Her Own Bucket List

by Lady Ilsa

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, BDSM, MaleDom, Light Bond, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: When Mary gets bad news, she turns to her online friends for support. One in particular has many ideas and a plan.

(Originally, this was written in three parts for a weekly writing exercise. The theme that week was: If you were going to die, what would you do? The story could be fiction, fact, fantasy, didn't matter. I chose Erotic Fiction. I'm posting all three parts as one here and I hope that you enjoy it.)

"Before She Dies"

After seeing the movie trailer for 'The Bucket List', the girls in the office discussed what they wanted to do before they died. Each had a long list. All except Mary. Today she would complete her list. She hoped.

She had already sky dived, snorkeled in Florida, hiked in the Rockies. She had been to Rome, Paris and Cairo. She had stood on the steps of the Parthenon, had been to the Wailing Wall. She had walked the moors in England and had done a walk about in Australia.

She had met people from all over the world, had been in nearly every type of place of worship, and had seen great works of art and architecture.

(She had also experimented sexually with men. And women. But this information, she kept to herself.)

Her co-workers were amazed. What was she doing in this office? Was she independently wealthy? What could she possible have left to accomplish? A dozen pair of eyes looked at her with interest and curiosity. Mary just smiled sadly and turned away. A dozen disappointed faces watched her leave.

Mary couldn't tell them that she had done those things because of a terrible diagnosis. She had been told that she was dying. Her ex-husband had been no comfort. She didn't have any children. She was alone with her pain and her fear.

Her life before the diagnosis had been boring, safe and completely unsatisfying. She had been without sex for 4 years. She never dated, unwilling to get close to anyone for fear of being hurt again. She didn't even have a cat - the whole 'cat lady' stereotype was just too much for her. She had been called pretty, but didn't bother to help herself in that area either - no makeup, dull clothes, her hair hung straight and limp. The closest she came to having a sex life was vicariously on a sex site - reading the stories and the blogs and conversing with people from around the globe.

So she had turned to her blogging buddies and asked for prayers and support. It came pouring in with sympathy, humor, well-wishes, and advice.

One comment touched her though. He had never commented before. He wasn't a watcher. He had just stumbled onto her blog literally his first week on site.

"So, what are you doing tomorrow?", DomMike4U asked.

She had absolutely no answer for that. What was she going to do? She wrote to him privately and asked if he had any suggestions. Boy, did he!

She cashed in her savings, her IRA's and 401K's, her life insurance policy, took a leave of absence from work and each week she did something new. First on her list was a visit to a day spa - hair, nails, facial, make up. Next an upscale clothing boutique. Anyone who knew her would never have recognized her. She was glowing, beautiful and had never felt better about herself. The lift in her spirits was phenomenal. Her doctor had been impressed with her willingness to live life fully. She confided in him about her 'friend' and he encouraged her to continue what she was doing, but to be careful.

DomMike4U always had new ideas, suggestions. And she did them all. Traveling, exploring, even the sexual exploits had been at his behest. She had teased him that he was a voyeur and he had found that amusing. "You and I will discuss my personal preferences sometime. But for now, this is all about you."

After six months, she went back to her doctor for a recheck. She sure didn't FEEL like she was dying. She felt better than she had in her entire life. She had done everything on her list and had returned to work. Her original position had been reassigned so she transfered to the downtown office - which is why none of the girls had known about the last 6 months.

So now she sat in Dr. Robbs' office, waiting for the results of her tests. Her blogging buddy had only one more suggestion. She wasn't sure how to go about it and wanted her test results to be sure she was even healthy enough for this newest adventure. The more she thought about it, the more she wanted it. If she got the news she hoped for, she would follow through tonight. The more she thought about it though, whatever he told her, it really wouldn't matter. She was going to follow her heart.

His final suggestion had been to meet him at the Radisson, room 1122, at 7:00 with the intent of an evening of romance, dinner with candles, soft music, and hot sex. The kinkier kind. The limits of her personal boundaries and total submission to experience a new level of sensuality. To give herself completely to another person and in doing so, find herself.

