What a Life
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Humor, Incest, Sister, Cousins, InLaws, Swinging, Oral Sex, Squirting, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, Voyeurism,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The generous wife gets hers then has a bunch chores for her lucky but clueless husband. This is a "Sexy" romance story.

What a life. Gorgeous wife, great job that pays a bunch and is really easy, lucked into a house on ten acres that is far beyond what anyone in my income bracket could hope for, and did I tell you how neat my ole’ lady is? Absolutely, positively scrumptious.

Lady Lydia (my pet name for her, real name Linda) snuggled up to me on the couch while we were watching some mundane showing of America’s most Talented or whatever it was.

“Tom?” She started, “Isn’t it time we started a family?”

“Anytime honeybunch, anytime. I’m ready to be a Daddy. Wanna’ try to make one?” I queried.

“Let’s go to bed lover and make a baby.” Linda answered.

“Um, what about your pills?” I asked.

“What pills?” She asked. “I quit those last month.”

“What makes you think you’re not already P.G.?” I asked.

“This is the first time I’ve ovulated since I stopped taking the pill.” Linda answered.

So we went to bed. I dumped a large continent’s worth of sperm into her before we went to sleep then banked it with an infusion during the night and re-affirmed the deed by thoroughly loving my delicious wife in the morning before we had to get started on the day.

We did this everyday for over a month till Lady Lydia said for me to accompany her to the bathroom for “The Test.”

Linda peed into a cup then dipped the telltale strip into her pee. When she pulled out the strip, there was a bright red area that read “Baby.”

“Tom, Tom we’re going to have a baby. Isn’t this the most wonderful thing that could be?” Linda asked.

“I love you Linda, this is great. You know I’ve wanted to be a Daddy since we married.” I said this gathering her into my arms for some snuggles and kisses.

Linda couldn’t wait to tell her folks, then her sisters, her grandparents, her aunts and then her cousins. It took her less than two hours to advise her entire family and then most of mine that we were expecting an heir. You see Linda is like a second or third cousin to me. We weren’t really that closely related but we used to call each cousin. Anyway something like that so we had a bunch of mutual cousins and relatives making it even easier to get the word out.

The first weekend after the discovery, she confirmed her condition with a visit to her gynecologist. She was started on some vitamins and given some simple instructions along with the go ahead to reward you’re loving sperm donating husband with as much loving as he can stand.

Let me tell you, I can stand a lot of lovin’. Linda was so loving that Saturday night after multiple displays of our mutual devotion; I couldn’t get it up any more. That was a first.

Life continued for a couple of weeks till Linda snuggled up to me on the couch almost the same as she did when we went for the “filling up of the oven” routine.

“Tom?” She started.

“Hmmmm.” I answered with sleepy eyes.

“Your Sister needs a favor from you.” Linda said.

“Which one?” I asked.

“Darla.” Linda answered.

“What does she need now? A new dildo or does she need me to throw out her most recent butchy girlfriend.” I groaned.

“Oh Tom. It’s not like that. Her partner and her have been together now for three years. They feel it’s permanent and they want a baby.” Linda said as she pushed her double D’s into my face.

“So what’s the problem. Tell them to go to the pet store and by a dog or cat or monkey or whatever.” I said nonchalantly.

“No, no Tom, they want a real baby. A baby that was made inside one of them.” Linda said exasperated.

“Well then they need to go to a fertility clinic and have them inject some guy juice into whoever is going to be Mom. How hard is that?” I said not considering anything else.

“Well Marla said she didn’t want just any kid.” Linda continued. “She said she wants you to help make a baby in her partner. She wants you to be the sperm donor to Fancies, her partner.”

“Okay. So just jack me off into a clean bottle and Marla can use a baster to fill Fancies up with my juice. Nice and clean, nice and easy.” I said smugly.

“I already told them that the only real way to get pregnant was for you to put your lovely long baby maker deep into Francis and fill her up, multiple times over a the days she is fertile.” Linda said with conviction.

“You what? You want me to plug Marla’s Lezzy partner? How’s that gonna work? Francis will probably try to cut it off when I show it to her.” I said shocked at what was suggested.

Linda looked frustrated. “No, no, no Tom. Marla is going to be right there making sure Francis is comfortable and feeling loved. I told them both that it was important that Francis has to be really comfortable and really, really hot to get pregnant. So all you have to do is to work your magic and put all that wonderful juice deep, deep inside her. Along the way you might even interest her in trying you out again. You never know Tom; you might convert a misguided girl.

