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Caution: This Horror Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Horror, Superhero, Caution, .

Desc: Horror Sex Story: A super hero comes to a sticky end at the hands of Sister Squeeze.

Every town needs a super-hero. Unfortunately the town of Sticksville had to make do with Alan Miller, a.k.a. Christian Crusader. It wasn't that Christian Crusader was a bad super-hero. He had all the requisite hero traits. He was strong; he was brave; he was athletic; he could fly. He was also blessed with the kind of fantastic good looks that made all the ladies swoon. With his flowing blond locks and a body that looked as though it had been finely chiselled from marble Christian Crusader was every bit the dashing hunk.

It was just that ... well ... he was a little embarrassing. I mean c'mon, Christian Crusader. Surely there had to be better names remaining a hero could take. And there was that white costume with the cape and the bright red cross emblazoned across the chest. Every other self-respecting super-hero had ditched the spandex years ago.

Still, it could have been worse. At least he wasn't a dangerous psychopath like that guy up in Gotham. Nor was he creepy like that kid who was always swinging through the skyscrapers of New York. No, Christian Crusader was a good old-fashioned, moral, upstanding and above all Christian super-hero. Even his detractors would grudgingly admit he did a good job in keeping the mugger population down. He was their hero and the people of Sticksville loved him.

Well, except for the young men of Sticksville. They thought he was a flash git and despised him for continually running off with their girlfriends.

And except for some of the young women as well. But the stories they told couldn't possibly be true and must be malicious lies.

This evening Christian Crusader was on the trail of his arch-nemesis: the Harridan. The wicked witch had set up her pernicious operations again in a disused factory out by the waterfront. Christian Crusader felt it was his sworn duty to prevent the good young girls of Sticksville from being forced into a life of vice and to protect the good folk of Sticksville from gambling away their immortal souls.

Christian Crusader also had special reason to be excited tonight. Sticksville wasn't exactly the most riveting town for a super-hero. While other heroes had dangerous arch-villains to constantly test their mettle against, most of the action Christian Crusader got was beating up surly delinquents and rescuing cats from trees.

Of course there was always the Harridan, but an aging madam was hardly in the A-list of super-villainhood. However, if the rumours Christian Crusader had heard were true, the Harridan had brought in outside help especially to deal with him.

Outside help with super powers.

Outside help with super powers that also happened to be female.

Christian Crusader had always wanted to battle a super-villainess. Preferably one with an ample bosom and very skimpy costume. No doubt she'd try and use her feminine charms to seduce him, but he would prove himself to be more than a match for her cruel beauty and then use his might to show her righteous justice.

Christian Crusader was practically quivering with excitement as he flew through the air towards his destination.

Frank Moore thought his luck had turned for the evening when the dealer turned over a ten as the river card. Twice the fish had stayed in on hands he had no right to be in on and twice he'd got lucky. The first with a gutshot straight that had cracked Moore's three of a kind and then with an outrageous runner runner flush that had smashed Moore's aces. He could see the fish was thinking he had done it again with another completed straight as the other man pushed a big stack of chips into the middle.

Not this time, Jose, Moore thought, coming back over the top.

The other man gawped like the fish he was when Moore revealed the jack-ten in hand.

Full house tens over jacks eats the straight and that was his money back plus interest Moore thought. That was what he loved about poker. Lady Luck only carried folks so far before Predator Probability brought them down.

Just as he was collecting up his chips the window smashed inwards as a white-caped figure burst into the room.

Not again, Moore thought as a white-gloved fist smashed into his face, shattering his jaw.

And he'd only just got back out of hospital as well, Moore thought as he sank down into darkness.

Christian Crusader threw the last henchman through the door into the Harridan's office. He followed and struck a heroic pose as he challenged his arch-nemesis.

"The game is up Harridan!"

The old woman behind the desk fixed him with a withering stare.

"How many times do I have to tell you it's Ann Varley," The Harridan replied. "I ain't no time for this immature foolishness." How could anyone run a perfectly disreputable business with idiots like this running around? It was embarrassing, just plain embarrassing.

"I have come to bring you to justice for your foul crimes."

"Crimes," Varley laughed. "No one was getting hurt 'til you showed up and put a fist through their face."

"I have come to free the girls from your vile bondage."

"None of my girls is forced to do anything they don't want to. I treat my gals well," Varley replied.

"It isn't moral," Christian Crusader stated in his most judgemental voice.

"Always those quick to say what's right and wrong for other folks. Maybe they'd be better off getting their own house in order first if you know what I mean," Varley fixed Christian Crusader with a steely glare. "Was a guy here last Tuesday who fractured one of my gal's arms because he couldn't get it up. Big guy. You think that silly mask hides your identity, but how many other 6' 5'' guys built like linebackers with blond hair d'you think live in Sticksville."

"Prepare to face my righteous wrath!" Christian Crusader bellowed.

"Sister Squeeze, please dispose of this clown."

"As you wish ma'am."

Christian Crusader turned to see a girl casually sashay into the room. This was it, this was the moment he'd get to fight his super-villainess. He appraised her eagerly as she walked into the room. The bosom was most definitely ample and the skimpy costume, well that wasn't so much skimpy as completely non-existent. The girl was completely naked. And also blue, bright blue, right down to the hair that snaked down her back in corn-row dreadlocks.

