Work Stress Relief

by ShafterParker

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Rough, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Voyeurism, Slow, School, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A young man has a interesting first day at work.

"Welcome aboard John," the man said, extending his hand out for a shake.

"Thanks Mr. Johnson," John replied.

It had been a typical first day on the job for John -- boring training videos and even more boring discussions about the company policies and procedures. Even the lady who was doing the orientation told them up front it was going to be boring, but she had to do it anyway.

She would do silly things to try to make it all interesting, even slipping everyone some candy here and there. Towards the end of the morning, the training came to a close and the manager, Mr. Johnson, arrived to give his speech. Not a speech exactly, but more the "welcome to the team" stuff that managers always seem to do.

In the middle of it John wondered how managers were always so peppy all the time. Once the speech was over, everyone else went home, except for John. Someone had called in sick and they asked him if he could start that afternoon. His evening plans had consisted of playing video games and watching porn, so he agreed to stay.

The bookstore was rather busy for a weekday, but no one could really figure out why; school was still in session and people were supposed to be working. But the doors kept opening and people kept coming in and spending their money.

When John got out to the floor he met with Kathy, his new supervisor. She was in her late 30's, wearing black slacks and a blue blouse. She was nice, if humorless, but she took John under her wing and efficiently showed him the ropes.

Within a short time, he found himself in the erotica section re-organizing the books. (Kathy made him do it, honest!). While he was adjusting a full shelf, a few books fell on the floor. As expected, John went to pick them up, but unexpected was the cleavage that he nearly fell into when he crouched down.

It was very nice cleavage, contained in a black loose shirt with a deep V-neck. Peeking out of that was a lovely black silky bra, pushing the previously-mentioned cleavage upwards. The surprise of finding said cleavage in front of him threw John off balance. He ended up falling right smack on his butt, looking slightly dazed. The first sound that penetrated his fog was a giggle, so John turned his gaze up and saw raven hair framing a woman's face.

Her face was oval, with a soft chin and thin eyelashes. Ocean-colored eyes met below the lashes and her lips were thin but still kissable.

"You okay?" she said while extending a hand.

"Yeah, thanks," John said.

He took her hand and she helped him to his feet. Introductions were made and she said her name was Vicki. Apparently she had also been called in and was going to be finishing the shift with John. They both just looked at each other for a moment, until a cough from a patron a few aisles over brought them out of their trance.

They both laughed a little and then realized that the books were still on the ground, so each bent over and retrieved a couple of the fallen volumes. John looked at his and was intrigued but placed it back on the shelf. Vicki, however, took the book she picked up and was reading the back cover.

"That is hot," she said as she placed the book back in its home.

John began to blush a bit, going back to his work and hoping Vicki wouldn't notice. She did, of course, and chuckled a bit when she saw his reaction.

She looked around then whispered in his ear, "Everyone does it and you know it."

Before she could say anything else, a young girl came around the corner needing help. Vicki gave a wink and took her by the hand to help her find the children's section. But what she said stuck in John's head, echoing loudly inside his brain. He just stood there for a moment, slightly dumbfounded. He didn't want to read into it, but damn if her sexy voice didn't stir what was inside his pants!

"Code 4, all associates Code 4," came a voice over the in-store intercom.

With a curse, John made his way to the registers, remembering his fake smile. What that page meant was that everyone who knew how to run a cash register was needed up front. No one had shown him how to do that yet, but he decided to show some initiative. When he got to the front it was crazy; he really didn't know where to jump in, but Kathy saw him and guided him. She thanked him for coming up, and then set him to work bagging books for the customers. She said it would have been grounds for murder to toss him on a register now, and expressed her gratitude again for his coming and helping.

The rest of the day was like that, lots of customers everywhere. And it seemed that John volunteered for trouble when he went to the front that first time. After that, every time he would try to get back to his scheduled duties, or find Vicki, he would be paged. Vicki, instead, was the one who found him, twirling her black skirt and adding a wink before slinking off. This aroused John further but he managed to keep his mind on his work, trying to ignore his growing arousal to her.

On his breaks and lunch, they seemed to keep missing each other. But whenever they would pass by she would always give him a wink and blow him a kiss. John couldn't believe how she was flirting with him but it was very damn obvious. It had been a while since John had had a girlfriend or had gotten any form of sex (not counting his right hand), so the constant flirting drove John insane. It took him beyond aroused, to flat out horny. But she was always going left when he went right.

Before John realized it, it was nearly closing time and there wasn't a customer in the place. He went into the back room, looking for a cart to start picking up the books left behind when he heard something. He slowly and quietly made his way to the back corner of the storage room. He found the source of the sounds and was stunned at the sight.

Vicki was on the floor sitting on a gray sweatshirt, leaning against the wall. Her skirt was hiked up around her waist and she had on no panties. Her shirt was pulled up and her bra flipped up as well, freeing both her lovely breasts. Currently her left hand was squeezing her breasts and twisting her left nipple. Her eyes were closed as her right hand was sliding two fingers into her pussy at a quick pace. She squeezed her left tit and twisted the nipple painfully, John thought. But the very sexy moan Vicki let escape her mouth meant that he was wrong.

He just stood there watching this, his dick becoming harder in his pants. He wasn't worried about getting busted because to the left of her was a stack of boxes, filled with who knows, what stacked to the ceiling. He just stood there and watched her, slowly rubbing the front of his pants. He looked for the novel of erotica that he figured had gotten her this aroused. But instead he heard her whisper 'oh John' as she moved her left hand to her clit, stimulating it, as well as the fingers already sliding in and out of her pussy.

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