Linda loved me up till I was down for the count. I sure did like this pregnancy stuff. I was getting the ashes hauled everyday, multiple times a day. Gotta a tell ya. It is great.

The big announced night was upon me. Marla showed up and gave me a hug and kiss. Sisterly like, but still a hug and kiss. Francis was acting more demure, hanging her head and acting like she was imposing. Linda took her by the arm and led her off to the bedroom to get comfortable.

I asked Marla how she felt about all this. “You know Tom, I almost wish it was me that was getting to have the baby. I think it would have been better for both of us if you were to make me pregnant.”

Oh boy, I thought. Now, even my Sis is getting strange on me.

Linda came out and asked Linda and I to come into the bedroom.

Francis was stretched out on the bed, stark naked. Now let me tell you, anytime you put a naked lady on my bed, you get a reaction out of me. Linda came up to me and began unbuttoning my shirt. She motioned to Marla to help her then went to my belt buckle.

Marla soon had my shirt off and pulled my undershirt over my head while Linda had unbuckled me and unzipped my jeans then pulling them down. Linda pushed me back unto the bed and began pulling off my right boot while motioning to Marla to get my left boot off. Shortly, I was as naked as Francis standing in front of her with my baby maker waving in her face.

“Geez,” Francis gasped. “That thing is bigger than our Big Ben Marla.”

“That’s okay Francis.” Marla quieted. “It will feel good and it will make us a baby. Besides, I’m going to make you wet enough that he will just slide in.”

Marla did as she said and went to down on Francis to lick and suck her into multiple orgasms until she was beating on Marla’s head for her to get up.

“Get her Tom, put it in and fill her up.”

I crawled between her spread legs then leaned down and licked her from her little crinkled hole to her exposed clit and one long lick. I was getting a lot of “Oh’s and Ah’s” so I knew I doing something right.

As I pulled myself over Francis, I bit a nipple to get a reaction. That was the right thing to do as her legs came up around me and her arms embraced me pulling me down unto her breasts. “More, more, more, more, more,” was the response.

My baby maker found her entrance on it’s own and slowly slid into her to its maximum depth. “Oh gawd that feels so good.” Came from Francis. Considering it was her first real penis, which was quite an admission.

It did feel good to be enveloped in Francis’ velvet vice. I began going into her till I bottomed then withdrawing till just the head of my plunger was between her lips. The more I did it, the louder she became until Francis was making more noise than could be covered up by a radio or other noise.

Francis was locked around me. Her legs were wrapped around my back with her pulling up to me. Her arms were tight around my back making our bellies tight against each other. Her lips were at my ears, yelling, “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.” I did what she asked and kept on thrusting.

All good things must come to an end. When I filled Francis up, she went berserk. She must have orgasmed four or five times while I was plunging into her then when I shot her full of my juices, she orgasmed again and fainted. I was panting so hard, I didn’t notice she was down for the count.

Linda kissed me on the cheek and told me I probably should get up off Francis. Marla was looking at me with a strange look but trying to attend to Francis.

Linda snuggled up to me and we napped for a few minutes then Linda got my interest by playing with me so we made the beast with two backs until we were fully satisfied. Good stuff.

Linda was happy, Francis was happy and I was happy but Marla said she felt cheated out of trying to be the Mommy. She said that there were a lot of guys that could probably make her a Mommy if she wanted.

Francis got Marla’s attention. “So what is it you want Marla? You want to get fucked by some guy? You want to get pregnant like I probably am now? Or is it you just want your brother to fuck you like he did me?”

Marla was starring at the ground. She sniffled a couple of times then finally said. “Gawd, how I love my brother. He is the sexiest guy around anywhere. Linda, please, I want my brother to make me a baby. If things don’t work out, I promise I won’t make a fuss. Please let him put a baby in me too, please?”

Linda kissed me then kissed Marla. She looked at me then with a deep gravely husky voice said. “Fuck her. Fuck Marla till she can’t even think about leaving us. Fuck her Tom, Fuck her bow-legged.”

