MMB - The Great Estate Robbery

by Maximillian Excaliber

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: The Matchmaker Bandits Rob a the Estate of a Millionaire polygamist only to find unexpected visitors.

"OH MY GOD IT'S GOING IN ME PAUL!" Ashley said as my cock touched the mouth of her wet pussy.


Herbert H. Williams III had died. People die all the time. There's nothing unusual about it. After all, he was seventy-eight years old. He had lived a full life. It happens to everyone sooner or later. They're born; they live; they die; they are mourned and eventually, in time, they are forgotten.

But Herbert H. Williams III was unique, not because he had been quite wealthy. No, he was unique because he had a fascination with eroticism that went well beyond the norm.

It seems that Herbert H. Williams III had accumulated during his life not only a quite valuable Collection of erotic art; but, the world's largest assortment of erotic furniture and other kinky mechanical devices, the kinds specifically designed for use during sex.

Having no legal heirs, his will had instructed that his estate was to be auctioned off and the proceeds donated to his favorite charity, The Society For The Preservation And Advancement Of Plural Marriage. It seems that Herbert H. Williams III also had had three wives at one time, all living with him in mutual if not legal marital bliss until they also; one by one had preceded him into the great hereafter.

And so that brings me to my story.

Chapter One - "Dear Paul"

I met Gerri about four years ago. We were both working for the US Census at the time. We started talking and hit it off immediately. We were becoming quite close and I was beginning to think that we would end up together when I met her sister Marie. Maybe met isn't the best word for it. Perhaps hit-and-run is a better way of putting it. She hit, then ran. But I am getting ahead of myself.

When I was introduced to Marie she had just gotten divorced from her ex-husband Richard. As Marie had no place to go, Gerri let Marie move in with her until she could find an apartment of her own.

Marie was pretty down about the divorce so Gerri and I decided to take her clubbing to help show her what she had regained with her newfound freedom.

We had hit three bars and it was getting late when Gerri suggested we call it a night. She said that we were all pretty wasted and that she had to open the gallery the next day.

In hindsight, Gerri was the only one of us that had any sense at the time.

Anyway, Marie response was to say to Gerri, "I'm a big girl now Mommy and I going to go party some more." Then she turned to me and asked, "What about it? Feel like partying some more?."

As I was already pretty loaded when I said, "Sure, what else does an aspiring alcoholic do?" At that point, Gerri went home.

We hit a few more clubs together and as they were closing, Marie suggested we get a bottle from the local package store before it closed and drank in private.

By that time, I was too drunk to say no; so, we went to my apartment with a bottle of something 190 proof and tried to drink each under other the table.

When I woke up the next day I had a massive hangover and Marie was lying naked next to me on my bed. I couldn't even remember what had happened the night before. To make matters worse, for some reason I had this strange feeling as if I had betrayed Gerri.

What you have to understand is that back then I was young, stupid and drank like a fish every chance I could get so black outs were not new to me.

Anyway, I hadn't heard from Marie for five weeks when I got a call from her out of the blue. She told me she was pregnant and that she wanted to keep it.

And so, I did the noble thing and we got married.

She had a baby boy and we named him Randy after her father.

I tried to settle down deciding to play with the cards fate had dealt me. I tried to be a good father and husband but things weren't working out between us; that kind of thing happens when there is no love between two people.

We had been married for almost a year when I came home from work one day to find an envelope with my name on it laying on the kitchen table.

There were two things in the envelope. The first was a letter from Marie.

I opened the letter and read it:

Dear Paul,

We both have known that things have been rocky between us for some time now and that neither of us is happy. A few months ago I ran into Richard and we started talking. He's really changed a lot since the divorce. When I told him I had a baby he asked me if I was sure you were the father. The truth is Paul, that when I found out I was pregnant it was easier for me to think of you as the father than Richard. I've been seeing Richard for months now and he has asked me to marry him. When I told him I would not risk loosing Randy he suggested I have a paternity test done. I know that the only thing keeping us together is Randy and that you will never leave me. As you can see from the results, you are not Randy's father, Richard is. So now there is no reason for you to stay with me anymore. I have taken Randy with me so don't worry about him and please don't try to find us.

I know you will never forgive me but perhaps time will ease the pain.


The other item in the envelope was a copy of the paternity test showing Richard to be the father.

Chapter Two - "The Job Offer"

I had been out of work for three months after I had, politely, told my boss that he could take the lousy three percent cost of living increase he had given me and use it to buy a tube of "Preparation H" since he obviously was in need of something to relieve the pain his tight ass must be giving him and, that was about all you could buy with such a tiny amount.

