Denice and the Boys

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Cheating, Slut Wife, Gang Bang, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: He found a video tape and it really opened his eyes.

It had been rough day at work and I'd been damn glad to get home, get a cold one from the fridge and park myself in front of the TV. I'd videotaped a JAG two parter and tonight was the night I was going to watch it. I went digging through the entertainment center looking for it and I mentally cursed people who were too lazy to put things back where they belonged. We had just had the carpet replaced and the carpet layers had emptied the cabinet to make it easier to move and when they had put it back they had just stuffed things back in any old way.

I found a tape with no label on the bottom shelf and since I hadn't labeled the JAG tape I thought I had found it. I popped it into the VCR and sat down to relax. The picture came up on the screen and I nearly choked on my beer. It definitely was not the JAG tape, no sir! There, in front of me in living color was my wife Denise. She was on her hands and knees and she had a cock in her mouth. And not just any cock, but the cock of my daughter Tammi's boyfriend.

What the hell was my thirty-eight year old wife doing sucking the cock of a seventeen year old kid? For that matter, what was she doing sucking any cock but mine? On the screen I saw Ken's hands go to the back of Denise's head and hold her while he started bucking into her mouth. I saw her cheeks swell just a bit and I could tell from the way her throat moved that she was swallowing - the little bastard had cum in her mouth!

I was pissed when I first saw her with Ken's cock in her mouth, but now I was really steamed; in eighteen years of marriage Denise had never let me cum in her mouth. The one time I got so excited that I accidentally forgot to pull out in time she had spit my cum on the bedroom floor and called me eleven kinds of motherfucker and wouldn't have sex with me for a month.

On the screen I saw Ken step away from Denise and he patted her on the head like you would a nice obedient dog and as he exited stage right another young kid moved in from stage left. Denise was still on her knees as the kid walked up to her and she opened her mouth and started sucking the kid's cock. I watched as five more young guys, not one older than seventeen, pumped their cum into Denise's mouth and the unfaithful bitch swallowed it all.

The screen faded for a second and then came back up to show Denise on her back on our bed being soundly fucked by Todd, the sixteen year old son of our next door neighbor. Whoever was handling the camera was getting good clear shots as they moved around the bed and they were catching Denise at all the best angles. Denise had her legs locked behind Todd's and her hands were gripping his shoulders as she moaned:

"Oh yes, oh yes, oh god yes."

Another minute and Todd gasped "I'm cumming, I'm cumming" and the cheating whore moaned "Give it to me baby, give it to me." Todd started to hunch a little faster and then he fell forward on Denise and the two of them just lay there trying to catch their breath.

A minute passed and Todd got off Denise and the bed and he was no sooner out of the way than another young kid was on her. He had the quickness of youth and shot his wad in only minutes and I had the satisfaction of hearing Denise whine "Not yet, please not yet, I'm almost there, don't cum yet" and I thought "Suffer you fucking slut" and the kid climbed off and left Denise hanging. But not for long - another kid moved into the space just vacated and buried his cock into Denise. All in all I watched seven teenaged friends of my daughter fuck Denise before the scene faded to black again.

I hit the stop button and went out to the kitchen to get myself another beer. Back in front of the TV I hit the play button and sat back to see what the unfaithful slut I'd married had in store for me next. After several moments of blue screen a picture appeared and again it was Denise and one of her teenaged lovers. This time she was on her knees with her head lying on her arms as she took her lover's cock doggie style. Something was different this time and it took me several minutes to figure it out; she was not on our bed, she was on the bed in Tammi's room. There was something else too; the date stamp was different. I rewound the tape to the beginning and found that it was taken two days earlier than the ones I had been watching. I fast forwarded back to Denise getting it from behind and wondered how many were going to do her this time. The kid finished and when he backed away from Denise I got so god damned mad I almost threw my beer bottle at the TV. The kid had been fucking her in her ass - another thing she had always denied me. The next kid up her poop chute was Todd and he was followed by Tammi's boyfriend Ken. Just as Ken pushed into Denise I heard the garage door opener start to operate. Either Denise, Tammi or both of them were just getting home. I got up and took the tape out of the VCR and turned off the TV. A quick look at the tape showed that I'd only seen about twenty percent of it. Was it full of Denise and her "friends"? I surely didn't know and I decided that I needed to see the rest of the tape before confronting the slut.