I kissed Marla on the lips then lowered my target to Marla’s prominent chest. As I started sucking on two of the most luscious tits around, Francis bent over Marla for some of their intimate kisses. After sucking nibbling Marla’s melons (funny huh?) I licked her belly button then drug my tongue down over her pubic hair to the top of her split. She was already gushing and smelled great. I slurped over her newly exposed clit and down through her dripping pussy to end up tickling her little crinkly hole at the bottom. As soon as my tongue touched her little opening, she pushed her butt into my face capturing my tongue in her clean (thank goodness) butt hole. She was panting and near screaming. The deeper my tongue went, the louder she became.

I slurped up to her clit again and sucked it between my lips to suddenly be wrapped up in her clutching legs. “Damn, Tommy that is so good.” She screamed as I tried to push up on her to bury myself into her.

Holding myself over her with my dick aimed at her sucking pussy, I leaned down to kiss Marla. “Oh you taste so good Tommy. Put it in me, put it in me now, please.”

I pushed against her dripping lower lips and was instantly captured by her clutching pussy. I slip deeper and deeper without having to raise up to gather more moisture. When I was balls deep in my sister I looked into her glazed eyes and told her. “Marla, baby, I love you. Oh baby I hope this is as good for you. Oh Marla, I’m going to fill you soon.”

I thrust into Marla with a primal rhythm. Linda was hugging and kissing me, Francis was kissing Marla and we were all panting and sweating with the exertion of giving Marla a baby.

“I’m gonna cum, Marla, I’m gonna fill you up. Oh Marla her it comes.” I panted while pushing into her as deeply as I could.

I pulsed, I shot, I dumped, and I impregnated my Sister.

“Oh Tom, I can feel it. I feel how hot your stuff is in my tummy. Oh Tommy, are you making me a baby?” Marla cried.

The passion remained but my lust softened. As I shriveled and withdrew from Marla, Francis dove into Marla’s recently filled pussy to clean any traces of what may have leaked out. Linda pushed me onto my back and climbed on me to kiss me and thank me for taking care of my sister and her partner.

Typical for a guy, I fell asleep holding hands with Marla and cuddling with my luscious wife, Linda.

“Ding, Dong.”

“Hmmm, what the fuck was that?” I hazily thought it was coming from a dream.

“Ding, Dong.”

“Oh shit.” I thought waking up. “The fucking door bell.’

I staggered up and found my shorts so I could go to the door at least a little decent.

I looked through the peephole to see our cousin, Cindy. Cindy is only about five-two, weighs about one-thirty. Short but well put together with some billowy big boobs, wide hips and a nicely rounded bottom. A real coke bottle figure. Her thick shoulder length reddish brown hair framed her pixie face that is accented by lips always curved into a smile and the darkest brown eyes you’ve ever seen. Cindy was a fantasy of mine as we grew up.

Opening the door, “What’s up Cindy, what’re you doing here so early in the morning?”

“Linda told me to come by early before you had a chance to leave. Can I come in?” Cindy asked.

“Come on in, Cindy. How about you make some coffee while I wash my face and brush my teeth. I’m not very presentable yet.” I said.

I left Cindy in the kitchen while I went back upstairs to piss, wash my face, brush my teeth and slip on a T-shirt. By the time I went back down stairs my head was clearing and thank goodness our new rapid coffee maker was just finishing a small pot of coffee.

I poured both of us a cup of Joe then sat across from Cindy at the kitchen breakfast table. “So what’s up honey? What has you out so early in the morning?”

“Linda didn’t talk to you?” She asked expectantly.

“About you?” I said nodding in her direction.

“Yeah, about me and Denise.” She said with worry lines on her face.

“Nope. She didn’t say a word Cindy. Guess you’re gonna have to tell me what’s up.” I said.

Cindy looked pretty nervous. She shifted around in her seat a little then gave me one her cute looks. You know the head down looking at you with great big eyes. The looks that make you want to grab hold of them and cuddle them protectively. Then do unmentionable things to them.

Cindy continued with the look but began her story. “Jack and I have been trying to have a baby for almost two years now. Jack won’t go to the doctor to see if there is a problem with his sperm count. I’ve been checked out over and over with my gynecologist saying everything inside me is in working order.”

She shifted around again in her chair, sipped some of her coffee then looked right at me.

“Linda told me you did a good job making her pregnant. She said she figures you did it to her the first time you two tried. She also told me that you are helping your Sister Marla’s partner get pregnant. When I asked her if she thought you might help me, she told me to come over early in the morning and you would take care of me. Would you mind helping me Tom?”

Does a bear defecate in the woods?

“Are you sure Linda told you to have me help you?” I asked skeptically as Linda used to be pretty possessive before we became expecting parents.

