by Lady Ilsa

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Swinging, Group Sex, Orgy, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Being told 'Don't go there' sexually can be very frustrating!

Don't Go There

Her entire marriage, Judy had been a 'good' wife and mother. She cooked, she cleaned, she redecorated, she baked cookies, kissed skinned knees, made Halloween costumes and directed Christmas pageants. She sang in the church choir, she visited sick friends with chicken soup or cheesecake (whichever fit the situation) and attended the weddings and funerals of friends and acquaintances.

She had always done what was expected. Even in the bedroom. Her husband was not very demanding, and she knew what he liked. Pleasing him was rather easy.

She, on the other hand, was not satisfied. Anytime she tried to introduce something new - a position, a toy, sexy lingerie - her husband would look at her and say, "Don't go there. It's not us."

Then one day it all changed. He left.

He left her, their children, their home, their church, their life. But it wasn't that he left that had her fuming. It was what he left FOR: a 20-something with blond hair, big boobs, insipid giggle, and a trust fund. Even that would be easy to explain as a mid-life crisis gone overboard, but the part that really pissed her off was when he told her that she "would do anything and everything" in bed! Bastard.

So now she sat here, 45 years old with grown children, no husband and sexually at her peak. Well, the days of 'Don't go there' were done. Tonight she was going there with a vengeance!

She looked in the mirror. Not bad, she thought. She still had a good figure, 36-28-34, now dressed in the sexiest little black lace bra, thong, garter and hose, she slipped the new 'little black dress' on and was very pleased with the results. The thin gold chain belt at her waist, gold watch, bracelet, necklace with the ruby pendant, ruby and gold dangle ear rings completed the look. She added the new ruby red strappy sandals to complete the effect. Normally she didn't wear makeup but tonight she had added mascara, a smoky eyeshadow and eyeliner and lipstick in a deeper shade than she normally wore. Her dark hair was short but softly curled. She was ready.

Joe stood on the front steps with his finger hovering over the door bell. He couldn't believe that he was going to do this. He hadn't met anyone from the site before - chatted, teased, even set up a date or two. He had backed out before. His marriage had ended 4 years ago. He had slept with the occasional woman from the bar - but let's face it, no one that he'd ever introduce to his kids! This woman had touched something in him though. She had been so honest about her needs, her passionless marriage, her fantasies. All appealed to him in a way that excited him near to distraction. He couldn't sit at his desk with out thinking of her. He dreamed about her. She invaded his masturbation fantasies. Letting out a shuddering breath, he rang the bell.

Judy answered the door and Joe smiled with approval. He stepped inside, took her in his arms and before a word was said, kissed her deeply, his hands roaming over her back, ass and hips. Her arms were around his neck. She could feel his hard on pressing into her belly and she sighed with desire. Her pussy spasmed and became wet instantly. He leaned away slightly and looked into her eyes - he saw the invitation, the need, the sexual arousal.

"Shall we go?"

"Go where?", she whispered.

"Wherever you've never gone before. I want to take you 'there'."

Going There

"There" Where was that exactly?

"There" is why his marriage had broken up. His wife had been appalled. She couldn't believe that he was so ... perverted. That was her word. He was the father of their three children, she had screamed, how can you want this? How can everything we've had together be wrong?, she had demanded. He had just stood there, mortified. He had felt that he could tell his wife anything, but apparently, he'd been wrong. Wishing that he had just kept this desire to himself, he watched her pack up her things, take the kids and go to her mother's. And of course the bitch had told that old bat everything! Fortunately, she had only berated him for it, but had decided that to protect her grandchildren and her daughter, she wouldn't tell anyone - but she threatened him with exposure if he didn't give his ex custody.

So he lost his kids, his wife and his house because he had discussed a fantasy with his spouse. He hadn't even done it! Just talk. But Judy knew all about his fantasy. Not only knew, but it corresponded and meshed with her own. And that was why he had finally pushed the doorbell. This woman, he was not going to stand up. This woman understood.

"Do you want dinner? We have reservations, but it's up to you." She could see he was sincere. This was their first meeting - they did not need to rush anything.

"I think dinner would be a good idea. We really should get to know each other better and have a few drinks. I don't know about you, but I'm really nervous!" She laughed softly, as her fingers played in his hair. He laughed a bit too, and ran his hand up her back. Pulling her closer, he kissed her lightly again. "Then let's go."

At dinner, the conversation was just like their online chats. They already knew much about each other, so really spent time just filling in the blanks. He couldn't take his eyes off her. She was stunning and it seemed to him that she didn't have a clue. He couldn't help but think about what she wore underneath her dress and how much fun it was going to be to discover her secret places. She had already seen his naked chest on the site, but she had a feeling that the real thing would be hard, muscled, and very strong. She had held his arm walking into the restaurant and knew that his arms were solid. She had felt his erection and knew that she wouldn't be disappointed there.

By the time desert arrived, the conversation had become overtly sexual. Now was the true test, for Joe. Now, when he could look in her eyes and see either understanding or disapproval. He hesitated and then decided to just spit it out.

"About tonight. Are you sure you want to help me with my fantasy? I mean, I understand that it's also your fantasy, but now that we've met, I need to know..."

