Blast From The Past

by Maria Rendes

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Imogene runs into a man she once went to school with. Now older, they both find out they have much more in common.

Putting the books back was a dull task and one which was dreaded by everyone who worked in the library. However since it had to be done Imogene had volunteered. The trolley was full as usual for a Saturday and required a good two hours to empty. Slowly and with concentration she started to methodically complete the task.

"I said excuse me" a male voice full of irritation broke her concentration. Imogene looked up to see a handsome young man with sharp features and deep piercing eyes. He was definitely taller than her and his broad shoulders and narrow hips emphasised his maleness even more. He wore expensive looking jeans and shirt, but his face was arrogant as was his tone of voice.

"I'm sorry, how can I help?" she asked looking directly into his eyes. The girl just reached his chin, but she was medium built. Her dark brown hair in many layers hung off her shoulders and her deep brown eyes showed gentleness and care. She had thick eye lashes and full lips contrasted the typical look of a librarian. She looked very curvy in her knee length skirt. Her breasts were full and the slightly stretching the shirt and one could just make out her cleavage if looking carefully. She looked vaguely familiar to him.

"I'm trying to look for a book on the computer, but it has crashed" he handed her a piece of paper. His actions spoke for themselves. She walked over to the central desk and typed in the information and wrote down anything relevant. She walked back and handed him back the paper. He turned to leave, without saying a word or a glance.

How rude!! She despised people who waltzed in and demanded help without being grateful. She went back to the faithful trolley and spent the rest of the day sorting out the desk papers so that it would be ready for her colleagues on Monday morning and the rest of the week.

5pm couldn't have come soon enough, sometimes it was such a bore, and thankfully she worked twice a week. Slipping on her jacket she exited the library and headed straight for a coffee-anything to keep her awake.

She took off the lid and smelt the rich aroma of the blend. Walking down the busy high street, she took sips; letting the hot liquid flow down and warm her throat from the chill. She wasn't really paying attention as she collided with someone spilling her coffee in the process.

"Oh my God, I'm so sorry. I wasn't paying attention" she began in horror. How could she be so clumsy? She looked up and recognised it was the very same young man who had been in the library earlier.

"You clumsy bitch; that was hot," he snapped back. He didn't look up at first too busy trying to cool off from the burning sensation.

"There is no need to be so rude" she said, almost wishing she could spill the rest over him.

"Oh I'm sorry, but if you were looking where you were going you wouldn't have spilt the damn drink in the first place," he explained with sarcasm. His eyes narrowed on the girl for the first time. The very same as in the library, even then she'd been far off.

"I have apologised sincerely and there is nothing I can do about it" she said trying to control her anger from surfacing.

"Imogene Meyers? It's you isn't it?" he suddenly said when he realised why she looked familiar to him. She had definitely changed since school, but he now remembered her well.

"Who are you?" she asked suddenly frightened by the familiarity by this stranger.

"Don't you remember me, Imogene?" he said with a smile.

"I'm sorry, but no. Now if you'll excuse me I have to go," she quickly said and attempted to go past him. No sooner had she done so when her wrist was gripped tightly and pulled back.

"Are you sure you don't remember me? Something in your eyes tells me that you do" he said staring at her with such familiarity that it sent shivers down her spine.

"Hey baby what's taking you so long? Who is that?" a blonde screeched. She looked at Imogene with venom. She had been waiting for ages in the station and decided to come looking for him when he was running late. She didn't expect to see a woman to be the reason for his tardiness.

"I just bumped into an old school friend and couldn't resist saying hi, even though she beat me to it by spilling coffee first" he said with a laugh, wrapping his arm around the girl.

"Oh" she sighed. "Xander we're running late as it is. I'm sure your friend won't mind" she said looking back at her with contempt.

"No, please. I'd hate for you to be stuck here on my account," she said as she hastily walked away from the couple. Never had Imogene walked so fast in her life. Her eyes could not believe it. Xander Rhys.

"They told me you work on Wednesdays too" a familiar voice said.

"What are you doing here?" Imogene said in surprise when she looked up from her desk and saw Xander standing in front of her in a dark suit. His smile was more like a smug and she wished she could wipe it off his face.

"It's a public library," he said with dripping honey. He still got under her skin after all these years.

"I know, but you said they. Who?" she said rooted at her spot.

"Your colleagues; look I finished work and you're about to in fifteen minutes. How about meeting me in that café?" he said noting that she was in the same skirt, but a dark red jumper today.

"I can't" she replied quickly.

