In Over My Head

by The Wanderer

Tags: Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Cheating, Harem,

Desc: : A very straight and conservative type guy, a divorcee overhears some other guys discussing a wager. The subject of which is, the seduction of a young married woman. Our hero decides to intervene and frustrate the gamblers plans. During the following chapters the hero's whole outlook on life changes somewhat and by the end of the tale he's living a very unconventional and altogether different lifestyle.

What sex there is in this story comes in part three, but it is in no way a stroke story. Oh and if you haven't liked my other stuff, don't waste your time with this one.

My thanks go to Techscan and LadyCibelle for their kind assistance with the editing of this story and correcting the usual clangers that keep my critics so happily amused. But I'm sure you'll find something you don't like in the story somewhere.

I would like to point out that my editors do not necessarily agree with my interpretation of the characters or the events portrayed. Any flack should be directed at me. This is a work of fiction and comes solely from my somewhat demented mind.

The Wanderer

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Story tagged with:
Consensual / Romantic / Heterosexual / Cheating / Harem /