New Neighbors Awaken Passion's Volcano...

by Dag123

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Swinging, Group Sex, Interracial, White Couple, Oriental Male, Oriental Female, Safe Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A young couple watches new neighbors moving into the empty house next door! Old erotic passions are awakened! Unknown to each other, both couples soon find themselves becoming attracted to the other couple.

"I wonder if they sold the house next door," Eileen said, half to herself.

Seated at the breakfast table, she and I were enjoying that leisurely extra cup of coffee. Since it was Saturday, neither of us had to go to work.

"There were some people looking at it when I came home from work last evening," I said.

"Who knows, maybe we'll be lucky and get some nice neighbors. I wonder what they'll be like? "

"I have no idea, "I said. "But, it will be nice, to have neighbors again."

At 10:00 that morning, our questions were answered. A moving van pulled up. A few moments later, Movers begin unloading furniture and household items.

A half hour later, an SUV arrived. Two couples got out.

"Looks like an older Asian couple. That must be the Father and Mother," I said.

"The other couple look considerably younger, more our age. Maybe it's their Son and Daughter," Eileen said, in a whisper. "From the way they are dressed, I would say they are well off."

"Eileen, you silly goose... ! Why are you whispering? They can't hear you," I said, teasing her.

"Oh, I know ... its just force of habit. Let's check the females in the family. Maybe we could put one of them on our little fantasy menu for later this evening," she said, trying to distract me from teasing her by changing the subject.

I felt a slight arousal at her words. For years now, she had been telling me little erotic bedtime stories—sheer fantasies—about her and various women in the neighborhood.

To say the sexy stories were risqué would be putting it nicely. It was our own private little fantasy—so... , since no one would ever know what went on behind our bedroom door—we felt perfectly safe. We both agreed that it definitely added spice to our sex lives.

Knowing how much I enjoyed it, she would often tell me my favorite fantasy that had—strangely enough— really come true.

Several years before, another couple had rented that house next door. After we became friendly with them, the four of us had started joking around about finding a way to liven up our sex lives.

Before long, we started entertaining the possibility of having a little intimate evening together. Finally, after much hesitation, one Friday night, we invited them over to our house.

The other husband and I talked Eileen and his Chinese wife, SuAnn into challenging each other to a friendly little feminine wrestling contest.

To make it more interesting and exciting, we all agreed before hand, the wife who lost would have to submit to an erotic consequence—whatever the winner wanted her to do.

A short time later, he and I had watched—one of the most intensive erotic sights imaginable—our two wives playfully wrestled with each other. At the end, his wife, SuAnn had won. She then forced my wife, Eileen, into submission.

Once in submission, with the two of us watching, SuAnn had made a reluctant Eileen perform cunnilingus on her. Even yet, the memories of that rare erotic evening remains vivid in my memory.

Although, near the end of the evening, we had switched and both couples had enjoyed the other's mate—I still felt guilty for a long time after that.

We finally talked about it a few weeks after Eileen's humiliating defeat. At the end of our erotic discussion, Eileen had said, with a little laugh.

"Mel, darling... , promise me something—if we ever decide to try it again with another couple—you'll pick someone I can beat next time."

"Okay... , Then ... You aren't mad at me?" I asked, somewhat surprised.

"No... ! Silly... !" Eileen said, with a little embarrassed laugh. "That night we spent with them was definitely one of the highlight of our whole married life. That's why I agreed to do it for you."

"I'm so glad you're not still mad at me," I said, feeling both relieved and grateful.

"Why should I be—I enjoyed parts of it also. So... , there's no reason for either of us to feel bad. It was something different. We both enjoyed ourselves. No one will ever know. I just wish I could have won her... , that's all," she said, pretending to pout.

Meeting the new Neighbors...

Stepping out of our house the next day we ran into our new neighbors, the older Asian couple. They were also on their way out for the day.

"Hi," the older woman said. "We're Yasmin and Sammy. We were hoping we might meet you two," she said, brightly. "We just moved here from the Philippine Islands."

"We have been looking forward to meeting you also," Eileen said, as we introduced ourselves.

"We were so lucky to find this house. They don't stay on the market long in this neighborhood," Yasmin said. "We heard about it from the Asian couple who used to rent our place. You may remember them."

Eileen and I exchanged startled looks!

We knew even without asking that the other couple had broken our mutual promise of confidentiality, just by the way Yasmin said it with a coy little knowing smile.

"Yes," I said. "We do remember them."

"Did they tell you about us?" Eileen asked.

"Oh, you mean the Friday night the four of you spent together. Yes... , they did, but please don't worry—we would never repeat what they told us to anyone... , okay?" Jasmin said, as her husband Sammy nodded his head in agreement.

"We appreciate that," I said. "Things like that should really be kept private."

"That was so inconsiderate of them. They promised never tell anyone," Eileen said, visibly upset.

"They have no class," Sammy said.

"You'll have to meet our daughter Maricar, and her husband, Jimmy." Yasmin said, artfully trying to change the subject, "They're about your age."