I was laying on the couch in my living room evaluating job prospects, which sucked, and was trying to decide if I should set up a Meth Lab in the basement or apply for a Manager's position at the local Captain D's.

After I looked at my checkbook and saw that my account was almost empty, I decided that the Meth Lab thing was out, as I couldn't afford the start-up cost.

I was about to start filling out the Captain D's application I had picked up when my phone rang bringing a welcome delay from entry into the world of Fish, Fries, and Fritters.

I picked up the phone to hear the naturally sultry voice Gerri, my ex-wife's sister. "Hey, Stud." she said in an overtly sexy manner.

"Hey, Porn Star." I answered back.

It was a little game we used to play before I married her sister. After I got married we both stopped our playful teasing and I didn't see much of her except on holidays and family occasions.

"Still need a job?" she asked; then added, "Or are the ladies paying you enough?"

"Yup, still need a job." I answered. "Can't make any money till this clap is gone." She laughed.

"How's five thousand dollars for a weeks work sound to you?" Her sultry voice said.

"Great! Who do I have to screw?" I said deciding to play along with her little joke.

She paused a second; and then said, "Seriously, I need some help inventorying an estate that's about to be auctioned. The place is out in the boonies and I don't like the idea of being there by myself."

"I'd love to Gerri, but I don't know anything about art. Hell, I even flunked finger-painting in Kindergarten." I told her, hating to have to pass up the chance to make some real money.

"Don't worry about that. It will be easy, all you have to do is write down what I tell you." she said. "Besides, you really would be helping me out. I really need someone I can trust to go along with me."

She went on to explain that the estate she had to inventory was an old country manor far removed from the city and that it would be easier not to have to drive the five hour trip to and from the estate each day. Further, that she made arrangements with the executor for her and an assistant to stay at the mansion for the week that it would take to inventory everything.

"Well?" she asked. "Will you help me Paul?" Then added, "Please?

Happy to finally have some money coming in I answered her, "Sure. Anything for my favorite centerfold." She laughed and said she would pick me up at 5:00 the following morning.

Hearing her voice reminded me how much I enjoyed her company and missed hanging out with her.

Chapter Three - "The Great Lie"

After Gerri called me, it occurred to me that it seemed like a good idea to tell my landlady, Mrs. Wiseman, about the job offer. By then, I was already a week late with my rent and I didn't want to come back and find my things on the street. I asked her if she could wait one more week until I got back for the rent. After I told her that I would be able to pay her the next four months rent when I got back, she quickly agreed.

I packed my backpack, ate a TV dinner, put out what trash I had, and went to bed so I could get and early start in the morning.

When I got up the next morning, I showered, toasted a bagel and then went outside to wait for Gerri. I was sitting on my backpack and hadn't been waiting long when she pulled up.

She smiled, rolled down the passenger window, leaned over toward it, and said, "Hey, lover boy know where a girl can get lucky around here?"

"How much you got baby?" I said playing the game.

"Five dollars cold hard cash." she said.

"Sorry lady, I only have three bucks change and don't want to take advantage of you." She giggled when I said that, then she came back with, "OK, you can keep the change but you better be worth it."

We were both laughing when I got in the car, backpack in hand.

We spent the next couple of hours catching up on old times. We talked about what she had been doing, what I had been doing, and our mutual friends.

It had been so long since I last saw Gerri that I had forgotten how beautiful she truly was. While she does not have "The Face That Launched A Thousand Ships" she is extremely cute. She is only two inches shorter than I am but has full firm breasts that are only slightly larger than a woman of her statue. Her bottom is round and ample but not large and her hips curvy in just the right places. Her legs are just a bit muscular, probably from the constant working out that she does. But her true beauty lay in the part of her that is not physical but in her very soul, for no more a compassionate and caring woman will you ever meet. I couldn't help but curse myself for the fool I was in letting her slip through my grasp.

We had several more hours to drive and decided to stop and get something to eat from the vending machines at a rest top along the road.

It started raining just as we started to eat so we hastily grabbed our food and ran to the car. It was raining heavily when we finished our lunch so we decided to wait a little for it to die down before hitting the road again.

"How are you really doing Paul?" she asked seriously.

I thought about it a second and then said, "I'm OK. I'll make it."

"I'm glad." she said and then added, "What Marie did to you wasn't right."

"It was my fault; I should have been a better husband for her." I told her.

"That's bullshit Paul and you know it. She used you." she said with anger in her voice. Then added, "You were a better husband than she deserved."

"Still, if I hadn't been so drunk and slept with her none of this would have happened; she wouldn't have thought I was the father." I retorted.

As she stared at me in shock she said, "Shit Paul! She never told you?"

"Told me what?" I asked puzzled.

"You didn't sleep with her. You were too drunk that night. She knew all along that Randy was not yours." Gerri told me.

