The Naughty Wife
Chapter 1

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, True Story, Cheating, Slut Wife,

Desc: True Sex Story: Chapter 1 - How Cynthia got the spark back into her dull sex life

Cynthia was a married woman who believed in fidelity, family and marriage. She had all three, but she was bored. She did not want to lose her relationship with her husband or break up her family, but the sexual frustration she felt was making her unhappy. Some days she wished she had the courage to seek satisfaction. But that went against everything she had been taught was morally correct. She didn't know what to do about the problem, but she had to do something to spice it up or end it. She didn't want to end things with Ed; she really did love him and their children very much.

The spark had gone out and complacency had set in. Sex was boring and it was almost a chore now. The nighttime fumbling under the pajamas, Ed climbing on top and doing his thing for a few minutes, then rolling off, turning over and going to sleep, the dull routine was driving Cynthia nuts. She was a flesh and blood woman in her prime, and becoming more and more sexually frustrated with each passing day.

Cynthia was not a troll; in fact she was pretty damn hot for a thirty five year old woman. She was still slim, her body unmarred from childbirth. She had silky shiny blonde, green eyes the colour of freshly mown grass and a perfect hourglass shape that was made to wear sexy lingerie. Her secret little fetish was she always wore sexy lingerie under her clothes no matter what she happened to be wearing. It made her feel sensual and feminine.

Cynthia tried reading erotic stories to spice things up; maybe she could find some new ideas to try with Ed. All she accomplished by doing that was to make herself horny. Boring married sex after such an exciting story was a real let down and taking the matter into her own hands had gotten old quick.

Cynthia looked at nude pictures of men and watched erotic movies, they were very nice to look at, but she got the same result as with the stories. One night as Cynthia and her husband were watching TV; she saw an ad on TV for an online dating service for married people. Should she try it, or not? Was it cheating to talk to another man that feels the same way as she did? Would it ruin her marriage and family life, or make her feel alive again? There was only one way to find out.

Cynthia didn't tell Ed what she was about to do, but she decided to sign up with the online dating service while he was at work, but just to look around the site and see what it was all about. She was scared but she was excited too, after all, she had never done anything like this before. She could change her mind anytime and nobody would ever know. What a thrill! It was naughty and sexy. Should she just surf the site or actually look for a special friend?

Cynthia didn't know yet, perhaps she would just wing it. Almost immediately she had responses to her profile, lots of responses. Wow, there were a lot of unhappy men who wanted someone outside of their marriage, but didn't want to lose their spouse.

One man in particular struck her fancy, he lived fairly close to her and since both places were very small towns. It was very likely they knew one another, and he wanted to meet her. Just the thought of it made Cynthia hot. He was in the same situation she was. He was close enough to home that something exciting could happen, if she wanted it to. She decided to reply to his message, but not exchange names or pictures. What happened would happen. Cynthia asked to exchange e-mails with him, what could that hurt?

His profile name was Jonathon and he had described himself as dark haired, six feet tall and had sky blue eyes. Cynthia's profile name was Sindy, she choose that name because the site had felt slightly sinful to her where she signed up. Jon called her SexySindy; nobody had ever called Cynthia something like that in her entire life!

He described all the things he wanted to do with her if they ever did meet. Cynthia was sure her monitor screen steamed over a bit with each new message that arrived in her inbox. Jon was HOT. Jon wanted her. Jon made her tingle in places she had forgotten existed. Cynthia was quite enjoying her cyber affair with Jon.

His last message said he wanted to catch Sindy in the shower and rub soap all over her wet slippery body. He wanted to wash her long blonde hair and run his hands through it. She would smell so fresh and clean and it made him hard thinking about it. He kissed her neck; slowly moved downwards to kiss her shoulders, running his tongue down her neck to the nape. Then, oh so slowly; to move downwards to her full round breasts, her nipples erect and waiting for his attention. He would suck on each nipple making her want him even more.