"We would love to meet them," I said, wanting to be friendly.

"I'm sure we will see them around. Tell them hello for us and welcome to the neighborhood," Eileen said, brightly.

"Oh... , and by the way—about the other... , so the two of you won't feel embarrassed around us—years ago back in the islands, when Sammy and I were younger," Yasmin said, with a little knowing smile, "we used to engage in that same type of activity with other couples."

Eileen and Maricar meet...

Looking out the upstairs window the next day down into the yard, I could see Eileen hanging wash on our clothesline. A moment later the daughter, Maricar came out. I watched as they started talking over the fence to each other.

My Eileen at 27 was still beautiful. Standing just 5 feet tall, and around 112 pounds—with beautiful thick black hair she was the essence of an attractive mature woman.

However, looking at our new next-door neighbor, Maricar, I could see Eileen had met her match in the looks department.

Maricar's mother, Yasmin had told us her daughter was 26 years old. She looked perhaps an inch taller than my wife, Eileen. I could see she also weighed a little more. I guessed her weight at 118 pounds. Maricar was a classic Asian female. Her maturity only enhanced her sexiness as far as I was concerned.

Watching her and Eileen talking—I could see Maricar appeared to be quite gentle and fun loving. She seemed to laugh a lot. Within moments the two of them were quickly caught up in a friendly animated conversation.

Eileen suddenly turned and looked up at the window where I was standing. She knows I am watching them, I thought. She's probably doing the same thing I am—trying to guess Maricar's feminine attributes.

Looking down at them from our upstairs window, I felt my unruly member growing hard rock. They were almost the same size, weight, and height. Boy! It would be great if Eileen and I could get together with those two, I thought.

A few minutes later, Eileen came back up the stairs carrying her empty clothes hamper.

"So... , what did you think of Maricar?" she said. "I know you were watching us," she laughed.

"What do you mean—what did I think of her?" I said, teasing her.

"I mean... , do you think Maricar and I would be good if the four of us ever decide to get together?" she said. "You know what I mean! Quit playing dumb!"

"What did you think of her Eileen?" I said, holding my breath.

"Well, I think... , if we ever wanted to get together with another couple—her and Jimmy might be the perfect candidates," she said, with a little impish smile. "What do you think?" she said, trying to appear casual.

"I think the four of us would be perfect together. Boy! I would pay admission to see you and her try each other for a little while," I said, pulling her into my arms and kissing her soft lips.

"Hey... ! Maybe we can think of some way to bring it up," Eileen said, with a little giggle. "If something could be arranged with those two, I think we would definitely both enjoy it."

"By the way, has anyone ever told you—you are completely predictable?" she said, teasing me playfully.

I felt my excitement grow upon hearing this. What a wild thought! Was there a possibility I might get a chance to see my Eileen try it again with another female? Maybe in a more playful atmosphere—something perhaps more sexy and erotic—more on the gentler side.

Mama Yasmin the Matchmaker...

The next few days flew by. We finally met Jimmy, who worked as a computer programmer. We liked him almost at once. Like his wife, Maricar, he had a nice gentle way about him.

When I finally met Maricar, I could see she looked even more sexy and beautiful up close.

She was fun loving, and nice, and like her husband, Jimmy, she was gentle and exuded a certain feminity about her that I found quite alluring. Even looking at her ignited my instant desire.

After talking to them several times over our backyard fence—we became more convinced than ever—they would be the perfect couple to get together with us.

We found ourselves endlessly discussing whether Maricar and Jimmy might be willing. And if so, how it could be arranged.

Then we developed an unexpected Ally. One morning Eileen and Yasmin happened to catch the same Trolley downtown. Eileen filled me in on the details of what had transpired between them later that evening.

She and Yasmin had decided to stop off and have coffee before going on to work. Feeling very much at ease with each other, Yasmin had come right out and confided to Eileen that if she and I were willing, Jimmy and Maricar were anxious to arrange a get together with us.

"They have been too embarrassed to approach the two of you and suggest it," Yasmin had said, with a little laugh. She then said to Eileen with an intimate little laugh.

"I've noticed the way you and your husband look at Maricar and Jimmy. So... , I'm pretty sure the two of you are as attracted to them as they are to you. Am I right... ?" she asked.

After seeing the surprised look on Eileen's face, she said, "I'm right, aren't I?" she asked again, a look of amusement on her face—her black eyes dancing with merriment.

At Yasmin's words, Eileen had laughed and timidly admitted the truth that, yes, she and I were attracted to Jimmy and Maricar and that we had been thinking exactly the same thing.

Well... , from that little coffee-before-work moment—things fell right into place. Yasmin gave Eileen, Maricar's telephone number at work.

Eileen and Maricar talk...

Eileen waited until mid-morning—then called Maricar's office.

"Hello, may I speak to Maricar?"

"Yes... , one moment..."

"This is Maricar. May I help you?"

"Hi, Maricar, this is Eileen, your next door neighbor."