The blueness was a little jarring at first, but once he got over the initial shock Christian Crusader had to admit it was definitely sexy. It helped that her body was an absolute knockout as well. She was tall, easily six foot, and the right shade of curvy over athletic. Her large blue breasts bounced free, each topped with a perky dark purple nipple. She stopped, hand on hip as she looked Christian Crusader up and down with smouldering eyes.

"'lo sugah," she pouted.

"Prepare to battle," Christian Crusader challenged. He wondered what her powers were, other than her general, well ... blueness.

"You sure dat's what you want sugah. I can think of better uses to put dat energy to." She wiggled her hips and ran a blue tongue over full blue lips all the while staring directly into Christian Crusader's eyes.

"Your charms won't work on me," Christian Crusader stated defiantly. "For I wield the righteous wrath."

The blue girl tittered. "You're funny. I like dat. Dis gonna be fun."

"What are you?" Christian Crusader demanded. "Mutant? Alien? Government Experiment? What powers do you have?"

"I'm Sister Squeeze," the girl smiled enigmatically, "and as for powers, well I guess we'll have some fun finding out together."

Trust the Harridan to find someone who was more super-slut than super-villain, Christian Crusader thought. The girl looked a little soft really. He might have to hold back a little.

But not too much.

"There's still time to turn back from this path of evil and find the way to the light," Christian Crusader said. "You don't have to do what the Harridan tells you."

Speaking of the Harridan, Christian Crusader heard the click of a door behind the old madam's desk. Damn, he'd allowed the slut to distract him and now the Harridan was getting away. He looked towards the door, debating whether to give chase.


Out of the corner of his eye Christian Crusader saw the blue girl reach towards him with a hand that swelled and ballooned outwards. Before he could even react it wrapped around him and merged together into what felt like a thick rubber sheath. It looked like someone had rolled him up in a giant blue inflatable airbed with only his head protruding out of the top. How very undignified, he thought.

"Guess you missed the class where they told you never to look away from your opponent," Sister Squeeze laughed. She was standing in the same place, but her left arm had become boneless and pliant, running like a thick tube to the hand that had become the thick rubbery cocoon wrapped around Christian Crusader. "You in my grip now, sugah."

"This won't hold me long," Christian Crusader stated. His arms were pinned to his sides but the walls holding him felt soft and pliant. He flexed his muscles and felt the walls stretch around him. Not long at all, he thought, pushing his arms slowly outwards.

"My, ain't you a strong one," the girl smiled. A large bulge swelled out of her shoulder and travelled down her flexible left arm until it met and merged with the rubbery matter imprisoning Christian Crusader. The effect was instantaneous as the walls thickened by a few inches and snapped back to pinion his arms back at his sides again.

Grunting, Christian Crusader strained again. The walls gave a little but he could only push them so far before the elasticity snapped his arms back into place again.

"No use," the girl said.

Snarling, spittle staining his lips he strained again to no avail.

"You might be strong but you ain't got no leverage with your arms pinned to your sides."

Christian Crusader gave a great roar until the veins popped up on his neck as he gave an almighty flex of his muscles. The walls stretched and stretched and stretched and then held. Face burning, he tried to suck more air into his lungs for one last big push, but it was no use, the muscles in his arms were shivering now, worn out from the exertions.

No, one big push, that was all he needed.

The blue walls suddenly contracted so hard the air was forced from Christian Crusader's lungs with a gasp.

"Quit fighting, it's time to get naked with Sister Squeeze," the girl purred.

Within the cocoon Christian Crusader felt the fabric of his costume gripped tight in a number of different places. There was a sharp expansion and he felt his costume tear away in shreds, including his...

... his belt! The source of all his powers! Alan Miller panicked. He tried to struggle, but without the strength boost of his belt the rubbery walls now felt so tight around his body he could barely breathe.

"Dis is a nice piece of kit," Sister Squeeze held the belt in her right hand and looked at it admiringly. "Dis what allow you to fly, make you strong too."

It was over, Miller thought forlornly. Without his powers he'd never break her grip. His head slumped forward. She'd beaten him.

"Ah don't be so down", the girl soothed. "Not when we're gonna have so much fun together."

To emphasize what she meant Miller felt something pinch his bottom.

"If you good I might just give you your toy back," Sister Squeeze pouted.

Fun. Good. A germ of a plan suddenly entered Miller's mind. Since the slut seemed so keen to fuck him maybe he could turn that to his advantage. Maybe charm could triumph where strength had failed.

"Huf - maybe we've got off on the wrong foot here," he looked up and fixed her with his most dazzling grin, the one that made all the ladies melt.

"I knew you'd see it my way," Sister Squeeze smiled. "Why fight? It's so much better if you relax."

The fleshy cocoon around Christian Crusader began to slowly pulsate. The walls softened and pulled him down as they expanded around him. Undulating motions gripped his shoulders and back and tenderly began to massage the tenseness out of his muscles.

"Isn't this so much better?" the blue girl said. Slowly she walked forwards.

It was very good, Miller thought. Her cocoon pulsed around him and muscular contractions kneaded and stroked the muscles of his neck and back before spreading across his whole body. The sensation was incredible against his naked flesh. It was like being caressed and fondled by a hundred soft hands.

"And dis is just the beginning," she fixed Miller with a lascivious smile and then directed his gaze to her right hand. Mesmerised he watched her fingers bend back and forth before they lost all semblance of rigidity and began to undulate like snakes. The liquefaction spread down her arm until the entire limb was swaying with sinuous grace.

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