Couples' Life Altering Cruise
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, FemaleDom, Spanking, Light Bond, Swinging, Group Sex, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Size,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Middle aged couple make new friends and enjoy learing about adult sexual variations. A lot of first time events.

Bashful or shy is not a word that could be used to describe either of us. Being nude outdoors is one of life's real enjoyments. When I am planning a vacation or a work trip I try to work in some nude activity. Although it is not encouraged at home it is accepted. Thirty years ago Susan did nude modeling for art classes while in graduate school in California and a small amount of freelance nude modeling during the same time period. I think her Scandavian heritage brings this trait to life. We have been fortunate to visit nudist parks in California, Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, Indiana and Ohio and nudist beaches of St Marteen, Spain, Denmark and Sweden. We have enjoyed Germanic spas in foreign hotels where nudity is accepted if not expected. She is rightfully proud of her body which by any standard is exceptional.

Although we have three grown children she wears many of the same clothes she wore twenty-five years ago. I make no similar claims to a good 'figure' but try to do the best I can with a 61 year old body that does not get the exercise it needs. Also our sex drives are indeed opposite. Twenty five years ago the word no was not in her vocabulary when it came to sex and sex with several variations. I fictionalized the events described here as she would never consider the use of role play, adult toys or group scenes. I have taken hundreds if not thousands of pictures of her in all states of undress and many before, during and after sex.

It was on our fourth cruise that our sex lives found new and exciting limits. We were on a seven day cruise of the eastern Caribbean on a Royal Caribbean ship. We had docked on the fourth morning in St Marteen a beautiful Dutch and French protectorate. We had slept in that morning and enjoyed a room service breakfast and for a change we did not have sex although I did use a razor and shaving cream to trim and shape her into a perfect triangle. Although it was unspoken I think we both knew that before the day was over hundreds of men and women would see her well trimmed bush. That did in fact occur and it was admired from a distance as far away as twenty yards to less than few feet.

Dressed in bathing suits with appropriate tops, sandals, a bag of beach towels and personal effects we took a taxi to Orient Beach, which is world famous for its clothes optional beach and resort. Roger, our taxi driver was a bit of a character that enjoyed pointing out different sites including a whorehouse where the visiting cruise ship employees found release. Although it was only 10:00 a.m. there was a waiting line outside. I inquired about the price for various services but he feigned ignorance. While keeping one eye on Susan in the mirror he insisted that we tell him a time to pick us up later that day as he was afraid we would miss our departure. He settled for giving us his card and I 'promised' to give him a call thirty minutes before we needed to be picked up.

The beach was indeed beautiful. That portion known as Orient Beach is banana shaped and has a prominent sign designating it as a clothes optional beach. It was another perfect day with no clouds, a slight sea breeze and morning temperatures in the high seventies. We walked past the 'clothes optional' sign and bout half way down the 900 yard beach. The beach is about 100 yards wide and The Orient Beach Resort with its bungalows is immediately adjacent. We settled about half way between the resort and the water having passed a couple of beach bars that were not yet open. We put our towels on two beach chairs and unpacked our few worldly items leaving passports, cabin cards, credit card and cameras in the bag. There was no one within twenty yards of us at that time although that would soon change for both the better and the worse. It took me about a nanosecond to undress leaving swim suit and shirt in the bag. Susan was typically more modest and started off the morning topless.

She had her usual seven pounds of magazines and I had the vacation required John Grisham novel to enjoy. As the morning progressed many more people arrived. There was an endless line of beach walkers parading along the water's edge. The mixture of voyeurs and exhibitionist was about even. There were men and women of all sizes, ages and descriptions walking the shoreline. All had dark sunglasses that served dual purposes. As noon approached the beach became crowded. There were as many singles as there were couples. Susan and I went into the water several times to cool off and enjoy the surroundings. On our second walk into the water she stopped when about waist deep and without coaxing or ceremony Susan removed her bikini bottom and handed it to me.

When we got back to our chairs two young couples from another cruise ship had sat close to us. I would guess they were about in their early thirty's and all had strong Jersey, nasal rich voices that we would find irritating under any setting. The girls were clearly there only because the husbands wanted to be there and they were not the type to let their husbands out of their sight in these surroundings. Their discomfort was obvious because they never stopped talking and none of them removed any clothing. They sat facing us with their backs to the water and the young men were keenly aware of every woman who was within sight including Susan.

