His Affair, Her Affair

by Patricia51

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Married saleman picks up a married hooker in a hotel bar.

He sat at one end of the bar, nursing a drink. His sport coat was unbuttoned and his tie pulled down. His eyes kept darting down to the blonde sitting at the other end. Of medium height, she wore a black leather skirt. Already short, that skirt was cut up the side, showing the tops of her fishnet stockings and the straps of the garter belt that supported them. She crossed and recrossed her legs, obviously aware of his scrutiny and just as obviously ignoring it.

The next time the bartender wandered down to his side of the long polished wood bar, the man jerked his head towards the woman.

"What's her story?"

The bartender looked at him with surprise. "Are you kidding me? I've never seen her before, but whatever you want from her I'm sure its available. For a price."

"Oh, she's hooker?"

"My God man, does she have to post a 'For Hire' sign on her? Look at her."

As though she could hear them talking, the blonde pivoted on her stool. Her black brassiere could be seen through the half-unbuttoned blouse. Her make-up was heavy, particularly her dark red lipstick. She looked over the two men, immediately dismissing the bartender but eyeing the man with interest. She lifted an eyebrow. When he gave a small smile in return, she ran her tongue over her lips. He grinned, picked up his drink and walked down to where she was sitting.

"Buy you a drink?" He slid on to the stool next to hers, one foot braced on the bar railing and the other on the floor. In spite of his self-assured tone of voice and attitude there was something in his demeanor that was hesitant, slmost shy.

"Sure." She turned to face the bartender, who was watching with an amused smile on his face. "Give me one with real booze in it this time," she ordered.

"Real booze?"

"Yeah, this one was soda water." Seeing the look on his face, she snorted. "Hey, if I could afford my own drinks and all, I wouldn't be here, and doing this."

"What would 'this' be?" The man chuckled as he laid a hand on the woman's leg.

"Hey, no free samples," she brushed his hand off, jumping in surprise. She wavered in uncertainty, as though she was tempted to run for the door before she settled back onto her stool.

"Okay then. How much?"

"How much for what?"

"Oh come on honey. Cut the crap. We both know what you are. How much?"

"Well," her voice was scornful. "If we both know what I am, I at least think you should take off your wedding band before you start picking up any girl in a bar."

"Why? Are you married?"

She snorted "What gives you an idea like that?"

"The pale skin at the base of your ring finger gives me that idea."

"Gee, you're a regular Sherlock Holmes aren't you? Okay, so I'm married. It's a long sad story, accompanied by a full orchestra. What does that matter?" Her voice quivered, not matching the bravado of her words.

"Nothing. I just wanted to point out that your throwing stones is ridiculous. So, how much?"

"God, I should have worn my rings. I think the idea has you excited."

"How MUCH?" he persisted.

"Three hundred."

He snorted. "Honey, I just want to rent it. I don't want to buy it, take it home and put it up on the mantel."


"Two hundred and two ways."

"Okay. but the original three hundred if I can get you back up a third time."

"Three-fifty then, for around the world."

"My," she marveled. "You do fancy yourself as some kind of stud don't you?"

"I guess we'll find out."

"I guess we will." She slid off the stool, her dress riding up enough to show that she didn't seem to be wearing panties. "Pay the man would you?" She indicated the bartender with a nod.

He tossed a twenty on the bar and took her arm. they left the bar, turned right and went down the hall and outside. He guided her to a first floor room, unlocking it and then closing it firmly behind them. He hooked the chain and turned the deadbolt.

She stood in the room, her hands on her hips. "What a dump." She popped gum she must have slipped into her mouth after they left the bar.

"We're not here for the ambiance. We're just here to fuck."

"God you're a romantic. I bet your wife can't keep her hands off you."

"Never mind her," the tall man said. "Lift your skirt." The woman did, revealing that she indeed had no panties." "Good." He walked up to her, spun her around and kissed her. As he did, he pushed her backwards until the back of her thighs touched the low set of cheap drawers against the wall.