“She told me to have you call her if you were reluctant to help. She did say she would talk to you last night. I wonder why she didn’t.” Cindy said this questioningly while opening her cell phone and dialing.

“Linda, Tom says you didn’t tell him about what Denise and I need?” Cindy started out. “Yes, I’m over here now and I had to tell Tom the whole story.” She paused then continued. “No, I haven’t told him about Denise yet. This was my time, not hers.” She paused again. “Okay, I’ll give the phone to Tom.”

Cindy handed me her tiny cell phone. I put it to my ear and asked, “Linda?”

“I’m sorry honey.” Linda confessed. “We were so busy last night with your Sister and Francis that I forgot to talk to you about Cindy and Denise. Just give her a shot and see if you can start her off. I didn’t ask her if she was in the right time of her cycle or not. But just help her out this morning and I’ll work out a schedule for her and Denise.”

“Schedule? What’s this about Denise, Linda?” I asked cautiously.

Linda answered quickly. “She has the same problem that Cindy does. She was there when I told Cindy you would help her out so she wants you to help her too.”

“Are you sure about this? You’re not going to get jealous and be mad at me for doing stuff with our cousin?” I asked wondering about my fate if she did.

“How could I be mad at you for helping out your cousin.” Cindy said in her loving voice. “You’re only going to make them pregnant. You’re not going to leave me for them and they are not going to steal you away from me. Do a good job honey and get her started. Denise may be over later. It’s a good thing you sort of have the day off so you can rest up for me this evening. All this baby making is making me hot. I have to get back to work lover. Do Cindy good and I’ll see you this evening.”

I closed the phone and handed it back to Cindy looking at her in a whole new light.

“Tom, just think of me as your early morning treat okay? I’ve always wanted to play around with you but since we were first cousins, you know, we just never could get together. I bet you have even fantasized about me. You used to almost drool over my breasts when I was in my swimsuit.” Cindy bantered.

“So tell me what Jack is going to think about this.” I asked not wanting to shot later.

“I’m not going to tell him, are you?” Cindy asked playing with the top buttons of her shirtdress.

“With all you ladies knowing what’s going on, how are you gonna keep it a secret?” I wondered.

Cindy stood up continuing to unbutton her dress. “All us ladies already talked about it and we have agreed that if the guys find out, we will get together and make them feel better about the whole thing.”

“And how are you ladies going to do that?” I asked skeptically.

“The only thing the guys are gonna be mad at is us giving you some pussy so we can get knocked up. All the girls agreed we would just give them so much pussy they would forget about being mad.” Cindy said this as she was now down past her waist unbuttoning.

“When you say all the girls, who all do you mean?” I asked now a little concerned.

“You know, all of us, even Marla and Francis agreed to take care of the guys if they could get Francis pregnant.” Cindy said while slipping the dress off her shoulders revealing her overfilled bra and some fairly large powder blue panties covering her gorgeous booty.

“Does ‘all of us’ mean Linda too?” I asked now really wondering about the women.

Cindy was reaching behind her back to undo the heavy-duty catches of her massive bra. “Of course it does. She’s willing to do whatever is necessary so we all get to have babies.”

“Damn, I sure wish Linda would talk to me about this stuff before she goes off making deals with everyone.” I said still sitting but now with my chin bouncing off my chest at the sight of Cindy’s magnificent boobs.

“Well it’s not like you’re being deprived. You’re gonna be the biological Daddy of half the kids in this family. Us ladies are going to need lots of help getting pregnant. You just get us all with big bellies and all of us will take care you any time you need it.” Cindy said this while sliding her panties off her full rounded bottom and down her legs.

I was mesmerized by the abundant growth between Cindy’s legs. It was a forest of auburn curls hiding her treasures. The morning sun was twinkling off the moisture that was evident on the Southern most curls.

Cindy grabbed my hand and pulled me up then started leading me upstairs to the bed I had just recently gotten out of.

Stopping at the bed, Cindy turned around and wrapped her arms around me and tilted her head up with her lips puckered. When I didn’t immediately kiss her, she commanded. “Kiss me Tommy, make love to me, make love to all of me the way we should have done it years and years ago. Kiss me Tommy make me a baby.”

I was holding a very naked curvy buxom babe being invited to kiss her. How could I resist when it seems my wife had given us permission? We kissed. We kept kissing till we were short of breath. I sat Cindy on the bed then pulled my T-shirt off then unbuttoned the shorts I was wearing letting them drop to the floor uncovering my very stiff baby maker.

