And For Dessert: Fantasy Fulfilled

by Emperor_Nero

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Swinging, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Petting, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: An out of the blue contact on Instant Messenger for our narrator and his wife Susan. It leads to a dinner with an old friend (and old flame) Julia and her boyfriend Ed. It ends with all four getting together for a little "dessert".

It started out like a lot of other Saturday afternoons. There was a game on the television, my beautiful wife napping in the sun on the couch in front of the big picture window and me on the computer catching up on a few emails.

Then, things took a little bit of an unexpected turn.

Just as I was about to sign off, a chat window popped up from a screen name I didn't recognize — IslandGirl. Normally, I would have just ignored it and finished shutting down, but with nothing else really going on and no plans for the rest of the day, I figured what did I have to lose.

"Hi" I responded.

She (at least I was assuming it was a she at this point) responded, "Doing anything tonight?"

"No plans that I know of right now. Did you have something in mind?"

Then she caught me off guard, responding "I have some plans for you and your wife too!"

Thoughts began to race through my head. Was this someone I had talked with before? No, I would remember a screen name like that, as it was one of my favorite Elton John songs. I know my profile doesn't mention I was married — hell, it doesn't even mention my name or where I live.

Was this someone my wife had talked with, as she has a lot of online friends that I don't usually hear from? So I kind of quietly nudged her awake enough to ask if she recognized the name. She said no.

Now I was really beginning to wonder what was going on. So I asked how they knew I had a wife.

"I've known you and your wife since even before she was your wife," she said. "In fact, I was at the wedding when you and Susan got married."

While more than a little shocked at that, I began to run through the list of people who were actually at our wedding. It was just over 20 years ago, but it was also a pretty short list, as we were married in front of a justice of the peace. And since I was pretty sure it wasn't my mother or my mother-in-law, that pretty much narrowed the list down to Julia, my wife's maid of honor, and Beth, the wife of my best man.

And while I could have just asked at this point, I decided to play the game a little myself and try to figure out which one it was.

"Ahh, that clears things up," I lied, hoping they would think I had figured them out. "So what kind of things did you have planned for us and where do you plan on doing them?"

She wasn't going to make this easy.

"I thought we could start with dinner, maybe at one of the restaurants we always used to go to back in school," she said. "Then after dinner we could play some games like in the old days and maybe have a little dessert ;)"

Great, no help again. We went out with both couples to a lot of the same places and we used to play games too — we were actually all Dungeons and Dragons geeks in college. Still, the tone in the voice and that little wink emoticon had me starting to hope that the games weren't going to have anything to do with D&D this time around. While I hadn't seen either Julia or Beth in several years, they were both very attractive women. And thanks to divorce, they were both single women as well.

So I again woke up my wife and told her about the conversation. She, of course, said I just needed to ask whether it was Julia or Beth. I asked if it really mattered, as if she wouldn't go to dinner with either one. She said no, so I said we should just let them play their game and see what happens — worst case scenario being we end up having dinner with an old friend.

The plans were made and we agreed to meet in an old pizza place just off campus. It was about an hour drive for us, so we had just enough time to shower, put on some decent clothes and get there by the agreed upon time of 8 p.m. We knew it wouldn't be hard getting a table, because with the campus on break, the place was usually pretty quiet.

It was harder than I thought to keep things moving through a shower and getting dressed as my mind kept trying to figure out who we were going to meet. Either way, if any of the thoughts that were running through my mind were what was going to happen, I might as well just been offered a pass to heaven.

Beth was always one of those women that turned heads and her fiery personality matched her fiery red hair and, from what I had been told by her ex-husband Willie, that fieriness carried over into the bedroom as well, as she could be insatiable — a woman that knew what she wanted and wasn't afraid to tell you about it or how to do it.

On the other hand, Julia wasn't quite as forceful, but she and I had a little bit of history. Back in school, before either of us had gotten married, we both had a summer alone. Susan was gone on an internship, while Jimmy (her future ex-husband) was gone for a two-month training stint as part of the National Guard commitment that paid his tuition every year.

