Return to the Stars
Chapter 1: The Officers

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Rape, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Incest, Brother, Sister, Aunt, Group Sex, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Cream Pie,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1: The Officers - Her dream had become reality. Tes looked into the sky above and could just pick out the flicker and shine from the object high in the sky. The object was the giant spaceship that orbited there. For most of the two-hundred years Tes had lived, she had dreamed of returning to the stars and now though she would not go herself her people, the ones she had helped to create, would. This is the story of their adventures.

Redimi walked into the control center and made her way across the bridge over the soft padded floor to a control panel. Along the way, she nodded a greeting to her brother Stan who had another control pulled open and was making some adjustments on it. Redimi had tan skin, blue eyes, and blonde hair that just covered her ears. Redimi had permanent blue eye shadow outlined in black that extended into a point just short of her temples. She wore a nipple bra that supported her breasts but did nothing to cover them for only the areolas were covered. A thin padded clear strap that circled her neck, attached to each of the pasties. She wore a loose fitting mini skirt hemmed on the bottom so that it reached about a third of the way down her thighs. Both her skirt and bra were black. Her skirt had an emblem on the upper left side that was silver in color and depicted a spaceship and star.

The giant spacecraft she was on was slowly taking shape. It was almost a quarter mile long and an eighth of a mile wide at its widest. It varied in height from fifty to one-hundred feet. Redimi and Stan shared command responsibility and were destined to supervise a crew of twenty-four along with six other officers making a total compliment including themselves of thirty-two members.

As Redimi came to a halt before the control panel, she spoke seemingly to the air.

"Sonya, activate remote cameras six through twelve please."

Sonya was the AI that was an intricate part of the ship, built and installed when they laid the ship's keel, over the protests of Tes, one might add. Tes one of the elders of Zafilk below had a strong mistrust of AIs and justifiably so, for one of them in particular had been the source of much misery and death for her and the community of Zafilk. With Sonya, designed after Shelia another AI and Tes assured it would never become another Xtos, she had acquiesced under intense pressure.

Instantly, six monitors came to life giving Redimi a view of the outside of the ship, and near the ongoing construction, showing many robots placing assembled panels in place. Two human figures in skin suits and helmets were with the robots and Redimi spoke to one of them over the radio.

"How's it going Cecil?" She asked.

"Fine we are ahead of schedule," the figure answered and just then, a small panel materialized in front of him. Two robots using jet packs glided over and retrieved it moving it into place.

"If I could just get Katelyn to work a little harder," he said in jest.

The other figure spoke up for the first time. "How would like me to cause one of the panels to materialize in your ass Cecil?" Katelyn asked and laughed. The two of them were teleporting the construction panels up from the ground below.

"I see that everything is under control," Redimi said, and laughed. "Let me know if you need anything," she added and broke the connection.

An attention signal began to flash on one of the monitors and Redimi pushed the button below it to activate the incoming call. An image of Tes flashed on its screen.

"Hi Remi," Tes said. Remi being the nickname by, which Redimi was known.

"Hello Tes," Remi answered formally.

They entered into a conversation involving technical matters concerning the construction of the spaceship. As they immersed themselves in this conversation, two more people entered the control room and came to a halt on either side of Remi. These two were of the Suetro race.

"Hello Deanna, Kyle," Tes said as she nodded to each in turn.

"Hello," they both said.

The technical conversation concluded and Tes started asking questions of Remi on a more personal level.

"So are you getting settled into your room Remi? Is your brother Stan behaving? If he is it will be the first time," Tes said with a smile.

"I'm doing just fine aunt Tes and you don't even want to know about Stan," she laughed.

Tes could only see Remi and the two Suetros from the front and from waist up, so she did not see what was happening behind Remi. Remi felt her loose mini skirt lift to expose her bare butt with the narrow string of her bikini panties running through her crack. Deanna held the skirt up as Kyle lightly scraped his talons across Remi's cheeks sending shivers up Remi's spine and causing her to break out in goose bumps.

