Terms of the Lease

by Archibael

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mind Control, Hypnosis, BiSexual, Heterosexual, .

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: A somewhat less than ethical therapist is coerced into hypnotizing her roommate to pay the rent.


Kendra didn't know why her landlord wanted to talk to her but she was living in a rent-controlled place in Chicago that was worth way more than she was paying. She had to at least humor him or he might not renew their lease.

She walked into his office on Addison St. in Wrigleyville and saw herself reflected in a mirrored wall on the way in.

Good, she thought, I'm dressed to the hilt and looking fine.

She smiled knowing her looks and her long blonde hair would throw him off ... and she'd take any advantage she could get.

The receptionist smiled at her when she came in and told her that William would see her in a moment.

"William" was a dumb name and she thought he should go by "Bill" like any normal person would.

It wasn't long before "William" was ready and the receptionist opened the door for her before leaving them alone.

William sat behind a big desk covered in legal papers and junk. "Come in, Ms Trell, come in."

"I prefer 'Kendra', William. 'Ms Trell' sounds so formal," she said smiling at him.

"I'm glad you feel that way, 'Kendra' ... I'm pretty informal myself."

He looked directly at her boobs.

"Okay, great," she replied knowing she had the upper 'hand', "so, what's this about?"

He frowned a bit before beginning... "Kendra, have you read the terms of your lease? Specifically the parts about running a business from your home?"

Uh oh, she thought ... she decided to play dumb.

"Why no, William," she said while pretending to look puzzled. "What does it say?"

He didn't seem to believe her but he went on without commenting about it.

"It says that the apartment you are leasing from me is to be used for residential purposes 'only' and that any business you run out of the place must be negotiated with the lessor. That's me," he finished.

She wondered how she should respond ... perhaps not quite so dumb this time.

"Oh, but the therapy I do in my living room ... that's not a business, really ... I do see some clients there from time to time but it's strictly personal."

Now he was smirking. "Perhaps that's true ... but I still believe we will have to negotiate the rent upwards to encompass your ... side business."

He handed her a new lease agreement with a huge number on it.

Kendra was furious and said so!

"This is outrageous! I won't pay that much. I love your apartment but I can always find another place to live ... when should I have my things moved?"

She looked defiantly back at him because the ball was now in his court.

His face darkened and his tone changed as he replied, "Don't get snippy with me, 'Ms Trell', because I know what kind of work you do in your living room ... in fact I have video."

He turned on the VCR behind him and she immediately saw camera footage which looked like it had been taken from a hole in her light fixture in the living room.

It was her putting Franklin Smith under hypnosis with her standard induction ... but William fast forwarded a bit and it showed her ordering him to lick her pussy ... he fast forwarded further to Ron Meier's session ... and Darrell Revere's ... a regular montage of images.

"Taping my private activities is illegal," she said though she knew she was beaten, "and you had no right."

"True ... still, I wonder how your professional colleagues would react if they saw this tape ... I think you'd be the laughingstock of the profession and be thrown out on your very fine ass ... and speaking of 'illegal' you might even go to jail... 'Therapist is really theRapist' would be a good headline don't you think?"

Kendra had tears in her eyes now at the thought of it.

"Okay ... I understand what you want from me now ... but I can't pay that much ... my business doesn't bring in that much extra per month."

His voice softened but his eyes stayed hard.

"Perhaps your roommate could help out."

Kendra laughed despite her world falling apart right now.

"Susan? She's a clerk at a grocery store ... she doesn't make any money ... if she wasn't my best friend from school I wouldn't let her live with me and float most of the rent..."

"That wasn't exactly what I had in mind," he replied with a smile on his lips.

A smile which did not show up in his eyes.

He put in another tape and she saw images of her roommate in various states of undress.

William sighed jokingly and said, "She's quite a fine piece of ass ... I'm sure even you would admit that ... worth way more than the paltry sum I put on that paper."

"What ... you think she'd sleep with you just to keep our apartment lease? She has low standards sometimes but not that low..."

She could tell he was insulted and winced at his new expression, but he still replied calmly. It was obvious he had given this a lot of thought.

