Lisa Can Do It Better

by Just Plain Bob

Copyright┬ę 2008 by Just Plain Bob

Sex Story: A few too many beers, a chance comment and my life changed.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Slut Wife   Gang Bang   Slow   .


I'm married to one of the most sexually exciting women in the world. We promised each other when we married that we would never let our sex life become as dull and boring as so many of our friends claimed that theirs had. For my part I bought her sexy lingerie, high heeled 'come fuck me' pumps, dildos and pressed her to have sex with me in places where the chance of being discovered was good.

Lisa, on the other hand, went for the visual. She would behave outrageously in public to turn me on. Once at a party she pretended to be drunk and she let some guy work her into a dark corner and feel her up. She knew I was watching and so she unzipped him and took out his cock and began jacking him off. He turned her around so that his back was to the room thereby blocking what was taking place from being seen, but what he really accomplished was to put Lisa where she could look over his shoulder at me. She winked and blew me kisses and then she mouthed the words, "Come over here." I did as she asked and I saw her say something in the guy's ear and then there was some quick shifting around as he hurried to get his hard cock back in his pants. It was probably a mean thing to do to the guy, but fuck him - it's what he gets for fucking around with another man's wife, right? I rushed her out into the attached garage and fucked her on the hood of the host and hostesses car.

Another time during the winter we had gone to an afternoon matinee at a theatre and when we sat down she opened her overcoat to reveal that she was stark naked. I put my hand on her pussy and we sat there like that through the entire movie. The guy on the other side of her didn't see much of the film. He got bold enough to place a hand on her thigh, but even though she didn't protest he never got up the courage to go any higher. I was so hot I fucked her in the theatre parking lot. That night we were in a bar and I was throwing darts while Lisa was shooting pool. I heard some one say, "God, would you look at that!" I turned and saw Lisa standing on one foot and stretching to make a shot. Her skirt had ridden up and she wasn't wearing any panties so her beaver was on display for all to see. The guys she was playing against kept loosing just to keep her on the table. One guy got real daring and moved up behind her while she was stretching to take a shot and I saw her give a little lurch and smile in my direction and I knew he had put his hand on her pussy. She told me later he had slid a couple of fingers into her.

But Lisa's most outrageous behavior took place at parties after she'd had a few drinks. Many times we would get in the car to go home and she would tell me what she had done and I'd end up pulling over and fucking her right there on the street. Guys always thought that if they could get Lisa drunk they would have a chance to get into her pants; they were totally unaware that Lisa could have drunk anyone of them under the table. But Lisa would let them maneuver her into dark corners, empty rooms and the like, and she would make out with them, let them feel her up and every once in a while she would feel them up. Just when they thought they were going to get somewhere she would say that she had to go to the bathroom, or that she heard me calling for her and she would break away from them.

Once she let Jimmy Spano get both of her tits out of her dress and two fingers in her pussy while she jacked his cock. Another time she actually had the head of Tom Short's cock in her mouth when she said that she heard me coming looking for her. My favorite was when she was going to let Herb Olson stick his dick in her and get a couple of strokes before pulling away. Her panties were down around her ankles and she was bent over the porch rail and Herb had the head of his cock against her opening when he heard his wife holler for him and she came looking for him. That is, it was my favorite until three weeks ago.

For over a year now several friends and I have been having a rotating poker game every Thursday night. There are seven of us so the game only happens at my house once every two months or so. Lisa, being the only female present, was always the center of attention whenever she passed through the room. She always dresses to please (or tease) on those night and as she serves as hostess she flirts up a storm. When the guys go home Lisa and I race to bed and I just can't keep my hands off of her. Three weeks ago it was my night to host the game again and when the guys started arriving they immediately noticed that Lisa wasn't there, she had gone shopping. Most of the guys showed obvious disappointment, but Bill said, "I'm kind of glad Lisa isn't here because I've got a video that I want you all to see."

He went out to his car and got the tape and then put it in my VCR. It was a porn tape entitled Girls Who Love to Suck and it was a two-hour tape of girls sucking off guys until they came. We were sitting on the edge of our seats and saying things like, "Oh, what a mouth" or "Jesus, look at her swallow that thing" or "That can't be real. No woman has ever sucked me off like that." Herb (the same Herb that almost got to stick his dick in Lisa) said, "I'd give a hundred bucks if I could find a woman who would suck my dick half that good."