Her eyes lit up. Her tongue poked out to quickly lick her lips. Her nostrils flared slightly. She could feel the instant arousal and the moistness. Reaching across the table, she laid her hand on his. "Not only can I, but I will. And in turn, you will give me what I need. I can't tell you how many times I've wanted just this. For me, this is a dream come true. I couldn't even get Max to use toys, could you imagine how repulsed he'd have been if I had told him what I really wanted? Oh, of course you do. You were in the same boat! I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to be insensitive."

"Not to worry. I have learned that I need this and until I have it, I won't be happy. Are you ready to go then?"

"I think we should go now, before I rape you right here on the table!"

Joe laughed and said, "Why not? I don't usually eat here anyway!"

Joe pulled into the parking lot of the club. There were many more cars than he had expected. He turned to Judy. "You're sure?" She nodded. "Good. Take off your panties."

"Are you sure I should?" She asked with a slight tremor in her voice, but she couldn't have said if it was fear or excitement. "What should I expect?"

"Well, the 'cover charge' is waived for the ladies if they are bare assed. If a man is with her, it's only half the normal cover for him - so $25. Single guys can be a problem, so most places discourage them with large cover charges."

"How will they know I'm naked under my dress? I mean, they'll just take my word for it?"

"Oh, no. You'll have to prove it - to the door man."

"And just how the hell do I do that?"

"He'll reach under your dress and cop a feel. Think of it as his 'tip'." Joe laughed lightly. "Don't worry, every woman there does it and I don't think any have ever complained."

"OK, fine. But once we're in, then what?"

"There's dancing, a bar, just like a regular club. If and when you're comfortable, we go upstairs and lose the clothes and grab a towel. Then there are different rooms for different, um, likes - couples, singles, orgies, water play, stuff like that. But we don't even have to go upstairs tonight if you're not comfortable with it. This is just to test the waters. Alright?"

"Alright. Let's get in there before I chicken out." Judy reached under her dress and managed to pull off her thong without snagging her stockings. Joe watched with fascination loving the flash of thigh, the smoothness of her stocking covered legs. He couldn't help himself, he reached over and ran his hand up her thigh and just barely touched her shaved lips. She felt herself part her legs, just a bit, and allowed him to explore further. He looked up at her smile and kissed her while his fingers gently probed. Within a few moments, she was very moist, very aroused and breathing heavily. Joe pulled back and adjusted his erection to a more comfortable angle.

Smiling again, he said, "We better go in, or we'll get busted like a couple of teenagers!" They got out of the car, Judy adjusting her dress and mentally preparing herself for the 'cover charge'.

Tony, the doorman, had exacted his fee from every female that had ever entered this club. He prided himself on the shear numbers of pussies he had played with and how many women kissed him either when coming in or at the very least, when leaving. He had been at this post six nights a week for 4 years with only two vacations. He loved his job!

Seeing Judy and Joe approach, he thought that she was one gorgeous woman. He hoped she was bare assed because he just knew that she'd have a great pussy. Joe was removing his wallet to take out his cover but Tony only acknowledged Judy.

"You appropriately dressed for play tonight? If so, please step this way." He indicated that she should move behind his podium. Joe was close behind her. Judy smiled and slowly lifted her dress up just barely hiding her pussy.

Tony reached his hand forward and slid his middle finger right along her slit and felt the hot moistness there. "Ah, already been playing, huh? That's good. A woman that knows why she's here." His finger continued to slide up and down and Judy felt her legs part slightly.

Joe came up behind her and slid his hand in from the back, inserting his finger into her hot hole while Tony fingered her clit. Unbelievably to her, she could feel the orgasm building from deep within her. Joe whispered in her ear, "That's right, let it come. Enjoy it. Yessssss..." And he started to nibble lightly on her neck. Tony leaned in, increasing his tempo, seeing her eyes close with the feelings rising in her, he leaned in and kissed her.

When the orgasm overtook her, standing there in the doorway, she was stunned by it's power. Joe, a man she barely knew and Tony, a fucking doorman, for God's sake, had just turned her into putty! As her orgasm subsided, both men released her, but Joe held her arm to keep her steady. Her eyes were a bit glazed. Tony smiled and looked at Joe. "You're covered. Have a nice time and when you leave, be sure to stop and say goodbye. I really wish I was joining you myself!"

Judy looked at him and smiled. "I'll bet you say that to all the girls!"

And with that, Joe and Judy turned and entered the club, filled with loud music, lots of dancing bodies and dim lighting. They headed for the bar and ordered drinks. It was too loud to talk, so they just smiled at each other and raised their glasses in a toast.

On the dance floor, they used the music to guide their hands and lips, swaying against each other. His hard on becoming more of an issue the longer they danced and played. She knew her effect on him and reveled in it - the power of knowing that she could do this to a man after all these years.

After a few dances and two drinks, she leaned in to his ear. "Let's go upstairs." Joe looked into her eyes with desire and need, and nodded. Taking her hand, they went to the elevator and while they waited, pressed and fondled each other. Now that they were almost there, both were excited and ready to enter a new world.

Getting There

The sign on the elevator door said:

'Adults Only Beyond This Point
Clothing is Not Optional
Please Secure Valuables'

Going to the Third floor, they stepped off the elevator into what appeared to be a co-ed locker room. Men and women were in various stages of undress. Some appeared very nervous, some not at all. Joe was handed 2 locks, with keys, by the attendant - who was a very beautiful, very naked, woman.

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