by Harddaysknight

Tags: Romantic, Heterosexual,

Desc: Drama Story: A couple chaperone high school seniors on an island adventure.

It seemed like a great idea at the time, but don't most cluster fucks start out as strokes of genius? Cindy's older sister, Chloe, had asked us if we would be interested in being chaperones on her daughter's class trip to the exotic Caribbean Island of Kokomo. All we had to pay for were our airline tickets. My wife quickly accepted the offer.

Chloe even offered to watch our two kids, who were nine and seven, while we were on the trip. Chloe's husband, Will, was an up and coming lawyer in the middle of a big case. He simply could not take the time off for this trip.

"I've heard some horror stories about kids, especially girls, on these trips to the islands. If I can't be there to keep an eye on Trish, then I want you and Dave to be there," revealed Chloe. "Make no mistake, Cindy. You and Dave have my permission to take whatever steps you feel are necessary to keep Trish out of harm's way. If you feel you have to tan her butt to keep her from getting into trouble or danger, go ahead and do it. I'd rather have her come home with a bruised ego, and ass, than have her disappear, or worse, on this trip!"

"Trish has never given us any problem, Chloe. She's our god-daughter and we love her like our own. Rest assured that we will take good care of her. I really doubt that she'll cause any trouble," responded Cindy.

"Cindy, we both remember our class trips," reminded Chloe. "We were lucky that we didn't get into some real trouble. I heard how you split that bottle of bourbon with two other girls and all three of you were sick the next day. I was caught trying to sneak out my bedroom window, and we were staying on the third floor! I was lucky that we had good chaperones. There will be 75 kids on this trip and 15 adults to keep an eye on them. You'll have your hands full!"

"Dave will have his eyes full with all those young women running around on the beach in skimpy swim suits," laughed Cindy. "I'll be spending more time keeping him in check than the kids."

"Thanks, Sis. I appreciate you doing this for me, and for Trish. She thinks that now that she's 18, she can do whatever she wants, so be warned," advised Chloe. "She's still in our house, we're paying for her college, and she will toe the line."

I was thinking exactly as Cindy had suggested. I was going to spend a week on a subtropical island with 75 kids just graduating from high school. I had to believe that at least 35 or so would be female and most of them would look pretty good in little bikinis. Cindy could worry about the discipline. I was going to relax and enjoy myself. I'd be keeping an eye on the kids alright, the female kids!

We took two rickety old buses from the small airport to our hotel rooms, which were right on the beach. I had spent the plane trip trying to remember the names of the kids, as well as the chaperones. I soon realized I would never remember them all, so I eliminated all the unimportant names. That was pretty much all the males. That made it a lot easier, but I still was having trouble, so I eliminated some of the older female chaperones.

Cindy and I were the youngest chaperones, except for a couple of teachers. All the parents that went were at least in their late thirties. Most were in their forties and a few in their fifties. Miss Marie Beauvais and Mrs. Joan Davis were the two teachers whose names I committed to memory. I salivated thinking about them in tiny little swim suits. If I were any judge of the female form, they would fill their suits out very nicely!

It was still early afternoon, so everyone was eager to change and get out to the beach. That was when I had my first surprise. Cindy came out of our bathroom wearing the smallest bikini I had ever seen! Shit! Now I had to keep an eye on her and make sure all the teenage boys with raging hormones didn't get too frisky. Then there were the other male chaperones. How the hell was I supposed to chaperone my wife around adults? Things suddenly became complicated.

Cindy was a beautiful woman of 34, who could pass for a twenty-something. The only apparent effect the two kids she delivered seemed to have on her had been to enlarge her breasts a cup size. Now they were trying to spill out of her top.

"You like my suit, Dave? I knew you'd be making a fool out of yourself ogling all these beautiful girls on this trip. I thought I'd try to do something to help take your mind off them. The only thing I could come up with was to try to get you to ogle these girls," teased Cindy as she cupped her breasts in her hands.

The first few days went pretty well, all things considered. I couldn't range too far from Cindy when we were on the beach. If I left to get a drink or a towel, I'd return to find several of the high school boys had found some reason to chat with Cindy. They always had at least one of the male chaperones with them, too. I always tried to take it in stride and smile as the crowd dispersed upon my return. They always seemed to remember someplace else they had to be when I came on the scene.

"What's that smell?" I asked Cindy when I returned to her side after an unusually large group of horny young males had been visiting with her.

"I don't smell anything, except the ocean, Dave," replied Cindy.

"I think it might be testosterone, hanging like a cloud around here, Cindy," I told her with a straight face. "It's either that or acne medicine. I can't really tell for sure."

"Dave!" laughed Cindy. "Those young men are always very polite, even if they do seem to get bulges in their trunks all the time. I'm glad they don't wear those Speedos that show everything. It's nice to be appreciated by young, virile men."