A voice from behind us said, "Would you give two-fifty for one twice as good?"

We all turned around and saw Lisa standing there; she had come in and we hadn't heard her. Herb stood up, took out his wallet, laid two-fifty on the coffee table and dropped his pants and boxers. His erect cock dancing in front of him he said, "You're on sweetie."

He sat down on the couch and waited to see what Lisa would do. All the rest of us were watching Lisa and we all expected her to turn and leave the room, but instead she walked over to the couch and knelt down between Herb's legs. All eyes in the room, including Lisa's, turned to me and when I said nothing and made no move to stop things Lisa said, "You can all watch, but no touching me."

She took one last look at me and when I smiled back at her she turned and lowered her head into Herb's lap and sucked his dick into her mouth. Her mouth moved up and down on him while her hands played with his balls. She took her mouth off him and ran her tongue down the upper length of his cock until she hit the base and then she sucked on his balls before dragging her tongue up the underside. When she hit the cockhead she again swallowed his dick and started to deep throat him. She worked on him for another four minutes or so and then Herb grabbed the back of her head and held her on his cock as he arched himself up into her mouth. I saw the cum leaking out the corners of her mouth and running down her chin as she gulped and gulped and tried to swallow all of his juices.

A wad of money hit the coffee table on top of Herb's money and Jason stepped forward with his cock jutting out in front of him. Lisa finished licking and cleaning off Herb's cock and then she turned to Jason and took his cock in her mouth. She reached up with both hands and grabbed him by the butt cheeks and pulled him to her and began to deep throat him. He lasted three minutes before he unloaded and again I saw cum running down Lisa's chin. Tom said, "I've only got a hundred. Will you take an IOU until tomorrow?"

Lisa said, "Bring it over here baby. Let me see what you taste like."

As she sucked Tom's cock Bill and George walked up and stood next to her with their cocks out and Lisa took one in each hand and began stroking them while still sucking on Tom. George was so excited that he came almost immediately and shot cum all over Lisa's blouse. She took her mouth off Tom and captured George's dick and swallowed what he had left and then she turned back to Tom. Harry stepped up and took the place George had just vacated and she began to stroke his dick. By now Herb and Jason were hard again and Lisa told them to go over and sit on the couch and she would get to them when she had finished Tom, Harry and Bill. Tom was the first to shoot and Lisa gulped down his load and watching it sent Bill over the edge and he shot his cum all over the front of Lisa's blouse. Lisa held Bill's cock until she was done with Tom and then she turned to Bill and licked him clean and then she turned to Harry and swallowed his cock. It took her four minutes to get him off and then she turned her attention to Herb and Jason. She moved over to the couch and positioned herself so she could suck both Herb and Jason and then she alternated between them until she got them off. Their places on the couch were taken by George and Tom and Lisa worked on them until she had sucked them dry. By then Harry and Bill were hard again, but Lisa said, "Sorry guys, but it's my hubby's turn now. Tell you what. Make sure you honor those IOU's and maybe we can do this again sometime."

During the next week every one of the guys called me and asked if we could have the next game at my place instead of going back to the usual rotation. I told them that I would have to check with Lisa and I'd get back to them. When I told Lisa about their calls she grinned and said, "I must have been pretty good, but I don't know that I want to do it again, at least not anytime soon."

The next morning, just as I was getting ready to leave for work, Lisa said, "I've changed my mind. I thought about it all last night and the idea got me extremely horny. Let's do it again."

She was right about the horny part and as a result I was two hours late for work that morning.

That Thursday Lisa went out of her way to tease the guys. She greeted them at the door in high heels and black lace bra and panties and before the first hour was over she was down to walking around in just her heels. The guys kept trying to feel her up as she brought us beer and chips, but she was able to dodge most of them. I made a ton of money that night (or as much as could be made playing nickel, dime, quarter and three raises) because I was the only one paying any attention to the cards.

The guys kept wanting to throw in the cards and go after Lisa, but she told them, "You guys came over here to play cards. Any thing else that I might let happen is a bonus. I have no intention of seeing your card night turn into just a blow job night. You usually quit playing at eleven and nothing is going to happen before then," and then, just to throw them off balance, she threw in, "If anything happens at all."

Following the last hand Lisa looked at all the expectant faces around the table and then said, "Oh well, I guess I'll do it. Cut the cards to see who goes first."

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