So it was no surprise that Julia and I spent a lot of time together just to keep each other company. Still nothing of a sexual natured happened until one stormy night. She got a little freaked out by a lot of very loud thunder, the kind that sounded more like it was happening inside the house than outside and one big clap ended up making her jump toward me.

Almost like a scene from a movie, we started to kiss. The kissing went on for several minutes, picking up steam from light little pecks until our tongues swirled together as we got our first taste of one another. It wasn't too much longer before my right hand began to slide toward one of her ample breasts. As soon as my made contact with her breast, even though it was still over both her top and her bra, it was like she snapped back to reality and stopped what was going on.

Julia and I never talked about that night again and I had told Susan the story years ago. Still, over the years, I had thought about what could have happened if we hadn't stopped — especially on those times when my closest companion was "Rosy Palm".

Tonight, it looked like I might get a chance to find out.

After getting to the restaurant, we found we pretty much had the place to ourselves. Still we went to a big old booth in the back and about five minutes later, Julia walked in with a guy in tow that looked almost like you would imagine a younger Vincent Pastore (Big Pussy from "The Sopranos") with the same facial structure, the same slicked back black hair and even the black shirt with the top couple of buttons undone under a light sport jacket. She introduced him as Ed.

And Julia looked just like she did back in college, except for a few grey hairs just behind her temples (hey, 20 years after college, time catches up to just about everyone). But her face still was gorgeous with deep brown eyes that could look right through you, full firm breasts that almost looked ready to pop out of a V-neck sweater and legs, that while they weren't very long, had a great shape and were topped by a firm, full ass. Grey hairs or no, this was still one hot woman.

Dinner conversation kept going back to the old days and all the things we had been doing over the past several years since we had last seen each other, leaving poor Ed a little out of place. I managed to hold up my end of the conversation pretty well (I think) and tried to engage Ed in some conversation about sports and such as the two women chatted on and on. Still, my mind kept going back to everything that happened on that night over 20 years ago and made me wonder just what Julia had in mind when she said we could play some games like in the old days and maybe have a little dessert.

Finally, as we finished the pizza and our second pitcher of beer, my curiosity got the best of me and I kind of blurted out, "So Julia, what kind of games did you have in mind for after dinner?"

She just smiled and said I would find out soon enough. She then got up and excused herself to the rest room and made that head nod that all women have that immediately had Susan excusing herself as well. After they left, Ed and I took care of the bill and I asked him if he knew what was going on. He just smiled.

The two girls came out of the rest room with big smiles on their faces and a look in their eyes that I just couldn't place. I was then informed that we were going back to Ed's place, as he only lived a couple of miles away and that Susan and I could follow them there.

As we got in the car, I asked Susan what was going on. She only smiled. It was then that I noticed her lipstick was a little smudged. I brought it up and she began to spill her guts.

"We went in the bathroom and Julia said she had a really big favor to ask me and that she'd understand if I said no," Susan started. "Then she went on to tell me that she and Ed had been together for about six months and that he had introduced her to what she kept calling 'Sharing' and that they had been going out and having sex with other couples. She then began to tell me the story about you two making out back in college and I told her that you had told me all about it.

"Suddenly, she planted a big kiss on me and said that I always got to kiss your lips, but she wanted another shot at them. I was kind of shocked, but then she kissed me again and said Ed could make me very happy if I was willing to share. She also said that she would try to do her part as well."

I swear my jaw must have hit the floor at that point, knowing in the back of my mind that she must have already agreed if we were all heading off to Ed's. Still, I asked the obligatory, "What did you say?"

"Nothing for a few seconds, as I just tried to soak in all that happened," Susan said. "I was just kind of shocked by all of it. I then kind of sputtered out that I didn't know, that everything was happening so fast and she said, "Don't worry, we can go slow and anytime you don't feel comfortable you can just say stop and everyone will stop.' I don't know why, but I said OK. Then she kissed me again and, as I turned to walk out, smacked me on the ass. That's what got me smiling when we walked out."

Honestly, I was still a little dumbstruck at all that was happening. Still, I asked her if she was sure if this is what she wanted. She said she wasn't completely sure, but she knew I had always fantasized about that night with Julia. Also, Susan had always completely trusted Julia and knowing she could stop things by simply saying stop, she would give it a try.