He would then turn off the water and reach for a big fluffy soft towel to dry her off, so he could touch her even more, teasing and tantalizing with his hands. Sindy wanted to rub the water off Jon's body, everywhere. She wanted to feel his male body hair against her soft flesh and to feel his hard cock between her soft thighs.

Sigh, it all sounded wonderful. Cynthia missed that exciting, sexy type of daily contact. She dreamed of Jon when Ed fucked her. Ed used to do those things with her and she missed it. It didn't seem to bother him at all that those passion filled times seemed to be over. Cynthia frowned as she thought about it. Lately she looked forward to seeing Jon's message more than spending the evening with her husband, when he was home that is.

It seemed like he spent a lot of time out visiting his friends and she spent a lot of time at home with the kids and the TV. Maybe that was the trouble. Sometimes he did ask her along on the visits, but they were "with the guys" visits and she was always even more bored than if she stayed home. 'It should not be that way.' She thought, but it was.

Well here she was, another evening at home with nothing to do. Cynthia logged on. Jon had left her a new message. 'Maybe tonight would not be so bad after all, ' she thought. Jon asked her if she was ready to finish their shower. OOOO YES! She was! She was hot already just thinking about Jon & Sindy! She avidly read his message and replied with one of her own. This is what she wrote.

Sindy reached down and found Jon's cock; it was hard and ready for action. She stroked his erect cock and kneeled down before him and took him into her mouth. Jon groaned as Sindy stroked his cock with her tongue and gently suckled him just the way he loved. Suddenly he pulled away from her. Sindy looked confused and he said "I don't want it to end now, come up here" Sindy did as Jon asked and he kissed her mouth forcefully, tasting the salty taste of himself on her mouth, "Oh God." He moaned. "You are a hot little piece aren't you?"

Jon took Sindy's hand and led her to the bed. Its black satin sheets gleamed smoothly in the dim light. Jon gently pushed Sindy down to the bed and covered her with his body. He gazed down at her. She looked sexy as hell, blonde hair tousled lips red from his kiss and her eyes were heavy with passion. Jon leaned over and spread her legs wide. He then caressed her moistness with his long fingers. Jon licked his finger tasting Sindy's juices. "Jon! Jon! Fuck me, do me now! I need you" Cynthia typed.

"I'm home" Cynthia's husband said as he walked in the front door.

'Shit! He's back early.' Cynthia thought. "Hi Honey", she said with a bit of regret in her voice "Did you have a good time?" 'Just when things were getting good he had to come home. Damn!' She thought. Now she was a bit angry and very sexually frustrated. 'This is not the answer to my problem, ' thought Cynthia. Jon & Sindy were fun, but they really didn't help her boring sex life. She almost felt like meeting Jon in real life and living out the shower scene. She hadn't done anything really bad yet, but if she let it continue, she knew that she would and she would regret it.

The thing is Cynthia didn't believe in being unfaithful to her husband, after all she really did love Ed, and she didn't even really know Jon's name. Would it really be worth throwing away her husband's love and trust, for one exciting night? No, it would not. She decided she would say good-bye to Jon and tell Ed about her concern and unhappiness with their sex life.

It would be difficult, but Ed would never know her of unhappiness if she didn't bring it up. When they went to bed that night Cynthia started talking to her husband about how boring sex had become, how she had went online, met a man, and how they had talked about how both of them were unhappy. She told Ed her screen name was "Sindy" and she had met a man named "Jon". Cynthia's husband looked at her with a funny little grin and laughed.

"C'mere SexySindy, come let Jon fix your problems."

"You're Jon? You?"

"Yes, my dear wife, you see I was as bored as you were, and I saw the same ad on TV, so I went to a cyber café and logged on."

In the end, Sindy met Jon; they had wonderful hot sex once more, and not boring married sex. They also kept going to the online site, but together as a couple and talked to others like them. They are no longer bored, he no longer goes "visiting" and she no longer sits and "watches TV alone". Tonight they are online, in this very site, reading these stories and getting turned on. So now I must go, Jon is waiting for me, bye for now. ;-)


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