I was in the kitchen when Denise and Tammi came in from the garage. Denise gave me a kiss on the cheek and said:

"Sorry I'm late. I'll get started on dinner and it should be ready in about half an hour."

I said, "Good. That will give me time to straighten out the entertainment center and find that JAG tape I want to watch tonight. There are six unlabeled tapes and I'll have to go through them all to see what's on them."

I saw Denise exchange a quick glance with Tammi and Denise said, "Would you please get the rest of the groceries out of the car for me?" and as I headed for the garage I saw her say something to Tammi and I saw Tammi head for the living room. Suddenly it clicked into place. Tammi's boyfriend, Denise getting butt fucked on Tammi's bed and all the other guys were Tammi's friends. Tammi knew what her mother was doing, that it was on tape and she was on her way to find that tape while I got the groceries out of the car.

Too late girls, I thought, you should have been more careful with that tape if you didn't want it seen by someone else. But I didn't want them to know I'd found it so I hurried up with the groceries and then went into the living room. I told Tammi to go help her mother with dinner and that I would take care of the cabinet. I decided to make Denise sweat a little and when I sat down at the dinner table I said:

"This must be my lucky day. I found six unlabeled tapes in the cabinet and the first one I put in the VCR was the JAG tape. I should have bought a lottery ticket today. After I watch JAG I'll screen the rest and label them."

Tammi and Denise again exchanged quick glances. Dinner was a quiet subdued affair with conversation never getting past the "pass the gravy" stage. When I was done I said, "Nice meal honey. Want to join me on the couch and watch JAG while Tammi does the dishes?" Denise said no, that she had some sewing that she needed to get done.

The second of the six unlabeled tapes was the JAG tape and I settled back to watch it. I was not surprised when Denise came into the room just before the end of the show. She had on a robe and I was willing to bet that underneath it she was naked. Obviously the plan was to get me away from the TV and keep me from looking at the unlabeled tapes. She sat down next to me, snuggled up and let a hand drop to my leg. As she moved the hand up my leg she said:

"If you are almost done staring at Catherine Bell's tits, mine could use some attention."

I smiled at her; "An offer I can't refuse" and I took her by the hand and led her to our bedroom.

The sex that night was intense! I pounded into Denise as hard as I could, hoping that each hard stroke was in some way punishing her for what she had been doing, but she responded with an intensity that I hadn't seen in quite some time. Was it in response to my hard fucking, or were her extra curricular sexual activities charging her batteries? Whatever, it was some of the best sex we'd had in a while. I had no doubt that Tammi was downstairs frantically searching for the tape, but she wasn't even going to come close to it. It was eight feet away from me in the bedroom closet safely tucked into one of my cowboy boots.

When I attempted to get out of bed Denise pulled me back down, "What's the rush baby? I'm just getting started." It was a long night.

When the clock went off the next morning Denise got up and went downstairs to fix breakfast while I took my morning shower. There were two very worried looking girls in the kitchen when I got there and I didn't help their mood any when I said I was taking a day off from work to get some things done around the house. Tammi had to go to school and this was Denise's day as a volunteer at the hospital. The fact that I was going to be home all day and possibly review the unlabeled tapes was going to drive them crazy with fear.

I spent the first hour working in the garage to give the two of them time to get where they were going and then I went and got the tape and sat down in front of the TV. The tape picked up where Ken was burying his bone in Denise's butthole and I watched as he and five more of Tammi's friends used her ass. Then the scene changed back to our bedroom and Denise was on our bed taking it from both ends from the same cast of characters that had been in all the previous scenes.

I counted seven boys all total, all from the group that Tammi ran with and I knew every one of them. Hell, I had helped most of them work on their cars and this is how they paid me back, by fucking my wife. The tape ran for another hour with more of the same; Denise sucking cocks, Denise taking it up the ass, Denise being fucked in every imaginable position and combination and apparently loving every minute of it.