"Imogene, I'm very sorry for Saturday both in the library and afterwards. I acted like a complete jerk. I'm not a rude person, but sometimes I have off days like other people" he said with sincerity.

"Well in that case I guess I over reacted too" she said with a sigh of relief and a laugh. She hadn't realised she'd been holding her breath for so long.

"So how about that coffee?" he asked in hope.

"Actually I'm dying for a Chai Tea or Hazelnut Milk. Have you tried them?" she replied.

"No, but I gather you know where to go then" he said with a laugh.

"Yeah, meet me outside in 20 minutes," she said.

"Twenty minutes it is" he said smiling before he left.

"Wow this milk is really nice" Xander said sipping it. They'd gone to a cute little French café not far from the library where Imogene often went.

"I'm glad you like it. You know this feels weird sitting here with you. I remember back at school we moved in very different circles and you and I never got on" she said pondering about the past.

He burst out laughing at her seriousness, then tried to keep a straight face when he saw she wasn't amused, but attempting to suppress a smile herself. "Well that was a long time ago; we're all grown up" he said.

"Fine, you're right. So what are you up to these days?" Letting the Chai run down her throat and soothe her body.

"Well I work for a firm that sponsor's projects and things like that," he explained. "What about you? If memory serves me correctly you were bit of a bookworm," he said with a cheeky grin.

"Haha; actually I'm doing my PhD at IOE in actuarial maths and we're about to finish off a project," she explained.

"The IOE? My firm, or more specifically my sector, sponsors the maths department. There's a conference in three months time and I've been nominated to attend on behalf of the firm," he said in surprise.

"Small world. Yeah I know about it as I've been nominated to go. Got to get the work done by the end of the month before I can formalise the findings," she laughed.

"Are you doing anything tonight? I know this great Iranian place that does really nice kebabs with rice and barbequed tomatoes" he asked hoping she'd say yes.

"Sounds good to me. It'll be nice to catch up," she said finishing up her tea. Actually it sounded very good because they'd nearly spent two hours and she was getting hungry.

"Thank you again, but you really should've allowed me to pay as well" Imogene said.

"I know what it feels like being a student; and honestly it was my pleasure," Xander replied. He had a really nice time with her unlike his date on Saturday who spent most of the evening pouting or being rude to the waiters. Had it not been for the great sex afterwards, he'd have dumped her at the restaurant.

"Well see you around then" her voice bringing him back to the present.

"Let's meet up again" he said giving her a kiss on her cheek.

"Did you hear anything we discussed?" the voice brought her out of her trance. She had been sitting there all morning staring at her work in the lab but been unable to concentrate.

"Sorry I was miles away Blake. I... ," her voice trailed off.

"My God Gen, we can't afford for you to be having day dreams. You were assigned to my team by your tutor as an 'asset' but I'm starting to find that very hard to believe," he said sternly before walking away.

She sat back and stretched out. Her body need a strong shot of caffeine if she was ever to wake up and concentrate. All the Red-bush teas had been great for relaxing in the evenings, but were not giving her the energy she needed to sustain for research.

Xander and she were meeting up in cafes most times since she bumped into him three weeks ago. They even went to the cinema, but she didn't think they were dating because everything was very platonic especially on his behalf.

Her project was in the middle of being assessed but her leader was in a foul mood due to the stress. She knew he appreciated her, but her concentration had a tendency to wonder.

"Gen, you know you're going to the conference for a five days right? You hand in the project and then you have the time to yourself. They'll give you an informal feedback with questions, but the real assessment will be some time in June when we are all going," Blake explained.

"I'm really nervous," she sat there, fidgeting.

"Nonsense, you'll be fine. Sorry for earlier, I always become like this when a project of this magnitude is due in," he explained looking at her over his glasses. She reminded him of himself when he was her age.

"I know my attention span isn't great, but I promise that this project will reflect my ability to join your team on a more permanent basis-that is if I qualify" she said with hope and sincerity.

"I'm sure you will do. I believe you'll be leaving on Wednesday afternoon by train. It'll be a nice break from the library too" he said getting up and putting on his jacket.

"Yes. I've two days to pack for five days" getting up to leave with him. He was a particular type with his tweed suits and funny hairstyles.

"Hello?" Xander asked grabbing the phone just in time. He hated getting phone calls during a shower, but he was just wrapping a towel when he heard it ring.

"Hi Xan, its Imogene, I wanted to know if we're meeting at the station or meeting up first," she enquired, casually. Busy packing her suitcase, she couldn't remember the arrangements.