At first she had pulled back from the idea. She didn't think she was ready for that kind of experience. His response had been to remind her that she had already jumped out of a plane, how much worse could meeting him be? She had laughed and told him fine, she'd think it over.

Dr. Robbs walked into the office, holding her chart. Greeting her warmly, he told her he had very good news. She appeared to be in remission! Apparently, her increased activity and more varied diet combined with the meds had all worked. Of course, her attitude had been immensely important and he hoped that no matter what, she would continue to enjoy life, just as if she were going to die tomorrow. Her heart and spirit soared! She was going to live! And that living was going to start tonight at 7:00. Yes, she was keeping that date if for no other reason than to thank the man that had quite literally saved her life.

At 7:00, Mary knocked on the door to room 1122. When the door opened, she felt her knees buckle and was caught in strong arms. She couldn't believe her eyes and couldn't speak. So he took the opportunity to kiss her. The kiss was passionate, warm and sexy as hell. His hands explored her body, possessively brushing her breasts, back, hips, ass and finally cupping her sex. He pressed his erection into her hip so that she would feel her effect on him. When he finally released her, she was moist, short of breath and nearly faint with desire. She stepped into the room, turned to him and said, "I'm ready."

With that, Dr. Michael Robbs, her blogging buddy, closed the door, smiled and took her into his arms. "Oh, yes you are. Now, let's discuss my preferences..."

"The Doctor is IN"

Michael Robbs, MD was a man of contrasts and conflicts. As an oncologist, many of his patients were very ill. Sometimes his diagnosis was a death sentence and sometimes he could deliver wonderful news. He originally wanted to be a family doctor, but life sometimes changes your path without really consulting you first.

A close friend had been diagnosed while he was in residency and had asked him for help. In learning what he could about the cancer attacking his friend, he discovered a new passion. Killing the killer. That was 15 years ago. Now he was respected by his peers, sought after to lecture and was considering taking on a teaching role. His rugged good looks and athletic build made him attractive to the nurses on the units and he enjoyed the banter back and forth. But that was his professional life. His personal life was different. Darker. Private.

It had been a year since his last submissive had moved on - a new job too good to pass up. They had met online 5 years ago. That relationship had grown intellectually for over a year before consummated physically. He could wait as long as necessary for the right woman.

This morning he had signed into the same site after more than 4 years. He was looking for a specific blog. A specific woman who had invaded his dreams. A patient that couldn't know his identity until she was no longer his patient.

She had confided in him that her diagnosis scared her and that her lack of a support system 'in the real world' was making this difficult, but that she had 'online' friends that she could count on for support, guidance, humor and venting. He could see the beautiful woman under the dull clothes, the dull hair. He knew she was divorced and worked as an accountant in a large firm. But there was something different about her. He couldn't put his finger on it - but felt that she was like modeling clay, ready to be molded.

When she had mentioned the online blog, he had asked which site. At first she had demurred, with obvious embarrassment, but had finally confessed that it was a dating site. He asked if she'd dating anyone from there. She told him, no, that she only joined to write stories and chat with people from all over the world.

He didn't ask her online name, but had searched within her zip code and read blogs until he found the one he knew to be hers. A week after the diagnosis, he found her plea for help and prayers. He left a comment.

"So, what are you doing tomorrow?" Signed DomMike4U. He never hid what he was, just who.

It took three days, but she sent him an email, thanking him for his comment, complimenting him on his profile pic (a nice one he thought showing his bare chest and abs and jeans unbuttoned). She asked if he had suggestions. They began an online friendship, sharing every feeling, fantasy, need and desire. They never exchanged full names. She knew he was nearby, but he never asked for a meet. She assumed he was married. She opened up to him.

For six months, she went and did and tried everything. She had taken his suggestion that sex was good and that she could have sex without getting hurt emotionally. He had helped her 'screen' a few men from the site in cities she would visit. After a few of those went well, he set her up with a female. That had also gone well - very well! Her erotic stories now had enough realism to them that her readership increased and many commented that she couldn't be writing 'fiction'.

