by Alex de Kok

Copyright┬ę 2008 by Alex de Kok

Sex Story: A problem with the payroll suite means Joe has spoiled Sue and Becky's plans for the evening by asking them to work overtime. To compensate, he invites them for a swim in his parents' pool. Becky has to leave after the swim, but Joe invites Sue to stay for the weekend. But Becky doesn't have a swimsuit. A problem? Not for these girls.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   .


Joe sat back, trying to ease the kinks from the concentration, but the screen told him what he needed to know. The patch was good, the suite was running, and the payroll would be through on time. He glanced across at the next terminal. Sue was leaning back in her chair, long legs stretched out, eyes closed. He took a moment to admire the sleek shape of her, from her pixie-cut cap of red hair, over her shapely breasts, her flat belly, and down the long, lovely line of her legs.

"What time is it? " she said, without opening her eyes.

"Almost nine."

"Are we good?"

"We are indeed good. The payroll suite is running, the patch is working, and in twenty minutes the responsibility passes to output-handling, and we can leave. I asked Becky to get some coffee, and if I'm not mistaken, here it is," he said, as the door behind them opened and a lean blonde in faded denim came in, with three Styrofoam cups between her hands.

"Caffeine for the workers!" she called.

Joe took one from Becky, giving her a grateful smile. She grinned. Still without opening her eyes, Sue held out her hand and Becky pushed a cup against it, then popped the cap on the final cup and took a sip. She grimaced.

"Why do we drink this muck?" she muttered, glaring at the cup, but still taking another sip.

"Because our taste buds have atrophied?" said Sue, finally opening her eyes and flipping the lid off her cup with a practiced thumb.

"You mean, like your modesty?" said Becky. "Slide down much further in your seat and we'll be able to admire the elastic on your waistband."

"Fuck you, bitch," said Sue.

"Up yours, slut," said Becky.

The two women grinned at each other and Joe laughed. "I love working with you two. The genteel language, the maidenly modesty, the total disregard for authority."

"Up yours, too, boss," said Becky, grinning at him.

"I've ruined any plans you two might have had for the evening, and I'm sorry about that."

Sue shrugged. "Nothing special planned, but I did want to get a swim. Only hotel pools open now, and you have to be a guest for those." She made a face. "I guess tomorrow, but I hate the crowds on a Saturday." She looked across at Joe. "Something on your mind?"

"I dunno. Maybe an answer to your swim problem, maybe not." It was his turn to shrug.

"Tell me more," said Sue, sitting up.

"My folks are away for the weekend. Went this afternoon, won't be back until Tuesday, late."

"So? What has this to do with swimming?"

"I promised I'd stay there this weekend, rather than my apartment, because of the mutts. Mom and Dad have have a couple of dogs, poodles. They don't take much looking after, but it's better if someone is there with them. Relax, Sue, I'm getting there! The house has a pool, big enough for a decent swim. It's heated, indoors, and private. If you can survive a twenty-minute drive to get there, you're welcome to come and use it. You, too, Becky, if you want."

The women looked at each other and Becky nodded. "Why not?"

"Joe, I would love to try your folks' pool," said Sue.

He took a chance. "Come for the weekend? There are two guest rooms. I still have my own room and I can cook, so you won't starve. I don't know what plans you had, but there are none of us on call again until Wednesday, and we don't even have to be in again until Tuesday, so it's a three-day weekend. Your choice, no pressure, but I'd welcome the company, both of you."

"I'll come for a swim, sure," said Becky, "but I have plans for later that involve me and Billy being somewhere private, with a big bed." She grinned. "So I'll have to be back by midnight, when Billy's shift finishes."

Joe nodded. "Sue?"

"Swim, yes. Weekend? I don't know."

"Your own room, and there's a lock on the door."

"How good a cook are you?"

"Tonight, I guess ring for a Chinese or pizza, on me of course, but tomorrow, try me? I can cook, Sue, I promise you."

Sue turned to Becky, eyebrows raised. Out of Joe's line of sight, Becky winked. Aloud, she said. "Go for it! Have someone else cook for you this weekend."

"Okay, Joe, I'll stay." Sue shrugged. "It has to be better than re-runs on TV."

He laughed. "I'll just go through and check that output-handling are ready to go." He gestured to the monitor. "The run's finished, error-free, so well done, you two, and thanks." He ambled out, hands in pockets.

Becky turned to Sue. "Sheesh, girl, I thought you were going to say no."

Sue grimaced. "I thought about it."