Stan, watching this from behind, pressing his hand to his mouth to stifle the laugh that was trying to escape from his lips. In the meantime, Remi was trying to maintain her composure and carry on her conversation with Tes as if nothing were happening. Two Suetro tails did a dance in the air and their tips glistened in the light. They then squirmed between Remi's legs and wiggled their way into her anal and vaginal cavities.

"So Tes has the final crew ... ump," Remi uttered as the tails began to stroke her from inside causing her to completely loose her train of thought on the conversation she was having with Tes.

"My goodness child your face has suddenly become very pale are you alright?" Tes asked, with concern written on her face.

"I'm fine aunt Tes; I'm just experiencing a couple of problems is all. Nothing that I can't handle though," Remi managed to stammer. Tes did not realize that the two problems Remi spoke of were standing on either side of her. Deanna and Kyle knew though and fought to keep from laughing.

The control room door irised open and two more beings walked in. With a single glance, they took in the whole scene, and smothering laughs of their own padded to Stan's side.

On a whim, Stan activated another monitor. Tes glanced down as a screen flashed to life and it was her turn to attempt keeping a straight face as she was furnished a view of Remi and the two Suetros from behind.

"Well dear I will sign off for this time and let you deal with your two problems. I think you are far too busy to chit-chat with me," Tes smiled pleasantly and broke the connection before she lost complete control and laughed aloud.

With the connection, broken Remi's two tentacles uncoiled wrapped around the two tails that were fucking her and yanked them from inside her. She spun on her heel and addressed Deanna and Kyle.

"You two are terrible! That was my aunt I was talking to while you two were fucking me with your tails." She glanced up at Stan and the two others who stood by his side and caught Stan as he belatedly shut off the camera feed he had activated.

"Oh Zol, You didn't Stan," she said her face turning bright red in embarrassment. Remi knew better. "You probably shocked her completely," she finished.

"I doubt that," Stan answered, "Tes is very sexually, shall we say, liberated."

"This is the most insubordinate and unruly bunch I've ever commanded," Remi said.

"It's the only bunch you've ever commanded Remi." Stan reminded her and chuckled.

"We love you Remi," they all chimed in at nearly the same time.

Remi stormed across the control room to the exit. When it irised closed behind her she smiled and then laughed. They might be crew but they were also very close friends and often times lovers of hers.

On the other side of the door, five people roared with laughter. Deanna, the female Suetro was tan skinned. Her facial features were human and she had silver blue shoulder length hair. Her eyes were green as was her eye shadow that like Remi's ended in a point just short of her temples. She had two human shaped arms and a human body. Her hands had three long fingers and a thumb each of them ending in wicked looking claws. Her feet were talons much like an eagles. She also had wings, currently folded neatly against her back, but their tips still rose just above her head, and ended just above the back of her knees. She wore a nipple bra that consisted of two pasties that covered her areolas and a clear but padded strap that circled her neck and supported her breasts. She wore a short mini skirt around her waist, hemmed so that it was about a third of the way down her thighs. Both the bra and the skirt were midnight black. A silver spaceship and a star, emblazoned on the upper left side of the skirt.

Kyle was similar to Deanna but a male version. He too had silver blue hair, cut short so that it just reached his ears, and had blue eyes. His wings, were tucked neatly behind him, and he wore a pair of tight short pants emblazoned with the silver spaceship and star.

Stan was tan skinned and had blue eyes. His blonde hair just covered his ears. He wore a black half shirt and tight shorts. The silver spaceship and star emblazoned on his shirt just above his left breast.

His companions on either side were of the Teserain race. Eliana had violet eyes with elongated cat like pupils. Like Remi, she wore permanent eye shadow with black outline that came to a point just short of her temples but hers was purple instead of blue. The same type of nipple bra that Deanna wore supported her breasts and she wore a short black mini skirt with the Silver spaceship and star emblem. She had four arms and could breathe just as well in water as in air thanks to the gills that existed on both sides of her neck.

Shane the other Teserain had the same violet cat like eyes, short white hair, four arms, and gills like Eliana. He wore a black half shirt and shorts like Stan.

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