Then one day he made the suggestion that made him hard just to contemplate. He knew she was coming to see him on Friday. He already had her latest test results and knew the good news he was going to give her. She would no longer be his patient. So he told her he only had one last suggestion. Meet him. Have a romantic dinner, soft music, and then some hot, kinky, mutually satisfying sex.

At first she had seemed to shy away from him. She understood from his profile that he was Dominant. She had discussed his lifestyle with him and others for a few of her stories. It fascinated her, but also made her distinctly uncomfortable. He considered it a positive in her favor that she was hesitant. If she came to him, if she gave herself to him, it would be totally and with full understanding of his expectations.

She told him that she would think about it and if she decided to meet him, it would be with an open mind.

Ten minutes after she left his office, beaming with joy in her good health, he left the office. It was 5 o'clock and he had a few things to do to prepare for tonight. Grabbing his bags from the trunk of his Mercedes, he checked into the Radisson. He had arranged for dinner to be delivered from one of the top restaurants in town at 7:15. The wines and champagne were chosen, flowers ordered and delivered. The hotel had a nice sound system in these suites and he had brought some favorite jazz, sexy and soft.

After showering and shaving he dressed in a light weight wool/silk suit in charcoal with a dove gray silk shirt and black silk tie. He was ready to give Mary a singular surprise, followed, he was sure, by many more.

The tap at the door was exactly on time. Taking a deep breath, he opened the door. Shock registered on Mary's face and when her knees began to buckle, he stepped forward to support her. Unable to help himself, he kissed her. It was better than he had thought it could be. Warm, soft lips against his, lips parting involuntarily allowing him access to probe her mouth and tongue. His hand roamed over her back, he lightly brushed against her ass, hips and then her breast. When he saw that her eyes were open and she was standing strong, he pressed his erection into her hip and moved his hand over her sex and cupped her lightly. She pulled away, shuddering just a bit and stepped into the room. Turning to him after a brief moment, she said, 'I'm ready.'

'Oh, yes, you are', he said softly, 'Now we can discuss my preferences ... Over dinner and wine to start. Then desert.' He smiled seductively.

'I can't believe it's been you all along. I would never have guessed - you never let it slip. Oh, my! But you're ... well, you're a doctor. And you're a Dom?'

'One is not mutually exclusive of the other. Many people are something in private that contrasts with their public image. I know a male sub who is a fireman. I know a Domme who is a kindergarten teacher. What matters most is what fulfills you, sexually, vocationally, emotionally. For me, medicine was a no-brainer. I've also always been Dominant. It's just who I am. The question we will answer tonight, is what fulfills you. I've done this a long time and I'm a pretty good judge of wants and needs.'

'But... ' Just then there was a knock on the door. Dinner had arrived and while the man setting everything up, Mary excused herself to the bathroom.

She was so confused! Could she go through with any of this? He had seen her naked! The icky kind of naked - no make up, florescent lights, cold room raising goosebumps - the worst! She washed her hands and looked in the mirror. She had to admit that she looked better now. Her hair, makeup and clothes were perfect. She glowed with health again. And, she had to admit, she was happy. And she was happy because of him. Smiling, she went back to him.

He waited by the table, laid with fine china, crystal glasses and sumptuous food. He held her chair as she sat. Sitting opposite her, they enjoyed a fine meal, wine, conversation and the lovely music. When they had finished, he pushed his chair back and looked into her eyes.

'Come here.' He spoke softly but the command was there. She hesitated, then rose gracefully and went to stand before him.

'Strip slut.' Again, she hesitated, but then began to remove her clothing. Her blouse first, the small buttons difficult with trembling hands. Next her skirt, unzipped in the back, she let it fall to the floor. She stood in a cami, thong and thigh highs. She had dressed with him in mind, after all. She removed the cami revealing high firm breasts - she was a 36 B - not large, but enough. Her nipples were already standing at attention with excitement. She paused, unsure now.

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