And while I didn't think Ed was exactly her type, the look in her eye told me that after those kisses in the bathroom, even though she had never expressed an interest in other women, that at this moment, she might be almost as interested in Julia as I was.

We soon pulled up to Ed's house and, while it didn't look like much from the outside, it was a palace on the inside. You walked in the door into a living room that had a 60-inch plasma screen on one wall and a huge salt water aquarium on another filled with a plethora of colorful fish and corals. The other wall had what appeared to be a home office area with a desk, files and computer, while the back of the room was filled with a long six-section couch, where each section turned into a recliner. Surround-sound speakers filled each corner.

Ed turned on the sound system, finding a channel of soft jazz on the satellite radio that was part of the system, and everyone settled on to the couch where Julia began the conversation.

"I'm sure that Susan filled you in about our discussion on the way over here and I'm hoping that, since you both are here, that you are at least interested by my proposal. I know it seems out of the blue, but over the last several months I've tried a lot of new things. Things that have brought out a lot of emotions and desires that I had forgotten I even had after being married to Jimmy for so long. And then, when I saw your old screen name as being online, it made me start thinking about that night a long time ago and I decided to just go for it.

"I know this is something new for both of you and I want you both to feel completely comfortable, so if either of you starts to get into a situation where you aren't comfortable just say 'Ostrich'. I know it's odd, but things like yes and no can get called out once things get going, but ostrich is strange enough that it won't come up in normal conversation and will get everyone's attention and let them know they need to stop."

Then, she looked at Susan and said, "Are you ready for this?"

One nod later, Julia was sitting next to me and, almost as suddenly as she did over 20 years ago, lunged into my arms and gave me a small kiss. As the kisses got more intense, my hand continued on with the story and began to slide upward toward her breasts and, as they made contact, her hand grabbed mine and she pulled away slightly. This time though, she took my hand back down and guided it back up, this time underneath her sweater and she kissed me deeper than ever before as my hand made contact with her breast and found her nipple as it stiffened under the brush of my hand.

Suddenly, it hit me that my fantasy was about to come true and, at that moment, I decided that I was going to savor every second of it. Of course, little did I realize exactly how many of my fantasies would come true before this weekend was over.

I continued simply kissing Julia, savoring in her taste and smell, as my hands kneaded her breasts, going at it more like a couple of high school sophomores than a couple of 40-somethings who had both been around the block a couple of times.

It was at that point that I was reminded that Julia and I were not the only people in the universe, but not even the only people in this room as a quick, soft gasp of a moan escaped Susan's lips. It was a sound I knew well from being with her for years — a sound that clearly means she is getting excited and that you are touching a spot that feels really good.

I pulled back slightly and looked over Julia's shoulder and realized that Ed didn't have any specific fantasy plans to follow and was clearly working a little faster than I was. What I saw was Susan with her top and bra already removed and Ed's hand down the front of her undone pants while his mouth was giving her breasts and nipples a good going over. It was almost like watching a scene from a porn flick, only it was going on live in the same room and starring my wife. But I felt no jealousy, just a sense of awe as I watched her in the arms of another man.

Julia seemed to realize what was going through my mind and let me have my moment to take everything in. But she also took advantage of the pause and began to remove her clothes, stripping down to just a pair of silky black boy shorts.

As she began to pull off the polo shirt I was wearing, I looked down and got my first glimpse of what was a nearly perfect pair of breasts, capped by nipples that were not just the size of a pencil eraser, but the eraser and that little golden metal ring that attaches it to the pencil. So I decided Ed had the right idea and buried my face in those breasts, as my hand found its way down to those boy shorts and began to stroke the wetness that rested within. And when Julia began to purr like a kitten, I was pretty sure I was on the right track.

At that point, Ed made the suggestion that we might all be a lot more comfortable if we moved into the bedroom at this point, so we had a little more room to spread out. Almost as if we were hypnotized by all that was going on, we all followed him into the bedroom and on to a gigantic king size bed that dominated the room. On the way, what clothes remained just seemed to fall away and four nude bodies tumbled onto the bed.

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