"What the hell am I?" I demanded in mock anger. "Most people don't consider 38 as being over the hill. I still get a bulge in my swim suit!"

"I noticed that when I saw you talking to that Dakota and her friend, Grace," observed Cindy. "You need to be a little careful, Dave. Those girls are looking for some fun here and you look like the alpha male in this group. Don't lead those girls on, and don't ever find yourself alone with one of them. You are here to protect them. Be sure to keep it that way."

I blushed a little at Cindy's comment. Those two girls were absolute knock-outs and they did seem to enjoy being in my company. As I considered my fantasies with those girls, I thought about Chloe, and the other parents, expecting me to do my best to keep them from harm. I already had the hottest woman on the island. I knew that. I had to make sure I kept my head out of my ass and appreciated my situation. It was okay to look, but Cindy was my woman and still my best fantasy.

Some of the kids wanted to play tennis, so Cindy, who happened to be an excellent player, and a few other chaperones went with them to the courts. It had been explained to all the kids that none of them were allowed to go anyplace by themselves. Half an hour later, I was approached by Trish and her two friends, Dakota and Grace.

"Uncle Dave? Dakota, Grace, and I are going to stroll up the beach a mile or two," stated Trish matter-of-factly. "We're following the rules by checking in with a chaperone before we go."

"I don't know if that's a good idea, Trish. I kind of feel responsible and I don't like the idea of you getting that far out of my sight," I admitted.

"Then you should come with us, Dave," suggested Dakota. "We can't be any safer than when we are with such a big, strong man. You can keep us in your sight all the time."

Trish gave Dakota an annoyed look. That was enough to make up my mind. If Trish didn't want me to go along, it was probably best if I did.

"Okay, girls," I relented. "Lead the way."

We chatted about all kinds of things as we walked. I realized I was having a good time. Having three beautiful 18 year old girls with me had a lot to do with my contentment. We were almost two miles up the beach when I saw a sign near the dunes. As we approached it, I noted that it was written in several languages. Luckily, English was among them.

"Wait, girls," I cautioned. "This is a nude beach! We'd better turn around and go back."

As I finished reading the sign and turned to face the girls, I found that Dakota was totally naked and Grace was topless and sliding her bottoms down. Both girls looked absolutely incredible! I had to admit it. I also had the presence of mind to know that I had been set up. They had known where they were going. That was obvious.

"Girls, please put your suits back on and we'll go back. You should have asked a female chaperone to come with you if you had this in mind," I complained weakly.

"Oh, Dave! Do we look so terrible?" laughed Dakota. "Should we be ashamed to be naked on the beach? Do the other girls here look better?"

I looked ahead and saw numerous naked women and men walking, chatting, and just sunning themselves. What sort of mess had I gotten into?

"You girls look fantastic and you know it, but this is not right!" I admonished. "I can't go naked and I won't be able to watch you if you go up that beach. I want you to get dressed and we'll go back right now."

"Keep an eye on our suits, if not our bodies, Dave," grinned Grace as the two of them took off up the beach.

I turned to face Trish. At least she had the sense to be embarrassed. Her face was red, and she still had her suit on.

"I'm so sorry, Uncle Dave. I should have told you what we were planning. I couldn't believe it when they invited you to come along with us. They had to know I'd never get naked in front of my own uncle," whined Trish.

I picked up the fragments of fabric the girls had been wearing and took Trish by the hand.

"Come along with me, Trish. We'll just keep our clothes on and go get them," I decided as I watched the two girls become smaller and smaller as they hurried up the beach.

We hadn't gone over a hundred yards when a large man, wearing an ID tag on a string around his neck, and nothing else, stopped us.

"This is a nude beach, sir," he needlessly pointed out to me. "I have to ask that you either remove your clothes or return to the other side of the signs."

"I'm supposed to be watching a couple girls that took off naked up the beach and we're just trying to catch them," I pleaded. "We'll get off the beach as soon as I catch up to them."

"Sir, they aren't breaking the rules. You two are. Please leave, or remove your clothing, right now," he insisted.

There it was! My ass was in a real tight crack. If I abandoned Dakota and Grace and they had any sort of trouble, I would be held responsible. If I got naked and they saw me, which they'd have to do since I was determined to catch them, I'd be in a world of shit with Cindy, not to mention some parents and other chaperones!

I quickly mulled it over. It seemed that being in trouble with Cindy, and others, was something I could possibly solve with some fast talking. Allowing those two airheads to run into trouble was something I could not explain.

"Get out of your suit, Trish!" I growled as I untied my trunks and began sliding them down. "You've put me in a real bind here. I can't leave you alone while I look for them, so get naked. This'll be our secret."

