Donna's Videos

by Just Plain Bob

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Sex Story: He found out her secret.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   Gang Bang   Slow   .


There was a major breakthrough in the negotiations and we were able to wrap things up a day early. I called the airline and booked myself on the 'red-eye', which would put me home, a good twelve hours early. I was really looking forward to seeing Donna, my wife of three years, and to spending three of four days alone with her. We needed to spend some time together because the job had been making major demands on my time of late and Donna was just a tad upset with me for neglecting her.

The flight got in at 3:55a.m. I called the office at satellite parking and they sent someone over to the terminal to pick me up. It was 4:30 before I was on the road for home and the drive took about forty-five minutes so it was almost 5:30 when I got home. I was surprise to find the house lit up like a Christmas tree and there were a couple of strange cars in the drive. I parked in front of the house and went in. I was immediately hit with the heavy smell of pot - a lot of pot. I walked into the living room and saw empty glasses and beer bottles all over the place. The kitchen counter was covered with whiskey, vodka, gin and tequila bottles and when I walked into the dining room I found a naked man passed out on the dining room table.

On my way to the bedroom I saw a foot sticking out from behind the living room sofa and I went to take a look. The foot belonged to a passed out Ann Marie, a red-haired girl who worked with Donna. I had always wondered if she was a real redhead and I was now able to confirm that she was. Her red cunt hairs were trimmed in the shape of a heart - nice tits too.

I found Donna in the bedroom, passed out on the bed with her legs spread wide, and there was cum everywhere - on her tits, face, stomach, and her hairy bush was soaked and matted with dried cum. I noticed our video camera set up on the tripod and pointing at the bed. As I walked around the bed on my way to it I saw a naked man lying on the floor next to the bed. I stepped over him, pushed the selector switch to VCR, hit rewind, waited several seconds and then hit play. I put my eye to the viewfinder and watched as two guys I'd never seen before double teamed Donna. She was on her hands and knees and one guy was fucking her from behind while the second guy was fucking her face. Surprisingly, I wasn't all that pissed about it; my major thought was to wonder at how long this had been going on. I suppose that in the back of my mind I figured someone was laying her during my absences - she was a very sexual person - no way was she going to go without for long periods of time. Was an orgy the accepted thing to do when Roger went away on business trips?

I hit the stop button and ejected the tape and then went to the den where we have a double VCR set up and I copied the tape. That took a little more than a half an hour and when it was done I went back to the bedroom to put the tape back in the camera. As I came up to the door I saw the guy who had been lying by the bed get up, scratch his head and look at Donna lying on the bed. He started jerking his cock and then he crawled up on the bed and stuck his cock in Donna's mouth and started to fuck her face. Donna didn't move - she was really out. When the guy thought that his dick was hard enough he moved down and started to fuck Donna's unconscious body. He pounded into her for a good five minutes before he got his rocks off and Donna just lay there dead to the world. When the guy was done, he rolled off Donna and in minutes he was asleep. I wondered how many other guys had done her while she was passed out. I put the tape back in the camera and left the house.

My office, as befits a rising mid-level executive, has the standard desk, credenza, small meeting table with four chairs and computer set up. It also has a very comfortable couch and a TV-VCR set up for viewing customer's demo tapes. I took off my shirt and tie and made myself comfy and popped in the tape into the VCR. My bedroom suddenly appeared on the screen with yesterday's date in the lower right corner - the time was 7:05. Ann Marie was lying in the center of the bed and Donna was setting up the camera and talking to her.

"Move a little to the left, that's it. Down a little bit toward the foot of the bed. Good, right there! If nobody touches the fucking thing it will be just right."

Ann Marie asked, "What do you do with all these tapes? Aren't you afraid Roger will find them?"

"Well," said Donna, "To answer your first question, I keep them and watch them when I'm horny and I haven't found anybody to bring home. I get one out and watch it while I use my big rubber dildo on myself. Roger won't find them because he never goes in my closet. I keep them in a shoe box underneath my shoe rack."

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