She kissed him back, even as her fingers undid his slacks and reached in to pull out an already hard cock. "Hmmmmm," she whispered as the kiss broke. "This might not be so bad after all."

The man pushed her back onto the dresser top. When she toppled, her legs flew up and he grabbed an ankle in each hand. Spreading her wide, he jammed the head of his cock between her labia."

"Hey! Watch it. For crying out loud put it IN me. Don't beat the outside into submission. You're already paying for it." The she gave a muffled cry as he adjusted their position and in one long stroke drove his cock up inside her. "And wait a minute! I need to get a condom on you."

"Fuck that," he growled. Wasting no time, the man began to slowly pump in and out of the woman. He drew back just a little at the first thrust. Each subsequent entry pushed a little harder, pulled back a little farther. In a short time he was almost pulling out of her and then pounding her with long deep strokes. He had pulled her to the edge of the dresser and his balls swung forward each time and slapped against the cleft of her ass.

Her legs were spread into a wide open Vee and her hips rolled back, lifting her ass from the wood top of the dresser. He maintained his grip on her ankles, leaning forward now to add the weight of his muscular body to the hammering of his hips.

"God," the hooker's head rolled on her shoulders. "Let me put my legs around you before you split me apart and make a wish."

"Already making a wish little darlin'," grinned the man. "And its coming true, 'cause I am just ... about to ... oh yeahhhhhh..." He fell forward on top of her, bringing one squeal from her as he pinned her into a U-shape, her high heels up around her ears. A second squeal came as his buried cock spasmed and emptied a load of hot cum deep in her pussy. A third squeal came as she bucked so hard that she nearly threw his much bigger body off of her own.

When the twosome calmed down and their breathing returned to normal, a rather plaintive voice said "Could you let me up now? I think my spine is permanently bent in a half circle."

"Oops, sure." The man hastily rose, then nearly tripped as he tried to take a step and his forgotten pants, now around his ankles, caught him.

"Are you okay?" asked the woman anxiously as the man nearly toppled to the floor, catching himself with one hand.

"Just embarrassed," he admitted.

"Well good," she replied. "Why don't you go ahead and take those off? I'd hate for you to fall and break your neck. Not only would I have a hard time explaining this to the cops, I'd have an even worse time collecting what you owe me."

The man pried his shoes off and dropped his slacks and underwear. He caught up the slacks and draped them over the straight-backed chair sitting in the cubbyhole in the middle of the dresser.

"Probably have a rough time explaining it to your husband." he noted.

The woman snorted. "That worthless bum? Crap, if he could keep and hold a job I wouldn't be out here supporting his lazy ass by spending my nights on my back or on my knees."

"That's a helluva a way to talk about him." the man commented. He walked over to a carrying case on the sink and opened it up to reveal two bottles of whiskey. He took the top off one, poured three fingers in a hotel glass, added a single ice cube and stirred it with his finger. He turned to look at the hooker. "Scotch?" He indicated the bottle he had just poured his drink from. "Or Irish?"

"Irish please," she responded. "As for my jerk husband, what do you care? Are you going to tell me what a saint and great lay and all around lovely gal your little woman is?"

He snorted back. "That frigid bitch? She's rapidly turning into a cow, she's gaining so much weight, and you and I have already had more sex tonight that she and I have had in six months. Besides, I'm on the road all the time working my ass off. I deserve a little R&R." He passed over the drink she had requested.

"Why stay married to her then?"

"Why stay married to your old man?"

"Why are we even HAVING this discussion?"

"Beats me." The man took another sip from his glass. He walked over to an overstuffed armchair and sat down in it. "Why don't you finish your drink and come over here and get on your knees?"

"Just a moment." The woman undid her blouse and hung it up in the clothes enclave. She unfastened her bra, heaving a sigh of relief as she did and massaging the strap marks. Her skirt followed, draped carefully over yet another hanger with the bra tossed on top.

"Whenever you can spare the time..." came a dry hint from the other side of the room.

"I'm coming, I'm coming. What is your hurry? You rent the room by the hour or something?" She crossed the room and lowered herself to her knees. Bending forward, she took his balls in one hand and began to rub them gently with her thumb. He sighed. Then her mouth descended on his cock as it rapidly grew stiff again and he groaned.