Cindy leaned forward and nearly swallowed me whole. She went down on me till she had all but the last three inches in her mouth before she gagged. “Oh Tommy, you have a nice one. This is going to be so much fun.”

Pulling me by my dick Cindy lay back on the bed and started scooting up till her head was on the pillows. She had her legs spread and was pulling me toward her furry target. “Do it quick the first time. Put it in and fill me up then we can love on each other so we can do it again. Hurry put it in.”

The head of my dick would immediately not pop into her slippery hole. Jack must not use it much for it to be that tight. Cindy was rocking her hips up, forcing more and more of me into her until with a loud groan, our pubic bones met.

“Oh Geez honey, you are stretching me every which way. Damn you are deep.” She gave her wide hips a wiggle then began rotating her hips up and down fucking me from below. Cindy brought her hands up and held both her huge breasts upright so the nipples pointed straight at me. “Kiss ‘em Tommy, suck on ‘em, make me come with you.”

I leaned down and took one of her large nipples into my mouth and sucked while my hips now were plunging against hers. She moaned and the more I sucked and nibbled, the louder she moaned. My body was signaling juice was on the way.

“Cindy, I’m gonna come, I’m gonna fill you up.” I groaned while sucking her nipples.

“Oh do it Tommy, fill me up, make me a baby Tommy, I’m coming, oh gawd I’m coming so hard.” Cindy was bouncing her hips so rapidly there was no way I could hold back.

With her hips churning to meet my slams deep into her body, I started squirting a big load of what I hoped was squirmy, squiggly, egg hunting sperm. I kept driving into her till my dick started limbering up then I just fell onto Cindy’s full soft rounded body being held tightly by her arms and legs. She was kissing me all over my face saying, “I love it, I love it, I love it, so good, so very, very good. Oh Tommy that was so good.”


“What the.” I stammered wondering who in the world would be at the door.

Ding Dong, Ding-Dong, Ding-Dong.

I gave Cindy a kiss then pulled out of her to stand, looking for my shorts. “Sorry Cindy, I have to get the door.”

“That’s alright. It’s probably Denise, she knew I was coming over and she couldn’t wait.”

I eyed Cindy skeptically then headed down stairs with one last look at Cindy laying there smiling all spread out with thick white gooey stuff around her open lower lips.

Looking through the peephole I saw cousin Denise, Cindy’s little Sister. She was wearing her trademark clothing since her youth. Very tight short-shorts and a skimpy halter to barely cover her more than adequate boobs.

I opened the door shaking my head and grinning. “So what brings you here Denise?”

She walked past me rubbing her hand on my bare chest and leaning to me to sniff my chest. “You’re already doing it. Cindy’s car is out there so are you already done with her?” She kept right on walking straight up the stairs.

I shut and locked the door then followed Denise up the stairs. By the time I reached the bedroom, Denise was sitting on the edge of the bed stark naked running her fingers through the goo on Cindy’s pussy lips.

“Wow, you really filled her up. It’s overflowing. Think there is any left for me?” Denise asked reaching out to rub against my rising dick in my shorts.

“You’re too early Denise. He hasn’t done me twice yet. He was going to make love to me after he gave me my first shot. Now I’ll have to wait till you get your first one before I get any loving.” Cindy bemoaned.

“Move over Sis, give me some room.” Denise said. “Tommy needs to juice me up. Steve was really horny this morning and pounded me silly knowing I was coming over here to get knocked up. Tommy you probably are not even gonna feel any friction cause Steve is really big. Hope you don’t mind sloppy seconds or I guess it would be very sloppy fourths.” She laughed as she lay back and spread her legs.

Denise had some unusual tits. When she stands, they have always been firm enough to stand straight out from her body. Now when she was laying back her tits were standing straight up almost like they were the augmented kind. Her nipples were rigid sticking way out from her breast. They were delicious looking. When she had been in high school every guy I know lusted after her. I think she tried most of them too. I hated it that I was a first cousin.

Cindy came to my defense. “You better be ready for a surprise little miss big pussy. You’re about to find out what big really is when Tommy stuffs you with his thing.”

I had dropped my shorts and was kneeling up on the bed with my baby maker gaining interest by the second with the sleek sexy Denise presenting herself.