I couldn't believe my ears.

"But how?" I asked confused.

"Because she was already pregnant!" Then, she paused a second and continued, "After she left you she called to tell me about it. I told her she was a heartless bitch and made her promise to tell you the truth. I swear, I thought she had already told you. That's why I didn't tell you about it myself after she told me." she said in disgust. "She knew Richard was the father from the very beginning. She just didn't want anything to do with him. Hell, if it's any body's fault it's mine!"

How the hell can it be your fault? I thought.

Almost as if she had read my mind she said, "I told her that you would be a great catch if you ever settled down and that I thought all you needed was someone else to care for to motivate you."

We both sat in silence and I thought about what she said for a several minutes.

"It wasn't your fault. You didn't make her do what she did. And you didn't make me drink either. But you were right about one thing. I did need someone to care for to settle me down. At least some good came out of it." With that, the rain slowed down and after a pit stop to the rest rooms we were on the road again.

I sat there, her words echoing in my mind. I realized I had been blaming myself for my mistakes. First I had been blaming myself for getting too drunk that night. Second, I had been blaming myself for being to blind not to see that Maria had been running around on me. But worst of all, I had been blaming myself for the opportunity I had lost with Gerri and I felt I would never have that opportunity again. How could she possibly respect me after how I had fucked up my life so badly? I thought.

The rain had stopped, the sun had come out but I could not see any golden rays of sunshine in my future.

I had fallen asleep when I heard Gerri's angelic voice calling me, "Wake up Paul. We're here".

And there we were.

Chapter Four - "The House of Pleasure"

The sun was beginning to fall as I got out of the car. I was immediately stricken buy the powerful beauty of the former home of the eccentric millionaire, Herbert H. Williams III and his three wives.

It was not the vines with their dark earthen red leaves covering the huge stone walls of the mansion nor was it the powerful large oak beams supporting the structure that gave it its powerful beauty, but instead it was the golden beams of sunlight that sparkled in a rainbow of bejeweled colors in all directions as they reflected from the many windows of the mansion.

And windows they were, so large as to dwarf a giant. Each window was comprised of six separate panes of glass in two rows of three per window all held within a beautiful oak frame.

We both just stood there overwhelmed and we could almost hear the symphony created by the beams of light as they reflected from the windows onto the water and stone of the fountain in wave after wave of brilliant color.

The clouds to had followed us bringing rain moved in blocking the sunlight. The moment of beauty was lost so we walked to the door to enter this strange and wonderful place we had come to.

Tired from our trip we spent the rest of the day touring the place.

From cellar to attic, in every room we went there was erotic art and sculptures.

The house had three bedrooms downstairs for the staff, and six bedrooms upstairs for the residents and guest. With the exception of the erotic paintings, statues and other oddities and some modern conveniences that were everywhere you went from bedrooms to bath, the house was decorated primarily in the motif of a 19th century English estate.

Each bedroom had a large gas fireplace and custom-made bed that measured 10 by 10 feet in size.

Adjoining each bedroom was a large dressing room and a bathroom with connecting doors. There was a door at the back of each dressing room that led to a twenty by twenty foot walk in closet.

All the bathrooms upstairs had three sinks complete with mirrors; a large six-foot by six foot walk-in shower with clear glass doors. Each tub was large enough to hold four adults in total comfort. All the bedrooms in the house had a large wooden and glass cabinet in the corner that was nearest the bed. The cabinets contained a vast variety of unique vibrators, dildos, strap-ons, anal beads, softly padded leather restraints and an assortment of other kinky items too numerous to mention here.

Also in each room were one or more pieces of furniture or equipment specifically designed for sex.

It was like the world's most luxurious bordello and I loved it instantly.

So we would not have to drive the thirty miles it was to the nearest time just to eat, Gerri had arranged with the executor that enough food to accommodate two people for seven days would be left in the kitchen. We ate and talked, mostly discussing the manor and its unique motif. We agreed to start early the next day but not until after we had taken a second slower tour of each room. Not to size up the task, but just to see the strange and new oddities the mansion had to offer.

After we finished the tour, Gerri turned to me and said, "This is going to take longer than I thought."

Then she took out her cell phone, called the executor and told him that it would take at least two weeks to do the inventory and then proceeded to explain just how vast the inventory actually was.

When she finished the call, she told me about it. The executor had told Gerri that he had not realized how much was there. Apparently, he had never actually been to the house. She said that could take all the time she needed and that he would arrange to have whatever she needed delivered in two days.

"Well, that's done." she said to me. "Why don't we start at the bottom and work our way up?"

"You're the boss lady. You point, I click." I said to her twirling the stylus from my tablet PC.

