The Important Sales Presentation

by Dick Coxxx

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Interracial, Black Male, White Female, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: A pretty blonde wife gets the chance of a lifetime to make an important sales presentation all by herself. It has life-altering consequences. This is an interracial romance story. Don't read it if that bothers you.

Designware, a prominent graphic design and software company specializing in bringing magazines into the online computer craze, received a request for proposal from JET Magazine to offer the magazine online to all of its subscriber's. Designware was formed earlier when Tom Simmons purchased the two seemingly different companies and merged them into one. Miriam Smith started the small graphic design company shortly after graduation from the University of Alabama with a degree in fashion design. She was interested in designing a line of women's high fashion clothing.

Miriam made a very nice profit from the sale of her company and was named the Vice-President, Graphic Design, of the new company. Maurice, her husband of ten years, wanted his lovely blonde wife to just take the money and run. He did well with his own insurance company but he wanted his wife home more often to take care of their two young children. Miriam wasn't looking at the money but at what fun she had doing what she did and interacting with other adults during the day instead of just being with children and being a soccer mom.

Maurice reluctantly decided he had better support his wife in her new endeavors. Their sex life had been in a rut and now Miriam seemed so much more alive. While she normally submitted to her husband only once a week, she now had more energy. Maurice didn't realize that one of her new co-workers was supplying her with uppers that provided that extra boost that she needed so much.

Designware received the RFP and had a mere three weeks to prepare. The presentation would be in two parts, the first day they had an hour to describe the capabilities of the company and the second day they would actually demonstrate their proposal on the computer. While Miriam was the V.P., she actually had only three other designers in her department. The owner, Tom Simmons, ran the software side of the house and had ten people writing the software programs that were being proposed.

They worked hard but they were ready. Normally, Miriam went with Tom on the sales calls like she had done on several previous occasions. Unfortunately, Tom called Miriam at the last minute and told her that he was sick.

"Miriam, please carry on without me. You know what to do. Just woo them with your natural charms and fabulous good looks. The rest will fall into place. One thing, however, you must do whatever is required to get this order. As you know, business has been slow and we might have to lay off some people in your department if we don't win this contract."

The last part of the conversation really bothered Miriam. The people she had in her department now were the cream of the crop. She had spent many hours in cultivating them so they were the best in the business. Miriam didn't want to lay off any of her excellent employees. She just had to get that contract!

Maurice marveled at his attractive wife as she kissed him and their children good-bye. She was wearing a fashionable gray linen dress with two patch pockets on her chest and two more on her trim hips. A white lace handkerchief peeked out from the upper-left pocket. The large black buttons ran the entire length of the dress which ended just above her knees. She wore sheer black hose and sexy black leather open-toed, high-heeled pumped adorned her little feet. Miriam wore a strand of Mikimoto pearls around her trim neck and a matching bracelet on her left wrist. As she was left-handed, like most brilliant artists, Miriam wore her fancy Omega watch on her right wrist. Of course, she would leave home without her diamond engagement ring and golden wedding band on her long trim finger. Her lovely blonde hair was braided up into a bun which exposed her slim, smooth flawless neck. She had pearl studs in her ears and Maurice caught a whiff of her heavenly perfume as she kissed him and gave him a warm hug good-bye. If he had been a real man, he would have carried her back to their bedroom right then and there and ravished the daylights out of her his. He would miss her tonight as she had never been away by herself on a business like this before.

While he was in his forties, Miriam was only thirty-five. She had worked hard to get her figure back after having the two kids. He thought that his wife looked better now than when they were married ten years ago. A little twitch in his pants reminded him of her passionate love making last night.

"Good luck, Honey. Knock'em dead!"

Miriam blew her loving husband one last kiss before running out to their new Volvo XC90 that she normally ferried the kids around in. She was fortunate that there was a non-stop flight between Birmingham and Detroit, where JET's corporate office was located. Miriam took the mid-morning flight which got her in to Detroit before lunch. She would have one presentation this afternoon and the demonstration tomorrow afternoon. She was scheduled to leave late tomorrow afternoon. The attractive executive was wearing the outfit for this afternoon's presentation but she brought another outfit which was more casual for tomorrow's demonstration.

The up and coming Designware had the policy of letting their VP's and above fly first class. Miriam knew that her company was hurting for new business and money but she enjoyed flying first class so much that she didn't hesitate to buy the ticket. She put the cost of the ticket on her own credit card which was the normal company procedure. The employees would submit an expense report after the trip that was then reimbursed fairly quickly.

Normally, Miriam didn't drink during the business day but she was very excited and thought that a drink might help calm her nerves. She had taken an amphetamine tablet earlier today. That helped her bring her enthusiasm level to the next level. She liked what she was doing but there were pressures at both work and home that sometimes seemed unbearable. That little green and white pill not only helped her get through the day, it also helped with her weight control. It was 'Mommy's Little Helper.'

That Bloody Mary with breakfast on the jet and the coffee with Bailey's afterwards was just what the doctor ordered to calm her nerves. The trim Miriam didn't need lunch as she hailed a taxi to take her directly to her hotel. JET's office building was just a few short blocks away so she didn't need a rental car for such a short overnight business trip. If they won the contract, Miriam would spend more time in Detroit with their new client and get some time to do some sightseeing. Her husband was interested in coming with her some time in the future as he always talked about cars and wanted to see where they were made.

Miriam checked into her hotel, freshened up from her flight and made her way to JET's office. As she walked to their building for her appointment, the attractive blonde turned many a man's head and most of them were black. It seemed to her that they weren't shy about looking at her. She felt kind of tingly down deep inside her belly by their blatant stares of longing and desire. At home, blacks didn't look at her like fresh meat. Growing up, she had led a fairly-sheltered life. She didn't attend integrated schools until she went to high school. As a popular cheerleader, many of the Negro football players would ask her for a date. Miriam refused them all as she knew her racist daddy would either dis-own her or even kill her if she ever went out with one of those 'darkies, ' as her father still called them.

Miriam and Maurice both liked Birmingham and had moved there to raise their family. The population of Birmingham is about a quarter of a million with about seventy-five percent black. Out in the suburbs where they lived, most of their neighbors were white and middle to upper-class. Not too unlike Birmingham, million person-Detroit had a Negro percentage of its population in the lower eighty-percent range. Most of the white collar-workers were indeed white to match their collars, however, JET Magazine, on the other hand, was black owned and its employees were one-hundred percent black. If this had been a 'white-owned' magazine, Jesse Jackson would have been crying racially-oriented discrimination.

As it was, the potential bidders waited in the magazine's reception area until their turn was called to make their sales pitch to JET's senior management. Miriam was amazed to see that all of the five other potential contractors had at least one very attractive blonde on its sales team. She waited patiently until her turn was called. Miriam didn't realize that JET Magazine catered to an all-black subscriber base. She had heard about the magazine before but had never read it before. The thought occurred to her that she should have done more research into JET's market. Even though, JET was all black, her presentation was suited to any type of magazine, except pornographic ones. Her product could even be easily customized for the lucrative porno market but Miriam wouldn't allow her company to be sullied by that reputation.

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