MMB - The Great Warehouse Robbery

by Maximillian Excaliber

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Matchmaker Bandits steal from a fence and couple working at warehouse find work to be more interesting than expected!

Chapter One - "The Night Shift"

Having been built just last year, the warehouse was a relatively new building. It was owned by Charles Johnston and was being used as a shipping and receiving point for his wholesale business. The building contained a vast assortment of items that varied in both size and purpose. There were things as large as a refrigerator to as small as watch batteries; and items as mainstream as baby blankets to as kinky as anal beads.

The night shift, consisting of Eric Rogers and Sharon Taylor, was responsible for processing both the late incoming shipments and unfinished outgoing orders for the next day. Eric, having worked there the longest, was the shift supervisor, and as Sharon was a good worker, they worked well together as a team. Eric never had to do any supervising but sure did enjoy the extra pay for the title.

Mr. Johnston had called Eric in two hours early that day to meet the new employee that was to be helping him.

As working in a warehouse usually entails some heavy lifting, he was surprised to find the new employee was going to be a woman.

But Eric soon realized that Sharon was most definitely no ordinary woman.

At six foot two inches tall, the thirty-four year old, full-figured woman reminded Eric of a mythical Amazon Princess come to life. She had wavy brunette hair that flowed down just past the bottom of her firm 38C breasts, brown eyes, long pleasingly muscular legs, a deeply rich, fully tanned body and wide 'child bearing' hips. She had a well-toned body that would have intimidated most men; however, for some reason it did not have that effect on Eric and he found he was instantly attracted to her.

After Mr. Johnston had finished the introductions and explained to Eric that he would be working with Sharon beginning that night, he told Sharon that she was excused to go home and change for work. She was told there was no dress code to restrict her and she could wear whatever clothes she wished.

The first night she showed up dressed in very tight, but stretchy jeans, and a white V-necked blouse that had no sleeves. Beneath the blouse she wore a blue sports bra and on her feet she wore a pair of light brown leather steel toed boots. She looked like her clothing was painted on and Eric's jaw almost dropped off his face when he saw her.

Despite his attraction to Sharon, Eric was concerned that she might have an ulterior motive for dressing the way she did and tried to keep a professional demeanor when at work.

His apprehensions did not ease because each night after that she showed up for work more provocatively dressed than she had the night before. He couldn't make up his mind if she just liked to dress that way, was sending him signals or setting him up. He decided to play it safe and keep things strictly professional between them.

What Eric did not know was that Sharon found his 5 foot 9 inch muscular frame very sexy and had instantly fallen for him. She loved the thirty-six year old man's brown eyes, long lashes, short brown hair, muscular hairy legs and arms, and mustache.

Each night they worked together, she was becoming more frustrated at his failure to pick up the signals she was sending him. She had asked about him and knew he wasn't married, dating, or gay. 'Is he just that dense?' she pondered to herself, 'Or is he just not interested? All he ever seems to think about is work! What do I have to do to get his attention, come in dressed only in a cardboard box?'

After months of not getting anywhere with him, she was so annoyed that she was about to give up on him. She decided to make one last attempt to get his attention. She made up her mind that if he did not get it this time, he never would.

Chapter Two - "The Night Delivery"

It was about two o'clock in the morning and, being unseasonably hot for early fall, quite warm outside. The building's air conditioner, while noisy as hell, was doing a good job of keeping the large warehouse quite comfortable.

'The enticing wench has really outdone herself this time!' Eric thought to himself as he began to lift, finding it hard to keep his mind from thinking about the pornographic way Sharon was displaying her body tonight.

Sharon had decided to show up for work wearing tiny, tight cut-off blue jean shorts and a sheer white, almost see-through, halter-top. Both were so tight he could see very distinctly not only every little curvy detail of her gorgeous body, including the reddish-brown of both her nipples behind the material of the halter top, but also a very distinctive 'camel toe'. It was all too much for him and he had finally decided to take the risk and ask her out.

They had just set down the crate they were carrying and just when he was about to ask her out the sound of a truck pulling up came from the direction of the loading dock.

