Sketches of Lust

by Margot

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fiction, .

Desc: Sex Story: Three short sketches of lust that readers can add their own outcome too. Left click picture to open.

Lust with the Boy

Imelda and her twin sister are enthralled with the result of their home porno movie of their virgin 14-year-old nephew.

It is their first attempt of making a little film on the new video camera with Imelda shooting the film.

They talked the lad into taking part with the prospect of seeing his aunts taking their clothes off but he did not know he was to be the films main attraction.

Now with the lad left for home they are eager to see how the film looks.

Together they watch the film's progress in silence but Thelma's hand moves to the nape of her sister's neck at the unfolding sexy scene.

Thelma, having unbuttoned her bodice whilst facing the boy, peels it away to reveal her long pointy breast. She tempts the boy by slowly squeezing her breast towards him causing sudden squirts of milk to shoot from the bold nipples.

The sweat on the boy's face is apparent but he remains very still as instructed. His cock is unusually large and would put most grown men to shame.

Thelma's hands then fondle the boys' genitals causing him much agitation. Soon he gets bold enough to reach out and touch her breasts. His face immediately receives a sharp slap; bringing him back into line.

The twins view his humiliation with relish; their cunts oozing with pleasure.

Amelia turns from his embarrassed gaze and moving to her dressing table, stands before the mirror. Carefully taking hold of her ripe breasts Amelia begins squeezing them until her nipples protrude obscenely. The boy now spellbound with desire releases a strangled cry of repression. Amelia's lips curl in pleasure at the boy's torment and proceeds to unbutton her skirt before allowing it to drop to the floor. Her sleek snaking hips cause the creamy coloured silk of the French knickers to shimmer and her tits swing tantalisingly as she walks across the floor.

Reclining onto her bed she gives a look of distain before her right hand points to the youth and with a single finger signalled him to her side...

As the film's depravity unfolds the sisters pleasure each other towards a joint climax in lust.

Jill's Homework

I could hear that mother's pushy friend was in our kitchen as I came in from school with my homework.

She was saying that he was a discreet gent who paid well and gave no trouble.

I froze instinctively in the hallway, listening as she rambled on with what seemed to be an account of an affair with a gent.

She'd resorted to it last year after her hubby had disappeared and things had got tight for them.

This older relative had turned up with a proposition;

He'd seen how Kim was growing up and now he was willing to pay for her company. It was as simple as that.

That's how her Kim got started and got 'em out of the hole they'd been in.

I remained as a statue as the audacious idea penetrated my mind.

I'd seen Kim earlier in the day and my memory replayed the scenes of her chatting with me, which I scanned for a clue to uphold this unfolding tale.

"It's smarter than doing some yourself", she was confiding smugly, "I never told the girl to do anything she didn't want to do."

"Just said an old friend would be coming round to keep her company till I got back in from work.

Whatever happened then was down to her; see? "

The sound of tea being slurped paused the one-sided conversation.

From the start I never asked questions she went on, just took his money and gave Kim a cut for each visit; everyone's happy!

There was another pause as though she was giving mother a chance to mull it over.

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