"Perhaps if you asked her nicely she might ... perhaps if you asked her very nicely..."

He put the tape back in of her and Mr. Smith. "Perhaps if you 'ordered' her to..."

Kendra looked at him in horror at what he was suggesting.

He leaned in close to her and said, "I have tape of you hypnotizing and fucking your clients ... you will certainly lose your career and possibly go to prison if I show those tapes to anybody ... what will it be Kendra?"

She weighed the options and came to the only conclusion she could.

Kendra put on the fakest smile she possessed and said, "When would you like 'payments' to start?"


The question was how to get Susan hypnotized.

It was easy with her clients because they expected her to put them under in the course of their therapy ... little were they aware that she put in some extra commands while they slept.

But Susan had never let her hypnotize her ... not even when Kendra was in school and needed someone to practice on. She said the idea creeped her out ... not being able to control herself ... someone else being in charge of her actions. Kendra thought that was probably a smart way of looking at it ... especially considering what she had planned!

In the end, as the weekend approached she decided to make things happen with a movie marathon.

A bottle of wine and three girly movies on DVD later, Susan was in a drowsy mood which Kendra knew from professional experience could be accelerated into something more.

Susan said she was tired and should hit the sack but Kendra convinced her to stay up for a while and chat.

It wasn't long before Kendra was able to leverage a conversation about a great massage she'd had last year on vacation in Tahiti ... into a real massage with Susan as the target ... and it didn't take much after that to convert talk of how good the massage felt to how restful it was to just drift under Kendra's hands ... to clear her mind of any thoughts ... to let Kendra take care of everything.


"Mmm hmm."

"Are you relaxed and feeling good?"

"Mmm hmmmm."

"Good ... Do you trust me?"


"Good ... You know I'm your friend and wouldn't tell you to do anything that wasn't good for you, right?"

"Um hummm..."

"Well now I'm going to tell you to sink back into your chair ... listening to me all the while ... listening closely to my words and getting more and more relaxed ... will you do that?"

"Uh huh..."

Kendra took her down deep to a level of hypnotism where her friend's trust in her was complete.

Now was not the time for anything extravagant; just a post-hypnotic suggestion to return to this state whenever Kendra asked her about massages in Tahiti again ... and a further suggestion that it felt very good to do what Kendra asked her to do.

Susan woke up after this and commented that the massage had felt nice but that it was time to go to bed.

"Good night, sweetie," Kendra replied, knowing she was going to do this again to her unsuspecting roommate tomorrow and feeling very guilty about it.

Tears were in her eyes as she realized how much of a betrayal she considered. But what choice do I have? she thought.


Kendra put Susan under every night for a week.

She slowly extended her influence over her girlfriend's mind and actions.

She knew she'd soon have to start getting her ready for William's twisted little schemes but she put it off as long as possible ... and even when she started influencing Susan to be more open sexually ... and more submissive to men in general ... she made sure her friend would not be emotionally harmed by this.

"Susan, I want you to know that I'm very proud of you for how far you've come in your thoughts and feelings this week ... you seem like you're open to lots of new things ... especially sexually..."

"Thanks ... I do like sex ... a lot ... and giving head to a really great guy is my favorite ... I love to lick his cock-head and feel him squirt into my throat..."

"That's..." Kendra was at a loss for words.

She hadn't made that particular suggestion ... that was pure Susan apparently ... perhaps this would be easier than she'd thought.

"That's very nice, Susan ... I'm sure you'll make that really great guy very happy ... You know, I know a guy who's 'really great' ... would you like to know who?"

"Uh huh."

This was it. This was where it went from messing around with Susan's head to actual betrayal. "William, our landlord ... he's the greatest guy I know ... but I don't know if he's right for you dear."

"Not right for me?"

Susan's disappointment was evident even through the trance.

"Well ... he's very insistent on a woman's place in his life ... he treats women wonderfully of course but he does expect the girls he chooses to service him in whatever way he wants ... at any time..."


"Does he sound like a really great guy for you?" Kendra asked ... conflicted between the parts of her that wanted different answers.