"Are we expecting any deliveries?" Sharon asked as she looked towards the dock.

Knowing the week's schedule by heart, Eric replied, "Nope! Nothing is on the schedule. I'll go check it out." And started towards the loading dock.

"Hold up! I'll come with you just in case something actually does need unloading." said Sharon as she began following him.

When he reached the dock, Eric walked over and hit the button on the wall opening the door. Sharon caught up with him and was standing in front of the door just as it began to rise. As it rose, they began to see two people clothed in matching overalls standing in the center of the doorway facing away from them.

The two strangers were in before a truck that was up to the loading dock. Eric and Sharon could tell from the hair and shapes of each of the strangers that one was a man and the other a woman.

Once the door was completely raised, the strangers turned around to reveal two unique and startling things. The first was that both were wearing cheap plastic Lone Ranger masks and the second was that they were each holding pistols and had the weapons aimed directly at Eric and Sharon.

Chapter Three - "Looking For The Loot"

The female robber was a buxom full figured brunette, about five foot eight inches tall and had long wavy hair that came down about six inches past her shoulders. What could be seen of her face indicated that there was a quite beautiful woman behind the mask.

The male robber was about six feet tall, had curly jet black hair and the beefy muscular body somewhat like that of a professional football player. He seemed to be wearing a not very convincing fake black beard and mustache. Both robbers were dressed in identical gray jumpsuits.

When the male robber saw the way Sharon was dressed, he whistled and said to her, "Nice outfit Babe!"

"Keep your mind on the job Mr. Black!" The female robber said to him.

"Hey, if she's going to put the goods in the window, I'm going to look!" he responded.

This only got him an evil look back from his companion before she said to Eric in a very sultry voice, "She must be really hot for you Honey to advertise like that. Hope you've been enjoying it!"

Eric and Sharon stood there stunned as the female stranger spoke again, "By the way, I'm Ms. White and this is Mr. Black. We're here to rob you! If you both cooperate, and do exactly what we say, you wont be harmed. Understand?"

They both nodded affirmatively.

"Good!" Said the sultry voiced robber.

"Now, show us where you're keeping the stuff from the museum job." She said to them.

Confused, Eric said nervously to the voluptuous villain, "What are you talking about?"

"The stuff from the museum robbery! The stolen artwork! Don't play dumb with us; we know your boss is storing it here until he can fence it!" She replied to him.

Eric looked over at Sharon and said to her, "Do you know anything about this?"

"Don't ask me!" Sharon said and then added, "You've worked here longer than I have."

Still looking at Sharon, Eric said earnestly, "Hell, I have no idea what she's talking about." Then he turned to the female bandit and said, "You sure you got the right warehouse lady?"

"You work for Johnston don't you?" the female robber questioned.

Eric answered her, "Yes."

"Yup, we've got the right place." she told him.

The female bandit just stood there for a moment obviously considering what she had heard.

Finally, she said, "Well, you're both either good actors and loyal to your boss or you just don't know anything about his sideline." Then she added, "Since I'm pretty sure that you girlfriend here's acting ability is limited to faking an orgasm, I'm inclined to believe you which complicates things a bit. Now we have to locate items you didn't even know were here!"

Angry at what the robber said about her, Sharon said without even thinking, "I don't have to fake them woman!"

Everyone looked at Sharon in surprise for several seconds.

The masked female broke the silence by saying, "OK, I think I have an idea. Do you keep an inventory of everything here on a computer?"

"Yes." responded Eric.

Pleased, the buxom bandit said to him, "Good! Take me to it. And you come along too Princess!"

At that, with Eric leading the way, the group headed to the desk where the computer containing the inventory database was located. Once there, the sultry bandit said to Eric, "Show me everything that you have that arrived in the past two days."

Eric did as he was told and brought up the list on the computer.

Ms. White examined the list and said, "Can you sort the list by the size of the items from large to small?"

Eric punched a few keys on the keyboard and the list was sorted as she had requested.

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