Ryan Gets His Wish

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Interracial, Size, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: He kept hounding her until she said yes.

No! God damn it no! For the absolute last time Ryan I will not do it!"

"Aw come on Tiffany, how do you know you won't like it?

"It doesn't matter if I would like it or not Ryan. I am not going to do it and that is final."

I got up from the couch and ran upstairs to the bedroom and slammed the door behind me. Then, because I was severely pissed, I turned and locked the door and then went and threw myself down on the bed. I heard Ryan coming up the stairs and then I heard the doorknob rattle as he tried the door, "Come on Tiffany, open the door."

"No Ryan. Go sleep in the spare room until you can learn to appreciate me for what I am instead of trying to make me into something I'm not and don't want to be."

The door rattled several times and I pulled a pillow over my head to drown out his pleas. Eventually he gave up and walked away. I undressed, put on my nightgown and then tried to fall asleep.

Ryan and I had met in college, fallen in love and had gotten married shortly after graduation. We were both virgins when we approached our marriage bed and the first years of our marriage had been filled with sexual experimentation. We loved sex with each other and we went at it like rabbits. The first year or so it was positions. We tried having sex in every conceivable position and some not so conceivable. Then came the tries at oral sex. First Ryan talked me into letting him eat my pussy. I didn't like it at first, but I later found that it was because Ryan was inept at it. He kept working at me and even though I didn't really care for it I let him because he was so eager to do it. And then one day Ryan discovered the knack and the right places to touch and he drove me wild. It got to the point where I wanted him to lick my pussy almost every night.

One night he asked me if I was ever going to try and reciprocate. The thought of his piss tube being in my mouth made my stomach queasy, but fair was fair and he was doing me so I sucked it up (no pun intended), got on my knees and tried. At first I was no better at it than Ryan had been we he first started. In my blushing innocence I thought blowjob meant that you blew in the hole in the end of the cock. I'm sure from the winces I saw on his face that I caused him some pain, or at least some discomfort, but eventually I got the hang of it and learned to give great head. And surprise, surprise, I found that I loved the taste of his cum and I greedily swallowed all I could get.

Several months went by, during which we discovered sixty-nine and then one day Ryan asked me if I would like to try anal sex. My initial reaction was "No fucking way!" but Ryan kept after me until one day I said I would try it at least once. Ryan must have read up somewhere on the best way to do it and he worked on my butt hole for quite a while with his thumb and fingers and plenty of KY Jelly. Then he lubed up my butt and his cock real good with some more KY and slowly eased himself into my ass. At first there was pain, intense pain, and I was on the verge of hollering at him to stop when the paid faded and a pleasurable feeling took over. In the end (again - no pun intended) I learned to love anal sex and it became a permanent part of our sex life.

Next came what I call Ryan's 'weirdness' phase. He wanted to try what he called 'watersports' and he finally talked me into straddling him while he was in the bathtub and pissing all over him. He decided that he didn't like it, but that I might so I let him piss all over me in the shower. "Did it do anything for you?"

"Yes. It got me wet and made me feel unclean" and that ended the watersports phase. Next it was bondage and S and M. It left bruises all over my body and made me mad so when he asked me if I like it I said that I wasn't really sure and that I needed to see what it would be like to be the giver instead of the receiver. I tied him to a chair and then sucked his cock to get it nice and hard. A couple of hard smacks with a ruler on his hard dick put a quick end to that nonsense.

And then Ryan decided to get stupid on me. Before it had been just us trying to discover our own sexuality. His next bright idea was to bring someone else into the equation. Specifically he wanted to watch me fuck another man while he hid in the closet. I exploded on him and things got very cold around our house. But even though Ryan was getting the cold shoulder from me (and damned little sex) he still kept after me to "expand our sexual horizons." I put up with it for almost three months before finally deciding to give him what he wanted, but not necessarily in the way he expected.

It was silent at the breakfast table. I sipped my coffee while I read the style section of the newspaper. Across from me Ryan ate his toast as he poured over the sports pages. I put my paper down and cleared my throat. "Ryan, I've decided to do what you want, but only under certain conditions. Conditions that you will have to agree to and meet without question. Since you expect me to debase myself for your pleasure, to ignore my wedding vows and be unfaithful and in effect turn myself into a whore for you I feel it is only fair that you debase yourself in return. I will go out, act the slut, and pick up a man and bring him home. But no matter what I do or what he does to me you will stay in the closet and never let the man know you are there. Secondly, when he is done with me and gone you will suck every drop of his cum out of me. If I do what you want and you fail to meet either of those conditions this marriage is over. Do you understand?"

"You are serious? You are really going to do it?"

"As long as you accept my conditions."

"It's a done deal baby. When are you going to do it?"

"Tonight Ryan. I want to get it over with. I'll hit a lounge on the way home from work, pick some one up and bring him home. Your signal to get in the closet will be when you hear the garage door opener start to operate. You are clear on the conditions?"

"No problem baby, no problem at all. Since you seem to be in good spirits this morning how about a quickie before we go to work?"

"No thank you. I'm going to save myself for my new lover."

That statement got to him and I saw the first shreds of doubt cross his face. "You can call me anytime up till five if you decide you want to call off this foolishness. Think long and hard on it Ryan. What you decide may very well cost you your marriage and I'm not being in the least bit egotistical when I say I very much doubt you will ever find another one like me once I'm gone."

"Oh come on Tif. Don't make it sound so doom and gloomish. Everything is going to be fine, you'll see."

"That will depend on you Ryan and how well you meet my conditions. Don't meet either one and we are through.

I fully expected Ryan to call me and call it off. After a day to reflect on it "Mr. Manly Man" was going to decide that no way was he going to go down on me after another man had used me as a sperm bank. But even if he did convince himself he could do it and he didn't call to cancel I was sure he would come storming out of the closet when I brought the man into our bedroom. Lastly, I knew without a doubt that he would absolutely refuse to go down on me when it was over. Would I really leave him if he didn't meet either of my conditions? No, but I would have all the ammunition I would ever need the next time he wanted me to do something. You know, "Sorry Ryan, you reneged on the last deal so never again."

Five o'clock came and went with no phone call so I locked my desk and headed for Riley's Bar where I knew I could find just the man I was looking for. My requirements were simple. The man had to be taller than Ryan, good looking and needed one other special quality. I had deliberately dressed to attract attention and I was not disappointed when I walked into Riley's. Eyes turned and stayed on me as I swayed my ass over to a barstool and sat down. My short skirt rode up and displayed a lot of leg and my five-inch CFM's showed of my calves to their best advantage. I surveyed the bar and spotted at least six who met my requirements and in less than five minutes one of them appeared at my elbow.

"We don't get many like you in here."

"But I'll bet the ones you do see come in here for the same reason I'm here."

"You don't waste much time do you?"

"Not when it's time that can be better spent doing other much more interesting things."

"I guess the next question is "Your place or mine?"

"I think mine. I may seem a little forward to you, but I am new at this and I think I would be more comfortable in my own surroundings."

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