She slid her mouth over the head, coated with his cum mixed with her juices. She didn't stop there but continued down, her bright painted lips smearing on his skin, until she had taken his full length in her mouth. She drew back and completely released him. She grinned at the groaning protest from the chair.

"Just checking to make sure it all fit."

Her tongue probed at the slit, licking it clean. Then her head moved in a circle as she swirled her tongue over the entire helmet. She drew back and flicked at the slit again, once more starting to ooze traces of pre-cum. She then took it in her wet mouth once more and slowly began to work down the shaft. When she had engulfed him again, she released his heavy sac and braced both hands on the edge of the chair and started to bob her head.

The man had just fastened his hand on the back of the woman's head when a knock came at the door. Crisp and authoritative, it was followed by a verbal command in an alto voice.

"Sheriff's Department. please open the door."

"Oh crap!" the woman released the cock from her mouth and sprang to her feet. "What the hell?"

The man stood too. He stepped into the bathroom and wrapped a towel around his waist. He gave the woman a quick once-over. "Loose the heels. And here," he snatched up a bathrobe from an open suitcase. "Put this on. You look like a hooker."

"No shit? Wonder why?" she mumbled as she hastily thrust her arms through the robe's sleeves and wrapped it tightly around her. She kicked one heel, then the other, into the corner.

The knock came again, louder this time. The man called out, "Hold your horses, we're coming." He opened the door with the woman right behind him.

A determined looking female deputy stood before the duo. About five feet five inches tall, she was just about the height of the woman. Her complexion was dark though while the hooker's was pale and showed a few freckles. Behind the female officer stood a male, wearing the bars of a Lieutenant. He folded his arms and coughed.

"Sir, we have received a complaint from the hotel management alleging that prostitution is taking place here tonight."

"Really? That's terrible," said the man blandly.

"To be specific, its alleged that this woman with you was soliciting in the bar and you left with her. We'd like to come in and settle the matter."

"Really?" repeated the man. "I don't know who would make such an allegation. But apropos of nothing whatever, unless there is proof of such an occurrence, as in someone saw money being exchanged, then I don't think there's any grounds to support that allegation. I'm sure no one has seen anything like that. Now, me and the missus want to get back to bed. And NO," he held up one hand. "You can't come in and you have no probable cause."

The man could feel the petite female cowering behind him was shaking as she hid herself. Reaching back to touch her in reassurance, he gave the Deputies a disgusted look.

"I hope that same officious buttinski clerk showed you that I paid for a double occupancy tonight when I registered so he's got no beef. We're not disturbing anyone and no one in here is filing a complaint against anyone else. So if you would kindly leave up alone my little gal friend and I will get back to sleep or something."

Keeping her distance, the young female officer looked at her superior. He was unable to answer for a moment as something had apparently caught in his throat, producing a coughing fit of spectacular proportions. Finally he calmed down.

"Sorry to bother you folks," he managed to say with a still wheezing voice. He gestured to the female officer, who, her face showing her disappointment, followed him back to the marked unit parked nearby.

The man closed the door and refastened the locks.

The woman looked at him admiringly. "Wow, I never would have dared talk to a cop like that."

He shrugged. "They were just fishing. They didn't have any grounds unless the bartender said something and he was out of earshot when we concluded our deal. Besides, bartenders don't make complaints like that, it cuts into their tips. So I knew it had to be the desk clerk and he can't testify to anything." He looked at her. "Don't tell me you've never been busted before?"

It was her turn to shrug. "Ask me no questions and I'll tell you no lies. Now, where were we?"

"Hmmmm," mused the man thoughtfully. "I seem to have lost something."

"Lost something?'

"Here," he pointed to the front of the towel around his waist, which no longer tented.

Giving him a naughty look, the woman unfastened the towel from around his waist. She reached down and ran her fingertips over the deflated cock. She looked up, grinned and dropped back to her knees.

"Just a moment. I think I can find it again."

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