"Idiot! You've been like a love-sick calf for weeks now, wondering about Joe, what he carries in his shorts. Get him into bed, and fuck him! Best way I can think of to get to know a guy." Becky grinned. "Just had a thought. I don't have a suit with me, 'cause I wasn't planning on swimming, so I'll suggest skinny-dipping. You game? You have the best body I've seen on another woman, so you'll be fine. If that doesn't turn Joe on, he's a fuckin' eunuch!"

"Skinny-dipping?" Sue frowned, then grinned. "Okay. Yes!" She wiggled her eyebrows suggestively. "Could be fun!"

The door opened and Joe came back in, smiling. "All is well, ladies, and we are free! You want to be back for midnight, Becky, so you'll need wheels. Sue? What about you?"

"With living in the same apartment block, Becky and I, we usually travel together. We're in Becky's car today, but I'll need a change of clothes, so I'll need to stop off at my apartment."

"Fifth and Maple, isn't it? It's on our route, so no problem. You two travelling together? Okay, I'll follow you to the apartment, and then you can follow me up to the valley. Okay? Great! Let's go."

Half an hour later, just before ten, Joe signed the girls' car through the private security barrier and led them to his parents' home, a home that had been his own for almost twenty years before he left to go to college, but his bedroom was always ready, any time he wanted to stay. He pulled up and parked his car at the side of the house, signalling the two women to park alongside. He reached for Sue's overnight bag, and led the way into the house.

"Prepare to be overwhelmed," he said laughing, as the two dogs came racing to greet them, tails wagging, lapping up the fuss the two women made of them. "Sit!" he commanded, and the mutts complied. "This way, and I'll show you your room, Sue."

Airy, a double bed. Bathroom adjacent, shared with the other guest room. "Make yourself at home, Sue. Becky, do you want to use the other guest room to change?"

"Naah, I'll just change in here, with Sue. She won't mind. Will you?"

"Of course not."

"I'll get a spare robe for you, Becky. Just a moment."

"Nice room, Sue," said Becky. "Big bed," she added, affecting innocence.

"Behave!" said Sue.

Joe came back in with a robe, laying it across the bed beside the other already there. "Okay?" said Joe. "Do you want pizza or Chinese? I'll need to phone it in, and I guess it will take about forty minutes, this time on a Friday. I'll need to let Jimmy on the gate know who to expect, so what's your fancy tonight?"

"Chinese?" said Becky, and Sue nodded.

"Okay," said Joe. "Chinese it is. Any preferences, or should I just get the selection for three?"

Sue looked across at Becky, shrugging. "Selection?" Becky nodded.

"Okay," said Joe, "I'll phone the order in. You two get changed, and come back to the living room, and I'll show you the pool." He went out, whistling.

Sue frowned. "We should have told him."

"Present him with a fait accompli," said Becky, grinning. "I don't think he'll protest too much." She began to undress, humming the theme to 'The Stripper'. Sue grinned, and began to remove her own clothing. Naked, they paused, looking at each other. Becky had said Sue had the better body, and it was true, but there was little in it, for each exercised regularly, ate with an eye on calories, and generally looked out for herself.

"Definite treat for Joe," said Becky, grinning as she reached for her robe.

Sue laughed. "We hope."

"Hope? Get a grip, woman. He's male, we're female. Naked females, happy male. QED." She held out her hand. "Come on, a pool awaits us."

Joe was waiting in the sitting room. Like the women, in a knee-length robe. He smiled. "Ladies! The food is ordered, and the pool awaits."

"It awaits a little longer, Joe. We have a minor problem," said Becky.

"Oh, dear. Anything I can help with? What is it?"

"I forgot my suit," said Becky, looking anything but distressed.

"Ah! There are guest suits in the drawers in the guest rooms. Didn't you see?"

"Didn't look," said Becky, grinning. "They'd just need cleaning anyway, so we came up with our own solution."

"Which is?"


There was silence for a moment. "You sure?" said Joe.

"Absolutely," said Sue. She grinned. "I have my suit, but I wasn't going to let the blonde one skinnydip alone, so you get two for the price of one."

Joe laughed, looking from one to the other. "I shall look forward to the revelation."

"Lead the way!"

Joe surprised them, opening a doorway and leading them down a flight of stairs. He spoke over his shoulder. "The house is partly on a hillside. Pool used to be smaller, and outdoors, but Mom and Dad converted the basement, extended the pool under the house, and had the outside part roofed over. There are big doors on the end, for the summer, when we want to use the garden, but they're closed at the moment. The pool is heated, so you'll be fine. And here we are," he said, opening another door, and switching some lights on. "The pool, ladies. I'll keep the lighting a little low. To spare my blushes, not yours." He was removing his robe as he spoke, to reveal boxer-shorts style swim shorts, which he quickly removed.

