Julie and Stephanie

by terapon

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma, Consensual, Gay, CrossDressing, Fiction, Interracial, White Male, Oriental Male, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Julie and Stephanie is a sequel to my first story, Julie. Priapus returns to the Casanova bar to look for Julie and finds her with her friend, Stephanie. Sexual adventures ensue.


When I awoke next morning, Julie was no longer by my side. She had collected her things and left sometime in the early morning. I recalled the night's revelries with a smile. I had been fantasizing about my trip to Bangkok for weeks before my departure. It wasn't the first trip, by any means. Business takes me frequently to Asia and affords an opportunity to enjoy some of the pleasures of the Orient. Bangkok is, of course, known for its free and easy sex. There are bars and pleasure houses everywhere in the city. Thais have a tolerant attitude and all manner of sexual variations flourish in the city.

I hoped I would see Julie again so that evening I headed straight for the Casanova bar where we met the night before. I entered and as soon as I had accustomed my eyesight to the smoke filled semi darkness, I spotted Julie sitting in a corner alcove with a "girl friend." I sauntered over. "Mind if I join you for a drink?" I asked. "Sure, this is Stephanie, my best friend. Sit here between us." We ordered our drinks and settled down. It was cozy in the bar's cool air conditioned atmosphere.

It wasn't long before we began exploring each other. As I sought Stephanie's tits with one hand, my other was busy advancing towards Julie's crotch. I could feel Stephanie reaching for my cock with one hand while she and Julie leaned in front of me and passionately kissed. I could feel Julie's clit beginning to react to my attentions. Stephanie's exposed nipples were hard and erect.

I moved my free hand off Stephanie's glorious tits and slid it down her back until I could feel her lower cleavage. She and Julie were bent over my lap french kissing, allowing my fingers to explore her crack and tickle her rose bud of a pussy hole. We were all getting pretty hot! "Let's head for my place," Stephanie whispered in my ear. Julie and Stephanie quickly changed into their street clothes and we headed out the door, hailing a passing taxi. The driver couldn't resist watching us in the rear view mirror as we wildly thrust our tongues down each other's lusting throats. While my hands roamed over the exposed breasts of Julie and Stephanie, they vied for my cock's attention, their hands alternately massaging the lump in my trousers and grabbing each others crotches. By the time we reached Stephanie's house, we were in a fine state!

As we rushed into the parlor, I couldn't help noticing how substantial Stephanie's place appeared to be. "The parlor is over this way; just follow me." Stephanie led us through some corridors until we reached a sumptuous carpeted room complete with large screen TV and video. Stephanie popped a cassette in and we were treated to the sight of a couple of she males busy pleasuring each other.

I positioned myself on the luxurious leather sofa between Julie and Stephanie. Julie unzipped my fly, reached in and released my throbbing cock while she and Stephanie French kissed as they removed their sheer blouses. Their erect, hard nipples protruded just above the hems of their half halter bras. Julie wore a lacy red, very revealing bra, while Stephanie's was equally revealing, but sheer black. I sucked and licked first Julie's nipples and then Stephanie's as Stephanie's hand found my cock head and began slowly massaging it. Julie withdrew her snake-like tongue from Stephanie's hungry mouth and turned her attention to my erect cock. She began licking and sucking its head as Stephanie slowly jacked its shaft.

I reached around and unsnapped first Julie's and then Stephanie's bras, allowing their swollen breasts to spring free. My right hand slipped up Stephanie's thigh, reaching her silk encased clit. Julie paused in her ministrations, slipping out of her short skirt. Her long smooth legs were encased in sexy red silk stockings held up by a matching halter. The bulging crotch of her silken panties revealed her heightening desire. As Stephanie slowly took the full length of my cock in her lascivious mouth, massaging its throbbing head with her tongue, I watched as Julie unsnapped her garter belt and hurriedly removed her panties allowing her rock hard cock to spring free. What a gorgeous clit, with a thick purple head, a good 7 inches of hot sex just waiting! I reached up, grabbing her member so I could get my lips around the delicious morsel. I teased her piss slit with the tip of my tongue. Julie moaned with pleasure. "Hey, let me in on the fun," exclaimed Stephanie, quickly shedding her undergarments as I slipped out of my remaining clothing. I could see her clit was a bit limp. "Stephanie, you poor dear, your little dolly needs attention," I teased. "Charlie, give Julie a rest and taste me," she offered.

Stephanie straddled my lap, playfully slapping her cock first on one cheek, then the other. I took her slightly stiffening cock between my lips as I massaged Julie's ball sac. "Don't leave me out, darling," Julie interjected as she thrust her huge cock in my face. I began to alternately lick Julie's beautiful clit and suck Stephanie's throbbing purple cock head. Stephanie reached into the drawer of the lamp table by the sofa and pulled out a tube of K-Y. My cock throbbed in anticipation. I smeared the lubricant on the middle finger of each hand and began exploring each lovely cleavage until I found what I sought. I first slipped into Julie's ass. She moaned in delight as her clit twitched. Then it was Stephanie's turn. Her cock was rock hard by now. I returned to my sucking and licking.

I began to slowly finger fuck each delicious pussy hole as I alternately worked Julie's shaft from her balls up to her clit head then sucking hard on Stephanie's cock head, teasing the under side with the tip of my tongue. Stephanie and Julie were busy massaging my cock, milking it for pre cum. As I worked the two, I began to taste their salty precum. My cock was ready to burst under the ministrations of the girls.

"We want your cock inside our hot pussy holes," panted Julie. "Quick, into the bedroom," exclaimed Stephanie. The girls enthusiastically jumped on the bed, rolling around, wildly kissing and groping while I stroked my swollen cock in anticipation of the fun to cum. "Come," whispered Stephanie. I positioned myself between the entwined legs of Julie and Stephanie and directed my cock at Stephanie's pussy hole, since she was on top and closest. The two were groping and writhing about. My cock found its target and with one thrust I was deep inside Stephanie, feeling her sex heat. As I began fucking her, she pumped her beautiful, smooth ass to meet each thrust. I could feel my balls slamming into her round, firm buns.

"Charlie, fuck me!," exclaimed Julie. I withdrew my member from Stephanie's hot pussy hole just as Julie spread her legs wide to receive it. Stephanie's juices helped my long hard cock slide smoothly into Julie's waiting orifice, while I managed to get three fingers through Stephanie's relaxed sphincter. Julie and Stephanie were furiously rubbing their bellies and cocks together as I continued to alternately fuck one and then the other. My balls were tight as a drum; I could feel the cum surging into my cock. We were all moaning and crying in ecstasy, gyrating and fucking furiously.

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