"Would he try to hurt me?" came the response in a little girl voice.

God I hope not, sweetie, she thought... "No, of course not ... he's not cruel like that." I hope.

"Then he's the really great guy for me ... can I give him head soon?"

"We'll have to ask him that ourselves Susan dear ... should I invite him over for you sometime?"

"Yes please."

Susan yawned when she was awakened and told Kendra she was hungry. "And wicked horny," she added with a giggle.

Kendra shook her head as her friend pranced off to the kitchen ... with a not so quick stop in the rest room apparently. Her moans weren't loud but they were audible.

She called William the next day and told him Susan was ready.


"We're having a guest tonight."

"Oh?" Susan replied while kicking off her sneakers after work... "Nice of you to warn me!"

Kendra forced a laugh.

"I didn't mean to surprise you ... I'm sure you'll be happy with him."


"It's our landlord, William."

Susan went silent and dropped her eyes ... her cheeks flushing slightly. "Oh?"

Kendra watched in fascination as her friend's nostrils flared.

"Yeah, he's stopping over after dinner for drinks ... maybe we'll even go out."

"Sounds terrific!" Susan was all smiles, now... "I'm going to go change!"

Kendra shook her head as the blonde skipped off to her bedroom. She heard the closet door opening and hangers started moving back and forth as the proper clothing was selected ... Kendra wondered despite herself what Susan would end up wearing. She needed a drink badly.

She took the remains of her meal back to the kitchen sink and washed the remains down the disposal, imagining all the while what Susan would be in for tonight. She stopped to knock back a swig of the Absolut they kept in the freezer and that seemed to help.

By the time she'd wiped the dishes clean, the buzzer was ringing. She jogged to the living room and grabbed the receiver to speak to the person downstairs but she knew full well who it must be.


"Hi," his arrogant voice came. "It's William."

"Yeah I know," she replied without any love in her voice. "I'll buzz you through."

She turned toward the door and saw Susan.

Dear God...

Susan's red bikini top barely covered her nipples ... and the remainder of her C cups were on display with only a few strands of her hair for accent. Her navel was bare and she wore a pair of spandex biker-shorts so brief that the cheeks of her ass were apparent at the bottom end and little black curls were peeking out the top.

Knee-pads completed the ensemble, discarded remnants of an inline skating fad years ago. She looked like a parody of a porn star and thoroughly ridiculous.

There was a knock at the door but Kendra didn't pay attention to it.

"Susan ... what in the world are you wearing?"

Susan giggled. "Do you think William will like it?"

The knocking grew more insistent.

"Hello?" William's voice came through the door. "Anybody home?"

Kendra wanted to call it off right then and there ... her friend was not right in the head, and even her job wasn't worth this ... this...

But Susan took the matter out of Kendra's hands and opened the door herself.

"Come on in," she smiled excitedly then dropped her eyes and her cheeks reddened as their new guest looked her over.

William wore casual clothes and carried a backpack.

"Hi," he replied. "It's been awhile, Susie."

"She goes by 'Susan', actually," Kendra corrected.

Susan looked mortified and frowned at Kendra. "No, it's okay, I like 'Susie', if that's what William wants to call me."

Kendra bit the inside of her lip to keep from commenting.

"I like 'Susie'," William replied. "I like her ... I mean 'it' very much."

Susan dimpled. "Thanks. Well, come on in and sit down! Can I get you anything? A drink? A snack?"

Her tone of voice suggested that "anything" was on the menu. The sway of her hips and the shakes of her ass as she escorted him to the sofa confirmed it.

"No, thanks. The company of such lovely ladies is enough for me."

Kendra rolled her eyes but Susan ate it up.

"'Lovely'? Wow. Thanks for the compliment!"

"Sure, you're a regular hottie. So's Kendra over there." William looked over at Kendra, who tried to avoid his eyes.

"Guys always seem to like her better," Susan replied. "I think it's her boobs," she whispered too loudly.

Kendra looked at Susan in annoyance. William seemed to consider this for a moment before answering.

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