Dawn Goes Into Business

by Just Plain Bob

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Desc: Sex Story: She had a "head" for business.

My wife has been a slut for some time now, but just recently she has become a whore. I'm still not sure how I feel about that; I was a little upset about it at first, but I had to stop and remember that it was my fault and she did think she was doing it for me.

Dawn is thirty-one, has short blond hair, and a fairly decent body. We have been married just a little over ten years, happily for the most part, but there have been a few rough spots. We live a pretty comfortable life and money has never been one of our problems. I make good money working as an auto mechanic and together Dawn and I manage a twenty-five-unit motel, which gives us a three-room apartment for free. Dawn is paid fifteen hundred a month to do the cleaning and counter work and I do the maintenance and repairs. The place is really not that hard to take care of since eleven of the units are really small apartments that are rented by the month and Dawn is not required to clean them. The other fourteen are usually full on Friday and Saturday, but during the week we usually don't have more than six or seven overnights. With free rent and paid utilities we are able to live off my wages and bank the motel money, which we then use for some pretty nice vacations.

Like most marriages, or at least like most that I know about, ours started off in a sexual frenzy with the two of us screwing two or three times a day, everyday, and then going to once or twice a day and then finally ending up at twice a week on Tuesday and Saturday. We were in a rut and one night Dawn asked me why we didn't make love more often and I couldn't tell her. I honestly didn't know. Dawn was a very desirable woman and while I'm no Robert Redford I have stayed in shape with daily five-mile runs and four trips a week to the local Bally's. I said I guessed it was because sex had become pretty run of the mill for us and maybe what we needed was to find a way to spice things up. We agreed to try a few things and that Friday when we went out dancing Dawn went bra-less for the first time in her life. I know that doesn't sound like much, but it made her feel "wicked" (and it did get her a lot of attention).

When we got home that night we made love twice for the first time in years, and then we did it again on Saturday and Sunday. The following weekend she went bra-less again, but this time with a very low cut blouse; cut so low in fact that during a western swing dance one of her tits popped out. Maybe a dozen people saw it before she got it tucked back in and I could see her blush even in the low light of the dance hall. When we got home she was insatiable. We fucked all weekend (notice I didn't say made love, because we didn't - we fucked like animals in heat). The next weekend we had to stay home because our weekend desk clerk had a family emergency, but the following weekend Dawn went bra-less with another low cut blouse and she did not wear any panties. She didn't tell me this and I only found out about it when we hit the dance floor.

In a lot of country/western dances, especially western swing, the skirts tend to flare out and up as the woman spins and twirls and during our first western swing dance I got to see Dawn's naked beaver. I have no idea how many other people got to see Dawn's naked ass and pussy, but at least three did and they caught Dawn in the hallway that leads back to the women's john. She'd had just enough to drink to make her giggly and these three guys stopped her and asked her for a kiss and then they started feeling her up. One of them got a finger in her pussy before they had to break it up because of some other people coming down the hall. Dawn didn't tell me about this until we got home and were in bed. If she had told me about this at the dance hall I would have gone looking for those guys in a murderous rage, but for some ungodly reason, hearing about it in bed only turned me into a raging sex fiend and I was on Dawn all weekend.

The next two weekends we didn't go dancing because I'd had a death in the family and had to go back to Michigan for ten days. Dawn couldn't go because one of us had to stay and manage the motel. I got home on a Thursday and the first thing Dawn asked me was:

"Can we go dancing tomorrow?"

I was beat from the trip and I really didn't want to, but she had been cooped up for the entire time I was gone and I knew she needed to get out so I said sure, we'd go. Her outfit for Friday night was as close to indecent as you could get and still stay out of jail. She wore no underwear, her blouse was not only low cut, but damn near see through, and the hem of her skirt was midway between her knees and her crotch. If her skirt had been two inches shorter she would have had two more cheeks to powder and another set of lips to paint. When we walked into the dance hall I could hear all the eyeballs click as the male heads turned to look at Dawn. When we were on the floor dancing, no matter in what direction I looked I saw men with their eyes glued to Dawn.

After we had been there about an hour some friends we hadn't seen in quite a while came in and they joined us at our table. For the next hour we did more talking than dancing and after a bit Dawn got up to use the ladies room. A good fifteen minutes passed before I noticed that she hadn't come back and so I excused myself and I went looking for her. As I entered the hallway leading to the restrooms I saw Dawn at the end of the hallway, back to the wall, and three guys were busy kissing her and feeling her up. I stepped back to where I could take occasional glances down the hallway without being noticed and I watched to see just how far Dawn would let them go before stopping things.

For a minute or two there was kissing and hands touching Dawn's body everywhere, and then one of the guys unzipped and took out his cock. He put Dawn's hand on it, but she pulled her hand away. He took it and again put it on his dick and this time she didn't let go. One of the guys had his hand up her skirt and I knew he was stroking her bare muff and as I watched I saw Dawn's legs move apart which told me that he had worked a finger or two into her honey hole.

One of the restroom doors started to open and the four of them separated and made as if they were just standing there talking. Then the guys took Dawn by the arms and hustled her out the side door and into the parking lot. I waited a minute or to and then I followed them out the door. I spotted movement toward the back of the lot and headed that way. I ducked low and tried to put myself where I could watch without being noticed and when I got close I could see that one of the guys was trying to find his keys while the other two had Dawn backed against the car, tits out of her blouse, skirt up around her waist and their hands were all over her body. One guy had his cock out and was trying to get her to spread her legs while the other guy was kissing her. The one with his cock out said:

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