MMB - The Great Deptment Store Robbery

by Maximillian Excaliber

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Heterosexual, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Matchmaker Bandits take out the trash.


Robert Thomas Claymore, the owner of the T.C. Claymore Department Store chain was dead. He had died quite peacefully in his sleep on a cold winter's night in the middle of December. His heirs, Thomas Claymore Jr. and Thomasina had inherited his entire fortune which included his country estate, the department store chain itself and his private penthouse suite.

A reclusive man in his later years, Robert Claymore chose to spend almost all of his time at the penthouse suite which occupied the entire seventh floor of the Brooklyn location of the chain's first and oldest store. Both the store and suite had been renovated several times to insure that it always had the latest amenities for Robert Claymore, his guests and customers. A little known fact was that Mr. Claymore, the elder, was quite the ladies man and, in his declining years, had become somewhat obsessed with sex. Because of that obsession, he had accumulated a rather substantial collection of erotic art and paraphernalia the pride of which was his massive collection of rare antique stag films and clips.

Unfortunately, being somewhat conservative in both moral and religious views, neither his son nor daughter shared his affinity for erotic material. They also did not share their father's affection for his beloved penthouse. And so, when their father died, they decided to have his entire collection of erotic material destroyed and the penthouse suite turned into storage space for the store.

Chapter One - "The Night Shift"

After Yevette Jefferson and Carlo Spinola had finished their three days of training as security guards by Lincoln, Masters and Marconi Security Services, they were both assigned to the night shift duty at T.C. Claymore's Brooklyn store.

Yevette was somewhat dark complected and a bit short as Negro women went being about 5'6 inches tall. She had large but not overly so breasts, short hair that was sculpted somewhat like a 'Poodle Cut", brown eyes, muscular thighs and calves, and the classic slightly large butt that is somewhat predominate amongst some women of color. It wasn't by any means what one could describe as a massive "big booty butt". However, it was a bit more ample than was average for a woman her size and most men found it quite attractive.

Her partner, Carlo, was a third generation American of Italian decent. He was six foot tall, slightly dark complected, black curly hair, blue eyes, a stocky build and had a very substantial amount of body hair. Had he ever worn one of those cheap polyester suits that were so popular in the seventies, he could easily have been mistaken as a mob soldier.

They had been working together for nine months and had become very close as they began to learn things about each other. She learned that he was direct and to the point and he learned that she could be quick tempered and at times completely irrational when angry. Even so, they got along almost as well as a happily married couple.

It was about eleven o'clock at night and two hours after the store had closed. Their shift had started when the store closed and things in the building were as quiet as a mouse.

"Let me get dis straight, dey gonna take all dis art stuff here da old man saved and burn it up?" Carlo asked Yevette, a tone of disbelief in his voice as they both stepped off one of the elevators into the penthouse floor.

Yevette scanned the hallway in front of them and replied, "Yeah, that's right! Every fucking bit of it!"

They walked down the hall to the penthouse entrance then, Yevette used her key-card to open the door and they both walked inside.

"Seems a shame to burn up all dees beautiful statues and paintings, doesn't it Yevette?" Carlo said as they both stood admiring a particularly erotic painting of a man and a woman engaged in mutual oral sex.

"If you ask me, the old man's kids are fucking nuts!" she replied as they both continued their rounds through the penthouse.

Carlo and Yevette stopped in front of an extremely realistic life size statue of a couple having sex in the doggy style position. Carlo turned his head to her slightly and said, "Ya know, I saw dat in a movie once. Never done it myself."

"Carlo, you have no fucking idea what you've been missing! The best sex I ever..." she stopped herself in mid-sentence and said to him, "You've really never done that?"

"Nah, my ex-girlfriend, she didn't like to try anything different. She said it was sinful. She said, 'If da church says do it missionary, den we is doing it missionary. I'm a good Cathlic girl!' So dats what we did. Missionary! All da time, every time!" he told her.

"Well, she was a fucking idiot and you should have her dumped sooner!" Yevette exclaimed.

