by Les Lumens

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Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Ever since her divorce, Marie has received flowers on Valentine's Day. She has no idea who her secret admirer is, but she's come to cherish the yearly tradition for the last three years. Will it continue?

Marie hung up the phone with a smile, glad that her wish had come true. She'd already scheduled off Thursday and Friday, and now her four-day weekend had expanded to five with the office shutting down due to the snowstorm.

A quick peek out the window revealed that Jim was nearly done digging out her car from the thick blanket of snow that had buried it and her driveway. She almost hated to tell him that he'd done all the work for nothing.

Well, not really nothing, she thought as she pulled out the clips holding her hair in place, letting the dark tresses spill down to below her shoulder blades. She still felt the loss of a friend, neighbor, and coworker — Jim had lost his mother. He said that doing busy work helped him cope with the loss, and so she was unsurprised to find him already hard at work with his shovel when she first looked out the window upon awakening.

The sound of stomping on the porch let Marie know that he was on his way to the door, and so she retrieved a twenty from her purse. She couldn't help but grin as she headed toward the door to answer it, knowing what was to come.

The first rap of his knock had barely faded before Marie opened the door. "Come in and warm up, Jim."

"Do you want me to go start your car for you?" He asked as he pulled off his stocking cap and shook out his sandy blonde hair.

Marie shook her head. "The office decided it wasn't worth trying to open up today, so I'm staying home where it's warm. I appreciate it, though." She held out the twenty toward him.

Jim waved it away. "No, I don't need that, Marie. Just being neighborly."

She smiled, enjoying the game as always. He also hadn't slipped up and called her Ms. Collins, a habit she'd worked hard to break. "I insist. You've been out there forever. You deserve something for your trouble."

"You managed to save my paper when my laptop hard drive crashed, so we're even."

"No," Marie protested, waggling her finger. "That made us even for you cleaning out my gutters."

"That was for helping me sort through..."

Marie laughed and cut him off. "Okay, but I owe you a favor, and you're not going to talk me out of it. You're also going to have a cup of coffee before you go."

Jim chuckled and responded, "I know, and thank you." as he unbuttoned his coat against the heat of the house.

Marie felt her cheeks warming as he took off his coat. His well-defined muscles rippled beneath the shirt he wore, drawing her eyes like a magnet. She quickly turned toward the kitchen to hide her blush and said, "I'll be right back with that coffee."

Her blush only deepened as she remembered the first time she'd noticed he was no longer a gangly teenager. She'd actually followed him down the aisle of the supermarket like a lioness on the prowl when she saw him. When she turned the corner and saw his face, she'd ducked back into the aisle and quickly hurried in the other direction to hide her embarrassment. The thoughts going through her mind as she followed him were anything but platonic.

I really need to get out, she thought as she poured the coffee, unable to shake those thoughts from her head. Thirty-two, divorced, childless, and I'm getting tingly over a man almost half my age that I've known since he was in the eighth grade.

With a sigh, she picked up the two cups of coffee and walked back out into the living room, wincing when she realized she'd just thought of Jim as a man.

Marie slipped into bed with a book, but not one she planned to read. Three distinct sections of the pages showed parts, revealing that something was pressed between the pages. She opened to the first rose, as she'd done on February 13th for the last two years.

The first time had been a complete surprise. Fresh on the heels of her divorce, the mysterious arrival of a dozen roses and a box of her favorite chocolates on Valentine's Day had helped chase away the bout of melancholy she'd felt all day. There was no card to identify who'd sent the flowers, and she'd never picked up even a hint from anyone that she suspected might be her secret admirer. On impulse, she'd pressed one of the roses before it faded, and it was that flower that she looked at now with a smile.

Flipping to the next rose, she remembered how she'd awakened that year wondering if her mysterious admirer would surprise her again. He had, and she'd immediately placed one of the roses in her book. Last year had continued the pattern, resulting in the third pressed rose that she now observed.

