inches longer than Bill and maybe twice as thick! He gently moved his hips back against my pussy and wiggled his butt into my robe and I smiled then kissed the nape of his neck and I began to slowly stroke him. It didn't take long before his cock began to throb in my fingers then his body stiffened and in a flash cum squirted out and all over my fingers and the bed. He just lay there, his breathing slowing down and I just kept squeezing his softening cock. He never turned over and looked at me and for that I was thankful, I just didn't think I could have faced him right at that moment. We fell asleep like that, spooned up next to each other. The next morning I woke up and felt a hand cupping my breast, squeezing and massaging me. Initially confused, I looked down and realized that sometime during the night I had rolled over and Jack had too then spooned up next to me, his hand over my shoulder and inside my robe on my breast. Jesus, even thought it felt nice to have a man's hand on me I wondered what had I let myself in for? I took a deep breath then eased out of the bed and went back to my bedroom, showered and dressed then went out to the kitchen and started the coffee pot.

He felt her getting out of the bed and feinted sleep. Once again Jack found himself laying in his bed and thinking about what had happened the night before. He knew that Sharon had, on her own volition crossed the line, that she was indeed vulnerable and he was positive that she would accept his advances if he approached her just right.

He lay there lightly rubbing his cock thinking about Sharon's body and how much he wanted her. Helen had been right after all, Sharon was a woman that could be led into anyone's bed with the right persuasion. They had often discussed trying to get Sharon into a three-some but that had never materialized and then Helen passed. All he needed now was the right opportunity and he would have his cock buried deep inside her pussy.

I poured a cup of coffee and heard the shower running and knew that Jack had finally gotten up. A little while later he came into the kitchen and smiled at me and said good morning but he didn't say a word about what had happened the night before. We left for breakfast and stopped at a local Denny's and drank some coffee and ate a pancake breakfast. After Jack paid our tab I told him that I wasn't feeling well and would he mind taking me home. I just didn't think that I could spend the entire day with him, especially after what had happened the night before. Watching dogs chase a mechanical rabbit around in circles just wasn't my thing.

"Sick?" Jack asked. Sure honey I'll drive you home and you can lie down and get some rest."

Exactly! "Yea dad I think that would be the best. Look, you go ahead and go to the track and enjoy yourself and I'll just rest then tonight I'll make us a nice dinner, alright?" I asked.

Jack dropped me off at the house then took off for the track. Knowing I was alone, I stripped out of my clothes and naked I headed out to the pool. I swam a few laps and tried to relax and the time gave me the chance to think about what had happened the night before. Although it was wrong and seemed almost incestuous if you thought about it, it had excited me too. Maybe my body was just reacting to not having sex in a long time or maybe I was just a closet slut, I wasn't sure which. I got out of the pool and lay on a lounge chair totally naked and just took in the warm Arizona sunshine. Some time later I went into the house, showered and then laid down on my bed, put a pillow under my butt and I masturbated thinking about Jack fucking me and I came, over and over. I finally fell asleep with my hand between my legs having had several wonderful orgasms.

I don't know what woke me, there wasn't any noise or anything I just suddenly woke up and when I opened my eyes I saw Jack standing in the doorway staring at my nakedness. I should have covered up or at least yelled at him to go away but I didn't, I just laid there staring at his face and the leering look in his eyes until he finally he spoke.

"God damn Sharon but you are the most beautiful woman I have ever known, Helen being the exception."

I loved the compliment and I could see the bulge in the front of his pants as he moved closer to the bed, still I didn't move a finger. I wondered what he was thinking about as he stared at me laying there, my breasts on display sagged down on my chest and my pussy which was probably still wet from my orgasms ... I soon found out.

Jack moved to the edge of the bed, sat down then reached out and lightly touched my breast. It was a very gently touch almost like someone making sure that it was a real woman, not some dream. His fingertip trailed down my breast, over my stomach and I knew where it was going to end up and I wanted to tell him to stop, not to do it, but I didn't say a word. His finger finally found its mark, slipping gently between my labia and then trailing downward until it slipped deeper inside my pussy then worked its way back up my slit until he found my clit. I shivered, closed my eyes and just let him molest me. I felt him moving onto the bed and when he grabbed my ankles and spread my legs I opened my eyes and looked into his and knew what he wanted..."Go ahead dad, lick me." That was the extent of my conversation with my husbands' father. He lifted my legs up until my feet were flat on the bed, then he reached around my legs and opened my pussy with his fingers then stuck his tongue inside me and began licking and sucking on my clit. I don't know when or how he did it but at some point he too was naked and he had turned so that his cock was almost touching my right breasts. Smiling, I reached down and began stroking him only now I could actually see his cock. He was as long as I thought and thicker than I had realized but it was beautiful too. Circumcised, with a large pink cock head and dark brown ridge line, I loved the way if felt when my fingers moved up his shaft and then had to slip over the ridge line like a speed bump in a parking lot. My thumb swished across his cock head, wiping his pre-cum onto my thumb then I sucked it and tasted him for the first time ... and he tasted great! I could feel my orgasm starting and I instinctively lifted my butt up so he could get his tongue deeper inside me, then I came. "Ohhhhhh God! Oh My God!!! Oh dad, oh fuck dad, eat my pussy ... plesseeeeeee eat meeeee!!!!" I held his head tightly against my pussy and let him keep licking my clit as my body spasmed over and over. He didn't stop when I came again and I hoped he wouldn't stop anytime soon ... then my cell phone rang. "FUCK!" I screamed as I reached across to the bedside table and picked up my phone and looked at the incoming number. It was Bill and I knew that I had to take the call. I smiled down at Jack and said, "It's Bill," and I opened the phone, "Hi honey."

"Hey sexy, watcha doing?"

I looked down at Jack as his tongue licked and sucked on my clit and smiled. "Well I was sleeping but I guess I'll get up and make dinner." I looked down at Jack and he was smiling back at me. God I hated the lying.

"How's dad doing?"

"Your dad? Uh, well he is certainly doing better today than he was yesterday." I felt his finger ease into my pussy and I knew he was searching for my 'G' spot.

"That's great baby, God I really appreciate you taking an interest in dad and I'll bet he appreciates that too."

I pushed Jack's head down deeper into my pussy. "Oh I don't mind helping and I know that he appreciates me." I was surprised when Jack quit licking my pussy and moved around on the bed then I realized what he was up to, he was going to try and fuck me. I shook my head 'NO' as his butt moved up underneath my legs, his cock bouncing around and touching my hot and very wet and willing pussy.

Jack looked up and me and mouthed, 'I'm going to fuck you.'

I shook my head no again and tried to push him away with my free hand but it didn't have any effect on him. I felt his cock as it parted my lips then I drew a deep breath as his cock slid into my pussy, filling me like no one ever had. "Ahhhhh."

"Honey?" Bill asked, "What's wrong ... it sounded like you hurt yourself?"

"Hu ... hurt myself?" God his cock was sliding in so deep and felt so damned good and I was about ready to cum again. "Oh, sorry darling, I rolled over and got a cramp in my leg, no big deal really, just hurt for a second." Jack had my legs up over his shoulders and was deep inside me and I had never felt anything as good as that in my life.

"Well look baby I just called to tell you that I love and that I'm headed to the airport. I've got to get going honey ... I hear the taxi honking and I've got to be at the airport on time. I love you baby."

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