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Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma, Consensual, CrossDressing, Oriental Male, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: This is a fictional story based on the author's experiences in the steamy city of Bangkok, Thailand. Priapus encounters the beautiful and sexually charged shemale Julie in a special bar in the Nana district.


As I entered the bar, the clientele seemed a bit unusual. The women were extraordinarily beautiful, many dressed in expensive, revealing gowns. There seemed to be a preponderance of "middle aged" men, not a few showing a bit of paunchiness. The affection being showered on these gentlemen by the women at the bar and around the tables drew me into the place.

I spotted a vacant bar stool and installed myself, ordering a rum and coke from the handsome young bartender. As I began sipping my drink, I felt a gentle pressure on my arm and turned to confront one hell of a babe! Her low cut sequined dress exposed a lush cleavage. As my appreciative eye swept from her d├ęcolletage down to her rakish hem line hinting of hidden delights, "I'm Julie, what's your name?" she whispered in my ear. Anticipating the usual pointless bar chat, "Charlie" I replied. "Like a drink, Julie?" "Sure" was the rejoinder. Spotting a vacant place in a secluded alcove across the room, I responded "Whatever you like." When the bartender brought her whiskey soda, I motioned in the direction of the alcove. "Why don't we move over there, Julie, it's quieter and we can get acquainted." "Let's." she responded. A lady of few words, I thought, wondering where the night might lead. I was feeling horny and wanted some action.

Julie led the way. I couldn't help admiring her alluring ass, beautifully rounded and tight as a drum. We seated ourselves in a relatively secluded alcove and began the usual small talk - where are you from, how long have you been in town, are you on business, and so on. Julie must have noticed my wandering eye seeking her cleavage. She asked if I had any girl friends. "Not at the moment" I responded. "How about you - any guys, I mean." Julie glanced up from her drink momentarily, "I broke off with my ex a few weeks ago. The guy was a real beast. When he started to get violent I told him to go to hell and walked out. It's really hard to meet a really nice, kind man, especially for a gal like me." " A gal like you?" I replied. "You're gorgeous!" The guys should be falling all over themselves for a date with you!" At the compliment, I felt the light pressure of Julie's hand on my thigh. Hey, this might get interesting I thought to myself. Her hand began to slowly massage my upper thigh. "Not everything is as it appears. How did you find this bar? The girls here are rather special." My curiosity was piqued. Dragging my eyes away from her slightly exposed breasts, I looked her in the eyes. "Special - in what way?" I responded quizzically. Julie gently took my hand and placed it on her thigh. "Why not find out for your self?" was her response. I felt her hand moving along the inside of my thigh towards my crotch. My cock was beginning to react, stiffening slightly.

Accepting Julie's invitation, I slowly moved my hand up the inside of her thigh. Meeting no resistance, I continued until I felt the smooth silk of her panties. By now, Julie's hand was firmly on my crotch. I could feel her heat through the cloth barrier. My cock was definitely responding now, hardening quickly as she teased its head with a finger, slowly rubbing just in the right place.

Julie's hem line was now almost up to her waist - she didn't seem to mind. Anyway, our little corner was private and secluded. I began to move my hand lower, expecting something quite different than what I encountered. "Julie, I know what you mean by special!" as my fingers felt what could only be a tightly tucked penis. "Are you shocked?" she asked. "Maybe you would like to leave now?" "No way I'm going to abandon a hot babe like you, Julie!" was my response. Her hand began to squeeze my cock. I felt nigh unto bursting. "Julie, I have to confess I've been searching for a place like this and a babe like you. You've found some one who appreciates your charms." She was by now rubbing my cock head, driving me wild with desire. I wanted to shove my tongue down her throat in a passionate kiss and feel her buns in my hands.

As if reading my mind, she reached over with her free hand and pressed my lips to hers. Her tongue began to probe and thrust. I met her thrusts, snaking my tongue around hers, fucking her mouth with it. Her smooth, Asian skin was extremely feminine. I reluctantly pulled away "Julie, why don't we find some place more private. Why not spend the night with me in my hotel?" While our tongues were entwined in a mock fuck, my free hand had been busy imitating her massaging. I could feel her clit responding. "Charlie, I'm getting too hot imagining what might happen tonight. Let's get out of here quickly."

We headed out into the warm limpid night air of Bangkok, hailed a taxi and headed for my hotel. As we passed through the lobby, the reception clerk threw an admiring glance at Julie's incredibly tight ass and long, sexy legs so well displayed. As we entered my small, but comfortable room, I switched on the air conditioner - it was going to get pretty hot tonight! Julie sat on the edge of the bed and kicked off her spiked heels, flashing her smooth, hairless legs in the process. I sat down beside her and pressed my lips to hers. We began our tongue dance again, but with quite a bit more passion than we had displayed in the bar. Julie slipped her hand inside my shirt and began massaging my chest. My hand fell to the inside of her smooth thigh and began again to massage her crotch. My other hand searched for the zipper running down the back of her gown. I unzipped her down to the small of her back and began sliding my hand down over her smooth skin until I could feel the beginnings of her other cleavage.

"Charlie, I'm getting sooo hot! I want to feel you cock filling my mouth! I want to suck you dry!" This is too good to be true, I thought. "Slowly, Julie, baby. My cock is thirsting for the feel of your lips and tongue." Julie sprang from the bed, slipped out of her gown and unsnapped her bra. Her tits immediately sprang to attention, nipples hard. She stood there only in her panties, with a tell-tale bulge. I longed to get at that clit, but held back. As Julie approached, I quickly slipped out of shirt, trousers and as I pulled off my underwear, my cock, already dripping pre cum, sprang up! Julie was rubbing her lascivious body against mine, belly to belly. I could feel her hard, throbbing cock. It seemed very large! I bent down and sucked hard on each of her nipples. She responded by slapping her pelvis against mine and rubbing my upright cock even harder with her belly.

Her hand cupped my balls and began slowly massaging the sac. "Ahhh, that feels soo nice, Julie. Suck me, now, please." Before I had finished the sentence, Julie was on her knees, guiding my ram rod cock to her waiting lips. I could feel her other hand exploring my ass. The feel of the tip of her tongue flicking my piss slit almost sent me off. I tightened my gluts and inhaled. Julie began sucking and licking my cock head, then gradually taking the shaft in down to its hairy base. With one hand massaging my tightening ball sac and the other exploring my crack, I couldn't believe my good fortune. "Yes, baby, that's great. Fuck my ass with your finger. Go for it." I managed to get out between clenched teeth. Julie was only too obliging. Moistening her middle finger with a mixture of my precum and her saliva, she found my nether hole and began to slowly push in. My cock seemed ready to burst! I felt her finger pass the sphincter and begin to slowly thrust in and out, as she stretched the muscular opening. My hips began to move, alternately fucking her mouth and finger.

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