“Oh boy, you’re right Cindy he is gonna feel good. Stick it in Tommy, lets get this show on the road.” Denise was saying with both legs stuck straight up in the air presenting me with a bald beaver with very wet gaping lips.

I couldn’t resist; I had to play with those tits a little, as they are so fascinating. Cindy’s are huge, Linda’s are more than great but Denise’s are magnificent the way they are so firm. Plus Denise’s nipples have to be three quarters of an inch long and stick straight out, wow, what headlights. When I sucked in the nipple on her left breast I almost gagged from her breast being so firm and pointy and the nipple being so long. Imagine deep throating a titty.

As soon as I applied suction to her nipple, Denise wrapped her legs around me and pulled me down onto her groaning loudly. When I nibbled on the nipple, she raised her hips against me and came loudly. She grabbed my ears and held my head above hers then brought my face to hers and kissed me like she was going to swallow my head. “Oh fuck, Tommy I’ll give you a week to stop that.”

She pulled my head back down to her other breast but reached between us to center my dick at her entrance and tried to jam me into her. “Ugh, Ugh, Ugh,” she grunted trying to get me fully into her. “Shit you are big, shove that thing in there Tommy, fuck me baby while you suck my tits.”

Demanding little wench isn’t she.

I was finally balls deep with her arching her hips up to me and me jamming myself as deep as I could into her. The friction getting together was making my balls churn with the warning that an eruption was imminent. I don’t think Denise had quit coming since I had started nibbling on her breasts so when I groaned that I couldn’t last any longer she exclaimed. “Oh yeah Tommy, fuck me, fill me up, squirt that stuff way up in there.”

“Gawd, Cin he’s so deep I think he’s inside my womb.” Denise moaned.

At that moment my system couldn’t hold off another second. I blasted her way deep inside her. It seemed my balls had another big load as I kept squirting and squirting more and more juice into her.

I finally collapsed rolling to the side pulling her with me so I wouldn’t pull out, now ending up between the two Sisters, my two cousins.

As I caught my breath, Cindy was kissing on the back of my neck hugging me to her mammoth breasts. Just the thought of those glorious boobs had my well-fucked dick thinking about more.

“Oh Cin, that thing is twitching already.” Denice exclaimed.

Cindy pulled me free of Denise until I was on my back. “Oh no you don’t. You greedy little slut. You always get all the guys. This time I’m getting’ my share of this one.” With that she smothered me with a giant full bosom. I was drowning in boob heaven. All that female flesh was working wonders, as I was almost as rigid as I started out this morning.

I pushed Cindy over on her back then kissed her thoroughly then worshipped her breasts for a while, reveling in how huge they were. I kissed her every where. She has enough bounty to just graze around on all of her enjoying her softness. I grazed right down to her furry center then gave it a couple of licks, knowing I would encounter some of my own leftovers there. She was juicing so much though I think she had totally rinsed her pussy with her fragrant tasty juices. I munched and licked and sucked till Cindy was screaming. My body felt ready again so I stuffed myself into her while she groaned that she was coming and coming.

This time her hips just rolled up to me as I plowed away at her. We kissed. I kissed her big nipples and licked her huge breasts and we kissed some more. As our hips became more frantic, she became noisy and loud to the point I had to keep kissing her to keep her quiet. My body said it was time and I let go with another pretty good bunch of baby making juices. I was wrapped up in her arms and legs, deep as could be in her body, with my face smothered into her cleavage, squirting the last of my juices into her.

As I lost strength to hold myself up, Cindy hugged me to her kissing my face over and over saying, “So good, so good, I know you knocked me up, I know it, so good.”

This time I had to roll off the bed to go to the bathroom. As I was unloading my bladder, Denise came in to watch as I peed. “You don’t look that big when it isn’t hard Tommy. Steve is big but never gets that small. I wonder how come you can get so big.”

When I stopped, Denise sat on the throne. I walked back into find Cindy idly playing with the goop leaking from her puffy, furry lips. “How about something to eat Cindy?” I asked.

“Eat this honey.” She said grinning pulling her finger from her pussy with a long string of sperm hanging between her pussy and finger.

“Ooh that looks so good Cin.” Denise said coming up behind me. “Want me to clean you up?”

“Eat me Sis. It’s your turn to do me, seems like it was always me doing you when we were growing up.” Cindy said.

Denise crawled up on the bed and buried her face in Denise’s gooey center. I said I would be down stairs having lunch and to meet me when they could.

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