As they walked, she was having trouble getting the image of that statue out of her head. Not because 'doggy' was her favorite position, though it was! It was because every time the image of it popped into her brain, Yevette kept seeing herself as the woman in the statue and Carlo as the man. What she did not know, was that the same thing was happening to Carlo.

Yevette had developed more than a deep affection for him, and it became much stronger after the night a thief had broken into the store. The thief, armed with a pistol, had surprised them both and had his gun pointed at Carlo. When Yevette said to the man 'Take what you want you piece of shit and get the hell out!" The man turned his pistol on her and was about to pull the trigger when Carlo literally jumped in front of her, caught the theif totally by surprise, grabbed his gun hand, and proceeded to beat the man to a bloody pulp. The thief had set off the silent alarm while breaking in and the three policemen arrived just in time to pull Carlo off of him. Had they not arrived when they did, Carlo would have killed the man with his bare hands.

She knew that night that he had showed more with his actions than he ever could have with words just how much he cared for her.

They were walking their third set of rounds together and talking about the futility of being a security guard for a company that would not even allow them to carry firearms when they heard the voice of a woman behind them say, "Keep your hands where we can see them and turn around very slowly!"

Chapter Two - "Take Out The Trash"

Carlo and Yevette both froze immediately and stood there in shock until they heard a different, male, voice say, "She said turn around, so turn around!"

They did. What they saw was a man and a woman, both dressed in gray overalls, holding pistols pointed in their directions and wearing cheap plastic lone ranger masks on their faces.

The woman, a beautiful full figured brunette, about five foot eight inches tall with long wavy hair that came down about six inches past her shoulders, said to them in a sultry voice, "Hi! My name is Ms. White and this is Mr. Black. We understand that you have some garbage to dispose of and were here to take out the trash for you."

"What?" came the voices of Carlo and Yevette in unison.

The buxom brunette answered them, "The artwork! We want it before those two morons nice old Mr. Claymore had the displeasure of siring have a chance to destroy it."

"Look lady, if you take that stuff we will loose our jobs! Hell, they might even think we took it!" Yevette told the female robber.

Consolingly, the buxom felon said to her, "Not if we leave you too handcuffed naked to each other they wont."

"You're out of your fucking mind lady if you think I am going to let you strip me naked and leave me handcuffed here until morning." Yevette said to her indignantly.

Carlo turned to Yevette and said, "Let em have it, Honey. Da dumb shits was gonna burn it anyway!"

"Bullshit! They're thieves and it's our fucking jobs to protect the store!" Yevette yelled at him.

'Oh shit!' he thought, 'She's working herself into a pissy fit!' Then he said to her, "Dey just want the artwork, not the other stuff. We're supposed to protect the store goods not the trash. Why not just let them have it?"

For just a second Carlo thought she was going to argue with him but instead she said, "Fine! Fuck it! Let them have the shit. But I'm not going to strip naked and be left here for the store manager to find me in the morning!"

"That's not negotiable!" said the female felon. Then added, "No loose the clothes!"

Carlo and Yevette both began undressing. When he was down to his underpants, Carlo looked over at Yevette to see her standing there fully nude with her Nubian body fully exposed for all to see. There was an expression of anger worse than he had ever seen on her face.

Two things concerned him at the time. The first was that she might do or say something stupid to provoke the two armed criminals unnecessarily. And the second, was that the sight of her immediately brought back the image of that statue in the penthouse and he had grown a massive erection.

Yevette looked at the vivacious villain and said, "I'll see your ass in jail bitch!"

"Shut da fuck up Yevette!" Carlo yelled.

The till then silent male robber quickly said to him, "Too late for that Buddy! She's stuck her foot in it now!"

Chapter Three - "Fe-Fe Gets Collared"

For almost a minute there was total silence and Carlo could swear he could see Ms. White counting to herself. Finally the silence was broken.

"Why is it that no matter how civil I am people keep calling me that?" Ms. White said in a tone that seemed to project both annoyance and frustration in her voice, then added, "Well, I guess we'll just have to find out which of us really is the bitch."

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