Yeah, we'd keep that secret, for about ten seconds! I had no illusions. Dakota and Grace would blab all over, even if Trish knew enough to keep her mouth shut. I tossed my suit, as well as the girls', on a nearby bench, hoping they would still be there when we got back. I saw another garment land on top of mine. Trish was nude, too.

I turned to take her hand and start up the beach. She trembled a little, but made no complaint as we hurried after the other two girls. By now they had gone around a curve in the coast and were out of sight. I was fuming. At least I had no trouble not getting an erection. Fear can kill any erotic thought, I realized as we marched after the two friends of Trish's. I was with my wife's beautiful 18 year-old niece on a nude beach. Could there possibly be a better formula for disaster?

It got worse. We managed to get to the other end of the nude beach without finding the two girls. I was trying to not stare too long at anyone we passed. I had enough problems without some jealous husband or boyfriend taking offense at my actions. Still, I had managed to look closely enough to know we had not gone by Dakota and Grace.

I lost my anger. I started to become worried. Where were they? What if something happened to them? How could I ever explain it? There was no explanation that could be acceptable. As a parent, I knew that. I would expect my kids to be kept safe and out of trouble by their chaperones. That was the sole purpose of having chaperones!

The sun was getting low in the sky and the beach was emptying out. I turned with Trish and started back.

"Where are they, Uncle Dave?" asked Trish.

She didn't seem to even think about the two of us being bare-assed naked any more. She was growing concerned for her friends, too.

"I don't know, Trish," I admitted. "Let's walk closer to the dunes. We can watch to the water's edge and look around the dunes at the same time.

We had gone about a third of the way back to the spot where Dakota and Grace had left us when I heard voices originating from the other side of a small hill in the dunes. I couldn't make out the words, but the tone was enough to worry me.

"Stay here, Trish," I ordered. "It sounds like there might be trouble."

I decided there was no reason for subterfuge as I marched over the dune toward the voices. Somehow, I wasn't all that surprised at what I found.

Grace and Dakota were sprawled on a couple large beach towels. They were crying as three men were in the process of forcing their legs apart and playing with their tits.

"Please!" begged Dakota. "Don't do this. We're virgins. Let us give you hand jobs!"

"You dumb cunts," chuckled the man by Grace. "You drank our beer and enjoyed teasing our cocks. Now it's time to pay the fucking piper. Spread your legs, now!"

"You'll be thanking us later," laughed another thug. "Consider this the audition for "Goliath and the Anal Virgins". We're just going to loosen you up a little for Goliath. Believe me; you'll be glad we did!"

The three men had been concentrating on the girls and never saw me coming. I waded into the first guy just as he dropped to his knees between Grace's trembling legs. He went ass over tin cup as my left fist struck him in the temple. It was not a time for discussion.

The bigger of the two remaining men came at me. I stood him up with a left. Then I followed with a right. He went over backwards and stayed there with his toes and dick pointing toward the sky.

Then I felt a stunning blow to the back of my head and I dropped to my knees. While I was dazed, the prick kicked me in the ribs and knocked me over. I started to get back up and he caught me in the right eye before I reached my feet. Now I was mad! We stood toe-to-toe and hammered each other. It felt like we were at it for an eternity, but I knew from experience that these things only last a matter of seconds. I finally felt the bastard's jaw break and he keeled over, unconscious before he hit the ground.

I swung around to the two girls, who were still lying on the towels, crying hysterically.

"Get your asses up!" I barked as I bent to grab Dakota's hand.

I quickly had her standing. Grace had jumped to her feet at my command. I put a hand behind each girl and pushed them toward the beach. That was when I saw Trish looking at me with tears in her eyes. She ran and grabbed the two towels the girls had been lying on and came back to me.

"Uncle Dave!" she cried. "You're bleeding. Let me wipe the blood off your face!"

I was too worried about the goons sleeping back in the dunes to stop. If they came after us, I wouldn't have the element of surprise on my side again, so the final outcome would be far different. By this time I had taken both Dakota and Grace by their hands and I marched rapidly back in the direction of the bench where our clothes were.

After about ten minutes of fast walking, I began to get dizzy. My head throbbed and my ribs hurt when I took a deep breath. I headed the girls toward the water. I released them and walked out into the waves. When I got up to my waist, I dropped down and let the water wash over my sore face. It stung, but felt good at the same time. After dunking myself several times, I left the water.

Trish was fawning over me as soon as I reached dry land. She handed me a towel and wiped me down with the other. I gasped when she patted my left side. Predictably, she had pressed on the same ribs that had absorbed a pretty good kick.

"I'm sorry, Uncle Dave!" apologized Trish as she continued to dry my back and shoulders. "I remember seeing that brute kick you there. I should have known it would be sore."

Dakota and Grace had stopped sobbing, but had yet to speak. They had to be thinking about how close they had come to being raped, and possibly worse.