Marie took a deep breath, still able to smell the rose. She wondered if it would happen again this year, and wondered how she would react if it didn't. She looked forward to that moment now each year more than she did Christmas, and the thought that the flowers might not arrive this year caused her chest to tighten.

She shook her head at the silliness of it all. She'd even taken time off from work this year so that she could be home all day. Her coworkers had jokingly asked her who the lucky man was, but she'd put them off with an excuse that she just needed some time to herself. The anticipation had set in only a week into January this year.

Marie slipped the book back into the drawer of her nightstand and turned out the light. She felt like a restless child who knew she was going to Disneyland the next day, and found sleep difficult. Attempts to quiet her mind proved fruitless, and her weariness combined with her racing thoughts to form a vivid daydream.

This time, her mysterious stranger didn't just send the flowers — he brought them to her. She conjured up a stunningly handsome man with eyes full of admiration and intense sexual energy. Marie felt the tingle of wetness between her legs as she imagined him feeding her a chocolate. The liquid center of the candy burst in her mouth, making her think of another eruption that she desired more by the moment.

She started awake for a moment when her hand crept between her thighs to discover her panties were damp. Even in the dim light, she could see her stiff nipples tenting the silky cloth of the chemise she wore to bed. Her body screamed for attention — demanded it. The drawer next to her bed opened again, but this time she retrieved something other than the book — a smooth white vibrator.

Marie traced the parting of her lips with her fingers once more, causing her to shudder. Giving in to the need, she hooked her thumbs beneath her panties and slipped them down. A quick lift of her bottom and a few shifts deposited her panties at her feet, even as she kicked the covers away from her body and parted her legs.

She laid the toy next to her right hip and pulled upward on the hem of her chemise, bunching up the cloth above her ample breasts. Marie moaned as she cupped the firm globes, gently squeezing them. Her fingers moved to the darker tips to trace the oval surrounding them, and then to caress the stiff points as well. Her hips rocked upward and her intimate muscles contracted as the touch heightened the heat building between her legs.

With a gasp, she reached for her vibrator and brought it to her lips. She slipped the tip into her mouth, suckling it to moisten it. A twist of the base caused a quiet hum to break the silence of the night, sending delightful tingles of anticipation flowing throughout her body.

The first touch of the buzzing toy to her damp folds caused a gasp to burst from Marie's lips. The ember of need within her sprang up into a bonfire of desire. She twitched as she glided the smooth tip over her folds, her fires growing higher still. A sharp, almost squealing moan burst from her as the toy made contact with her hood and the swollen bud beneath.

The necessity of the ache within her surged, and Marie answered the call of the void within her with her toy. As the vibrator slipped into her depths, the image of her anonymous admirer in her daydream did the same. Plastic and batteries vanished in her mind, replaced by what she truly needed.

Her lover took her slowly, letting her feel every wonderful inch of him with each thrust and withdrawal. In her mind's eye, she could see the adoration — and almost a sense of wonder — in his features as he made love to her. Marie felt little cold tingles throughout her body, the sensation almost like tiny drops of water falling in a mist on her flushed skin.

The urgency of her need increased with the swelling pressure of climax within her. Marie's hand moved faster, and her imaginary lover responded with equal speed. Now she could see the tightening of his face that indicated his own pleasure mounting as well. The momentum of her fast pumping hand caused the batteries in her toy to clack against the plastic shell, the power of the thrusts overcoming the resistance of the springs inside.

A series of short moans burst from her lips as she neared her peak. She could hear her lover gasping as he followed her on her upward spiral. At last, the bubble of building pleasure within her burst, and she tumbled over the edge into orgasm.

Marie cried out as a rush of heat flooded her body. She held her toy deep inside her, her thighs tightly pressed together as she trembled from head to toe. She could almost feel the hot burst of his cum filling her, and the pulsing of his thick shaft buried inside her. Her orgasm held her in a relentless grip, waxing and waning for what felt like hours, until she finally collapsed to the bed. The vibrator slipped from inside her as her hands fell heavily at her side, the slick plastic surface still buzzing as it rolled down under her bottom.

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