Sue was in the process of loosening her own robe, and dropped it on a bench behind her before daring to lift her eyes. Beside her, Becky was already naked and reached for her hand. There was a static tableau for a moment, two naked females, and a naked male. Joe broke the tension, bowing.

"Sue, Becky, you are gorgeous, both of you, and a delight to the eye. Thank you."

"You look pretty good yourself, boss, for a computer geek," said Becky, laughing.

"Why, thank you, geekess. Shall we swim?" Joe held out his hands and the women took one each. "On three? One, two, three, and go!"

They swam for about half an hour, playing, racing, clowning about, enjoying themselves, and Joe couldn't wipe from his mind the vision of loveliness he'd seen when Sue and Becky had removed their robes. Redhead, blonde, Sue's hair short, pixie-cut, Becky's pulled back into her customary ponytail. Four beautiful breasts. Sue's higher, pointed, full, erect nipples in large areolae. Becky's lower, fuller, just as lovely to him. And two completely shaved pussies. Two tantalising clefts leading to the promised lands. One promised to Billy, that fact he acknowledged without any jealousy, but the other? Sue's? He knew she wasn't in any relationship and permitted himself to hope.

He glanced at the clock on the wall, and hauled himself from the water, taking three towels from the locker, using one to dry himself.

"The Chinese is due in about ten minutes," he called to the two women. "I'll get things ready. You come up when you're ready. We'll eat at the breakfast bar in the kitchen, okay? That way, it doesn't matter if you're a little damp. Towels are here. See you upstairs."

In the pool, Becky swam over to Sue. "Sue, honey, if I wasn't going home to a nice hard prick I know will make me feel good, I'd be tempted to fight you for that one! It looks good, real good." She kissed her friend. "If he makes a move, cooperate. If he doesn't, you make the move. You hear me?"

"Yes, Mother."

"Clown. Come on, one last race, far end and back, three times?"


In the kitchen, getting plates and cutlery ready, filling the coffee machine and switching it on, Joe was thinking of the beauty revealed to him, and fighting an erection. He wanted Sue, he acknowledged that freely, and if she gave any sign of wanting him, he'd see where he got to. But she was a woman alone, and he knew he mustn't make any move on her that might be perceived as a threat. The door bell distracted him, and he went to collect the food.

When Sue and Becky came up from the pool he was just pouring coffees. The cartons of Chinese food were on the table, and he took heated plates from the oven.

"I know we just eat out of the cartons in the office, but I thought I'd make the effort."

"Appreciated, Joe. Reminder of civilisation. What's that smell? Coffee? Real coffee? Gimme," cried Becky. Laughing, Joe poured them each a cup.

"Eat!" They tucked in, and there was little sound except brief discussions of flavours, whether Cantonese was better than Szechuan, 'pass that last barbecued rib', and other food-oriented noise. Replete, they sat back, and Joe poured fresh coffee. Finished, Becky drained hers, and stood.

"Okay, it's me for my clothes, since I have to drive back. No, Sue, no point in getting dressed. It will be bedtime soon, and you'll just have to take them off again. Back in a moment." Becky went out, and Sue looked across at Joe, busy clearing empty cartons into the trash can, and dirty plates and cutlery into the dishwasher.

"What do you do about the dogs, Joe?"

"They're fed, and we have a little run for them in the yard. They know enough to crap where we trained them to. I'll take them for a walk in the morning. Join us if you like, or have a long, cosy lie-in, and I'll bring you breakfast in bed."

Sue laughed. "Tempting, but I think I'd enjoy a walk with the dogs. I brought jeans and sneakers, so I'm okay there."

"Becky was right, no point in getting dressed just to undress again. Want to watch TV for a while? Maybe another swim when we've digested the food a little?"

"Not TV, Joe, please. I'd rather listen to music, or just chat. I don't often get a chance to unwind like this. I like my little apartment, but there's no hiding the fact it's a city apartment, and that the railroad runs right past it."


"A little. Not too bad."

A clatter outside announced Becky's return. "Okay, guys, back to the big city for me. See you at work, Tuesday, Sue, if I don't see you before. Do I need to do anything to get out past the guys on the gate, Joe."

"You shouldn't need to, they'll have a note of model and registration, and Jimmy will recognise you." Joe grinned. "Jimmy always remembers the female guests! Getting out is rarely the problem, but getting in can be."

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