"Be ready by 12pm. I'll be picking you up by cab," he then placed the receiver down. He smiled at fate. When they were eleven he and his friends had cornered her asking to see her bra. She'd apparently developed from an early age and they were curious. She never gave in, but pushed her way past. Shivering he realised he was still dripping wet from the shower.

Just as promised, her door bell rang on the dot. She'd woken up just before nine to make sure everything was in order and that she hadn't forgotten everything. Looking at her little suitcase she pulled a face thinking she'd packed too much like a typical girl.

Well it was too late; they didn't have time for her to unpack. She opened the door to find Xander standing with the cab waiting for them. He was wearing his same expensive jeans but this time a dark red jumper. The colour complementing his brown shade, which was slightly darker than hers. She on the other hand was wearing three-quarter black pants with a low-cut top accompanied with a black wrap. Her boots matched her bag.

Xander was pleasantly surprised not to find her still fluffing around like most women he knew. She just handed him her suitcase and took her jacket before locking the door and following him down.

"Where's the rest" he asked in confusion.

"Oh, you mean if there are more bags. Sorry to disappoint you, but I've learnt to take just what's necessary," she replied.

"You're the first woman I know who knows the meaning of minimise. I once had a girlfriend who just didn't pack the fridge," he said.

"I used to be like that, but when you travel, you begin to realise that you can't always pack everything" getting into the cab and looking at her house as it disappeared into a speck.

"Have you had breakfast" he asked.

"If you consider fruit with yoghurt and honey breakfast, then yes," she said just before her stomach grumbled as if accusing her of lying. They both laughed.

"We'll get something on the train, but meanwhile I got us these," he produced two plain croissants. She greedily began to eat, not realising how hungry she was.

"What is it?" she asked with a mouthful when she caught him staring at her. Then realised she must've come across as someone who'd been given food for the first time.

"Nothing, it's been a long time since I've seen a woman eat," he said.

"I'll take that as a compliment," she said before taking another bite.

"No, what I meant is that women have this complex about eating and their weight especially in front of guys," he quickly explained trying to retract his comment.

"No worries Xan. I can't stand women who eat carrot sticks and claim it as food. I love food and I love to eat," she with a satisfied smile.

"Well since we're going to be there for five days or so, do you want to hang out with me?" He asked.

"Sure. I really don't know anyone," she replied.

The rain was hitting the windows and ground hard, when they finally arrived by train. Five hours ago the weather had been mild and now this. The sky was a dark misty grey, showing no signs of changing. The place looked more like a tiny village than the city center, but she was sure it was because of where the station was situated. The air was cold and damp, thank God for the coat, but no umbrella.

The hotel looked more like a cosy cottage. Inside it was furnished between a classic and modern look with a nice seating area beside the fireplace. Leaving her stuff near the counter, Imogene walked over to warm up from the damp that was making her shiver. They didn't have a choice where to stay. After ten minutes she walked back to the desk and gave her name.

"What do you mean there's been a mistake?" she asked in disbelief when they were told that they'd have to share a room.

"Really sorry miss, but there seems to be some kind of error with our system and we only have the one room and nothing is available till ten days time," the clerk explained in a frenzy.

Exhaling slowly, she closed her eyes before opening them slowly. "Fine; I hope it's a twin room" she said more calmly. Xander was still a stranger to her and wasn't keen on sharing a room.

"Actually it's a double" the clerk replied with a grimaced look.

"No!!" she shrieked in horror. "He is not my boyfriend. I am not his girlfriend!" She could already feel the blush creeping up on her cheeks not to mention she was sounding like a lunatic.

Xander who was standing quietly found her reactions quite amusing. He would've have preferred to be alone, but four nights in bed with her seemed like a better option. "We'll take it" he said trying to suppress laughter and show annoyance.

Imogene just stared at him in shock. He was so calm about the whole thing unlike her. She didn't want him to think he was repulsive, but it didn't appeal to her the idea of sharing a bed with a 'stranger'. Picking up her bag, she took the key and went upstairs.

The room was the only one on the third floor with an ensuite, it was fairly large, and had plenty of windows to let light in. From what she could tell, it must've been the attic at one point from the ceiling and space. The bed looked more like a king-size, a table with a lamp on either side; in front of the bed was a chest like box in which, she assumed, the linen was kept but used to sit on too. Opposite the bed was another table with a good size television.

The bathroom was close to the bed making it convenient. A large wardrobe stood next to the television. The décor consisted of subtle colours with few hints of striking colours to repress dullness. Overall she liked the room.