Susan is a beautiful women both dressed and undressed. Although she claims not to notice, she catches the eyes of both men and women all the time. Whether out of envy or lust she is always noticed both because of her natural attractiveness, her sense for style and dress and the manner with which she carries herself.

As long as I live I'll never forget the picture that morning of her lying on her stomach nude with her feet about twelve inches apart and suntan oil covering her back from head to toe. The Caribbean sun made her beautiful bottom glisten. I felt proud as both men and women also admired that picture as they slowly passed by.

Finally the loud foursome from Jersey packed up and left. I had been intentionally walking as close to them as possible on our way to and from the water hoping to make them uncomfortable with my nudity. They were clearly not use to having a strange set of cock and balls pass by so closely. Maybe it worked.

We were both hungry and thirsty and Susan offered to get a couple of beers from the thatched roofed bar nearby. Dressed only with a visor, sunglasses and suntan oil and with a Visa in her hand she left for some adult beverages. I continued to hold my paperback up as if I was reading, but in fact with all of the flesh passing by it was hard to stay with the story. In the first few hours I saw at least one hundred women with whom I would be proud to have had my picture taken. I did not know that within the next few minutes Susan would meet two women that would change our life style permanently.

About twenty minutes later she returned with two Heinekens and a ham sandwich. Resort life is not inexpensive but it is sure fun. She said that she ran into two women that were on our ship. Even with just suntan oil on they recognized and complimented her on the dress she wore on the first formal dress dinner which was our second night at sea. They were also getting drinks and while waiting in line started this conversation.

Although they were five and ten years younger they hit if off together immediately. The younger lady Rhonda and her husband Ralph live in Richmond, Indiana and Carrie and her husband Jeff live in Dayton, Ohio which approximately 40 miles apart. Susan and I live in an eastern suburb of Columbus, Ohio which is 60 miles east of Dayton. It appeared that Carrie and Rhonda were life long friends having grown up near Lima, Ohio and graduating from Ohio State. They had taught together in the Dayton City School District. Both husbands owned their business. Ralph owned a bookstore near a local university and had two Dairy Queen franchises. Jeff was a local insurance agent for State Farm whose business is prospering. That's a lot to learn while waiting for beer under a thatched roof but they learn to talk quickly.

Susan had not said anything to me about their exchange until about an hour later when the four of them were walking by and the girls waved to Susan. I asked who that was and then got the whole story. Later when we were finished cooling off in the water and were returning to our lounge chairs the four of them were walking by in the opposite direction. Carrie spoke up first and proceeded to introduce her husband, Jeff and then Ralph and Rhonda to us. It did feel a little different shaking hands with two men equally nude and saying hello to two good looking women at the same time. Both men appeared to be in fair shape but not in the body building mold. I could not help but notice the large cock and balls hanging between Ralph's legs. Jeff was more like me, what I would like to think is normal. I know that the eyes behind their sunglasses they were admiring Susan's tight body and outstanding perky breasts. Her breasts are not large by any standard but they are perfectly formed with nipples always erect. I also know that her strawberry blond triangle was getting a close inspection while I kept sneaking peeks at Rhonda's perfectly trimmed, very thick, black triangle between her legs. Little did I know that two long time fantasies of watching Susan's breasts being sucked by others while having my cock in her and putting my tongue in a very thick black haired bush would occur with the next seventy-two hours.

We agreed to meet in the beach bar after checking on our personal items and getting a credit card/ cash. A necklace for a credit card would have been convenient if not a little tacky. It was nice sitting in the shade for a change as we enjoyed a couple of very cold Heinekens. The men fell immediately into a discussion of Big Ten basketball and the girls talked about duty free shopping and new clothes. It became apparent that they were very natural being nude and they must have shared this state together many times before today. The hot sun and the few beers made us all tired and we agreed to share a cab back to the ship. Twenty minutes later we all met at the taxi stand dressed casually and looking forward to a nap before our 8:00 PM dinner sitting. Roger the morning cab driver would have been in heaven with three attractive women in his cab at one time. He had trouble keeping his mind on the road while looking at Susan and with two more distractions it could have been a dangerous ride. Jeff and Carrie suggested we meet for a drink in the Starboard Lounge before dinner and we readily accepted. A very nice morning and afternoon was soon to develop into an even more interesting evening.

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