The last fifteen minutes hit me the hardest. I had been expecting it all along, but as the tape got closer and closer to the end I had begun to hope I'd been wrong, but I wasn't. On the screen the scene was in our bedroom and on our bed. There were four players in the scene; Denise was on her knees and Ken was fucking her from behind and next to Denise on the bed was Tammi. Her legs were up on Todd's shoulders and he was driving into her. Moments later another boy approached from the side of the bed with an erect cock leading the way and Tammi turned her head and opened her mouth. The rest of the tape was much of the same and by the time the tape ran out I was both madder than hell and incredibly turned on.

I spent the rest of the day catching up on projects around the house and wondering just what I was going to do about Denise. As far as the projects were concerned I got a lot done, but what to do about Denise escaped me. If our relationship sucked I could just throw her sorry ass out - tell her to go and live with the parents of one of her new boyfriends - but our marriage hadn't been a bad one. We had been pretty happy together for the past eighteen years and the fact was that I was in love with the stupid cunt and had been since the third grade.

Our sex life, at least from my perspective, had always been good. Oh there were a few sore spots there, at least from my point of view; like her refusal to let me cum in her mouth and her not wanting to try anal sex, but they weren't biggies. The anal sex thing for example, I only wanted to do Denise anally because I'd never had anal sex and I was curious. The same with the oral sex thing; I just wanted it to happen because it never had, not because of any great need or desire on my part. As a matter of fact Denise liked to suck my cock and she almost always started our love making sessions by going down on me.

No, I just couldn't see a problem with our sex life, so why was Denise all of a sudden fucking young boys? And why in God's name was she doing it with our daughter? By the time Denise was due home I only knew one thing for sure and that was that I couldn't do anything about the situation just then. I was still too damned mad and I'd learned a long time ago not to make decisions when mad, they always turned out to be bad ones. The only decision I did make was to ease the tension in the house. After making a copy of the tape I took the original and pushed it behind the cabinet. When Denise and Tammi got home I told them that I'd pulled a muscle in my back and was having trouble moving and lifting things. "There's another tape behind the cabinet. It must have somehow fallen there when the carpet people were moving things, but I can't move the damn thing to get it. Maybe the two can get it out after dinner."

Over the next week I watched my copy of the tape over and over and it always made me incredibly hard and on those nights I fucked Denise like a sex maniac. The more I watched the tape the more I became aware of a couple of things. From the dates and time stamps I saw that everything took place on a Tuesday and a Thursday and between 1:30 and 4:45 in the afternoon. The next Tuesday I came home right at 5 o'clock, grabbed Denise as soon as I came in the door and hustled her, despite her protestations, right into bed. She was pretty sloppy and loose which told me that it was not only on the dates on the tapes that she did the boys, but that it was an on going thing. She explained the wetness away by telling me that she had been horny all day and had been planning on dragging me off to bed right after dinner.

That Thursday I left work early and was parked down the street at 1:30 and at 1:40 Ken's car pulled into the drive and he, Tammi and three other boys got out and went into the house. Ten minutes later Todd came riding up on his bike and five minutes after that two more boys showed up on bikes. That made seven boys in the house with Tammi and Denise and the urge to go storming in was damn near overwhelming, but I didn't. I just wasn't ready to face the situation yet. Whatever I did was going to have a major effect on my marriage and as I've already said I did love Denise and I couldn't picture my life without her. So, for the next two weeks I did nothing except that on Tuesday s and Thursdays I came straight home from work and hauled Denise upstairs and into bed as soon as I was in the house. And then, suddenly, the decision was no longer mine to make.

It was a Tuesday and as soon as I walked in the front door Denise grabbed my hand and pulled up the steps and into the bedroom. We both ripped off our clothes and hopped on the bed and then, as usual, Denise's mouth went straight for my cock, but this time she did something that she'd never done before on a Tuesday or a Thursday - she swung over me in a sixty-nine and pushed her pussy down on my face. I've always liked the taste of Denise's cunt and I was never reluctant to go down on her except I'd never done it on a Tuesday or Thursday since I wasn't all that keen on sucking a bunch of teenage cum out of her. However, she gave me no choice. Suddenly it was there and I either had to eat her pussy or push her away which would have led to a "Why did you do that?" which would have brought on the confrontation that I really wasn't ready for. So, with no other good choices, I dove in.

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