Xander was less fussy. As long as the bed was comfy and the water ran he was content because he knew it was a temporary measure. The taste of the room reminded him of his grandmother's house minus the sharp colours. Settling his bag down, he went over to the bed and tested it out.

Imogene wasted no time in unpacking, and hanging her clothes with the hangers provided, making sure Xander had some too. She walked over to her side of the bed and placed all lingerie neatly in the top drawer, before placing her bag underneath the television table trying to make the room mess free.

He watched her work silently and methodically. He wondered what she'd wear to bed, he usually wore shorts and a t-shirt, but the room was pleasantly warm and didn't require a t-shirt, but for her benefit he's wear one. He wasn't fussed about hanging his clothes at first, but seeing her made him think twice; it would be easier to choose in the mornings.

"Right, that's me sorted. I'll have my shower tomorrow morning. What time is it?" she finally asked when she realised how silent everything was.

"Nearly seven, I don't think we should go out tonight, as it looks like the rain won't stop, but tomorrow is sure to be drier and so is the rest of the time we're here. We may even be lucky and have some sun" he said with a smile.

"Oh God, that's so boring. This whole place is. I've been to places like these before and they're great only when you choose to go," she said with a sigh as she sat on the bed and took off her boots and put her feet up. The bed was incredibly soft. She looked forward to sleeping in it until she remembered she wasn't going to be the only one in it.

The evening dragged on. The only source of entertainment was the television which to their surprise had some really good films on. The only time they left the room was to go down for dinner. They didn't realise how hungry they were until they had started to eat.

"Do you mind if I use the bathroom first? It'll give you the privacy of getting changed" she asked once upstairs. She was busily collected her things.

"Nope" he replied taking his time to hang his clothes and lay out his night clothes.

"I don't want to seem pedantic, but please make sure you stay on your side of the bed," she emphasised.

"I promise," he said making a cross on his heart.

Locking the door, she was able to brush her teeth and get changed without eyes ogling at her. He may have been a gentlemen, but he was still a man and she wasn't about to take her chances. She began to get changed into an apple-white slip. The room was too warm for anything else and unlike normal silky slips; this one was made from cotton reaching just above her knees.

When she left the bathroom, Xander was already changed and waiting for his turn. He was pulling the covers back when he stopped and looked up at her. Despite her hair which had been held in a tight bun was now flowing just above her shoulders, she looked just as sweet as when he saw her putting the books away that Saturday. Her bust stretched the top part slightly, he could just make out the dark areolas of her nipples, but he didn't want to be caught staring.

Suppressing any thoughts he pulled the covers back before disappearing into the bathroom. She held her breath till he walked past. Her belly was full of fluttering butterflies when she saw the way he was looking at her. He too looked very tempting. He definitely had a nice body which was lean but muscular. The loose shorts emphasised the length of his legs and the t-shirt wasn't clingy. She could hear him brushing his teeth and decided to jump into bed.

Xander smiled when he looked across to see her tooth-brush in the cup along with toothpaste. She was so organised. He tried to kick away the mental image of her in her slip, but it was arousing. He didn't know if he could survive the night or even the entire trip, but he had to.

Switching off the light, he came back into the room to find her snuggled up and watching a film. The bed was large enough for them not to touch, but he wanted to hold her. Walking around the bed, he climbed in and picked up the book and began reading.

After twenty minutes he gave up reading and joined her in watching a film. Several times she'd gotten up and made tea for them which were nice as she was really into herbal tea and needed it tonight out of all nights.

"Imogene, I think I'm going to sleep after this movie. The tea is really starting to make me drowsy" he said with a yawn. He was finding it difficult to keep his eyes open.

"Yeah, I'm feeling sleepy too" she said after taking a long sip. The clock on her table was indicating close to 1am. She couldn't believe she'd spent an unconstructive evening in bed watching films.

As the movie ended, she looked across to find him asleep and most importantly on his side. She switched off the TV and table lamp as she settled into the covers and let sleep consume her.

She didn't know what time it was, but it must've been early morning, when she opened her eyes and felt heat very close to her body. Xander must've rolled over to her side during his sleep, what she couldn't understand was why his hand rested so naturally on her left breast and what was more confusing was why it had it slipped inside.

She gently took his hand off and tried to place it on himself, but it slipped back and rested on her belly this time. Rolling her eyes, she lay there trying to go back to sleep despite being so intimately close. However a sudden jerking of his hips made her eyes snap open. She knew an erect penis when she felt one poking her ass and lower back. She was grateful she couldn't feel it flesh to flesh. Too embarrassed to wake him up, she just waited for him to turn over.

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