Chapter Five - "Unexpected Visitors"

One of the first things we found out was that the place had not been dusted in a while and every so often Gerri would sneeze violently. Apparently Gerri and dust don't like each other.

We spent the next six days inventorying the art and oddities. All the while we were making comments to each other sometimes referencing the art and sometimes referencing the furniture we saw. We would say things like, "I wonder how they got into that position in the first place." or "Wouldn't it slip out?" But sometimes we would just comment, "Isn't that beautiful?"

I didn't know about Gerri but after seeing all the erotica everywhere was beginning to have its effect on me. The sound of Gerri's naturally seductive voice as she spoke only helped to make matters worse. After seven days of walking around constantly with a raging hard-on, I started looking forward to the chance to take a cold shower when each day was over.

I was going to take a shower but decided to wait when I heard the one in the next room running. I realized Gerri have beaten me to it. We both learned the first night there not to use our showers at the same time because the water pressure dropped dramatically when we did.

As I lay on my bed waiting for the sound of the shower to stop, telling me that Gerri was finished, my mind wandered to thoughts of Gerri slowly running her hands over her wet nude body. No doubt about it, I thought, it's cold water for me tonight.

I took a cold shower, dried off and slipped under the covers of my bed to retire for the night.

I had just dozed off to sleep when a female voice awakened me saying, "Wake Up."

At first I thought it was Gerri but when I opened my eyes the light on the nightstand went on. There standing next to the nightstand was indeed a woman pulling a leather glove covered her hand away from the lamp's switch. But it was not Gerri!

The woman, a buxom full figured brunet with long wavy hair, was dressed in a gray jumpsuit and was wearing a cheap plastic Lone Ranger mask. What really bothered me was that she was pointing the pistol she was holding in her other leather glove covered hands right at my groin.

"Who are you?" she said.

"Who are you?" I asked back.

"I have the gun. I'm asking the questions. Now, who the hell are you?" she demanded.

"Were here to inventory everything for the auction." I said. Then I added, "And you are?"

"Robbing the place!" she said casually. Then said accusingly, "You were supposed to be gone two days ago!"

"It's taking longer than we thought." I told her.

"Oh well, guess we'll have to improvise." she said. Backing up she said, while still pointing her pistol at me, "Let's go."

As I grabbed my robe and pulled it around my naked body she looked me up and down and said, "If only I weren't busy working right now..."

She made me go downstairs into what Gerri and I had started calling the "Play Room". We call it that mostly because it had the largest assortment of sex toys in the house. Some were the strangest sex machines either of us had ever seen. Some were designed for one person, some for two people. Mounted on one wall of the room was a large screen television, below that was an entertainment center with a DVD player. The rest of the entire wall was filled with shelf upon shelf of pornographic DVD movies.

"Sit down and keep quiet!" she told me when we walked into the room.

I had just sat down on a love seat when I saw Gerri get pushed through the door by a man also in a gray jumpsuit and cheap plastic Lone Ranger mask. But it was Gerri that caught my attention, for she was wearing a Red satin Victoria Secrets robe had a neckline that plunged deeply in the front and barely covered her ass. Damn she looked hot!

"Anyone else?" the female robber asked her companion.

"Nope that's it. They're the only two." he replied. Then added, "Remind me to tell Mr. Green that his Intel sucks."

Annoyed she looked and said, "No sense crying over spilt milk. Now, be quiet and keep them covered while I figure out what to do with them."

She walked around the room looking at all the various machines and furniture then stopped at one that looked kind of like a "seesaw" but much wider, stood there and read the plaque on it for several minutes. Then she looked over at the cabinets full of sex toys and paraphernalia and smiled as though an idea had occurred to her. This did not make Gerri or I comfortable at all.

"OK" she began, "I'm only going to say this once. Keep your mouths shut. That means I don't even what to hear a fart out of you. Do exactly what you are told, when you are told and how you are told and I promise you wont get hurt. If you can't you will end up looking like a Picasso painting when we are done with you. Am I clear?"

We both nodded.

Then she went over to one of the cabinets and opened it. She took one of the large "industrial" size tubes of "K Y" Jelly that was in the cabinet out.

When she did, I saw Gerri suddenly get a very frightened look on her face and, disregarding the robber's instructions, asked with a panic sound in her voice, "What are you going to do with that?"

"Oh?" the female robber said in an almost consoling voice. "It won't hurt; it's just to make sure you don't try too hard to get out of these."

Then, she held up her other hand, which held several pairs of fur padded leather restraints. Each pair consisted of two heavy leather straps with a fur inner lining and they were attached to each other by a three-inch chain. Each strap had a buckle fastener used to secure it to the wearer.

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