The Scream

by sam177

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Desc: Humor Story: A hopefully humorous little tale about what happens when one girl screams in school.

It started off as a normal day at Roosevelt High but it ended in one that would go down in history. No it wasn't a shooting or a terrorist take over, or anything of the sort. It was a scream. The scream heard around the campus.

It started off as a normal day for Marcie Miller until she got to biology. She'd just sat down next to her best friend Angela when the bell rang and class started. That's when she learned that they would be dissecting frogs. Like many girls, Marcie groaned while the guys cheered.

Mrs. Prendergast selected a couple of the boys to get the frogs out of the refrigerator and pass them around. Roger tossed one on the counter in front of Marcie and imitated the sound of a frog "rrrribbit". Predictably, that got laughs from the boys on the other side of the island and a scowl from Angela. Marcie though was staring at the poor dead frog in front of her. When she heard the "rrrribbit" Marcie's eyes rolled up into her head and she slumped to the floor. That made Roger and several others laugh harder. They stopped laughing though when Mrs. Prendergast assigned them to clean-up duty before bending to check on Marcie.

Angela meanwhile was kneeling next to her friend and trying to get her to wake up. Mrs. Prendergast had just told Cordelia to phone for the nurse when Ben volunteered to take her. That got him a dirty glare from Cordelia as she had been trying unsuccessfully to get Ben's attention for months, despite her being one of the more popular girls in school.

Mrs. Prendergast however, thanked Ben and allowed him to go, telling Angela to go look after her friend. While Ben easily picked up the unconscious Marcie, Angela grabbed her backpack and Marcie's, and followed him out the door.

Ben's friend Brian, sensing an opportunity, and not wanting Ben to be the one to hold on to Angela while Marcie was looked after, quickly gathered up his and Ben's things and the hall pass and went to hold the door open for Ben. Mrs. Prendergast allowed him to leave with them since neither Ben nor Angela had hands free to carry the hall pass. Before Brian left however she told them to read over the pages on frogs and gave them their homework.

When the foursome arrived at her office, Nurse Buckley was very concerned. However, once she heard the story she relaxed. There was always someone who fainted during dissections in Biology. She had Ben lay Marcie on the bed, and then chased them all out so she could close the privacy curtain and examine Marcie for any serious injuries. Finding none, she covered Marcie with a blanket and let her rest. Then she opened the curtain and asked them to give their statements for her report.

When Marcie woke up she was a bit confused at first since she was not waking up in her own bed. The she realized she was in the nurse's office. Then she remembered the frogs and was glad she was lying down.

Marcie continued to lie down for a while until she heard Angela's voice. It sounded like she was coming towards her so Marcie sat up.

Angela rounded the curtain and saw Marcie sitting up. Seeing that she was awake Angela yelled "Marcie!" happily and started to run forward to give her a hug. Suddenly, she stopped and stared.

Ben and Brian who'd come in behind Angela also stopped and stared. Ben said "Wow!", while Angela covered Brian's eyes with her hand.

Marcie was surprised to see the two boys, but wasn't the least bit upset because she secretly had a crush on Ben. She could feel her cheeks getting hot as she thought about it. When Angela started to run to her, she naturally opened her arms hug Angela, but when Angela suddenly stopped and covered Brian's eyes while she stared at her Marcie was surprised. Ben was also staring while Brian tried to pull Angela's hand away so he could see.

Concerned by their actions and Ben's "Wow" Marcie followed their gaze and looked down. Her blouse had been unbuttoned, by Nurse Buckley in the course of her examination and in the name of comfort, it had been left opened enough so that her modest cleavage and edge of her lacy bra was exposed to her guest's gaze.

Marcie's blush, starting somewhere under the blankets, traveled up her body in a visible red wave and when it reached the top of her head Marcie quickly covered herself with her arms and let out a very loud scream.

Next door, Mr. Abrams the school principle was leaning back in his chair taking a drink of his coffee. He flicked the school intercom on to make the daily announcements when the scream startled him causing him to tip over backwards in his chair spilling coffee all over him and making him yell loudly.

The scream would have been enough to startle anyone however since it had traveled through the air ducts it gained an eerie quality. Marcie's eerie scream coupled with Mr. Abram's yell sent over the schools intercom had profound effects all over the school.

Across the hall in English class, Miss Murphy was writing on the blackboard. She was so startled by the sudden scream that the chalk broke, her handwriting disintegrated into an unreadable mess and the sharp edge of the broken chalk shrieked as it moved across the board. The students covered their ears, screaming and groaning at the unbearable noise.

In other class rooms, students and teachers fell out of their chairs in surprise. One student sitting in the window fell out into the bushes. Pages from books were torn out. Tests and quizzes were marked incorrectly as pencils zigzagged across the scoring cards of surprised test takers. Students giving oral reports immediately checked their zippers.

In Home Economics, Mrs. Watson was demonstrating the use of a hand-held electronic mixer to blend dry ingredients. The important point, as Mrs. Watson had just stated, was to start the mixer on low power. The scream startled Mrs. Watson causing her finger to close spasmodically on the trigger of the mixer, driving it at maximum speed. A cloud of ingredients erupted from her bowl like ash from a volcano completely covering her and her students with powder. The students started screaming and laughing at her unfortunate accident.

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