I was amazed to find our suits were still on the bench where Trish and I had tossed them. We all dressed silently and started back to the hotel as the sun seemed to drop into the sea.

"You girls go get changed and join the group for dinner," I ordered. "They'll be asking where you were and where I was. Just tell them we went for a walk up the beach and we lost track of time. No one needs to know what really happened. Your reputations are at stake. Keep to your story."

I thought it would be better for the girls if no one knew they were on a nude beach, drinking beer, and almost raped. It would also be a lot better for me it the entire incident went under the radar.

I managed to make it back to my room without attracting too much attention. I kept the towel over my head and just peeked out from under it. I spent twenty minutes under a very hot stream of water in the shower. Then I collapsed into the bed. I carefully pulled the sheet over my head, faced the wall and lay on my stomach. I didn't want Cindy to see my face.

I was probably sleeping for half an hour when Cindy came into the room.

"Just where the hell were you, Dave?" she demanded immediately. "You just up and disappear with three girls for almost four hours? I warned you about that very thing! Trish and her friends wouldn't tell me anything, except you went for a long walk and lost track of time."

She yanked the sheet off my head and shoulders, but I kept still, facing the wall.

"Look at me when I talk to you," she insisted. "Are you too ashamed to look me in the eye?"

"Cindy, I made a mistake in judgment. I admit it, but I did not do anything with those girls that you should be upset with," I declared into the pillow. "Just leave me alone and let me sleep. We'll talk about it in the morning."

I heard Cindy curse and the door slam. I drifted off to sleep. I awoke again around midnight and found I was alone in my bed. I got up and went to the bathroom. My hope had been that I would be healed my morning. That dream went out the window when I looked at my reflection in the mirror. I had a cut over my left eye and it was badly discolored. My nose was swollen and the side of my chest was bruised. I looked through the small first aid kit in the medicine cabinet, but found nothing that looked like it would help.

Then I heard the door open and muffled voices carried through the bathroom door. There was a sharp knock and then the bathroom door opened.

"Oh, Dave!" cried Cindy as she looked at my sorry mug. "Why didn't you tell me? Get on the bed and let me take care of you, Baby!"

I was hurting pretty good by now so I let Cindy lead me back to the bed. That was when I noticed Trish was in the room. I looked for something to cover my nakedness.

"It's no time for modesty, Dave," whispered Cindy in my ear as she held a wet cloth to my head. "Trish, go get whatever pain medication they have in the lobby. Tell them to bill it to our room."

"Trish finally broke down and told me what happened, Dave. She didn't spare herself or her friends, either. They seem to think you're their knight in shining armor," revealed Cindy after Trish had left the room. "It looks like there are some chinks in that armor, Dave. Why didn't you tell me what happened when I came in earlier and made an ass of myself?"

"I screwed up, Cindy. I let those girls play me like a violin. I thought I'd be looking better by morning and no one would ever be the wiser," I mumbled over a fat lip.

"Better by morning? Shit, Dave, I'm tempted to take you to the hospital, except I don't have very much faith in the voodoo they practice on this island. You'll look like hell for a week or two after we get home," predicted Cindy, much to my consternation.

The next day found me lying on the beach, letting the sun soak into my aching joints and flesh. I knew everyone was talking about my appearance, but no one had actually asked me for details. It was obvious that my plan to keep the whole thing quiet was not going to work.

"Today at breakfast, Dakota and Grace told everyone what happened yesterday," revealed Cindy as she massaged lotion into my skin. "Some of the boys were making comments about how you must have had your ass kicked by someone. The girls decided that the truth needed to be told. Trish said you could hear a pin drop as they told their story about how you came over that dune and took out three very bad men. You're almost in the same class as Chuck Norris now," laughed Cindy.

"I wondered why your entourage of hormonal teens wasn't following you around today. Maybe they're afraid of my roundhouse kick?" I suggested with a painful smile.

I went to bed early that night and slept around the clock. My ribs were even sorer than they had been the previous day, but my face had lost the vivid colors of the previous day and now was mostly a sickly yellow around my eye. I felt a lot better.

That day was our last full day one on the island. The chaperones had agreed to split into two groups and accompany the kids to the only two clubs on the island on their last night. The legal drinking age was 18. We spent about half an hour explaining to the kids that those under 18 were to NOT drink any alcohol. Those that were 18 were threatened with any and all possible punishments if they had more than a few drinks over the course of the evening. No one was to leave either club without permission and a chaperone escort.

Cindy and I were with the group that included Trish, Dakota, and Grace. They had a good time, but appeared to follow the rules that had been laid out for them. It was around ten in the evening when the shit hit the fan.

Mrs. Reynolds, the high school vice-principal and the person in charge of the trip, sought me out as I sat at a small table with Cindy and a couple other chaperones.

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