"Eileen... ! How did you get my number?" Maricar said, a faint trace of surprise registering in her voice.

"Your mother and I stopped off and had coffee together earlier this morning. She gave it to me."

"Oh good. It's great hearing from you. When my secretary told me you were on the line, I was really surprised," she said with a little laugh.

"Yes... ," Eileen said. "Yasmin suggested I should call you. She said you and Jimmy have been thinking of asking Mel and me something," Eileen said, being very cryptic. "You do know what I'm talking about... , right?"

"Well, yes... ," Maricar said, with a sultry little laugh. "I'm pretty sure I know what it's about," she said, whispering into the phone, in a knowing tone of voice, her sultry sexy voice now an intimate whisper.

"Well... , Mel and I have been trying to figure out a way to get up our nerve to ask you and Jimmy that very same thing," Eileen said, with a little laugh.

"Maricar, I know you're probably very busy there, and so am I. I just called to let you know, Mel and I are just as interested as you and Jimmy. Would you two be free to get together and discuss it later this evening when the guys get home?"

"We're free—and we definitely would be interested... ! " Maricar said, laughing into the phone. "Jimmy is going to be so excited!"

"I can't wait to tell Mel either... !" Eileen said, "So... , we'll see you two, tonight... ?"

"Yes... !" Maricar said. "Look for us around 8:00 o'clock this evening. Okay... ?"

"Sure! See you both tonight." Eileen said, hanging up her phone.

WOW! It's on! she thought, feeling herself slightly aroused from the cryptic little phone call that had just taken place.

For the next hour, she felt her arousal soar each time she allowed herself to think about the four of them getting together later that evening.

My panties are all soaked from my excitement, she thought, I'll just have to wear wet panties. They'll dry on me in an hour or so anyway, Eileen thought, consoling herself.

Mel and Eileen...

"Hon... , you home yet?" Mel asked as he came in the door.

"Yes, darling," Eileen said, coming over and kissing him passionately on his lips.

"Are you sure you heard Maricar right when you and her were talking on the phone?" he said, uncertainty registering in his voice.

"Yes... ," Eileen laughed, "She said she and Jimmy are just as excited as we are about the four of us getting together."

"I can hardly believe it!" he said. "You never told me you were such a fast worker." he said, teasing her.

"Come on... , let's eat. They'll be here at eight. I want to have time to take a shower before they get here," Eileen said.

The Two Couples conspire...

Shortly after eight that evening Jimmy and Maricar rang the doorbell. Although we had planned fresh coffee and pastries, from the first moment they arrived, there was an atmosphere of intimate awareness. Each sensed the other couple was open and receptive to the possibilities of engaging in erotic activities.

"It's too bad we can't find some way to pair off to get acquainted—you know, Mel with Maricar; and Eileen with me," Jimmy said, bringing up the subject they had all been dying to discuss.

The four of them looked at each other in a new light—each couple savoring the erotic possibilities of such a thing.

"I think Eileen and I might be willing if the two of you would like to do something like that," Mel said, looking over at Eileen. "What do you think Eileen?" She smiled—nodding her assent silently.

"How should we go about it," Maricar said, "How would we work something like that? "

"Well... , "Jimmy said, "If we all had sick leave we could take a day off from work. One day Eileen and I could take a day off and spend it together—then on another day, Mel, you and Maricar could take off on the same day. Since we live in adjoining houses, it would be very easy to do," Jimmy said, hopefully.

"I guess, if we girls planned it for right after our time of the month, it could be very special," Maricar said, looking a little embarrassed at having been so forward.

"Hey... ! Too bad we couldn't have a little foreplay between us tonight," Jimmy hinted.

"Yeah... , wouldn't that be great! " Mel agreed with a little laugh. The two wives exchanging knowing glances, smiling at their husband's enthusiasm.

Within minutes, by silent agreement, the two women took themselves off for a little girl talk to discuss the arrangements. After a brief intimate private discussion, —they discovered they were both within their sexual safety zone.

"Now, we need to decide whether to let the guys in on our little secret?" Maricar said. "I'm sure if we tell them, they'll want to have a little sample before the night is over," she said, with a little conspiratorial laugh.

"Tell me about it!" Eileen said, both women giggling over their delicious little secret.

By the time the two females returned, the air was thick with sexual tension. An air of sexual expectation descended upon the two couples.

"Come on Maricar... ," Eileen said, brightly, "Come help me fix the coffee and pastries in the kitchen."

"Do you think Mel will be as excited as Jimmy is about the idea?" Maricar asked, in an intimate barely audible whisper.

"I think probably more!" Eileen said sensing Maricar had something on her mind. "He and I have discussed it quite a lot with each other."

"Then... , I don't know whether I dare tell you what Jimmy told me he'd like to do to you," Maricar said, with a mischievous little laugh.

"Oh... , come on... !" Eileen laughed. "I'm a big girl!"

"Okay... , but don't say you haven't been warned," Maricar said, with a wicked little laugh.

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